Hook catchment farm environment plan template approved

Environment Canterbury has announced its approval of a farm environment plan template for the Hook catchment.

Environment Canterbury approves a farm environment plan template for the Hook catchment.

Baring your soul to discussion groups can pay off

Graham Butcher

The good thing about discussion groups is that you will get many varied opinions.

Claimants join forces for share of Freddy's estate

Pebbles is confident the neighbour's claim for Freddy's tractor can be resolved.

Pebbles is still sorting out Freddy's estate.

Farmers fear the worst

Sheep forage for feed on the roadside during last summer's drought.

Farmers are bracing for an El Nino that could rival past droughts.

Mouth-watering weeds to dine on

"What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

A block of weeds can be a weed patch or a "veritable salad bowl'.

Booklet available on El Nino

Farmers should prepare now for El Nino conditions, says Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries.

Booklet available to farmers and growers on dealing with El Nino.

Farmer voices needed for nutrient and safety debates

Andrew Morrison is the southern South Island director for Beef+Lamb New Zealand.

Farmers need to make sure their voices are heard

Young rural lady of the Hakataramea

City singer Bex Murray has taken to farming life

Long career in fallow deer

Jessica and Alistair Midgley have been farming fallow deer for the past 45 years.

Alistair and Jessica Midgley have been farming fallow deer for nearly 45 years.

Tidying up Freddy's estate

Pebbles and Joe are still waiting for probate on Freddy's will.

Pebbles still has issues to deal with around Freddy's estate.

The dark side of farming

Matt Shirtcliffe is speaking out against rural suicide. He is pictured with his wife, Mary, who committed suicide

Farmers don't commit suicide because of tough times. They do it because tough times can trigger depression.

Farmers seek governance tips

Institute of Directors chief executive  Simon Arcus has urged farmers to think harder about how their board should be structured.

Manawatu farmers seek advice to look after their multi-million investments.

Pastoral science conference heads to Timaru

South Canterbury farmer Herstall Ulrich will be the chairman of the organising committee for next year's New Zealand Grasslands Association conference.

Timaru will host the annual New Zealand Grassland Association conference in 2016. 

Tiny plant holds answer to nitrogen reduction

Waimate zoologist Dr Norman Davis believes a native plant could help dairy farmers reduce nitrogen loss.

A Waimate  farmer and zoologist is unable to get funding to research a possibly nitrogen-reducing plant.

Keeping track of time

Employers are legally required to keep accurate records of hours worked by employees.

As directors of the company owned by the late Farmer Freddy, Pebbles and Joe got together to talk about Freddy's farm. 

Tips to keep fit on the farm

Quad bikes have become one of the most deadly tools that farmers use.

Farmers face unique challenges in keeping themselves in good health.

Note trust transactions carefully

Trust transactions should be carefully recorded.

Pebble's accountant has asked to talk to her about some loans in the family trust of which she is now trustee  after Freddy's passing. 

What to look for in buying a better ram

Gordon Levet collects blood samples from his ram hoggets to determine resistance to foot diseases.

Northland romney expert Gordon Levet offers some words of advice from a breeder's perspective about buying rams.

Asparagus season mixed bag

Tendertips packhouse owner Geoff Lewis with a some asparagus spears.

Mixed season for Central North Island asparagus.

Transport options for the block owner

The Mitsubishi Triton wasn't the right vehicle for this block owner.

It's a hard road finding the perfect vehicle when you're a block owner.

Neighbour says he's entitled to Freddy's tractor

Pebbles and Joe will investigate a neighbour's claim Freddy promised him a tractor as payment for work on his farm.

The issues with the administration of Farmer Freddy's Estate were continuing. 

Top tips for lambing

The best strategy for utilising the pasture is to prioritise stock classes, says sheep lecturer Dr Rene Corner-Thomas.

Massey University's International Sheep Research Centre has the top tips for lambing after a hard winter to get the most out of a flock.

Governance course in demand in Manawatu

Institute of Directors chief executive Simon Arcus wants to see better governance in farming.

Farmers want course on better governance.

Beekeeping tips shared

Beekeeper Murray Bush speaks at a Marlborough Beekeepers Association workshop on Saturday at the Marlborough Community Gardens in Blenheim.

Even after 27 years getting to know the habits and quirks of bees, Murray Bush reckons there is still something special about the insect. 

Swedes risk advice 'correct'

Analysis confirms advice to not feed maturing swede crops to cows.

Analysis confirms advice that feeding maturing swede crops increases risk of ill-health in cows, DairyNZ says.

What to look for in selecting a sound sheep

This sheep has strong pasterns of sold bone angled for springing and no excessive hoof growth.

Gordon Levet sets out his views on what constitutes structural soundness in sheep.

What to trust: Your eyes or the figures, or both?

Gordon Levet collects blood samples from his ram hoggets to determine resistance to foot diseases.

Gordon Levet nters the debate on sheep selection – should it be on breed values or structural soundness, or both?

Country woman lost to depression

Matt Shirtcliffe is speaking out about farmer depression after his wife, Mary, died three months ago.

"It's a little bit like a cancer. Sometimes you can beat it, but sometimes it can beat you."

Council supports rural group, rejects funding

Councillor Geoff Evans has urged fellow Marlborough councillors to support a rural advisory group.

A new rural advisory group will not be used to throw rocks at the Marlborough District Council, its architect says.

Act of kindness appreciated

Glorit milking contractor Troy Berry appreciated an early morning visit by a well wisher with baking

Farming communities urged to watch out for the mental health of their members as belts tighten.

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