Inventor to keep product in NZ

Matamata entrepreneur Patrick Roskam and his Gudgeon Pro at Southern Field Days.

A humble science project has turned into an award-winning venture for Matamata teenager Patrick Roskam.

Ultimate Southern Man foundĀ 

Southern Man runner-up Kent MacKenzie, left, crowd favourite Duncan Gardyne with Southern Man winner Matt Ahradsen

Southland dairy farmer Matt Ahradsen is the inaugural Southern Man.

Spirits high at field days gallery video

Ryan McLean, 6, of Thornbury, takes a rest from the heat in the tyre well of a John Deere tractor.

Farmers look for bargains to improve production at Southern Field Days.

Age no barrier for Barkley

Southern Man competitor Karl Barkley at Southern Field Days in Waimumu, near Gore, on Wednesday.

Karl Barkley has at least 25 years on some fellow Southern Man competitors.

Veteran exhibitor stoked video

Trevor McCall, of Charlton near Gore, with one of his south suffolk rams at Southern Field Days in Waimumu.

Trevor McCall remembers exhibiting his sheep at the inaugural Southern Field Days.

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