No drivers licence, no job

Photo - 131107, MIKE WATSON / DominionPost.TAUPO police Senior Sergent Jimmy McGrogan(crt)holds eight confiscated drivers licences and Hotel Association New Zealand identification cards used by under age drinkers to enter two
Taupo bars last weekend. The cards were confiscated by bar door staff and handed onto police. Mr McGrogan said police intend to prosecute the people who attempted to gain
entry into the bars using the false identification.
Police would warn the card owners that they would also face prosecution if they gave their cards to under age drinkers to attempt to enter bars, Mr Mcgrogan said. The maximum penalty for dishonestly using a document is $2000, or seven years imprisonment for being a party to the offending, he said.
Mr McGrogan said bar staff were co-operating with police to stop under age drinkers entering bars.
The problem got worse during Christmas New year holiday periods, he said.

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