Budget 2014 in quotes

05:34, May 15 2014

Quotes after today's Budget:

"The Government has moved from managing our way out of recession to managing a growing economy. We've made significant progress in recent years that is delivering more jobs and higher incomes." - Finance Minister Bill English.

"This package is clearly focused on young families and those vulnerable children who most need our care and protection" - English again.

"This Budget could be the annual report of the Cabinet Club." - Labour leader David Cunliffe.

"This is a fudge-it Budget." - Cunliffe again.

"This Budget will benefit National's cronies. Everyone from Balclutha to Beijing now knows the best blue chip investment to make in New Zealand is a donation to the National Party." - NZ First leader Winston Peters.


"Cheque duty is gone. That'll turbo-charge the economy. I expect to hear a rebate for cassette players and fondue sets next." - Labour MP Grant Robertson.

"The economy, law and order, education - that's what we want on this side of the House. We get the job done." - Prime Minister John Key.

"The legacy of this Government will be 30 per cent of children living in poverty, a 50 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and debt - mountains and mountains and mountains of debt." - Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

"The continual increase in schools' operational grants over our six Budgets has been in line with inflation and reflects the Government's commitment to supporting schools to be successful." - Education Minister Hekia Parata.

"Recovering from the Canterbury earthquakes is one of the Government's four priorities for this term, and no resource is being spared in seeing Christchurch and its surrounding areas rebuilt appropriately so they can thrive into the future." - Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee.

"Clearly there is a lolly scramble," - Taxpayers' Union executive director Jordan Williams.

"This Budget fails to address very important needs in the economy and society. It only chips away at the edge of them; things like inequality, child poverty, climate change, the imbalances in the economy with the current account deficit really just are not addressed." - Council of Trade Unions economist Bill Rosenberg.