Getting noticed at work and how to say no to your boss

Upper Hutt woman Rachel Service started Happiness Concierge in Melbourne to help others ace their work and life.

Upper Hutt woman Rachel Service started Happiness Concierge in Melbourne to help others ace their work and life.

Rachel Service spent years battling anxiety, depression and burnout from overworking, over exercising and under eating.

It all came to a head when she realised work was nearly killing her, she said.

Service, who is from Upper Hutt but now lives in Melbourne, started a business, Happiness Concierge, to help others "ace their work and life".

Rachel Service

Rachel Service gives her top tips for how to get noticed at work.

She teaches people how to manage boundaries, say no and get noticed at work without burning themselves out.

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Her clients include people on the verge of tears who don't know what to do and employers who want to help their team.

Rachel Service

How to say no without losing potential work or rubbing people the wrong way.

"In my 20s I thought you had to work 100 hours each week to get noticed and promoted at work and it wasn't until I burned myself out three times that I realised my work was killing me."

To avoid a burnout she advised people to manage boundaries and be clear about what they wanted from life and work.

"It is easy to say 'yes' to everything at work, but I teach people how to say 'no' and to manage upwards, so their managers know what they can complete in a day," Service said.

"Do this through tools such as a 'to do' list and sharing this with your manager."

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Saying no was not easy when workers were worried about biting the hands that fed them, she said.

To say no she advised making a 'no sandwich' that includes make the 'asker' feel good by validating their request and saying 'no' with fact, without emotion and without making it personal.

"Saying no quickly and then letting them know you're still keen to work together in future means you won't lose potential work or rub people the wrong way."

Service also recommends people complete a life audit to prevent a burnout and examine what they are doing to get noticed at work.

"Look at what energises you use and what sucks your mojo. Then examine the people, environment and activities in your life. Consider if they drain you and schedule your time accordingly."

It was worth workers considering how they were spending time and whether they were perceived as someone who could move to a senior level. 

"Why on earth would someone promote the person who makes the ship run smoothly?

"If you're such a good delivery person, can the business afford to go without you? If the answer is no - it's worth looking at how you're spending your time and opportunities to balance this out with getting in front of people who can progress your career, both within and outside the organisation."

Service will he hosting a full day of Happiness Concierge workshops on October 15th with the Ace Lady Network on Cuba St.

Getting noticed at work:

- Communicate career aspirations or goals to direct managers, leaders within the organisation, colleagues and even people outside of your network.

- Network outside of work.

- Communicate successes.

- Consider your online footprint.

Making a 'no' sandwich :

- Validate the request

- Deflect by explaining why it is not in your skill set, expertise, or something you currently have capacity for. 

- Refer someone else their way, or just change the subject

- Buy yourself time if you're caught off guard with phrases such as: "Let me think on that and come back to you ASAP" or "good question; let me check my schedule for the next week and loop back with you".

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