The hunt for the rural bachelor begins

Kaleb Foote, a competitor in the rural bachelor competition at Fieldays 2016.

Kaleb Foote, a competitor in the rural bachelor competition at Fieldays 2016.

A frontrunner for Fieldays Rural Bachelor of the Year has emerged. 

Well, if you go by the only three women in the crowd who weren't related to any of the men in the competition at the rural bachelor meet and greet.

Grandmother Diane Vala has her sight set on 21-year-old Kaleb Foote, for her granddaughter  Jazmin Yates.

When Foote was introduced as single, Vala yelled out Jazmin was his perfect match.

"It was his age more than anything else. He is the right age for her," Vala said when asked why she wanted him for her 18-year-old granddaughter.

"Jazmin grew up on a farm. It would be good for her to be with a farmer."

Eight men from across New Zealand and Australia are competing for the title of Rural Bachelor of the Year and the People's Choice award.

They are competing in a number of events and challenges, including making salads, pulling tractors and logging, over a week to win $21,000 worth of prizes.

Foote, who is from Glen Murray in the Waikato, says he has a place in his life for a woman.

However, as Foote answered some questions, alarm signals might have been raised for Vala.

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Foote described his perfect date was having a female do the cleaning up, and drink a couple of crate bottles.  

He also made a decision on the most important woman in his life.

"My mum isn't here, so I don't have to say her. My boss is a lady, so if I give her a pinch here she might give me a couple of days off," Foote said.

But wait, there is more from this sassy young lad.

Foote had some advice on how to woo the ladies, with a gold standard pick-up line.

"Were you dipped in sugar? Because your a** is so sweet."

Though there is still hope for Foote.

"He is okay. He is still the right age, and at least he was honest," Vala said after Foote had been put through his paces.

But what did Jazmin the granddaughter think?

"Well, [Foote] is the right age, the rest of them are all really, really old. So yeah I would probably go for him," Jazmin said.

And his idea of a perfect date did not put her off.

"None of the dates described would actually happen, and you could train him."

The bachelor hopefuls are Brandon Sayliss from Taupo, Gus Thomas from Rakaia, Kaleb Foote from Glen Murray, Oscar Smits from Reporoa, Paul Olsen from Manawatu, Peter Damen from Kindred, Australia, Jamie Havill from Ahaura and Rob Ewing from Cape Paterson, Australia. 

On Thursday the Bachelors take part in a Salad Challenge in the Kitchen Theatre at 9.30am, Construct & Create on Entertainment on South St at 11am, the Tractor Pull Challenge at 1pm and the Fencing Challenge at the Fairbrother site at 2.30pm. 

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