Car dealer forced to pay customer $30k

An Auckland car dealer has been forced to pay a customer more than $30,000 after selling a car that broke down two weeks later. 

Andrew Beattie and Vanessa Hurley bought a 2003 Range Rover Vogue for $26,499 from Alan Cooper, trading as The Brokerage, in April last year.

The pair took Cooper to the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal to recoup their costs after a protracted dispute. 

A recently released tribunal decision on the dispute, outlines how after Beattie and Hurley bought the vehicle its engine started to misfire and "run roughly" and the engine warning light began to flicker. 

Cooper advised the customers to take the vehicle to the Toy Shop mechanics where it was repaired at a cost of about $1400.

Within another fortnight the same faults returned and after returning it to the Toy Shop the couple were told it would cost $9000 to repair - a third of the purchase price. Beattie did not accept this and in July 2012 he sent Cooper a notice rejecting the vehicle and asking him for a full refund to refund within two days.

Cooper, however, said he had sold the vehicle on behalf of a third person and the fault was not his.

The tribunal found Cooper was liable and the vehicle was not of an acceptable quality when it was sold.

Cooper was ordered to pay the pair the purchase price, the initial repair costs, car hire charges and legal costs, totalling $30,449.

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