Sharing the excitement of science

AgResearch scientist Louise Hennessy

A young scientist delights in passing on her passion for science to schoolchildren.

Treasure in a mountain of data

Irina Boiarkina, of the University of Auckland, rock-climbing during a visit to Squamish, Canada.

Rob Mitchell talks to a scientist who loves solving mathematical problems.

All aboard regulation train

Theresa Wilson oversees projects involved in effluent management, nutrient management, greenhouse gases and animal welfare.

Rob Mitchell talks to a straight-shooting scientist who realises that progress doesn't come without a certain amount of unhappiness.

Translating language of the lab

A Chinese mother is shown serving Anmum to her daughter in this Fonterra publicity photograph.

A Fonterra nutritionist helps to ensure that good nutrition remains at the core of what the co-op does and develops.

The mozzarella man

Keith Johnston's specialist subject is mozzarella.

Meet a technologist who was a leader in Fonterra's breakthrough to produce a stable, profitable mozzarella.

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