Trampoline injuries bounce to decade high

Trampoline accidents cost the ACC $3.89m in 2016.

Trampoline accidents cost the ACC $3.89m in 2016.

Almost 1000 trampoline injury claims a month were made to the ACC in 2016. 

A total of 11,580 trampoline related injuries were recorded by the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) last year.

This is up from 4421 in 2006 and 10,814 in 2015.    

There are at least 33 trampoline parks around New Zealand, according to Worksafe.

There are at least 33 trampoline parks around New Zealand, according to Worksafe.

This included injuries resulting from running into, putting together, and carrying a trampoline.  

WorkSafe investigating after serious injury at Dunedin trampoline centre
Trampoline dodgeball - it's a thing

The claims cost almost $4 million last year - about $2m more than a decade ago. The highest cost of trampoline injuries was in 2015 at $4.4 million. 

Figures come from information recorded by claimants at the time of the accident that included the word 'trampoline'. 

The majority of recorded injuries so far for 2016 affected Kiwis aged five to nine years old. But a good chunk of adults were also injured. 

More than 670 people aged 30 or over made a claim - with the majority of those between 35 and 39 years old. 

Manager of Mt Maunganui's Dialled Indoor Tramp park David Jones said the main reason people get injured is because they're too confident. 

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"The main one is the skill level or experience on a trampoline. We get a lot pf people coming in who are too big for their boots and hurt themselves, or they come in and they just go too hard," he said. 

Jones said it's usually kids who break the rules that are hurt, but injuries were often minor. 

"Usually landing wrong and hurting their foot or ankle," he said.  

"We hardly ever get a major injury but on the rare occasion we get a broken bone, but that's because they are breaking the rules."

Dialled Indoor Tramp park has a waiver people must sign if they want to jump.

"The waiver is there so people know the risks," Jones said.  

"It used to be 100 per cent on the person to be responsible, but that changed last year so some onus is on us to take responsibility."

The number of people bouncing around has also jumped, he said, and the Tauranga trampoline park expanded to meet growing demand last year.

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