Dominos delivers pizza by drone


Domino's complete the first ever pizza delivery by drone

History has been made today in Whangaparaoa just north of Auckland.

As of this morning, drone deliveries of pizza are now reality as the first commercial delivery of food by drone to a customer was successful.

The first ever flying order delivered at 11:19am today was put together by Domino's Pizza and Flirtey.

Customers Emma and Johnny Norman enjoy their pizza.

Customers Emma and Johnny Norman enjoy their pizza.

Within just two to three minutes of flying time, the very first flying Peri-Peri Chicken and Chicken and Cranberry Pizzas arrived in the backyard of Emma and Johnny Norman's home by the unmanned aerial vehicle, DRU Drone by Flirtey.

Domino's using drones to deliver pizza to New Zealand homes

Domino's general manager, Scott Bush says this was the second phase of the project in delivering pizza to customers.

Pizza by drone a reality as NZ pizzas take flight.

Pizza by drone a reality as NZ pizzas take flight.

"We hope to have all orders being delivered to everyone permanently within the next couple of years," he says.

"Part of our internal process is our project 3-10 which is where the customer can pick up an order within three minutes, and a pizza is delivered within 10 minutes still fresh and hot. With our partnership with Flirtey it is going to cut down times even further where we can anticipate drone deliveries within seven to eight minutes in the future. "

The drone was autonomously controlled using GPS navigation, overseen by a team of experts and a qualified drone pilot.

Pizza by drone a reality as NZ pizzas take flight.

Pizza by drone a reality as NZ pizzas take flight.

With today's order the drive to deliver would have been around three to five minutes but the drone delivered within two to three minutes which was significantly faster.

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"We have figured out that on busy days it can take our drivers sometimes two and a half minutes to get out of the carpark, so this will be a game changer," Scott says.

The Normans who are regulars at domino's Pizza were very excited to be the first to get a delivery from a drone.

"The delivery was a lot quicker and it was most certainly more fresh and hot. We are really excited to see how this proceeds," they say.

Both Domino's Pizza and Flirtey believe that by using drone delivery it will be a safer, faster option which will open up many job opportunities.

The businesses also believe that this will make it easier for people to avoid traffic congestion with the forever growing areas.

Flirtey's director Samantha Sharif says in the near future and with upgrading their technologies their drones will be able to travel further and carry a lot more pizza.

"We have been able to carry a regular customer's order quite comfortably but over time as we start increasing our technology we will be able to increase our payload. At the moment we are kind of limited to around five kilos," she says.

Flirtey is looking to roll out drone deliveries in other sectors such as humanitarian resources.

"Drone delivery is the way of the future and is much safer on the environment. We have been working with other organisations to help find ways to benefit society."

While a pizza has been delivered by drone before, as a stunt in Russia, this pizza delivery is significant as it has all regulatory approvals, there will be more deliveries made this week, and will become a more regular occurrence.

Flirtey say they have made sure that they have gained all the authorities that were needed along the way.

"We recently received our Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operators Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority which allows us quite a broad scope in terms of our operation."

At the moment the height restrictions in terms of commercial aviation is to stay below 400 feet but they usually fly 100 feet at the cruse level which is about 12 meters a second.

"Often people are concerned about privacy issues but what we would like to point out is that Flirtey is not surveying or filming, that is not what we do. We are doing delivery by drone, they are programmed by GPS, we do have a camera on it but that is purely for navigational purposes," Sharif says.

 - Rodney Times

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