The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) trade deal explained in ... 30 seconds video

Confused about the TPPA? Watch our explainer video and learn it all in 30 seconds.

The TPPA is a trade deal that involves us and 11 other countries, including the USA and Japan.

As a result of the deal, the taxes paid on imports from member nations will be lowered or eliminated.

Our Government says the deal will add $2.7 billion a year to our economic output by 2030.

But critics reckon it will give other countries and corporations undue influence over our laws.

The deal will be signed in Auckland on February 4, but it won't come into effect until all countries ratify it. It could take years to pass in the US.

* The TPPA explained in three minutes
* The TPPA explained in 30 minutes

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