Feilding prime stock sale

A big influx of ewes and a low lamb count were features of the Feilding sale.

Ewes packed in to Feilding prime sale

Ewes flood into Manawatu stock sales

A big ewe yarding met a solid market.

Feilding Prime Sale Monday November 16

China 'hard work' for exporters

Carrickmore managing director Chris Claridge and a Chinese infant formula customer.

Infant formula exporter Chris Claridge has given up trying to sell infant formula into China.

Wool prices rebound in Christchurch

Declining wool prices took a turn for the better at the Christchurch sale.

Wool prices come back from October falls.

Marginal rise for prime ewes

Prime ewe prices nudge upwards.

Slight rise for prime ewes at Coalgate.

Big yarding of prime lambs dips $3 to $5 a head

Lambs sales were overwhelmed by a larger offering after a two week sales break.

Prime lamb prices dip at livestock sales in Christchurch, this week.

Merino prices rise in big offering at Melbourne

The market opens up for merino sold in Melbourne.

A big merino offering brings in the buyers at Melbourne this week.

Stock sales

The weekly Taranaki Cattle Fair at the Stratford Sale yards.

Details of the Taranaki cattle fair and sheep and feeder calf sale at the Stratford saleyard last Wednesday are:

Mutton market slips from a strong position

Ewe prices flatten at Coalgate.

Ewe prices dropped at livestock sales at Coalgate

Stock sales

The weekly Taranaki Cattle Fair held at the Stratford sale yards.

Details of last Wednesday's at the Stratford saleyad are:

Top ewe price makes $147

Lamb prices retreat $2 to $3 a head.

Top ewes make $147 at livestock sales in Christchurch.

Lighter lamb prices take a baby step backwards

Stock prices for lighter lambs slip slightly.

Medium to light lambs eased marginally with heavier lambs continuing to be in demand at livestock sales at Coalgate last week.

Wool prices range from firm to rising in the south

Wool prices hold their ground in Christchurch.

The wool market made a slight gain at the Christchurch wool sale yesterday

Strong prime cattle market dips

The market went back for prime steers and heifers after a good run.

The strong prime cattle market declined 10c-15c/kg.

Heavy lambs back $5 to $7 a head

Lamb prices were back at Coalgate sales.

Prime lambs eased $5 to $7 at livestock sales at Coalgate.

Merino market lifts for top spinners wool

Merino fleece prices lifted despite a large offering at Melbourne.

Merino market lifts at Melbourne this week.

Stock sales

The weekly Taranaki Cattle Fair at the Stratford saleyard.

Details of the Taranaki prime, boner, bull and beef cattle sale at the Stratford saleyard last Wednesday are: 

Trial of exported venison popular

Cervena venison kebabs.

NZ venison popular in the Netherlands during summer trial.

Prime ewe prices strengthen in Christchurch sale

Prime lambs were unchanged from last week

Prime ewes had a good sale in Christchurch

Prime lamb prices slightly down at Coalgate

Prime lamb prices were back a bit at Coalgate.

Prime lambs eased at livestock sales at Coalgate last week.

Price gap widens in merino wool at Melbourne sale

Better merino wool increased the distance in prices between poorer wool at Melbourne.

Gap widening in NZ offering of merino wool in Melbourne

Wool market correction at Christchurch

Wool prices went downwards in Christchurch.

After a good run the wool market has corrected itself.

Lighter prime lambs clear $100

Lighter lambs reached $100 at Coalgate.

Lighter prime lambs made $100 at Coalgate last week.

New high prices set in the cattle yards

Livestock sales at Canterbury Agricultural Park.

Record prices were set in the cattle yards in Christchurch.

Wool prices take a step back

Wool prices corrected to a lower level.

Wool prices eased across most types at the Christchurch wool sale.

Prime lamb pens make up to $147 a head

The prime lamb market was strong

The pick of the prime lamb bunch made as much as $147 at livestock sales at Coalgate last week.

Market rises for prime and store cattle

Lambs met with good demand

Prices lifted up to 15 cents a kilogram for store cattle and nearly as much for prime cattle at Christchurch livestock sales.

Agribusiness expert learns about trade with China

Hayden Dillon on a farm visit on his recent trip to China.

A Waikato agribusiness expert has some tips on how to trade with China.

Prime cow prices lift

Lambs were in solid demand at the Christchurch sale.

Prime cows rose 10 cents a kilogram at livestock sales in Christchurch.

Prime lambs rise $5 a head

The prime lamb market had a good day.

Medium to heavy prime lambs made another $5 a head at livestock sales at Coalgate last week.

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