Kiwis stream across the ditch

The exodus of Kiwis to Australia shows no sign of abating, with a net loss of almost 40,000 in the past July year - equal to annual records set in June and April.

In the year to July a record 53,900 people, mainly New Zealanders, left for Australia permanently. That was offset by 14,000 arrivals from Australia, according to latest Statistics NZ figures out today.

In both directions, most migrants were New Zealand citizens, Statistics NZ said.

The net loss of migrants to Australia in the July 2012 year was 39,800. That matched the highest ever net loss to Australia, previously recorded in both the April 2012 and June 2012 years.

Overall, more people left New Zealand permanently in July than arrived here, with a net loss of 700 migrants, more than reversing recent gains.

There was a net gain of 500 people in June and 100 in May, according to Statistics NZ figures.

The recent monthly rises and falls in net migration were influenced by shifting school holiday periods, which changed the timing of arrivals according to Statistics NZ.

In the July 2012 year, New Zealand had a net loss of 3800 migrants. There has been an annual net loss of migrants since the October 2011 year, peaking at 4100 in the February 2012 year.