A nail in coffin

Jon Morgan

So, you don't want a wool levy? I'd be interested to know why.

Housing v farming

Massey University's Professor of Dairy Production Systems Danny Donaghy.

OPINION: The urbanisation of agricultural land is essentially an irreversible process.

New cowsheds create wide divide

Aad and Wilma Van Leeuwen's robotic dairy barn at Makikihi, South Canterbury.

OPINION: Giant new cowsheds create two clear schools of thought which can loosely be bracketed as farmers versus townies.

Some warning signs

Dairy cows.

OPINION: Of course, dairy farms need to make a profit, but looking after workers should be paramount.

Having fun with whingers


OPINION: Lately, I've been getting my fun from stirring up the anti-farming knockers that comment on stories.

Build skills for emotional resilience

Doug Avery

OPINION: Suicide is only the visible tip of a great iceberg of depression casting a chill over the New Zealand's mental and economic wellbeing.

What's next for dairying?

Massey University's Professor of Dairy Production Systems Danny Donaghy.

OPINION: A large drop in Fonterra's milk price forecast is not the only big issue facing New Zealand's dairy industry.

Greens' claims in tatters

Jon Morgan

OPINION: It seems the message has finally got through – farmers are working hard to clean up rivers, keep their stock out of streams, and to plant more trees.

Just test the damn water

A file photo of Manawatu River water being tested at Foxton Beach by a member of the Horizons Regional Council science team.

OPINION: What's in your house water? A recent experience was a little too close to home for Louise Giltrap.

Blatant double standards

Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: It seems to be a case of one rule for the council and another for farmers when it comes to environmental compliance.

Reforms rout ag science

Soil scientist Doug Edmeades

The commercialisation of agricultural science is leading to a Mother Hubbard moment.

Can NZ feed the world?

Massey University's Professor of Dairy Production Systems Danny Donaghy.

OPINION: NZ can play a key role in feeding the world, but it won't be through growing and exporting more.

Milking her dream job

Daisy the calf has pride of place in Louise Giltrap's childhood scrapbook.

Rediscovering a memento of her childhood takes Louise Giltrap back to the calf that sparked a dream.

Tech take up slow

Peter Kemp

OPINION: NZ leads the world in developing new technologies for improved production but they're poorly taken up on our farms.

Rural Kiwis getting raw deal

Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: It is not OK that rural folk are paying for the same services as townies but are not getting the same results.

Water tax will raise prices

Irrigator sprays water.

OPINION: Putting it quite simply, a water tax is inflationary and just the wrong thing to be considering, writes Andrew Curtis.

Our tech is a strength

Peter Kemp

OPINION: New Zealand exports its on-farm technology and there is huge potential for growth.

Rustling must be stopped


OPINION: Rustling is a serious problem and there appears to be no easy answer to stopping it.

Common sense required

Stock on roads are extremely unpredictable and can cause accidents that are sometimes fatal.

OPINION: Stock on roads can result in tragedy if the risk is not taken seriously.

An extra week to end it all?

A dairy worker's cottage

OPINION: Louise Giltrap takes a look at a couple of pieces of legislation governing employees' housing and suggests an improvement.

Cuts destroy team

Jacqueline Rowarth

OPINION: Restructuring has destroyed the team of AgResearch scientists that made a big discovery for NZ agriculture.

Are we missing out?

Peter Kemp

OPINION: Massey University professor, Peter Kemp, is concerned NZ will not fully capitalise on the genetic revolution in the primary industries.

Beyond the pale

This photo of a glass of didymo-polluted water was emailed to Louise Giltrap.

OPINION: Louise Giltrap is concerned to find clean drinking water is not always available for some farm workers.

Workplace safety warning

Quad bike safety

Worksafe NZ's guidelines for the safe use of quad bikes is more than just wearing helmets.

Keeping rivers clean

Peter Kemp

OPINION: Farmers have been too slow to recognise it was time to change their systems but they are changing.

Think outside the square

Instead of buying the new Holden this year, buy in a few truckloads of bales.

OPINION: Louise Giltrap works on the "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" theory when it comes to planning for the weather.

Trim milk season not a disaster

Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: It is super trim season yes, but milk and disaster, no.

Can it be slowed?

Peter Kemp

OPINION: It doesn't matter what your opinion is on climate change, it is happening.

Possible dairying scenario

Pita Alexander

OPINION: Only a brave or foolish person would try to put numbers down for dairying's next two years.

Foreign ownership circus

Lochinver Station near Taupo

OPINION: The election has suddenly sparked into life. It was not a policy, a pratfall or a stunt, but Shanghai Pengxin's OIO bid to buy Lochinver Station.

A hot election issue

Lochinver Station near Taupo

OPINION: The issue of overseas ownership of farmland has divided the country.

Give your workers a fair go

Drinking water, glass of water

OPINION: Two of our basic rights are heat and water. So why shirk on supplying these to your workers?

Fertiliser times are a changing

Soil scientist Doug Edmeades

OPINION: Law change means fertiliser industry has to put up their scientific data or shut up and not make claims that cannot be substantiated.

Join 'the haves'

Peter Kemp

OPINION: Too many urban people are looking in the wrong place for a career with a good salary and the opportunity for wealth creation.

Rethinking foreign ownership

Lochinver Station near Taupo

OPINION: As foreigners create more vertically integrated businesses, we need to rethink our foreign investment process.

Ag education is in a mess

Laptop learner

OPINION: Massive changes in agriculture learning needed if we are to double exports by 2025 and find 50,000 new recruits.

US beef numbers crunched

american beef farm

OPINION: US farm study tour reveals good and bad implications for Kiwi farmers.

Extra busy times

Cow and calf

There are good reasons why paddocks may be looking a little short of grass during dairy calving season.

Politics stirs dirty water issue

A file photo of Manawatu River water being tested at Foxton Beach by a member of the Horizons Regional Council science team.

OPINION: Greens promise tough rules on farmers to make rivers safe for swimming, but at what cost, asks Federated Farmers?

Capturing wool's value


OPINION: The wool levy vote in September is the opportunity for a fresh start for the industry.

How now Fonterra cow?


OPINION: Dairy company and govt should pay heed to the question now that a pseudo milk developed in a lab could threaten NZ's $17bn dairy industry.

We're losing critical capability

Jacqueline Rowarth

OPINION: AgriBusiness professor claims vital science that will help farming in the future is being pushed aside by AgResearch's restructuring.

In farmers we trust

Willy Leferink


OPINION: The public view farmers favourably despite what the media shows.

The small few affecting all

A file photo of dirty dairying.

OPINION: A small minority of dairy farmers who did not take a responsible view on caring for the environment are holding the rest of the industry back.

Ignored roads need funds

Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: The state of rural roads is in dire need of attention and could well be a political football leading into the elections.

Greens' farming fears

Jon Morgan

OPINION: Nothing is more guaranteed to provoke an outpouring of opinions than an election. Here's mine.

Carbon tax 'udderly useless'

Federated Farmers vice-president Dr William Rolleston.

OPINION: The world will be worse off if New Zealand farmers cut dairy production because of a carbon tax.

Fieldays enrich new alliances


OPINION: Fieldays is a showcase for New Zealand agriculture.

Who is milking who?

Lyn Webster

OPINION: When it comes to dependency and business in NZ, just who is milking who?

Teach your kids well

Pita Alexander

OPINION: Our children are our future and this applies equally to the homes of rural communities as our cities.

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