Kiwi pair showcase Waikato produce in special-occasion food kits

Raglan residents Rachel Brown and Tara Wrigley have started a new food kit business in the hope of cracking into a ...

Raglan residents Rachel Brown and Tara Wrigley have started a new food kit business in the hope of cracking into a growing market.

Kiwi kitchens are becoming a battleground for businesses fighting to make our lives easier.

But Raglan residents Tara Wrigley and Rachel Brown say they hope their new product FeastBox, aimed at entertainers, will fill a gap in the growing food kit market.

The New Zealand market was pioneered by My Food Bag, founded by Theresa Gattung, Cecilia Robinson and Masterchef winner Nadia Lim launched in 2013, selling home-delivered food parcels, including recipes and all the ingredients needed to cook them.

The Raglan pair say their business model is different. Their target market is people who are cooking for a special occasion.

Brown said they have been brewing the business for the past few months.

It seems to be a niche market, Brown said.  With backgrounds in project management and digital marketing, the self-proclaimed "foodies" felt well-placed to execute on their idea.

The skill they felt lacking was technical chef experience.

"Although we're keen amateur cooks, we knew we needed someone with experience to help us pull together a four-course menu that is focused on making local, seasonal ingredients the star. That's why we thought it would be a good idea to invite guest chefs to help design each menu. We'll be able to offer our customers diverse cuisine while at the same time increasing the chef's public profile," Brown said.

The first box is for Easter weekend, and the menu has been designed a menu by a Raglan chef.

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"We've got a lot of friends who just don't do it because it's just too scary, too stressful," Brown said.

"We both love food, we love entertaining, we love travelling and discovering different cultures through food...we've had some big dinners and spent time calling each other on the phone. "We found that its not a problem to throw something together in the evening but when you've got a big group you can spend hours doing it.

"We thought, wouldn't it be cool if you just got a food kit that made it easier."

There are eight-person and four-person boxes available. ​

By working with local suppliers, Brown said they hope to promote the region too. "It's about developing other people's business in tandem. 

"We live in this region that is just so rich in produce."

The pair plan to expand their business to other regions around the country. 

Brown said they were searching for South Island food producers in the hope of launching there in a few months.

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