El Nino still possible

Confirmation of an El Nino weather pattern for this summer is yet to be confirmed.

Disjointed weather patterns are too unclear to suggest farmers are heading into a El Nino event.

Risk seen in soaring prices

Angus cattle

Angus NZ president wary of beef prices rising beyond the budget of everyday shoppers.

Red cattle beef up op

RED BEAUTIES: Red poll cattle on Kelvin and Kath Lane's farm.

A herd of chocolate-red cattle is brightening up a Manawatu sheep and a beef farming couple's lives.

On the pig's back

Rammstein was rewarded with German beer after winning the all-breeds pig award.

Prizewinning pig's future was shaky after being auctioned but he has surfaced to a new life as a breeding boar.

Inflation 'killing rural towns'

FAIR GO: Retired Marton farmer Jim Howard is asking for the Government to examine the way inflation is managed.

Retired farmer asks politicians to look again at how inflation is managed.

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It's all about the community

Merino sheep

OPINION: As sheep, beef and dairy farmers, what we do matters.

Growth potential threatened

OPINION: A big shortage of suitably qualified professionals threatens the growth of NZ's horticulture industry.

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A nail in coffin


A bird in the herd

KIWI AS: The cow with its kiwi marking at a Tasman lifestyle block.

A cow with a distinctive kiwi-shaped marking on its forehead has been spotted on a Tasman lifestyle block.

Butter price 'bit steep' says chef

Celebrity chef Simon Holst says $7 a block is a pretty steep price for a block of butter.

LOOKING FOR SHELTER: A dairy cow seems to cast an anxious look skyward at an approaching storm.

Cow shelter warning

Farmers are being warned to do their numbers before investing in an on-farm cow shelter.


Risk seen in soaring prices

Angus cattle

Angus NZ president wary of beef prices rising too high and escalating beyond the budget of everyday shoppers who might turn to meat alternatives.

Purple price patch continues

Beef prices have continued to rise this week, with prices surging a "whopping" 8 per cent in US dollar terms.

Free-range Hereford cattle grazing on pasture at French Island in Western Port Bay.

Beef, lamb boon for NZ

Sheep and beef farmers are achieving better prices than their dairy counterparts this season - but don't expect them to celebrate.


Rustlers across region

Ashhurst farmer David Searle, who had some sheep killed and stolen from his property.

Demand for black-market Christmas dinners could be behind a rash of livestock thefts, police say.

China helps lift wool prices

Overseas market demand, rather than an easing in the NZ dollar, is said to have had the greatest impact on this season's wool prices.

Ashhurst farmer David Searle, who had some sheep killed and stolen from his property.

Sheep slaughter riles

After six sheep were stolen and three more left slaughtered on roadside, David Searle's had enough.


Hail 'unlikely to dent outlook'

COUNTING THE COST: Enza operations manager Steve Moriarty with collapsed hail nets at the Riwaka apple orchards.

Although Motueka's severe hailstorm was devastating for orchardists, the national impact will be slight because the affected area was relatively small.

Minister surveys 'devastating' damage

Motueka growers have been heartened by a visit from Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy, who saw the region's hail damage for himself yesterday.

STINK BUG: The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is asking the people to keep their eyes peeled for an unwanted pest, the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug.

Stink Bug spotted in NZ

A pest known as the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug has been spotted in a South Island garden.


3 little pigs multiplied

Hawarden pig farmers Steve and Josie Sterne with daughter, Holly, after being named the Lincoln University Foundation South Island Farmers of the Year.

Canterbury pig farmers Steve and Josie Sterne are South Island Farmers of the Year.

Orchard big loser in hailstorm

A hailstorm may cost a South Canterbury orchard company up to two thirds of its apple crop.

CLUCKING MAD: Animal welfare activists dressed in chicken costumes protest against Craddock Farms' proposal to farm 310,000 colony caged hens in Patumahoe outside its resource consent hearing in Pukekohe.

'A step backwards'

A hearing for what could be NZ's largest colony chicken farm had a colourful start as animal welfare activists, dressed as chickens, protested.


Keen to eradicate lepto

THE TEAM: Researchers looking into the impacts on people and animals of leptospirosis, from left, Dr Julie Collins-Emerson, Professor Peter Wilson , Professor Cord Heuer, Dr Jackie Benschop from the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, at Massey University.

New Zealand scientists are passionate about their part in world-leading research into the debilitating disease leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis in people video

A look in more detail about the disease of Leptospirosis in people.

An introduction to Leptospirosis.

Introduction to Leptospirosis video

A introduction to the disease of Leptospirosis.

rural women

Beekeeper buzzing over award

Putake Honey co-owner and beekeeper Renee de Luca in her element, servicing some of the hives on a farm in the Waihopai Valley.

A Marlborough beekeeper is still buzzing over her win at this year's Enterprising Rural Women Awards.

Gaga over our animal bits

Global cosmetic, health food and medical industries look to a small-town Kiwi business for vital ingredients.

Ian Wellington, of agricultural contractors Ken G Moratti Ltd, hopes the Inglewood farmer whose silage he wrapped in pink plastic to promote awareness of breast cancer doesn’t mind the change in colour from the usual light green.

Silage gets a pink makeover

Through no fault of his own a Taranaki farmer has become the proud owner of dozens of pretty pink silage bales.


Petrol boss u-turn

Petrol stations are ordered by their bosses to stop billing workers when customers do a runner.


'Do your homework first'

Ready to sign

Farmers need to know what they are taking on when signing sharemilking agreements.

There is a way through

Capable, durable, versatile, it, could be said that farmers, are the ultimate DIYers, the, quintessential kiwi blokes.


Black beetle warning

Pasture pests, particularly black beetle, are looming as a major problem this summer.


Jones fishing in deep waters


Shane Jones has disappeared from political life, now he's a heavyweight in a multibillion-dollar industry.

Live NZ fish heading overseas

Live fish caught in New Zealand's inshore fisheries could soon be winging or swimming their way to lucrative markets in Australia and Asia.


Social licence vital for aquaculture

New Zealand's $400 million aquaculture industry needs to earn its "social licence" as it looks to grow to a $1 billion sector by 2025.

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