Fonterra dumping milk byproducts in Taranaki

High volumes of milk this spring means Fonterra is having to dump excess milk byproducts in Taranaki.

Taranaki Regional Council resource management director Fred McLay said the South Taranaki District Council was accepting buttermilk from Fonterra at the Eltham wastewater treatment plant.

The waste would be treated at the Eltham plant then piped to the Hawera oxidation ponds before being pumped out to sea at Hawera.

Milk permeate, another byproduct of the dairy production process, is being buried on farmland under a resource consent held by Fonterra.

Fonterra spokesman Scott Walls said the dairy giant was currently processing high volumes of milk in the lower North Island.

Milk collection across New Zealand for last month was 5 per cent higher than for the same period last year, at 308 million kg of milk solids.

Mr Walls said they dealt with the problem by changing Fonterra's product mix to process the maximum amount of raw milk and disposing of byproducts under consent from councils.

"All of our plants are running smoothly, we are working hard to process all of the milk and have not disposed of any raw milk."

Taranaki Daily News