Tui prank video a YouTube hit

04:51, Sep 18 2013

The clever Tui beer marketing campaign has come up with another cunning plan. A video quickly going viral shows a group of mates pranking their friend by rigging up all the water taps in his house to dispense nothing but cold beer.

The seven-minute YouTube video depicting Auckland builder Sean Brown, 29, and his buddies carrying out the complex prank has already gathered over one million views in a little over a day, and reports about it were appearing on overseas news websites.

While Sean's 31-year-old brother Russell Brown is away at Waiheke Island for the day, Sean and the boys roll some beer barrels under his house, the Tui logo flashing briefly, and they then connect all the taps in the house to the barrels.

"Basically, idea is we're plumbing his whole house with beer," Sean explains.

But that is only the half of it. The pranksters next set up cameras throughout the house. That involves running cables through the ceiling space and even includes a "shoe cam".

"Definitely didn't do this by halves, have we?" one of the pranksters notes, as the video shows footage of the masses of cables and screens involved.

The pranksters are then shown in a next-door garage watching screens showing the inside of Russell's house. The screens are on some kind of mat with Tui written on it.


 "We've just come to the end of a really long day," Sean says.

"All day, we've set up, as you can see, about 14 cameras in their house, and we've plumbed every tap to kegs of beer."

Russell and a woman enter the house. Then, a quizzical look on his face, Russell checks the kitchen tap and tastes the brown liquid coming out.

"What the hell," he says, to the delight of the secretly watching pranksters.

"It's like cold beer too, look." He then checks out the bathroom taps and exclaims "Oh my gosh."

As predicted by Sean, Russ then puts on his overalls and goes under the house, where he finds the kegs.

The guys then leap the hedge to surprise Russ as he comes round the side of his house. The video ends with everyone inside, filling glasses with beer from the household taps. One guy is drinking out of what is clearly a Tui glass.

DB's PR company Porter Novelli said Tui Brewery had provided help with the prank, but did not give details.

The prank took a month to plan and a day to set up. Most of the lads were tradies and the group included an audio visual guy, so they knew they could pull it off, Porter Novelli said.

Members of the group were always playing practical jokes on each other.

Sean, in a quote provided through Porter Novelli, said it had taken time to nut out the plumbing and camera aspects of the idea, but the hardest part was getting Russ and Bronwyn out of the house for the weekend.

"Getting your whole house plumbed with beer is the sort of thing most guys would probably love to have done to them, so we're pretty stoked to have pulled it off."  

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