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What's the best chicken for you?

You might start with chickens for eggs only, but the poultry addiction can strike without warning.

When selecting your first hens, you’re probably thinking about eggs and production and how healthy you’ll be, but once you own poultry, you’ll probably find egg-laying is never as important again.

What you can do with a bad block

Watercress is a crop that tends to bolt into flower over summer so one challenge for the couple will be keeping the leaves at their most delicious.

Lifestyle blocks are often unproductive land chopped off a bigger farm, making it a big challenge to turn a profit.

3 signs you’ve found a good fencer

A good fencing contractor isn't just someone who can do the practical building work.

There's one really easy way to know if a fence is well built: a good fence is one you don't notice.

Why we need to start eating alpaca

Alpaca are possibly the cutest of livestock, but are also a credible source of healthy, delicious meat.

They’re one of the cutest, cuddliest livestock you’ll find, but it's time to start eating them.

How to go absolutely bananas

Most of the north-facing, coastal North Island is suitable for growing bananas thanks to it being an actual Pacific island, something we sometimes forget.

This tropical plant is a great survivor in more parts of NZ than you’d think.

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