Shorn alpacas: cute to chic

An alpaca tied down and being shorn.

Alpacas react differently during shearing, from screaming to nonchalant.

Fonterra an unsung hero

Mark Patterson on his Lawrence farm.

The biggest agricultural story of 2017 is one that is unlikely to be written.

Fair trade in farming

Fair trade isn't just for faulty retail products.

Consumer rights don't stop with retail products.

Healthy rivers – is everyone doing their share?

Who else contributes to the N and P in the Waikato River?

Waikato's Healthy Rivers Plan is to be challenged in court. Doug Edmeades continues his imagining of how the case for farmers will be presented.

Wealth could flow from our water

If we sold one litre of water per day to 10 per cent of the Chinese population at an export value of $1 per litre, the ...

OPINION: Selling a trivial amount of our water could make NZ an extremely wealthy nation, Keith Woodford writes.

What dairying can do next

It's a big call to invite people who may not like you to your farm, but it's all dairy farmers can do.

OPINION: How dairy farmers lost public respect - and what they should do now.

Agony of farming's down cycles

Dairying has its twists and turns but top operators don't balk on re-grassing paddocks during a down cycle.

The clock is ticking on farming's many up and down cycles.

Fresh set of challenges for farmers

The new year will bring new challenges for farmers, Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis says.

OPINION: Federated Farmers is preparing for another issues-packed year for farmers.

Environment-friendly farming costly

Marilyn and Gray Baldwin switched to supply Miraka in part because it rewards farmers undertaking good environment ...

Farmers are committed to doing right by the environment, but it does come at a cost.

A fair share of snow, drought

Hamish Orbell says he has "development disease."

Clayton Station owner Hamish Orbell feels doing nothing to protect the environment of his property is "unacceptable."

Farmers, ignore the knockers

Most dairy farming is a sustainable and proven method of providing protein in a world crying out for food, Lyn Webster says.

OPINION: Farmers are going out their business despite the flak they receive from the activist lobby.

Milk price myths - true or false?

Timaru South School's Tara Harris, Stephen Latu and Ethan Lysaght tucked in when the Milk For Schools programme came to ...

OPINION: Marc Gascoigne investigates the more outrageous of the milk price claims.

Tips to lift dairy's image

The dairy industry needs to show by its actions the work it
s doing to improve its environmental record.

The dairy industry has taken a lot of flak, some of it justified, but how many people have spent any time on a dairy farm?

Make 2017 the year of the strong women

Geoff, left, and Louise Giltrap, front, with visitors to their farm, Karen (England) Ena (Germany) Thomas (Germany) and ...

Louise Giltrap knows from bitter experience that New Year resolutions don't work but this year she's putting herself first.

Afghanistan farmers above Mt Cook

Barley fields ripen in the arid Wakhan Corridor of Northern Afghanistan. Crops rely on flood irrigation from ancient ...

OPINION: Comparing our farming system with that of northern Afghanistan puts our worries in perspective.

Dairy farmers unfairly cop blame

Farmers have planted the banks of this tributary of the Oeo Stream west of Mt Taranaki..

OPINION: The year's begun with more attacks on dairy farming about water quality, but it's not all their fault.

Paid success no basis for gong

Valerie Adams is a multiple world champion and olympic medallist, but does she deserve a damehood?

Making the Queen's Honours list should be about more than just doing your job, says farmer Ike Williams.

Dairy farm makes up for loss

Owl Farm is forecasting a 20 per cent improvement in cost of production from last season, demonstration manager Doug ...

OPINION: Owl Farm is tracking well as it passes the halfway point for the season.

Our freshwater health crisis

A dry-looking Selwyn River bed in early December.

OPINION: Is the ongoing sacrifice of our, lakes, rivers and landscapes warranted?

What a vegan NZ would look like

The rural landscape would be transformed in a vegan New Zealand.

OPINION: Within weeks every dog would starve to death. Then a meltdown to shade the Great Depression would hit.

Bellamy's derails in China

Bellamy's organic infant formula has been losing market share for some months.

The misfortunes of organic infant formula maker Bellamy's demonstrate that value-add dairy is not an easy game.

Waikato River: The case for the farmers

Paul Percy swimming the Waikato River in 2013 joined by the  Te Wananga O Aotearoa in their Kahakura waka.

Waikato's Healthy Rivers Plan is to be challenged in court. Doug Edmeades imagines how the case for the farmers will be presented.

Cash in a cashless world

Cash is legal tender. But the rules around legal tender aren't straightforward. The Reserve Bank website says cash ...

OPINION: When was the last time you went into a bank? I've been in once in the past two years and I run a small business.

1080 the answer to bovine TB

Anti-1080 protesters march in Wellington in December 2016.

OPINION: Federated Farmers says 1080 is the only way to rid NZ of the pests that spread bovine tuburculosis.

Water clean enough to drink

Across Taranaki, there are nearly 2500 riparian plans covering 14,500km of streambank.

OPINION: Taranaki farmers getting hi-tech in support of waterways

NZ agriculture no Detroit ghost town

The labelling of New Zealand as the next "Detroit of agriculture'' doesn't keep Landcorp chief executive Steven Carden ...

Labelling New Zealand as the next "Detroit of agriculture'' doesn't keep Landcorp's boss awake at night.

No end to on-farm compliance

The constant pressure of compliance has made Lyn Webster physically ill.

Northland dairy farmer Lyn Webster is tired of the never ending list of compliance that comes in agriculture.

The shop window of shearing - Fagan

Lessons learned in competition about comb selection have spin-offs for every day shearing, says Sir David Fagan.

World shearing champ David Fagan rates competition the shop window of shearing.

The busy life of a shepherd

Modern day sheep farming on the hills at Kaihoka.

The flocks are much changed, but modern sheep farmers still face the challenges of shepherds of centuries ago.

Farming criticism often a misunderstanding

Farming is becoming increasingly more regulatory.

Farmers are responsible for educating city folk about the industry, Andrew Morrison writes.

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