Never underestimate the brag factor

21:42, Jan 20 2011

Exciting times today! Just this morning I paid off one of my personal loans that started off its life as a $3195 noose around my neck.

As per my normal monthly routine, a few hundred bucks automatically came off the loan when my pay went in on the 20th but when I saw that the balance was a mere $258.98, and with the encouragement of a lovely boyfriend who reminded me of how amazing it will feel to finish it once and for all, I rang the bank and asked them to pay the remainder off.

It's GONE! And it feels so, so good. Now there's just one loan left, with a balance of $2100.

Immediately after I hung up the phone, I jumped on to Twitter and gloated. I'm not ashamed to say that I needed to share this because people who follow me on Twitter are generally well aware of this blog and my goal to be more financially awesome.

So I tweeted:



I did this knowing the response I would get, or at least I hoped I would get: overwhelming support.























That's just a tiiiiny selection of some of the responses I got - some from real life friends, some from strangers. This to me proves why I wanted to be so public about my financial situation; it's actually made me more accountable for what I do.

Some might stick their nose in the air and say I'm bragging and guess what: I am! I am damn proud of what I have achieved.

Even my bank got in on the act of support:




So yeah, the brag factor is an added bonus; a sideline to the goal itself. I paid this debt off knowing I could give myself a virtual pat on the back and five minutes of feeling pretty chuffed about how far I'd come.

I've had such cool feedback, some people saying they wish they could focus more on their debt, others sharing the high they felt when they paid debt off.

For me, given that I spend so much time online, it's natural for me to turn to this community for support. Real life people are good too - colleagues and family have been great cheerleaders - but the onliners have been the loudest and most constant support. So to you tweeters and Facebook folk - and you all know who you are -THANK YOU.

Tell me, how do you celebrate financial goals? Do you have a support team that you turn to and keep you motivated?

Also, any tips on how to get over this final race to the finish. Just over $2000 to go and I'm in the clear, I think I'm going to start throwing money at that loan like it's going out of fashion! Time to gather up all those coins floating around...


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