The wastewater, horses and sheep jigsaw

Farm manager Bevan Oliver and environment auditor Scott Hobbs-Turner in a block of 10-month old irrigated lucerne.

Takapau's Arran Station is home to the annual national eventing championships, but it's no ordinary farm.

Ballance awards will go ahead in Taranaki

Taranaki Ballance Farm Environment Awards Trust chairman Alistair Abbott is disappointed at the low number of entries in ...

The 2017 Taranaki's Ballance Taranaki Farm Environment Awards will proceed.

Champion plougher obsessed

Marlborough farmer and champion ploughman Ian Woolley.

A Marlborough man is helping push the little known sport of ploughing back into the limelight.

Hail blitzes kiwifruit orchard

Lower Moutere orchardist inspects his green kiwifruit vines  which were stripped by hail in last Friday's storm.

Mother Nature has again proved to be a hard mistress to Motueka's orchardists.

Berry grower top rural woman

Marian Hirst from Bay Blueberries with rows of flowering bushes.

Bees mean berries and right now the Hawke's Bay orchard is full of black and yellow winged helpers.

Damage double whammy for growers video

Lower Moutere orchardist Ian Palmer from Motueka.

Hail hit Tasman orchards during the last two spring seasons. This year bought a double dose.

Storm could be costly

Downpours hit Nelson on Friday morning.

A heavy hailstorm which pelted Motueka on Friday may be bad news for kiwifruit growers.

Kiwifruit sales swell in Europe video

Some of the props used by Zespri's European marketers.

It's one thing to grow and pack kiwifruit, but then it has to be sold. That's where Zespri's European-based marketing team comes in.

Grape benefits from soil expert

Soil consultant Matt Oliver uses a range of environmental, social and financial tools to help grape growers better ...

A 'natural' growing system can never be controlled, instead it can only be managed.

Contaminated fodder beet seed warning

Searchers comb a fodderbeet crop looking for signs of velvetleaf infestation.

Dump left over seed from contaminated lines of fodder beet seed imported last year - warning to farmers by MPI.

Competitor's mushroom tip-off

The country's biggest mushroom grower has been caught ratting on its Waikato competitor, leading to its closure.

Mercer Mushrooms was forced to close, putting 70 people out of work, due to biosecurity issues with its compost. Who tipped off MPI? The company's biggest rival.

Lambs thrive on fodder beet

Scott Linklater with some of his wagyu beef cattle.

Fodder beet has been the darling crop of dairy farmers and now it's being carried over to raise heavier lambs.

Brothers know their places in family spud-milk operation

Brothers Paul and Shaun Olsen on the family dairy farm at Opiki.

Potatoes and dairy farming go hand in hand for a Manawatu farming family. Kate Taylor reports.

Zespri goes for gold in Italy

Latina, Italian kiwifruit grower Andrea Contarino is contracted to Zespri to grow the SunGold variety. Its success has ...

Italy is one of the world's largest kiwifruit growers and a cornerstone of Zespri's global success.

Grasslands get-together for farmers

The key motto of the association is that science is no good until it is applied on the farm

There will be everything from horticulture to high country merino at the 78th New Zealand Grassland Association (NZGA) annual conference in Timaru in early November.

Scientist champions drought-tolerant pastures

Derrek Moot says drought over the last few years has highlighted the need to build resilience into dryland farming ...

Clover seed in soils is in short supply, says an expert.

Pea weevil on the move?


Canterbury grower thinks he may have seen a pea weevil - a threat to the $160m industry - but the evidence has been buried.

Hemp's benefits investigated

A New Zealand Hemp Industries seminar will be held Tuesday September 20 at 7pm, at the Owaka Memorial Community Centre, ...

Hemp could be the crop that not only regenerates rural economies but gives farmers another string to their bow.

Orchard owners to retire

Waipopo Orchards owners Peter, left, and Danny Bennett have decided to sell their business because they want to retire.

Two South Canterbury brothers want "young blood" to take their apple business to the next level.

Grain growers hit by big crops

Grain growers will be mulling the consequences of big harvests offshore.

Grain growers are set to feel the pinch from large harvests overseas.

Hemp poised to take off

Hemp being harvested.

Commercial hemp could play a major role as a cash crop on NZ farms, says a grower.

Cows farewelled for fruit on Ford's farm

Ted and Claire Ford have leased their Appleby dairy farm to an orchardist after 50 years of milking cows. They are ...

Apple and pear trees will replace jersey cows across Ted and Clare Ford's Appleby farm.

Biodiversity and water protection in Germany

Researcher Dr Patrick Lind stands in Berd Olligs' green zone on his 115ha cropping farm which includes nesting areas for ...

Berd Olligs has combined biodiversity and water protection with productivity on his cropping farm near Rommerskirchen in western Germany.

Work exchange an eye-opener

Cambridge kiwifruit worker  Miguel Peterle spent six weeks in Europe in early 2016 working and visiting orchards in ...

French kiwifruit growers see Zespri New Zealand as the "gods" of the industry, a Cambridge grower discovered.

Miscanthus a key plant for a sustainable farming future

Giant miscanthus grass growing on trial at a Kirwee dairy farm could be the future of shelter belts in Canterbury.

A multipurpose plant being studied in Germany may play a key role in sustainable farming in the future.

Croppers take a planting punt

Mid Canterbury grower Brian Leadley is finding it harder to plan ahead for grain growing because of fewer market signals.

Some growers are spraying milling wheat crops to plant something else because of a shortage of market signals.

Hemp's huge promise

hemp closeup

The Government plans to legalise hemp food, which could prompt a rush into NZ's fledgling industry.

Season 'extremely good' video

Donald Johnson keeps a close eye on his avocados as they pass through the grading machine on Thursday.

It's set to be a bumper avocado crop this season after slim pickings earlier this year.

Hemp suffers from marijuana stigma

Mack McIntosh wearing a hemp jacket, and displaying hemp-made products.

As Hemp Awareness Week approaches Rob Tipa goes in search of the father of this fledgling industry.

Aussies don't like Kiwi avos video

Australian growers are complaining that Woolworths brought in Kiwi avocados one month too soon.

They're calling our avocados substandard in Australia as Woolworths switches to Kiwi imports.

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