From law books to test tubes

Hannah McKerchar studies the changes in the treatment of milk proteins.

A former commercial lawyer has found more excitement in the laboratory, she tells Jarrod Booker.

School 'failure' to top scientist 

Palatasa Havea was Tonga's first food science PhD.

A Tongan scientist who struggled at school is now at the cutting edge of his field.

Research team's innovation 

Irina Boiarkina has been selected to be a lecturer in the university of Auckland's Department of Chemical and Materials ...

Scientists' careers have been given boost by a dairy innovation programme.

Carpet's other benefits

AgResearch senior scientist Steve McNeil studies carpets and their properties.

For many, we just walk on it, but carpet can affect mobility, sound and absorb contaminants.

From why to how

Nicola McHaffie works with farmers on achieving better riparian health.

DairyNZ's Nicola McHaffie has discovered her career niche assisting dairy farmers.

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