Romancing consumers with high-quality slow food

The paleo movement, which takes eating back to basic caveman food, understands that medicine is in meat.

Big Ag is all about excitement; going bigger, harder, faster; but slow food is about romance, writes John King.

The demise of a meat reform group

Former Meat Industry Excellence deputy chairman Mark Patterson on his Lawrence farm.

OPINION: A former MIE deputy chairman looks back on where it all went wrong for the reform group.

Teenagers - it's like taming wild horses

Siobhan is now quite fond of feeding Sparkle the lamb.

Louise Giltrap falls back on some hard-earned lessons to deal with her youngest daughter.

Lives given purpose by the 'legends' who helped

Mason experienced farm life in a visit just a few weeks before he died.

Marc Gascoigne goes to two funerals and is told 'You play with the hand you've been dealt and just get on with it'.

Caught between Big Org and Big Ag

Farmers in the US state of Iowa are proud of the environmental performance of their GM maize.

Lessons for NZ as fascinating row breaks out in US over genetically modified crops.

Catchment plans should float on realism

The Sea Change spatial plan is looking at ways of improving the environmental health of the Hauraki Gulf.

OPINION: With the concerns around how the Healthy Rivers Plan Change will affect rural communities in the Waikato and Waipa River catchments, it is timely to highlight there will also be a plan change developed for the Waihou and Piako River catchments in the future.

Green image not enough for Synlait boss

Synlait Milk chief executive John Penno doesn't believe in the New Zealand story.

New Zealand doesn't have a monopoly on the clean and green image, says Synlait Milk chief executive John Penno.  

All-grass farming at the Lincoln dairy farm

The march of the platemeters at Lincoln.

Keith Woodford spends a morning at the Lincoln University Dairy Farm hearing about stocking rates, nitrogen and ryegrass.

Where the hardiest sheep live

Caption: Front cover; Merino Country: stories from the home of New Zealand's hardiest sheep.

The home of New Zealand's hardiest sheep is a place few stray onto.

Tales from the rural heartland

What Kiwi television programme appeared before Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon?

This is the dawning of the Age of Stupidity

Is this our future? Reliant on the kindness of tourists.

The lunatics are taking over the asylum claims Jon Morgan.

How healthy is the Waikato River? Check the data

OECD figures show that the Waikato River has the fourth-lowest level of nitrates of 98 rivers reported on in developed ...

Doug Edmeades reports from the front line of the war of words that has broken out over Waikato's Healthy Rivers plan.

Survival genes still dominate sheep breeding

Horns, one of the strongest of the sheep's survival genes.

Gordon Levet discusses the dominance of genes that helped sheep survive before man's intervention.

Making money from four leaf clovers

Maybe there is a market for authentic lucky leaves?

OPINION: Is there a river of opportunities for alternative income from the farm?

Rivers' health needs active support

The Waikato River doesn't even make the top 30 cleanest waterways in New Zealand,  Dr Bryce Cooper says.

OPINION: Reports that suggest the Waikato River is one of the "cleanest" rivers in the world are well wide of the mark - Niwa expert

Good management practices

Good management practices including  protecting soil, reducing fertiliser losses to water, stopping shed effluent from ...

OPINION: People can expect Federated Farmers to be doing a lot of talking about the Healthy Rivers Plan for Change.

Common decency allows for some compassion

The Waikato River. Should all who have benefited from the good economic times agriculture has brought us pay for its cleanup?

Jon Morgan has a plan to make cleaning up our waterways more even-handed.

Vegans ignore human tragedy

Blogger Kristin Lajeunesse travels the world looking to promote the vegan lifestyle.

OPINION: Vegan activists should help human suffering before judging how farmers treat animals.

Mmmm... meat. The good doctor is right

Nothing beats the smell of roast lamb cooking.

Marc Gascoigne gets to the meat of the debate about which foods are best for us.

A very rural welcome

Contract milker Brad Markham has been more than impressed with the welcome he and his partner have received on moving to ...

Contract milker Brad Markham has found a lot to love about Taranaki.

Average farmers bound for trouble

Farm accountant Pita Alexander says farmers need to rise above average.

Farm accountant Pita Alexander says farmers have to rise above average.

We need to be better employers

Leading by example to promote being a safe, fair employer starts at the top for farm owners, Chis Lewis says.

OPINION: Farmers need to do better on employment law compliance – for our own sake. September was a bad month for agriculture in terms of employment law compliance as it was hit by a double whammy of disappointing news.

Agri-scientists slam report

Agri-business consultant Alison Dewes says the study is flawed because of its selective research.

A report examining the impact environmental controls have on farm values has been challenged by experts who claim it uses selective research and fails to account for the upside of tighter environmental standards.

Court action ruffles farmer feathers

James Stewart says farmers are committed to reducing nitrate levels even if it is at a cost to them.

A farmer is bristling after a court challenge against Horizons Regional Council for its 'One Plan'.

Clarity lacking in countdown to Fonterra vote

Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings and chairman John Wilson. Shareholders should be asking, "Why the rush?"

Jacqueline Rowarth discusses proposed changes to Fonterra's governance.

The rise of China's agriculture

A Tibetan woman guides sheep on the alpine grasslands of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau where a Lincoln University project is ...

A conference in Wellington this month will tackle the implications for New Zealand's agri-food industries of China's rapidly growing agriculture sector.

Cease your Trumpian effrontery forthwith

Auckland cat breeder Marius Koekemoer with a pixiebob cat.

NZ Farmer editor Jon Morgan has a stern message for his letter writers.

Eliza vaults into Iron Maidens line-up

Eliza McCartney, right, joins Sarah Walker, Sophie Pascoe and Lisa Carrington in promoting New Zealand beef and lamb.

Rio bronze medallist joins beef and lamb team.

International butchery at its best video

Alana Empson is the international young butcher of the year.

OPINION: Rod Slater is proud of the workmanship displayed by the Kiwi entrants in the World Butchers' Challenge.

Lambing's good and bad days

Ella gets up close to a newborn lamb at the Wyllie family's Kaihoka farm.

There is no deeper satisfaction than saving the life of a lamb - priceless.

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