Garage Project to open new brew site in Hawke's Bay video

Garage Project announce a new partnership with Studio B which will bring modern brewing techniques to the Hawke's Bay.

Wellington brewery Garage Project hopes its new "state of the art" operation will bring an exciting new level to the New Zealand craft beer industry. 

The Aro Valley brewers are partnering with bStudio​ in Hawke's Bay to open a brand new brewing facility comprised of world-class German equipment. 

"They [bStudio] are essentially building the brewery we would have built ourselves, and it enables us to keep up with the demand and increasing popularity for our beers," Garage Project co-founder Jos Ruffell said.

Garage Project brewery founders Jos Ruffell (left), Pete Gillespie, and Ian Gillespie.

Garage Project brewery founders Jos Ruffell (left), Pete Gillespie, and Ian Gillespie.

"It will really help free up Aro St to keep developing new ideas, keep being prolific, and stay independent."

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The facility is being built in the heritage-preserved National Tobacco Company building situated on Ossian St in Napier.

The art deco entrance to the National Tobacco Company Building.

The art deco entrance to the National Tobacco Company Building.

Co-founder of bStudio, Simon Gilbertson, said he was delighted to have Garage Project as their foundation brewers.

"We approached them before we started to seek their advice on what we should do, and what equipment we should invest in," said Gilbertson.

"They have turned into foundation partners and we are very excited to help brew their wonderful beers".

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With 46, 40 foot containers of steel on the water from German manufacturing giant Krones, the brew house is expected to be finished some time in April.

"We've been deeply involved from the outset, designing and having the equipment meet our exact specification," Ruffell said.  

"It will be an incredible facility for the entire industry, and it means we get to play more often in our Wellington homes."

In addition to the Aro St site, Garage Project last year announced their new Marion St 'wild' brewery in the capital which is now up and brewing, soon to be delivering adventurous sour beers and their barrel aging programme.

Co-Founder and brewer Pete Gillespie said "at our heart is a restless desire to keep experimenting and pushing boundaries".

"It's this drive that has seen us brew over 40 different beers this last year alone.

"This is a serious commitment from us and our brewers will be on the ground undertaking every brew.

"This is something we already do around the world in our collaborations, so we are more than confident quality will be maintained."

The announcement follows news fellow Wellington brewery, Tuatara, were bought by DB Breweries. Following in the path of Upper Hutt brewery, Panhead, who were sold to Lion last year. 

"We wanted to release this today in response to Tuatara's sale announcement," said Ruffell.

"We are on a different path and want to show you don't need to be bought to grow.

"For the entire industry it's gong to be a game changer, the strength of the New Zealand industry as a whole will be lifted by this brewery."

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