Lively debate part of process

The Age - GENERIC - 3 June 2008 - Dairy cows wait their turn to enter the milking machine for their afternoon milking session on a dairy farm in the Yarra Valley. Picture by Paul Rovere

OPINION: Finger pointed at the Greens for misinterpretations and misrepresentations about dairy conversions in the Waikato.

Report calls for overhaul of red meat industry

Columnist Pattrick Smellie

OPINION: When it comes to arguments over how to structure New Zealand agriculture, it seems there's nothing new under the sun.

Guns are well ahead of butter in US

In the US, the defence allocation of the budget is costing each working American about $4207.

OPINION: A look at the US budget finds it is top-heavy on defence spending and lean on agriculture.

Analysing wine's cash harvest

WINE COUNTRY: More than 75 per cent of New Zealand's wine now comes from Marlborough.

OPINION: Millions are made from New Zealand grapes, writes Keith Woodford.

Dairy is price league winner

25052012 news Photo Murray Wilson/ FAIRFAX NZ.
INLAND. Dairy cows,milking shed
Massey Professor of dairying  Danny Donaghy at  Number 4 dairy farm  at Massey University.

OPINION: The agri-food economy has been a lucky bonus for New Zealand.

Editorial: Raising superann age a tough call

Big banks will resist moves to make compulsory comprehensive credit reporting.

National Superannuation brought big changes to the way New Zealand provides pensions for the elderly.

There's a better way for councils to use Overseer

Most regional councils have already extensive and robust water quality measuring systems in place.

OPINION: An 'empowering and collaborative, not dictatorial' approach to improving water quality.

Desperate for a drop to drink

DIRE STRAITS: The drought shows what happens when the tap gets turned off.

OPINION: The drought just declared brings into focus the need for New Zealand to keep developing water storage

Just how far can Overseer be trusted?

How much nitrate is this cow leaching? Overseer's accuracy is something to reflect on.

OPINION: Overseer is fine when used as intended, but regional councils' use as a regulatory instrument could be a step too far.

Farmers' attitudes to safety must change

Work Safe's new Safer Farms programme will hopefully see less of these scenes on New Zealand farms.

OPINION: There are too many accidents occurring on farms and farmers must do more to reduce them.

'You should be more like Trev'

Lyn Webster

The idle 17-year-old has made a fateful mistake.

Staying on top of employment issues a must

NO EXCUSES: Breaches of minimum employment standards by farm employers are met with zero tolerance by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

OPINION: MBIE labour inspectorate investigations have made it clear to farmers that there is zero tolerance for breaches of minimum employment standards.

Rural sites need firefighting cover

Gert Stander, a rural broker at Crombie Lockwood 02022015

OPINION: Even if you are the most responsible farmer in the country, you can never be sure what your neighbour is up to.

Rachel Stewart: Free speech for all

Rachel Stewart

OPINION: Since my last column, some in the dairy farming community have been telling me, and everyone else, who I am.

Fairer tax demands people power

Our tax system is ridiculously complex, with 10 (out of 124) taxes generating 90 per cent of the revenue.

OPINION: Crusading journalists prove that even the mighty can be forced to pay their share.

Low milk price begins to pinch

BE CAREFUL: Local authorities are warning against drinking raw milk following the death of a toddler in Australia.

OPINION: The impact of the unexpectedly low milk price of $4.70/kg milk solids has hit like a tonne of bricks.

Stop putting boot into farmers over drought

DRY TIMES: Drought, sheep in dry paddock in Greendale area, Canterbury

OPINION: Assumptions about drought do not always ring true.

Alpine water would counter dry spell

Drought, sheep, Canterbury

OPINION: Spare a thought for farmers as you bask in the hot, dry weather.

Why doing things is bad

BAS NELIS: Fined for Trying To Do The Right Thing.

OPINION: Farmers are a terrible lot. They keep Doing Things, and Doing Things is a risky business.

Good news and bad

OPINION: Economic forecast heralds good and bad news.

Poaching penalties no deterrent

WORK NEEDED: Rustling and poaching cost the farming community about $120 million a year and more needs to be done to stop it.

OPINION: Stronger measures are needed to stop rustling.

Farmers not exempt from country's laws


OPINION: There are a few tell-tale signs leading me to the conclusion that dairy farmers are very close to the brink.

Commentator overly sour on NZ's outlook

Australia's annual production has been stagnant at about around 10 billion litres of milk a year for the past decade.

OPINION: Jason Krupp analyses why there is no need to hit the panic button over the future of dairy.

Rules erode future for farming

Lyn Webster

OPINION: For some reason, farming is perceived as a "rich" sport, ripe for the picking.

Grunt work should bring results

Chris Lewis Federated Farmers President for Waikato

OPINION: Farmers have the best chance of success here if we work together, hence the setting up of an upper Waikato River users group.

Weak dairy set to make its mark

James Malden

OPINION: They say that the past helps to shape the future, so looking back at 2014 we might see some clues as to what this year has in store.

Relief for farmers but not posties

HERD OF THAT: New Zealand's dairy cow herd has reached a record level.

OPINION: Prospects for the dairy sector were looking a tad better yesterday.

Clobbering machine killing dairying

HUGE COST: The daily grind of meeting increasingly tighter regulations is not only costing farmers a fortune but wearing them down mentally.

OPINION: Who in their right mind would want to go dairy farming?

Is it bullying or justice?

HARSH: South Waikato dairy farmer Bas Nelis’ $16,875 fine and the recent $40,000 fine of a Marlborough couple for not wearing their quad bike helmets is a beat up on an industry that does not deserve it, Andrew McGiven says.

OPINION: Judges' heavy handed approach to farmers does more damage than good.

Fonterra's in tight corner

Fonterra dairy factory

OPINION: Fonterra's advance monthly payments to its suppliers this spring went unusually close to breaching its end-of-year payout forecast.

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