Supplements increase total profit

Good quality well-managed pasture is an excellent feed for dairy cows - if only cows could graze more of it, says Howard ...

Using supplements to maximise our competitive advantage of cheap surplus protein in pasture makes perfect economic sense, says a consultant.

Understanding base and marginal milk

Farmers should maximise their overall profitability, not focusing solely on reducing costs per milksolid.

Dairy nutrionist Howard de Klerk wants to correct a misperception.

Farmers' immigration fears

There are an estimated 50 Filipino farm workers around Taranaki.

OPINION: Immigration policy changes could leave farms left short-staffed.

Big benefits for farmers in data ownership

Rezare Systems managing director Andrew Cooke.

Who owns farmers' data? An industry expert says the answer isn't clear cut.

You can't stop progress

Waikato farmer Gordon Stephenson founded the QEII Trust in 1977.

Blaming farmers ignores the progress they've made, says Doug Edmeades.

Learning from Tillamook dairy

A Tillamook compost barn with clean dry cows.

Keith Woodford says there are lessons to learn from Oregon dairy farming.

Historic pollution rights reward polluters

Drystock farmers fear the rules of plan change 1 will remove the flexibility within their farm system that they require ...

 Grandparenting is the wrong approach to take when it comes to capping nutrient limits on land use, Rick Burke says.

First aid courses save lives

Merv Utting, Grant "Jock" Wyllie, and Garry Woods and his dog Quid.

OPINION: Three wives in three homes kissed husbands goodbye and wished them safe travels. Only two of these guys came home.

Downpours won't douse rural spirit

Some of the flood damage on Waikato farms will take months to repair and has caused thousands of dollars of damage.

Weather gods are conspiring against farmers.

All work and no play - no way

At some point, you need to step back and take time away from the business and relax, says Louise Giltrap, here with ...

We all need a break from the daily routine, and that includes farmers, says Louise Giltrap.

No way 'spray and pray'

Peter Kemp believes 'spray and pray' is too risky.

Known colloquially as 'spray and pray', the practice of using weedkiller and then sowing seed on hill country will not catch on.

Compliance the price of top market access

If New Zealand farmers wants to operate in the top end of the food market then they it have to accept there are tighter ...

Compliance costs are a fact of life if farmers want to sell into added value markets.

Farmer environmentalists protect land

Farmers have followed the example of the late environmentalist Gordon Stephenson, pictured here with wife Celia.

More than 4300 properties have established covenanted areas over the past 40 years.

Farming throws up the unexpected

Farming is a job high in responsibility and commitment, Lyn Webster says.

Even the best laid plans can go awry in dairy farming.

How to bid at a house auction

Do all your due diligence well before the auction day.

If you win, you've bought the house. But be prepared and there's nothing to panic about.

Dairy bosses grieve for selves

Pupils from Hira School monitor water quality in the Wakapuaka River.

OPINION: Greenpeace says dairy bosses are in the five stages of grieving over water quality.

Flogging off taxpayer farms

Mark Patterson wants to know why Landcorp did not sell Jericho Station to a New Zealand farmer.

OPINION: Quite what gives Landcorp the right to seek to sell Jericho Station into foreign ownership is beyond me.

Emission-friendly synthetic food

Looks like chicken, tastes like chicken - but it's actually an "analogue meat" produced from pea protein by ...

OPINION: Sorry, the smart money is going into synthetic food start-ups.

Cashing in on agri-tourism

How could a tourist not want to experience sights like this?

OPINION: Some farmers are already offering tourists a memorable, hands-on kiwi experience.

Ditch dairy? But then what?

No modern horticultural industry can prosper without the reliability that comes from access to irrigation.

Finding an alternative to dairy is harder than it first appears.

Footrot Flats' tongue-in-cheek gift

Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball had a gift all Kiwis can appreciate.

OPINION:Apartheid, disasters, love and more. Footrot Flats used humour to get us talking about it, and that's a great gift.

Carbon dioxide - friend or foe?

Over the last 30-odd years Earth has been getting greener as a consequence of the increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration.

There's an upside to increasing C02 in the atmosphere, argues Doug Edmeades.

Navigating the media minefield

Farmers talking to media should try to portray the primary industry in the positive light it deserved, Chris Lewis said.

 Dealing with media can be tricky for farmers.

Don't slip up

The latest gorge slip raises more questions the government needs to answer.

Opinion: We need to consider how to minimise disruption caused by gorge closures.

Bobby calf friendly milk?

Louise Giltrap and her husband Geoff are dairy farmers in Northland.

Bobby calf friendly milk is the suggestion of a reader but Louise Giltrap can see a problem with that.

Grazing beyond the third leaf

A: Overgrazing caused by second graze

Could farm risk and debt be reduced by grazing beyond the third leaf, asks John King.

Water issues a shark feeding frenzy

It will take time for farmers to adjust to a low input style of farming if new regulations come in to improve water quality.

Water quality has become a big election platform.

New Zealand in gumboot heaven

Cartoonist Murray Ball.

New Zealand owes a debt of good feeling to Fred Dagg and Murray Ball.

Dealing with those tricky disputes

South Canterbury sheep breeder Ike Williams was  a lawyer in a former life.

Ike Williams was a lawyer in a previous life. Here he gives advice to farmers on those tricky disputes.

Cutting nitrogen losses in winter

The chance of N leaching from urine patches is much higher in winter because of weather conditions, Bala Tikkisetty says.

There is a higher risk of nitrogen leaching into waterways over winter.

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