Wool prices come off lows

Export interest returned for wool at the Christchurch sale.

The Christchurch wool market bounced back after a month of lower prices.

Prime ewes up $3-$5

Prices remained firm for prime lambs.

A good lift of $3-$5 was made for prime ewes at Christchurch livestock sales.

Demand gels for prime lambs

11122015 News Photo:Murray Wilson / Fairfax NZ.
Feilding saleyards , lots of lamb up from the South Island due to lack ...

Prime lambs hold their value at Coalgate livestock sales.

Best prime lambs reach $129

Better prime lambs typically made $118 to $125.

Prime lamb prices reached a high point of $129 in Christchurch livestock sales.

Prime lambs down $2 to $3

Prime lambs could not match the values of the previous week at the Coalgate sale.

The prime lamb market retreated slightly at Coalgate livestock sales.

Powder keg hits Fonterra partner

Beingmate chairman Wang Zhentai, Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings, Prime Minister John Key and Song Kungang, chairman of the ...

Milk tampering has hit the financial fortunes of Fonterra's investment partner Beingmate.

No winners in trade war

Alliance Group and Chinese company Grand Farm are working together to increase new red meat products going into the ...

Insiders say a trade war could be devastating to New Zealand exporters.

Growing a down-to-earth business

Stephen Morris of Heatherdale Orchards at the Nelson Saturday Market.

One of the characters at the Nelson Saturday market is fruit and veges man Stephen Morris.

Europe tests wool market

Building stocks in China and Europe's Brexit played their part in a slower wool market.

European uncertainty and high Chinese inventories played their part in a lower wool market in Christchurch.

A farmer's many dependents

Feel boxed in? Keep breathing under pressure, says Pita Alexander.

Farmers have to rise to the pressure that is on them to perform, says Pita Alexander.

Top prime lambs at $120 to $125

Prime and store lambs had a stable market.

The prime lamb market was unchanged with better lambs making more than $120 at Christchurch.

Price lift for medium prime ewes

The sheep pens had a good sale with medium prime ewes making another $3-$5.

Prime ewes had a good sale with medium ewes making an extra $3-$5 at Coalgate.

Indonesia trade stalls

Indonesia has the potential to be a much bigger trade partner for New Zealand.

NZ aims to boost trade with Indonesia, a lucrative market where products struggle for access.

Store lamb prices rise

Store lamb prices go up $3 to $5 a head.

The store lamb market had a good rise at Coalgate livestock sales.

Prime ewes up $3 to $5

The livestock market lost no ground overall and increased for ewes and cattle.

Prime ewe and cattle prices increased at Christchurch sales.

Think Landcorp, think venison?

Landcorp is New Zealand's largest deer farmer. Eweburn Station, backing on to Lake Te Anau.

State-owned farmer launches its own brand developed with the help of chefs, available only through home delivery.

Brexit felt in wool auction rooms

Crossbred wool prices dipped while mid micron types held their ground at the Christchurch sale.

Crossbred wool prices dipped partly because of European unrest from Brexit.

Dog sale a farmer magnet

Sheepdogs and shepherds have a place in the high country.

Canterbury working dog sale is set to attract farmers from far and wide.

Top store lambs make $95

Store lambs managed to hold their value at Coalgate.

Store lambs managed to hold their value at Coalgate livestock sales

Lamb pens lift as much as $5 a head

The prime lamb market changed little from last week.

The store lamb market rose $5 a head at Christchurch livestock sales.

Sheep milk gelato goes global

Landcorp and marketer SLC have about 3000 milking ewes on a farm near Taupo.

Two New Zealand companies made the finals of the World Dairy Innovation Awards  although neither managed to come away with a first prize.

Prime ewe values lift $3-$5 a head

Prime lambs rose slightly with the best lambs making $120-$127, while the ewe pens gained $3-$5 a head.

Prime ewe market lifts in small yarding at Christchurch livestock sales.

Prime ewes lift $2 to $3

Prime ewes were the best performers with a $2-$3 lift at Coalgate sales.

Prime ewes were the best performers with a $2-$3 lift at livestock sales at Coalgate last week.

Aussies get sour grapes

Corrina Wright, owner of Taranga Vineyards, South Australia: the rebate for New Zealanders is "absurd".

A tax rebate for Australian winemakers has been a windfall for New Zealand exporters.

More customers want no-chemical wood

A kitchen showing benchtop and floors made from  eucalyptus. New Zealand researchers are looking at hardwood that grows ...

New Zealand can grow hardwood, rather than import it. And more customers want untreated wood.

Farming returns up

Disappointing lamb returns have been a feature of the last year.

Primary sector exports grow 3% a year but need to reach nearly 10% to hit the Government's target.

Keeping the pests out

The Asian gypsy moth strips leaves off trees and is thought to have arrived in New Zealand on cars from Japan. ...

NZ is urged to take more care about the countries it imports from to stop pest invasions.

Prime ewe prices rise again

Store lamb prices were up $4-$5 per head with good lambs making $80-$90.

Prime ewe prices peaked at $106 as the market increased $2-$3 a head at livestock sales at Christchurch.

Prime lambs rise $3 to $5

Prime lambs increase $3 to $5 at Coalgate livestock sales.

The prime lamb market rose $3 to $5 with top lambs making $120 to $131 at Coalgate.

Prime ewe values lift $2 to $3

Heavy lambs made $120-$127 in a smaller yarding.

Prime ewe prices were up $2-$3 and heavy lambs made $120-$127 in an unchanged market at livestock sales in Christchurch.

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