There are other uses for maize grain

Matamata District Federated Farmers chair Stew Wadey.

The most general comment to me these past two weeks has been the slow spring grass growth for many.

Family differences in farming

Farm accountant Pita Alexander finds there is often light years between the ways fathers and sons work in farming.

If we had to draw a comparison between farming father and sons then typically the son would have a "go-go'' attitude and the father err towards a "go-slow'' approach.

Value-add strategy pays off

Increased sales of products like infant formula Anmum have lifted Fonterra earnings.

OPINION: It has been a down and up week for Fonterra.

Climate change is real, time to act

This year's Arctic sea ice summertime minimum is 699,000 square miles below the 1981-2010 average, shown as a gold line in this photo taken from space by a Nasa satellite.

Greg Bodeker asks readers to make an intelligent, informed decision on climate change based on the evidence.

Giving up coal not so easy

The dryer at Darfield, the largest in the world when it opened in 2013, under construction.

Fonterra says coal is the only truly viable energy source for dairy manufacturing in the South Island.

Editorial: Government right to stop sale of Lochinver

The Government's decision to refuse the sale of a famous farm, Lochinver Station near Taupo, was the right one.

OPINION: Foreign investment is not always a blessing.

You can’t always get what you want

Silver Fern Farms Meatworkers might also have concerns about job losses if Shanghai Maling Aquarius $261 million capital injection leads to greater mechanisation and plant rationalisation.

Of course it would be nice if NZ cash came to save Silver Fern Farms - but it hasn't.

Are we to blame for climate change? I doubt it

Polar bear numbers have increased since hunting controls were introduced.

Doug Edmeades is sceptical about climate change being the fault of humans. He presents his reasoning.

Silver Fern ‘quake’ rips through meat industry

Silver Fern Farm chairman Rob Hewett speaking at the announcement of the deal with Shanghai Maling.

Shock waves from the Silver Fern Farms-Shanghai Maling deal will pulsate through the meat industry, writes Keith Woodford.

Meat Industry Excellence makes its case

Blair Gallagher from Meat Industry Excellence wants a different approach to a more profitable red meat industry.

Blair Gallagher, a Canterbury-based member of the red meat reform group, puts a case for change in the industry.

Property sector worth a pop

James Grigor is an equities expert with Macquarie Private Wealth NZ.

Falling interest rates and a slowing economy have been key drivers of the strong performance of New Zealand's listed property sector.

Fortune awaits the bold in China’s western cities

A four-lane highway under construction heading into the Qinghai-Tibetan mountains.

Keith Woodford is in China. He writes about the country’s two economies and what they mean for New Zealand’s agri-food.

The trouble with Overseer

Peer review by experts, independent of the owners, is absolutely essential if Overseer is to be regarded as a credible science-based tool, says Doug Edmeades.

Putting Overseer into a regulatory setting is inviting a plethora of legal challenges, says Doug Edmeades.

The old glasshouses and stones story

Porirua City Councillor Bronwyn Kropp demonstrating how to divert car washing detergent into a garden using a dam of towels.

NZ Farmer leader

Depiction ignores ag history

A Fonterra tanker picks up milk a Taranaki farm. Governments of different political stripes have come and gone, while Fonterra has remained a co-op.

OPINION: The "great fear of socialism" that columnist Chris Trotter ascribes to NZ farmers is less pronounced than it seems.

Many tariff saving opportunities

Beef + Lamb NZ provides detailed analysis to support the Government's negotiations, says Scott Champion.

Despite our FTAs, meat exports are still attracting $213 million in tariffs. That’s why Beef + Lamb NZ’s market access work is important.

The elephant's trumpeting is getting louder

"Even the effing tanker driver will do better than me!"

OPINION: Doug Edmeades hears dairy farmers’ rage and urges them to take heart from the lessons of the ill-wind.

Doing without luxuries

To walk away now would be soul-destroying, says Lyn Webster.

OPINION: Lyn Webster is learning dairy farming lessons the hard way.

It’s about being there when the good times return

Don't skimp on feed. Hungry cows will always punish the farmer.

Keith Woodford explores the short, the medium and the long term prospects for dairy.

Making NZ TB-free a reality

OSPRI group manager Peter Alsop says the new TB-free plan will not apply until July 1, 2016.

OPINION: It is an important time for those involved in the fight against bovine TB with the review of OSPRI's TBfree programme currently under way.

Taking a long term view

It is critical for farmers to be proactive with their budgets and communicate with their banks with the dairy payout slumped, Chris Lewis says.

OPINION: Any dairy industry panic now will cause a slump in land values and put farmers at risk of going out of business.

Three ways the Govt could help

An investigation into supermarkets' milk profits would show Government support for farmers.

Dairy farmers don’t want handouts but the Government could help with action in three areas.

Count your blessings

Louise Giltrap's grandson Kyle Bendall, 4, helps out in the calving shed.

It’s not all doom and gloom in dairying, Louise Giltrap says.

Navigating bumps in the dairy sector

Banks have skin in the game and work hard with farmers facing financial challenges.

OPINION: Banks will stand by dairy farmers as they navigate plunging milk prices.

Aussies were once the big scalp

The captain of an outstanding 1980s Wallabies side, Andrew Slack, pictured at Eden Park after the 22-9 Bledisloe Cup-clinching win on September 6, 1986.

OPINION: A chill used to grip NZ fans when a game against Australia was close. Not any more.

Time to vote

Kirsten Bryant

OPINION: Upcoming Beef + Lamb levy vote seeks a mandate to continue investing levies into "industry-good" activities.

Low dairy prices 'new normal'

Farming can be a solitary business with advice not always readily available, making even small challenges appear bigger than they really are.

OPINION: For farmers, the low dairy prices may be just the beginning of a whole new normal.

TPP – it’s time for a breather

Protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Palmerston North.

The benefits from a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal are over-rated, says Keith Woodford.

Fertiliser: Discretionary or capital?

You will be wasting money applying lime if your soil pH is in the optimal range (5.8 – 6.0).

Doug Edmeades has some free advice about fertiliser for farmers feeling the squeeze.

We need brains behind our cows

Kari Atwell, 18, Pukekohe High School student, is helping out at calving on Hayden and Megan Kerr's Huntly farm.

Time is the cheapest investment you can make in the dairy industry, says Megan Kerr.

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