Fonterra's in tight corner

Fonterra dairy factory

OPINION: Fonterra's advance monthly payments to its suppliers this spring went unusually close to breaching its end-of-year payout forecast.

Heavy-handed approach

Federated Farmers Waikato president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: A "cock up" in the prosecution of South Waikato farmer Bas Nelis paints the Waikato Regional Council in a terrible light.

Last chance for tarnished silver

Silver Fern Farms has yet to report its results for the year to September, but expects a pre-tax profit of between $5m-$7m.

OPINION: Silver Fern Farms' deal with Goldman Sachs is marred by its weak position, but the co-op has got to do something.

Still money in small farms

FARM MANTRA: Passion and attention to detail rather than herd size delivers farm profitability.

Those of us working with farmers know that small farms can indeed be profitable.

Farm cadet scheme needed

Federated Farmers Waikato president Chris Lewis.

OPINION: The conversation around agri-education has stepped up a gear.

The end of the line

Mike O'Donnell

There are few absolutes in modern marketing, but when you hear anyone starting to simplistically talk about above and below the line, It's time to walk away.

It's all about the community

Merino sheep

OPINION: As sheep, beef and dairy farmers, what we do matters.

More than one 'drongo'

WHO ARE THE DRONGOS?: Federated Farmers Waikato president Chris Lewis takes aim at the Green Party.

A Federated Farmers leader takes aim at the Green Party and drongos.

Growth potential threatened

TRAINING NEEDED: Massey University Professor Peter Kemp says NZ's horticulture industry is desperate for more qualified professionals.

OPINION: A big shortage of suitably qualified professionals threatens the growth of NZ's horticulture industry.

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It's a shame but no surprise that mainstream media delights in highlighting the bad news about anything to do with dairying.

A nail in coffin


So, you don't want a wool levy? I'd be interested to know why.

Housing v farming


The urbanisation of agricultural land is essentially an irreversible process.

New cowsheds create wide divide


Giant new cowsheds create two clear schools of thought which can loosely be bracketed as farmers versus townies.

Some warning signs


Of course, dairy farms need to make a profit, but looking after workers should be paramount.

Having fun with whingers


Lately, I've been getting my fun from stirring up the anti-farming knockers that comment on stories.

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