Depiction ignores ag history

A Fonterra tanker picks up milk a Taranaki farm. Governments of different political stripes have come and gone, while Fonterra has remained a co-op.

OPINION: The "great fear of socialism" that columnist Chris Trotter ascribes to NZ farmers is less pronounced than it seems.

Many tariff saving opportunities

Beef + Lamb NZ provides detailed analysis to support the Government's negotiations, says Scott Champion.

Despite our FTAs, meat exports are still attracting $213 million in tariffs. That’s why Beef + Lamb NZ’s market access work is important.

The elephant's trumpeting is getting louder

"Even the effing tanker driver will do better than me!"

OPINION: Doug Edmeades hears dairy farmers’ rage and urges them to take heart from the lessons of the ill-wind.

Doing without luxuries

To walk away now would be soul-destroying, says Lyn Webster.

OPINION: Lyn Webster is learning dairy farming lessons the hard way.

It’s about being there when the good times return

Don't skimp on feed. Hungry cows will always punish the farmer.

Keith Woodford explores the short, the medium and the long term prospects for dairy.

Making NZ TB-free a reality

OSPRI group manager Peter Alsop says the new TB-free plan will not apply until July 1, 2016.

OPINION: It is an important time for those involved in the fight against bovine TB with the review of OSPRI's TBfree programme currently under way.

Taking a long term view

It is critical for farmers to be proactive with their budgets and communicate with their banks with the dairy payout slumped, Chris Lewis says.

OPINION: Any dairy industry panic now will cause a slump in land values and put farmers at risk of going out of business.

Three ways the Govt could help

An investigation into supermarkets' milk profits would show Government support for farmers.

Dairy farmers don’t want handouts but the Government could help with action in three areas.

Count your blessings

Louise Giltrap's grandson Kyle Bendall, 4, helps out in the calving shed.

It’s not all doom and gloom in dairying, Louise Giltrap says.

Navigating bumps in the dairy sector

Banks have skin in the game and work hard with farmers facing financial challenges.

OPINION: Banks will stand by dairy farmers as they navigate plunging milk prices.

Aussies were once the big scalp

The captain of an outstanding 1980s Wallabies side, Andrew Slack, pictured at Eden Park after the 22-9 Bledisloe Cup-clinching win on September 6, 1986.

OPINION: A chill used to grip NZ fans when a game against Australia was close. Not any more.

Time to vote

Kirsten Bryant

OPINION: Upcoming Beef + Lamb levy vote seeks a mandate to continue investing levies into "industry-good" activities.

Low dairy prices 'new normal'

Farming can be a solitary business with advice not always readily available, making even small challenges appear bigger than they really are.

OPINION: For farmers, the low dairy prices may be just the beginning of a whole new normal.

TPP – it’s time for a breather

Protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Palmerston North.

The benefits from a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal are over-rated, says Keith Woodford.

Fertiliser: Discretionary or capital?

You will be wasting money applying lime if your soil pH is in the optimal range (5.8 – 6.0).

Doug Edmeades has some free advice about fertiliser for farmers feeling the squeeze.

We need brains behind our cows

Kari Atwell, 18, Pukekohe High School student, is helping out at calving on Hayden and Megan Kerr's Huntly farm.

Time is the cheapest investment you can make in the dairy industry, says Megan Kerr.

Welcome to the science equal of Middle Earth

The agricultural science funding model is rotten, says Doug Edmeades.

Agricultural science research has gone from simplicity to complexity in 30 years of reforms, writes Doug Edmeades.

Freeing scientists from the chains of commerce

Doug Edmeades would make the CRIs Not-for-Profit Trusts.

Doug Edmeades explains how he would change the legislation governing science funding to remove the current nasty commercial taint.

When only a spade will do

The agricultural science mode is starved of money, has no clear leadership and contains disgruntled staff, says Doug Edmeades.

I am often accused of being too blunt, matter-of-fact, to-the-point. Some advise me to tone-it-down, soften-the-edges, become more …… more….. well, PC.  But there are times when "A spade is a spade". It is not a shovel, it is not a rake, it is not a hoe, it is not fork. A spade is a spade and there are times when a spade is needed to bring clarity and impact to an issue in an attempt to penetrate the callused hides of the political bureaucracy. They must be made to listen - somehow.

Lessons from farming couples

A good farm dog is invaluable

OPINION: Over many years farming couples have taught me a lot, but not all of it was bankable.

Managing the euro risk

Greeks have narrowly averted being thrown out of the Eurozone and the euro will remain the currency in most of Europe - for now at least.

OPINION: As a business owner with a few clients and some suppliers in Europe, I am feeling nervous about the Eurozone crisis and the uncertainty that it's stirring.

Collaboration behind success

Farmers are working hard to keep our environment healthy, especially in the Waikato.

Farmers have worked hard at improving their environmental impact, and plenty of others have chipped in to help. But there's still a way to go.

Better business in downcycles

History shows the dairy tide will turn, says Pita Alexander.

This is the seventh farming down cycle this writer has experienced.

Government should reconsider decision to allow raw milk sales

A dispenser that allows the sale of raw milk.

OPINION: The health risks of consuming raw milk have been well documented and are backed up by scientific evidence.

It's survival of the fittest farm

Waikato Times Fairfax columnist and dairy farmer Lyn Webster.

OPINION: A glut of milk is leaving the hapless New Zealand dairy farmer high on costs and dry on income.

All atwitter over beef Wellington

Beef + Lamb NZ marketing manager Ashley Gray's beef Wellington gained an honourable mention from Gordon Ramsay.

The power of social media was shown with the success of a Beef Wellington promotion.

China opportunity goes begging

Meat is packed for China at Alliance's Levin meat plant. Lamb and beef are among products that would sell well at an online New Zealand Mall.

OPINION: New Zealand has a prime opportunity to establish an online mall to sell its food in China. But the Government has to act immediately.

Push to market meat

New Zealand's meat exports need to leap out at the customers in the supermarket shelves of the world, Rick Powdrell says.

OPINION: Our meat exports are not well marketed.

Tight times taking its toll

Fairfax columnist and dairy farmer Lyn Webster.

OPINION: There is only a thin overdraft between me and financial obscurity.

No helmet - is it worth the risk?

Jon Morgan

OPINION: You can argue that it's not your head that will get hurt – it didn't the last time you came off – but it might. Is it worth the risk? It's up to you.

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