GM food - who to believe

Ike Williams is a stud sheep breeder from Pleasant Point.

OPINION: Allowing GM crops to be grown in NZ is a decision to be determined by government, not regional or district councils.

Milk overkill? I don't think so

The proceeds Fonterra makes from milk powder help underpin the cooperative and make investments into the value added market.

Lyn Webster disagrees with experts who reckon we need to stop producing so much milk.

Can you help the lunchless kids?

Louise Giltrap, right, and Angie Varley celebrate completing the 5km Colour Run in Auckland.

 Louise Giltrap has some ideas to feed children going to school without lunch, but needs help.

Water charges have fishhooks

Should farmers be charged for the water that falls from the sky over all New Zealand?

Charging for water is more complicated than it appears at first glance, says Marc Gascoigne.

The humble sharemilker

Sharemilking is a perfect stepping stone to reach that goal of ownership.

OPINION: An industry/system the envy of the world.

The Government won't let us be Cool

Most of us want to know where our food comes from, according a recent survey.

Most of us want to know where our food comes from.

Success in farming comes in many forms

Not all success is measured academic achievement, Lyn Webster says.

Talent comes in many forms, Lyn Webster says.

Opportunity missed in foreign sale

Hunter Valley Station has been the source of land access wrangles for years.

OPINION: Kiwis view access to public land as a birthright, but it shouldn't come at the expense of private property rights.

The poisons in our food

We have to trust farmers, regulators and science that pesticide residues in our food are not at dangerous levels.

OPINION: Trust the farmers. Your organic and non-organic food is safe to eat.

State of crossbred wool sector dire

The coarse wool industry is in trouble, says Mark Patterson.

Mark Patterson discusses the dire situation the wool industry has found itself in.

Water quality on the mend

Swimmers in the Waikato River. Average water quality during 1993-2012 was found to be stable in 43 per cent of records.

A closer look at regional water quality trends reveals the doom and gloom of one-eyed critics is unwarranted, writes Doug Edmeades.

Sneaky ploys to run down farming

Sometimes we feel a bit ``bullied''.

OPINION: It is easy for the public to get caught up in sneaky ploys of disseminating false information, insinuations and allegations.

Avoiding farm dog chaos

Dog trainer Anna Holland and her farm dogs and pet.  She says in many cases old dog can be taught new tricks.

Where do you start when training a dog for stock work?

A land without meat and milk

It is mind blowing to imagine New Zealand being economically successful without agriculture, Lyn Webster says.

Removing agriculture would leave a massive hole in New Zealand's economy, Lyn Webster says.

Job fail - wear a sexist T-shirt

Farm employers want someone who is honest, reliable and can work on their own and in a team.

Chris Lewis gives some tips to employees when it comes to applying for a farm job.

The kids are alright

Daughter Kate showed a lot of promise as a dairy farmer from a young age, but is now working in the television industry.

OPINION: None of Marc Gascoigne's children want to go farming and that's OK with him.

We're all to blame for filthy waterways video

Poop is in nearly 60 per cent of public swimming pools, with testing revealing water samples positive with E.coli.

OPINION: Don't blame dairy farmers. Don't blame urban folk. We're all responsible for NZ's polluted waters.

How I beat the black dog

You have to climb out of the hole of depression by yourself.

OPINION: Depression is a brutal illness. And climbing out of the hole it creates is a monumental task.

Tough move to value added markets

Miraka is one dairy company that gives premiums to its farmer suppliers if the meet certain environmental credentials.

Moving to the value added space is tough but necessary if New Zealand agriculture is to survive in the future.

Farmers tell the red meat story

Beef+Lamb New Zealand central South Island  farmer director Bill Wright on his farm near Cave, South Canterbury.

Beef+Lamb New Zealand will tell the story that underpins our red meat industry.

Taxing water costly for consumers

Any costs added to water usage on dairy farms will inevitably be passed on to consumers,  Northland dairy farmer Lyn ...

OPINION: There are hidden costs in farmers using water, Lyn Webster says.

New bobby calf regulations coming

A raised bobby calf loading facility with a roof allows for easy pickup for trucking companies.

Farmers are weighing up their options around loading facilities in advance of new bobby calves regulations.

South Canty farmers rosy about autumn

Mark Adams, Federated Farmers chairman for South Canterbury is circumspect heading into autumn, saying rain is needed now.

Farmers are positive about the coming autumn in South Canterbury.

No shortcuts for hiring farm staff

Chris Lewis (right) says there are numerous things employers have to take into account when hiring new staff.

It pays not to cut corners when hiring staff.

Worst to best paddocks after regrassing

Ultimately, Tom Buckley hopes for more productive and more persistent pastures  as a result of Owl Farm's pasture ...

Owl Farm is undergoing a pasture improvement program to lift the dry matter content of its paddocks.

Dad nearly died on the farm

For better or for worse, health and safety laws are here to stay.

OPINION: My father had a terrible farming accident 20 years ago. New safety laws infuriate farmers, but safety is common sense.

Worms champions of soil health

Soils without enough of the right type of earthworms are usually poorly structured, Bala Tikkisetty says.

Earthworms act as biological aerators and physical conditioners of the soil.

Minister: Swimming future for rivers

Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy says more work must follow good progress in cleaning rivers.

OPINION: The Government has ambitiously set a date for our children and grandchildren to swim in 90 per cent of our rivers and lakes.

Asteroid coming for big meat companies

Peter McDonald says we've passed the time for co-operative co-operation.

The time for meat processors to collaborate has passed, writes Peter McDonald.

It's a busy life down on the farm

"Chewing the fat" over lunch at the farm walk at Turimawiwi.

OPINION: People often ask "what do you do out there in the country?''

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