Another fruit fly found

MORE EXPECTED: MPI staff have set traps on fruit trees in the Grey Lynn area.

The 11th fruit fly has been found in Auckland, and traps are expected to catch more.

Formula maker profit dives

Growing: China's market for infant formula doubled in five years and is expected to double again in three years.

China's Beingmate, in which Fonterra is set to take a stake, sees profit fall 91pc.

Fonterra dairy prices creep up


Big jump in cheddar and butter milk powder at global auction drives prices up 1.1pc.

Farm wouldn't meet standards          
Grazing calves on green hill, New Zealand
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A proposed dairy farm conversion in Southland would fail to meet water quality standards, report says.

Top fencers fired up for action

HARD YAKKA: Fencers work together to erect a 36-metre five-wire fence.

Ten pairs of NZ's top and aspiring fencers will compete at Central Districts Field Days.

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Editorial: Raising superann age a tough call

Big banks will resist moves to make compulsory comprehensive credit reporting.

National Superannuation brought big changes to the way New Zealand provides pensions for the elderly.

There's a better way for councils to use Overseer

OPINION: An 'empowering and collaborative, not dictatorial' approach to improving water quality.

Desperate for a drop to drink

Just how far can Overseer be trusted?


Agri-tech firms show their wares

Central Districts Field Days at Manfeild Park last year.

A line-up of companies will go in front of investors at Central Districts Field Days next week.

Wood chopping a favourite

Competition will be at the cutting edge and records may be broken when axemen gather next week.

GREAT DAY OUT: Six-year-old Jayden Holdaway of Fielding has a go at the mini tractor pull run last year.

Best day off the farm all year

Visitors come from far and wide to make the Central Districts Field Days a great family day.


Drive to export milk questioned

Annual milk production in Australia has doubled to 9.3 million litres in 30 years despite a steady dairy cow population.

NZ's constant drive to produce more export milk could be self-defeating, dairy farm syndicate manager says.

Mataura Valley Milk project stalls

A collapse in milk prices has come at the worst time for project.

Growing: China's market for infant formula doubled in five years and is expected to double again in three years.

Infant formula maker profit dives

China's Beingmate, in which Fonterra is set to take a key stake, sees profit slide 91pc.


Dealing with heat stress in horses

Heat stress leads to dehydration in horses.

Nutrition is an important factor in how horses cope with heat.

The journey to recovery

Farming transformation guru Doug Averyis has a new weapon against rural depression, farming calamities and under-performance.

The Queensland Fruit Fly.

'Only most vicious insecticides will work'

Ruud Kleinpaste explains what home gardeners need to know about the Queensland fruit fly


Fish project disputed

Hand feeding in the NZ King Salmon hatchery at Takaka. The Nelson-based company is leading a new $5.2m public/private salmon feed research programme.

Sustain our Sounds says it's outrageous taxpayers would have to pick up a $2.6m tab to fund research for a Malaysian company.

Pelorus marine farm gains extension

A marine farm in the Pelorus Sound has been granted an extension despite opponents saying it would create a race for space.

Commercial Dump of Fish

'It was leakage' video

About 45 kilograms of fish were lost as a result of 'leakage', not deliberate dumping, a commercial fishing company says.


Changing guard at Smedley

SEEKING NEW CHALLENGES: Terry and Judy Walters were only nine years older than the oldest cadet at Smedley when they started as managers.

With the farm cadet training scheme in good heart after 19 years, the station's managers are keen to take up a new challenge.

Strategic location move pays off

Angus stud breeders Steve and Jenny Herries took their shop window to a high-traffic area.

GREEN GREEN HILLS OF HOME: Increasing pasture and forage growth boosts farm profitability.

Boosting pasture makes sense

We all know the old adage ­ you get out what you put in ­ and nowhere is that more evident on a daily basis than on the farm.


Lack of rain threatens feed

SLIM PICKINGS: Sheep are finding it tough to get a fresh blade of grass.

Prolonged drought is threatening the planting of crops and supply of winter feed for stock.

Record price for ram 'humbling'

A Southdown ram has sold for $15,000 - a New Zealand record across all ram breeds this year.

World famous shearer David Fagan, who is planning on retiring this year, aged 53, competes in the Open heats of Gore's Southern Shears 50th anniversary event.

Shearing legend David Fagan about to hang up clippers

David Fagan is one of the country's top sportsmen but after more than 30 years of competition he has decided to hang up the handpiece.


Manuka trial has eye on the money

Honey. Detail pic of honey on beeswax, for Brigitte Hafner's column. Possible cover. Photographed by Marina Oliphant for Epicure. Styling by Caroline Velik. Beeswax from Cranfields. MUST CREDIT.  Imaging, please do not sharpen. Please do not use auto levels or colour balance. Thanks. mko050915.001.003

Manuka plantations could be a viable money earner for marginal Waikato hill country.

Grape plantings soar

The New Zealand area planted in wine grapes has increased by 100 per cent in the last 12 years.

Biodynamic market gardener Paul Daniels grows richly coloured and full flavoured vegetables such as asparagus on the outskirts of the King Island's main town Currie.

Canned asparagus source causes stink

Heinz Wattie's has not totally canned the New Zealand asparagus industry, a Hawke's Bay grower says.


Another fruit fly found

MORE EXPECTED: MPI staff have set traps on fruit trees in the Grey Lynn area.

The 11th fruit fly has been found in Auckland, and traps are expected to catch more.

Vineyard work paying off

The story of a coconut oil launched in New Zealand last week is entwined with the grape vines of Marlborough.

NZ Forests, forestry

Digger roll kills farm worker

A farm worker has died after being trapped under a digger that rolled on at Port Waikato.


Helping grow the 'golden goose'

Dairy SolutioNZ chief executive Derek Fairweather at his lifestyle block home south of Hamilton with his bull and heifers bred for heat tolerance.

New Zealand knows how to produce large amounts of animal protein cheaply.

Mutual gains from project

New Zealand sheep research is being helped by Massey University's relationships in China.

A farmer scans cattle tagged for lifetime traceability through NAIT.

Tagged stock have added value - NAIT

Tagging and registering all cattle and deer will be a significant boon to farmers and the NZ economy, says system's administrators.

rural women

Dairy women look to future

Alexandra dairy nutritionist Andrea Murphy has been nominated for the Dairy Woman of the Year award.

NZ's leading female dairy farmers will come together in Invercargill next month to discuss strategies and plan for the industry's future.

Set for tough contest

Olivia Ross will be giving it her best shot when she competes in the Otago-Southland regional final of the Young Farmer Contest.

Keri Johnston is a supreme winner of the Enterprising New Zealand Rural Women Awards with business partner Haidee McCabe.

Environment plan template gets big tick

Meeting tighter environmental regulations has just got easier for Canterbury farmers.


$50m inflatable dome

A 33 metre high dome appeared on Timaru's waterfront this morning.

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