Community gets in behind

Backing their man: Sharemilker Bas Nelis had the support of his farming colleagues when he was prosecuted.

It was supposed to be a reconciliation but a Waikato community instead vented its frustrations on a farmer's behalf at a restorative justice meeting.

El Nino still possible

Confirmation of an El Nino weather pattern for this summer is yet to be confirmed.

Disjointed weather patterns are too unclear to suggest farmers are heading into a El Nino event.

Risk seen in soaring prices

Angus cattle

Angus NZ president wary of beef prices rising beyond the budget of everyday shoppers.

Red cattle beef up op

RED BEAUTIES: Red poll cattle on Kelvin and Kath Lane's farm.

A herd of chocolate-red cattle is brightening up a Manawatu sheep and a beef farming couple's lives.

On the pig's back

Rammstein was rewarded with German beer after winning the all-breeds pig award.

Prizewinning pig's future was shaky after being auctioned but he has surfaced to a new life as a breeding boar.

Ad Feedback

Farm cadet scheme needed

Federated Farmers Waikato president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: The conversation around agri-education has stepped up a gear.

The end of the line

There are few absolutes in modern marketing, but when you hear anyone starting to simplistically talk about above and below the line, It's time to walk away.

It's all about the community

More than one 'drongo'


An extra 1.4 million litres

Fonterra southern operations manager Richard Gray in front of the Edendale plant’s $150 million upgrade building site, which will increase production by 1.4 million litres a day when completed.

One of Southland's biggest industries is on track to have a roof shout before Christmas.

US eyes Kiwi dairy export markets

Mega herds of more than 2000 cows in the United States are a competitive threat to Kiwi dairy farmers.

KIWI AS: The cow with its kiwi marking at a Tasman lifestyle block.

A bird in the herd

A cow with a distinctive kiwi-shaped marking on its forehead has been spotted on a Tasman lifestyle block.


Big is getting bigger

WHITE FACES: David Ellis raises whitehead and whiteface bulls and heifers.

Waikato bloodstock maestro has achieved many of his blueblood horse industry dreams but earning $2300 for a prime steer this month was a standout moment.

Risk seen in soaring prices

Angus NZ president wary of beef prices rising too high and escalating beyond the budget of everyday shoppers who might turn to meat alternatives.

RED BEAUTIES: Red poll cattle on Kelvin and Kath Lane's farm.

Red cattle beef up op

A herd of chocolate-red cattle is brightening up a Manawatu sheep and a beef farming couple's lives.


Lamb tradition revived

TASTY: Coastal Spring Lamb is rekindling demand for the first of the season.

Early season lamb was once celebrated in the same seasonal way bluff oysters and whitebait are.

Woolly thinking a real life-saver

A flock of New Zealand sheep has led to a world-first scientific breakthrough for sick children.

Gordon Levet with some of his highly worm-resistant rams under testing for facial eczema tolerance.

Breeding for resistance paying off

Romney breeder Gordon Levet has been breeding for worm resistance for 25 years and for the past 15 years has not needed to drench his ewes.


US demand for $2 apples

NEW VARIETY: Andy McGrath, from McGrath Nurseries, with his new apple variety, Plumac.

A fruit nursery expects to sell a unique apple variety to the United States market for $2 per apple.

Stink Bug spotted in NZ

A pest known as the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug has been spotted in a South Island garden.

COUNTING THE COST: Enza operations manager Steve Moriarty with collapsed hail nets at the Riwaka apple orchards.

Hail 'unlikely to dent outlook'

Although Motueka's severe hailstorm was devastating for orchardists, the national impact will be slight because the affected area was relatively small.


Making a go of goat's cheese

TASTY: Lonely Goat bottled feta.

The Doughtys have milking goats and dairy cows. They make and sell cheese made largely from goat's milk.

On the pig's back

Prizewinning pig's future was shaky after being auctioned but he has surfaced to a new life as a breeding boar.

FAIR GO: Retired Marton farmer Jim Howard is asking for the Government to examine the way inflation is managed.

Inflation 'killing rural towns'

A retired farmer is asking politicians to look again at how inflation is managed, saying the current way and the high dollar harm farmers and other exporters.


Keen to eradicate lepto

THE TEAM: Researchers looking into the impacts on people and animals of leptospirosis, from left, Dr Julie Collins-Emerson, Professor Peter Wilson , Professor Cord Heuer, Dr Jackie Benschop from the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, at Massey University.

New Zealand scientists are passionate about their part in world-leading research into the debilitating disease leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis in people video

A look in more detail about the disease of Leptospirosis in people.

An introduction to Leptospirosis.

Introduction to Leptospirosis video

A introduction to the disease of Leptospirosis.

rural women

Beekeeper buzzing over award

Putake Honey co-owner and beekeeper Renee de Luca in her element, servicing some of the hives on a farm in the Waihopai Valley.

A Marlborough beekeeper is still buzzing over her win at this year's Enterprising Rural Women Awards.

Developing women in dairying

A pilot programme to develop the skills and confidence of dairy women to influence and lead positive change in their businesses and communities begins this month.

Ian Wellington, of agricultural contractors Ken G Moratti Ltd, hopes the Inglewood farmer whose silage he wrapped in pink plastic to promote awareness of breast cancer doesn’t mind the change in colour from the usual light green.

Silage gets a pink makeover

Through no fault of his own a Taranaki farmer has become the proud owner of dozens of pretty pink silage bales.


Petrol boss u-turn

Petrol stations are ordered by their bosses to stop billing workers when customers do a runner.


Safety leadership urged

Quad bike, 4wd

Farm owners told they have to set examples for workers to follow if they are to establish a successful on-farm health and safety policy.

Succession is a serious business

Leave the sentiment out of planning the handover of a farm to a new generation, a succession planner advises.

Ready to sign

'Do your homework first'

Farmers need to know what they are taking on when signing sharemilking agreements.


King Salmon ordered to pay costs

Court generic NZ

Environmental groups have won a costs argument against NZ King Salmon in the Supreme Court.

Jones fishing in deep waters

Shane Jones has disappeared from political life, now he's a heavyweight in a multibillion-dollar industry.

Tassal's profits were up 23%.

Producer chases Asian markets

A salmon producer is diversifying after a year of near-record high exchange rates.

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