Shares offered for prebiotic

Knewe Biosystems Ltd are using crowdfunding to raise the funds to upscale a new prebiotic product for dairy cows.

Crowdfunding is being used to raise cash for a cow prebiotic product.

Wealth of information on financial statements

Use financial statements to add value to your farming business.

Farmers should be interested in the financial statements and tax returns coming in from their accountants for the 2015/16 season.

What's the best winter crop?

Think ahead to next winter's crops.

Think ahead for next winter's crops.

Costly waterway breaches

Preston Russell Law partner Sarah McKenzie.

Bypassing RMA conditions for waterways can be hard on the pocket as some farmers have found out.

Understanding loans leads to wise decision-making

The cost of interest on loans is likely to be the largest monthly bill farmers have to meet.

Understanding your finances will help you make your money work for you.

Preventing farmer suicide video

Offering to help on the farm, or go out for lunch, can be a good way to start.

A farmers' group is concerned about the risk of suicide for farmers and wants to reach out.

Organics vs clean-green mainstream

Ike Williams believes we should be doing more to market our clean and green image.

Ike Williams spells out the difference between the value of marketing organics and mainstream food.

Kiwis farming wagyu beef

A purebred wagyu steer bred by David Marshall of Leeston. Marshall has since isolated the polled gene and is breeding a ...

 Kiwi farmers have put their own touch on wagyu cattle to avoid the indulgent, beer-swilling stereotype.

Plantation manuka - gold rush or real?

A bee investigates a manuka blossom.

A warning as well as 'measured encouragement' to manuka planters

Spring time is fertiliser time

A helicopter applies fertiliser on a Taranaki dairy farm.

Spring is the ideal time to apply fertiliser, says Farmwise consultant Alicia Riley.

Farmers face environmental rules

Beef + Lamb New Zealand southern South Island director Andrew Morrison.

Andrew Morrison reflects on the past four years and the future of sheep and beef farming in Southland.

Naming and shaming possibly a step too far

Regional councils have a range of powers to ensure farmers comply with water consumption rules.

Publishing names of farmers who breach ECan water rules could breach the law, Taranaki lawyer suggests.

Funds to fight pest please beekeepers

050213. Feature. Photo:Emma Allen/Marlborough Express. Photo essay feature. Beekeeper Renee de Luca, co-owner of Putake ...

Scientists at Scion Research have been successful in winning a sustainable farming fund to evaluate the giant willow aphid. 

U-turn on water compliance claim

Forest & Bird have challenged the veracity of ECan's water user compliance process.

ECan backtracks on claim all farmers now complying with water usage rules, admitting "a couple" might go to court.

Search for the big picture

Agribusiness director Pita Alexander warns farmers against becoming too inward looking.

Agribusiness director Pita Alexander warns farmers about becoming too inwardly focused.

Farmers tax pooling system

Chris Cunliffe, CEO of Tax Management NZ.

Provisional tax payments can weigh upon farmers but help is at hand.

Late spring for farmers video

Sow sweet pea seeds direct in April for beautiful fragrance and colour in late spring

The winter has been warm, but it's not over yet - the coldest weather normally hits in the next few weeks.

Grass-fed wagyu beef a profitable option for Canterbury farmers

Firstlight supply chain manager Peter Keeling with wagyu calves. Keeling is keen to talk to Canterbury dairy farmers ...


Spring festival promises day out for Cheviot farmers

Spring daffodils in the Cheviot Domain will be a major attraction for the Cheviot Spring Festival on September 10.

The Cheviot Spring Festival promises a day off the farm for farmers under pressure from the drought, and a chance to celebrate spring with their friends.

Putting your business in the best position

Progressing in the dairy industry comes down to good planning, goal setting and wise decisions.

428 words

Farmers advised, be waterwise video

Irrigation at The farm of John Coveney in Pirinoa, Wairarapa.
FEATURE 0303 ...

Water is likely to become more valuable than the land, farmers told.

Grain growers discouraged by low returns

Feed barley plantings in Canterbury for the 2017 harvest are predicted to be down 41 per cent on 2015, reflecting a ...

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Farm forestry adding value to marginal land

Pine and poplar forestry mix with bull beef on Tim Forde's Central Hawke's Bay farm.

Hunter Hills sheep and beef farmer Ian Jackson is a firm believer in the value of trees on otherwise marginal land.

Runholder battles invasive weed

Horehound, an invasive, foul-smelling weed that contaminates wool, taints meat and plays havoc with lucerne crops.

Gavin "Snow" Loxton is on a campaign to eradicate the invasive weed playing havoc with his lucerne crops.

Make better pasture decisions

Ryegrass not always the best option, says rural consultant Graham Butcher.

OPINION: This might sound like farming heresy, but ryegrass is often not the most suitable species to grow.

Monitoring your business with key performance indicators

Key performance indicators for agribusiness include farm working expenditure, profit, production and finance costs.

Identifying KPIs will help farmers focus on the information that's most important.

Keep good records, run an efficient business

Preston Russell Law partner Sarah McKenzie

OPINION: Record keeping is key to running an efficient business.

A farming mum who loves helping others

Farming Mums Facebook champion Chanelle O'Sullivan in the snow in South Canterbury with Izzy, 4, and Hunter, 21 months.

Regular visitors to the Facebook site, Farming Mums NZ, will be familiar with an online blogger whose zest for life seems never-ending.

The answer lies in the soil moisture

Rain is usually welcome but can you manage it to ensure your pastures reach their potential?

Farmers can reduce risk by storing moisture in their soil.

Keeping on top of farming's complexity

You will get the best value from your farming adviser by framing your question carefully and precisely.

Farming is getting more complex. Don't fight this. Run with it and keep your balance sheet constantly at your shoulder, not behind the rubbish in your office.

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