Christchurch set for adventure trampoline rumble video

Flip Out trampoline centres

The Flip Out trampoline franchise arrived in Christchurch in August, competing with locally-produced Mega Air. Another Flip Out will in the city in November.

Christchurch is in for a trampoline rumble, with the worldwide Flip Out franchise taking on a local adventure tramp operator.

Former high school technology teacher Andrew Moss is opening a Flip Out in Bromley on July 29 and wants to start another in an empty hangar at the old Wigram Air Force base by January.

Moss moved from Canberra to Christchurch six months ago to run Flip Out centres fulltime. He's competing with the Hazelden brothers' Mega Jump in Hornby, who open on July 1. 

Flip Out will open two trampoline parks in Christchurch, the first in Bromley in July and another in a hangar at the old ...

Flip Out will open two trampoline parks in Christchurch, the first in Bromley in July and another in a hangar at the old Wigram Air Force base by January.

The Bromley Flip Out on Maces Rd, formerly an EPL plastics factory, will be jammed with 50 trampolines across 2000 square metres. It will have room for another breakout sport, parcouring​ -  the art of overcoming urban obstacles using only the human body.

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Moss said the centres would be the first Flip Outs in the country to cater for parcouring.

His centres would also run "little Ninja classes" for 5 to 11-year-olds, a teaching and mentoring programme for gym, tramp and parcouring​, called Teen Tricks as well as adult agility and fitness classes.

Flip Out, created by Sydney man Brent Grundy four years ago, has 50 centres around the world, hundreds of staff and sites in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua and Timaru.

Moss said the master franchise had a factory in Europe making tramps and other equipment. Britain alone was building 15 and the growth was "insane", he said. 

The idea of running Flip Outs came to Moss in Australia, where he took his son to a centre four nights a week.

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His off-the-shelf gear was due to arrive in New Zealand in about two weeks and meantime Christchurch-based graffiti artist wongi had decorated the inside walls.

Franchise New Zealand is advertising Flip Out franchises for sale for $500,000

Moss said setting up the Christchurch centres would cost about $1 million each, including building fit-out and car-parking.

He hoped they would attract 80,000 visitors a year, or 220 visitors a day, an estimate based on Flip Out traffic in similar-sized cities. 

The Bromley complex would be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week and employ about 20 staff.

Wigram, using one of two empty hangars behind the former Air Force control tower, would probably hire a similar number.

Entry would be $18 an hour, with introductory discounts and concessions for school and community groups.

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