Telecom mobile call audio fault fixed

00:23, Jan 04 2013

Telecom believes it has fixed a fault that made some mobile calls to and from large parts of the South Island inaudible.

However, the firm stopped short of giving the all-clear and said it would continue to monitor the network very closely.

The problem was isolated to a faulty component in a radio network controller in Telecom's Christchurch exchange.

Cellphone users in the upper South Island said the problems began early this week but did not affect all calls. When they ended a garbled call and dialled the number again straight away, the second call was likely to be fine.

Arrow Water Taxis manager Paul Quinn said yesterday that at least half the calls the Picton-based company had made or received were affected by the problem.

Telecom said customers from South Canterbury to the top of the South Island were affected, but not those in Christchurch or the neighbouring Hurunui District.

It said the problems had probably been exacerbated by higher-than-usual traffic over the holiday period.

But a spokeswoman later clarified that it only meant more people might have experienced the problem than if it had occurred at another time - not that the failure was necessarily related to any lack of capacity or redundancy in its South Island network.

Customers in the South Island and south of Taupo in the North Island bore the brunt of the major outages with the network that occurred in 2010 when the network was branded XT.