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Security tightened

Pig farmers install laser buzzers and alarm systems to keep trespassing activists out.

'Borrowed time'

fonterra Canpac's remaining 220 staff could be on borrowed time, after Fonterra refused to offer assurances.

New regs mean changes

Work has begun on the giant Central Plains Water project that will eventually water 60,000ha of Canterbury farmland between the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers. As new regulations on the management of freshwater in NZ take hold, changes to farming are inevitable.

Kicking up a pest stink

Myrtle rust on willow myrtle, an Australian species. Be prepared for an unwelcome visitor: it never knocks, has six skinny legs and stinks.

Dick Smith backs campaign

Australian adventurer Dick Smith Australian tycoon Dick Smith has lent his name to a Kiwi aviation campaign encouraging farmers to eliminate wires.

Opinion poll

What is the main issue for farmers in the upcoming General Election?

Environmental policies that stigmatise farmers and erode income.

The high exchange rate.

Slow progress in upgrading rural broadband.

Rural communities under-represented in Parliament.

Vote Result

Politics stirs dirty water issue

A file photo of Manawatu River water being tested at Foxton Beach by a member of the Horizons Regional Council science team. Greens promise tough rules on farmers to make rivers safe for swimming, but at what cost, asks Federated Farmers?

Capturing wool's value

The wool levy vote in September is the opportunity for a fresh start for the industry.

How now Fonterra cow?

We're losing critical capability

First scares, now tears

Fonterra Last year's false alarm over botulism is blamed for co-operative's decision to cut more than 100 jobs at a Hamilton site.

Botulism scare costs jobs

Union official reveals Fonterra job losses stem from falling demand since last year's botulism scare.

Controlling their own destinies

Council and farmers work together

'Borrowed time'

Canpac's remaining 220 staff could be on borrowed time, after Fonterra refused to offer assurances.

Sustainable farm development

David Smith (second left) explains his reasons for fencing off 2.3km of the north branch of the Waikouaiti River to a Beef+LambNZ environmental planning workshop on his property. Enthusiastic environmental planning doesn't slow intensive programme of sustainable development on 1436ha in east Otago.

Red meat cooking again

The planets are lining up for red-meat farmers to put decades of low profits and lack of reinvestment behind them.

Confidence crisis

Beef, lamb exports near peak

Meat reform targeted

Rick Powdrell sees a tough three years in front of him as the new Federated Farmers meat and fibre chairman.

UK union 'should stop bleating'

Sheep Britain's National Farmers Union should stop bleating about cheap NZ lamb and focus on boosting lamb consumption, Federated Farmers says.

Wool prices push up

Prices for coarse wool have bounced back, rising 11 per cent higher in the past three months.

China to be biggest lamb market?

Meat being jolted tender

Sheep placenta beauty treatment

Our woolly companions have given birth to a hot new Kiwi export, endorsed by Hollywood superstars such as Reese Witherspoon.

Farmers feel drinking change

cheers Fewer people are drinking beer and farmers are getting a hangover.

Hemp touted as crop

Farmers growing a variety of cannabis could take Southland's economy to new highs.

Residues in fruit, vegetables

Maize options highlighted

Seeds rendered worthless

Some Canterbury farmers are facing big losses after bad weather ruined their seed crops.

Overseer expands for new demands

Overseer general manager Caroline Read. Nutrient-budgeting computer-modelling program's developers are working flat-out to expand Overseer's capabilities to match new demands.

When the going gets hard ...

Agricultural scientist enjoys taking his profession to the extremes.

Dick Smith backs campaign

Kicking up a pest stink

Security tightened

Pig farmers install laser buzzers and alarm systems to keep trespassing activists out.

Cows like to be cool, too

A cow leaves the shade for a drink. AgResearch scientist urges farmers to take note of what animals are telling them.

Drought planning pays off

Accepting the financial pain that comes with a drought makes decision-making easier during a stressful time.

Invaluable, but danger lurks

Keep watch on running costs

Take worries away from clifftops

Many moons ago I wrote that it is not work that kills farming men and women - it is worry.

A brave new world

Hamilton's Mystery Creek Pavilion is filled with the latest in agribusiness offerings for the Fieldays. Technology is set to make farming a push-button business in the next decade.

Upbeat over tech future

When Nick and Anita Jurgens talk about their farming future, son Zander is at the forefront of their thoughts.

Fieldays enrich new alliances

Tailor made forecasting

Sculpture's timely entry

A farmer's history as a hoarder proves a useful talent in visual arts.