Weird names all the rage at dog trials

22:37, May 09 2013
Day 4 of the Tux South Island sheep dog trails 2013, Meadowbank Station, Blenheim. Third place in the Straight Hunt, Graham Dickson with dog Pound and Duncan Grigg from Meadowbank Station.
Taranaki man Bryce Jensen and his three-year-old huntaway Forste
Gem waits patiently beside Ian Broadhurst from the Awatere.
Watching event II: Stuart Ballagh from Cheviot, Stuart Weir and Gavin Hale from Blenheim.
Winners of events III and IV: Dan Murphy with Rebel from Whangamomona winner of the Zig Zag Hunt and Steve Kerr with Doge from Fairlie winner of the Straight Hunt.
Event II: Short Head and Yard. Neil Evans with Rose from Amberley.
Event II: Short Head and Yard. Allan Smith with Nick from Matamata.
Peter Binnie from South Bridge and Kevin Lamont from Loburn.
Lyle Price with his heading dog Drake. Farmed in Canvastown for 30 years and now lives in Invercargill.
Sue Small
South Island Sheep Dog Trial Association Championships commentator Sue Small.
John Peterson from Owhango with Dan competing in the Zig Zag Hunt Finals.
Watching from the car park at Meadowbank Station
Spectators take in the Zig Zag Hunt Finals
Russell Peek from Palmerston and his dog Task compete in the Zig Zag Hunt finals
A merino watches from the back window
Stella Wadsworth from Marlborough has been involved in dog trials since 1949.
Stuart McNeill with dog Gus from Napier.
Steve Pilcher and dogs herds sheep for the competitors to use in the event.
Mark Porter from Ngaruawahia with Moss
Josh Kelleher from Taihape with Charlie

Arriving at the championship sheep dog trials in Blenheim yesterday, I was met with calls of 'Dufus', 'Freak' and 'Thug'.

"Charming," I thought, and carried on about my business.

It wasn't until one competitor shouted, "Oi, Whanga" that I drew the line.

Bryce Jensen
FULL FORCE: Taranaki man Bryce Jensen had good reason to call his three-year-old huntaway ‘Forste’, after he was ‘‘forced in, forced out and force fed"

Clearly, I misheard the stocky, rugged farmer-type, at least twice my size, and was soon regretting my instinctive retort, "you're the only whanga around here mate".

As it turns out, competitors at the Tux South Island Championship dog trials have some bizarre names for their companions.

How was I to know?


My attempts to backtrack fell on deaf ears and quoting Shakespeare probably made matters worse.

"What's in a name?" I said. "That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."

I think he thought I was coming on to him.

Taranaki man Bryce Jensen, though, had good reason to call his three-year-old huntaway ‘Forste', after he was "forced in, forced out and force fed".

Forste's mother was artificially inseminated using semen from a New Zealand champion, Mr Jensen said.

Complications during birth meant she needed a caesarean section to remove her single pup, Forste.

Even after birth, his mother struggled to feed him herself.

"He was forced in, forced out and force fed," Mr Jensen said. "So I called him Forste, which also means ‘first' in Danish."

Forste was quite a character and he was very entertaining for people to watch, he said.

"He is a little bit . . . how do I put this? . . . he's not quite settled yet. The anaesthetic is still affecting him."

Forste needed slightly different training methods.

"He has always been keen but different methods suit different dogs. I'm not professing to be an expert. In fact, the way I went this week, maybe I need to change all my methods."

Other interesting dog names at the Tux South Island Championship dog trials : Sledge, Donkey, Brew, Punga, Zoom, Tweed, Bolt, Scorch, Coke, Troll, Moon, Drum, Rock, Norm, Pound, Thump and Zoom.