Livestock attacks 'cowardly'


Sheep rustlers using dogs and traps continue to target the flock in Auckland's Cornwall Park.

Sediment linked to sheep

sediment fingerprinting

Science has uncovered sheep, not dairy cows, as culprits for some sediment problems in Southland estuaries.

Success secrets shared

roast beef

Southland farmers who sell beef and lamb direct to the consumer will feature on TV.

Shrek still a world-bleater

shaun sheep

Those Aussies are forever trying to pull the wool over our eyes. But this time, the dags have fallen short.

What goes on in a sheepdog's head?

sheepdog strap

Researchers are using high technology and maths to work out how sheepdogs herd sheep.

Farmer's perfume trick

Southland Times photo

A sheep farmer has a penchant for women's perfumes. But, it's not what you might think.

Intensive farmer

Steve and Jane Wyn-Harris

Steve Wyn-Harris has been honoured for his significant contribution to the sheep industry.

Aussies want Shrek's record

shaun sheep

Not content with claiming the pavlova and Phar Lap, the Aussies want the record for the world's woolliest sheep.

Mothering key in the kitchen

David Hamill

David Hamill has a secret weapon when it comes to mothering lambs onto ewes.

Meat price may disappoint

Lamb carcases.

Sheep and beef farmers warming their hands in advance of better sheepmeat prices have been warned they might be disappointed.

Mild winter a boon for lambers

It was 'so far so good' says breeder


While the lambing season has been good so far, last season's drought has stunted growth.

Sheep breeder honoured

Roger Marshall

Highly regarded ram breeder and founder of the kelso breed Roger Marshall has been recognised in the Sheep Industry Awards.

Master shearer title delight

Nathan Stratford

Nathan Stratford thinks it's "pretty cool" to be named a master shearer.

Milk dairying for advice

Agribusiness farm consultant Deane Carson, left, chats to Tokanui farmer Boyd Manson and former AgResearch scientist Tom Fraser at a sheep seminar at Wyndham.

Sheep farmers have a lot to learn from the dairy industry about feeding stock, according to former AgResearch scientist Tom Fraser.

Ties to land endure

Rob Stokes

Third generation farmer resists the dairying drive and has found a way to profitably run sheep and cattle in an often harsh environment.

Transparency in wool levy sought



Farmers know what they want this time around.

Is there something in the water?

Lamb quads

Quadruplet lambs were born three weeks after a ewe gave birth to rare triplets nearby.

Sheep numbers dive


From 70 million in 1982, sheep numbers have dropped to under the 30-million mark for the first time since the 1930s.

Ewe caught in gin trap

Sheep caught in gin trap

Pregnant ewe caught in a gin trap in Auckland's Cornwall Park and the SPCA is calling on the government to ban the traps.

Good outlook for NZ meat


The New Zealand meat industry could be in for "rock solid" growth in China.

Wool prices holding


Wool prices and market fundamentals remain sound going into the new wool-selling season, despite a stubbornly high Kiwi dollar.

Up for the challenge

Former Taranaki woman Katey Craig is one of two Kiwis competing in next month’s World Young Shepherds’ Challenge in France

A translation error has led to the selection of a former Taranaki woman for the World Young Shepherds' Challenge in France.

Teacher admits to killing sheep


Pahiatua teacher admits playing part in slaughter and theft of more than $2300 worth of sheep.

Farmers take over yarn mill


Wool farmers are describing a deal to buy a yarn mill as a "significant" industry event to supply the carpet manufacturing industry.

Make way for white Merino

Andy Wynne, the chief executive of The Merino Company-Levana textiles, with some of the yarn and machinery at the Levin factory.

Wool industry has to innovate to survive according to Merino Company/Levana Textiles chief executive Andy Wynne.

Sheep 'rock stars' honoured

NZ sheep industry suppliers of the year Mark and Sam Zino from Hawarden, Canterbury who supply ANZCO.

Top performers in the sheep industry have been touted as ''rock stars'' at the industry's annual awards.

Beware the scandalmonger

Merino sheep

The farming industry is responding to the threats posed by environmental and animal welfare critics.

Farmer Army call

Meat Industry Excellence group chairman John McCarthy

"Farmer Army" needed to resolve issues holding the meat industry back according to MIE chairman John McCarthy.

'Iconic slice of NZ' sold


The Chinese firm that bought the Crafar farms has signed a conditional deal for another large block.

End of a very good alliance

grant cuff

Grant Cuff will soon bid a quiet farewell to red-meat processor and exporter Alliance Group.

Keeping lambs alive


Aussie expert outlines five top tips for farmers to prevent deaths over the lambing season.

Sheep milk - better for ewe

milking ewes kingsmeade

Sheep milk holds out the promise of being a potential money maker for New Zealand farmers, with the bonus of a lower ecological impact.

Cheesemakers raise the bar

Miles Janet King

Wairarapa sheep farmers become pioneers in their field.

Sheep theft charges


Seven people charged with stealing stock, slaughtering them and selling the meat.

Forget about ewe weight

PGG Wrightson's Andrew Dowling

Sheep farmers told to forget about ewe body weight and focus on body condition score if they want more lambs on the ground.

Lambs sign of spring in the air

suffolk lambs

For Koromiko farmer Gillian Neal, the early start to this year's lambing season came as a bit of a surprise.

James had heavenly help

James Pirie

Sheep farmer among nominees for the Southland Environment Awards for his work preserving a block of native bush fondly dubbed "God's Garden".

Sainsbury's fund lamb R&D


UK supermarket giant Sainsbury's is funding a small Dunedin agri-tech company.

Right time to resign

Southland Times photo

Alliance boss says a personal milestone and the brighter outlook for red meat make now a good time to move on.

Sheep placenta beauty treatment

Reese Witherspoon

Our woolly companions have given birth to a hot new Kiwi export, endorsed by Hollywood superstars such as Reese Witherspoon.

UK union 'should stop bleating'


Britain's National Farmers Union should stop bleating about cheap NZ lamb and focus on boosting lamb consumption, Federated Farmers says.

Meat reform targeted

Rick Powdrell

Rick Powdrell sees a tough three years in front of him as the new Federated Farmers meat and fibre chairman.

Sustainable farm development

David Smith (second left) explains his reasons for fencing off 2.3km of the north branch of the Waikouaiti River to a Beef+LambNZ environmental planning workshop on his property.

Enthusiastic environmental planning doesn't slow intensive programme of sustainable development on 1436ha in east Otago.

Red meat cooking again

Red meat carcasses.

The planets are lining up for red-meat farmers to put decades of low profits and lack of reinvestment behind them.

Confidence crisis

Dairy cows

Dairy farmer confidence has ebbed while meat and fibre farmers remain positive

Wool prices push up


Prices for coarse wool have bounced back, rising 11 per cent higher in the past three months.

China to be biggest lamb market?

Lamb shoulder

ANZ agri chief says China could one day bypass the United Kingdom as the largest market for NZ lamb.

Capturing wool's value


OPINION: The wool levy vote in September is the opportunity for a fresh start for the industry.

Meat being jolted tender

Electrical plug

Red meat receiving electrical stimulation in an experiment to increase tenderness.

Sheep 'abuse' prompts inquiry


Wool producers are "shocked and appalled" by graphic footage allegedly showing Australian shearers beating, kicking and stomping on sheep.

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