Food delivery business to satisfy Queenstown cravings

Danny Sykes, 27, is starting a food delivery business in Queenstown.

Danny Sykes, 27, is starting a food delivery business in Queenstown.

Three years worth of hangovers have inspired a Queenstown DJ to start a new business. 

English party-lover Danny Sykes, 27, plans to satisfy the cravings of visitors and locals by delivering food from a dozen Queenstown restaurants to their place of choice.

He has set up Food on Q after discovering only a few eateries offered delivery services.

"When I was in the flat my buddies and I used to think, 'How awesome would it be if so and could deliver?' So I just thought it would be good to have a delivery system that would basically deliver for most of the restaurants in Queenstown.

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Then he thought: "screw it - why not," Sykes said.

This year he has quit his booking agency job and part-time DJing at Queenstown night clubs and has set up the business.

He has already employed six staff ahead of his launch on Mondayand said he would not be partying heavily anymore.

"It's time to change my habits and grown up essentially."

Food on Q will be working with over a dozen of restaurants in Queenstown, delivering American, Indian, Chinese, Turkish and Latin food to Goldfield Hights, Queenstown Hill and Fernhill. 

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The business would deliver from 4pm to 10pm and planned to expand hours and travelling distances in the future.

"I would rather take my time, build up reputation, do things properly and slowly and then expand when I'm ready. People will still be there in two months time and they will still want food," Sykes said.

Sykes said more restaurants were interested to work with the business.

"I have some good ones stocked up my sleeve but I am just releasing them slowly to keep people interested in the campaign,"

He was confident his business would be used by many locals and visitors to the resort.

He said there were a lot of tourists who, after a long day at the skifield, just wanted someone to bring them dinner, instead of walking up the hills in the cold themselves.

Three Food on Q drivers would deliver on scooters, allowing them to skip Queenstown traffic. 

Customers place their order online at, with no minimal order and a fifteen per cent delivery fee, However, orders below $30 would have an extra charge of up to $4.

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