Bullets can't flatten tyres on this quad bike

It's a quad bike but not as we expect to see them on New Zealand farms.

Polaris has unveiled in the US a new quad bike that comes complete with "Terrain Armour non-pneumatic tyres" which it claims can withstand a hit from a 50-calibre round of ammunition. In testing, the quad bike is said to have travelled over 550 kilometres after "receiving fire from a 50-calibre round".

The company also said the tyres logged 1600 kilometres with a 7.6cm railroad spike in the tread and webbing.

"These tests lead to a confidence-building consumer vehicle, both in terms of durability and reliability, and ensure a highly-capable work and hunting partner," the company said in a press release.

"Beyond having no flats, consumers will appreciate the other benefits the tyres offer including a better centre-of-gravity, improved cornering due to less pushing and the capability for the tyres to be designed for a diverse range of applications."

Just how such a machine would perform in New Zealand farming conditions remains unproven, but the Sportsman WV850 HO comes packed with other features including:

-A military-grade fully automatic single-speed transmission including forward and reverse gears;

-An upgraded shock package that offers superior handling under heavy load or while traversing rugged landscape;

-An increased cooling capacity for long days and high temperatures;

-Steel racks capable of carrying 272 kgs of cargo;

-A 5.1 cm receiver hitch that can tow 680kgs;

-A standard 1600kg winch for confidence in extreme settings.

Added to that and allowing a longer day out on the farm, the machine also features:

- A 44.48 litre fuel capacity;

-Wider foot wells to accommodate larger work footwear;

Standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS) to reduce fatigue and terrain feedback

The Sportsman WV850 is only being built in limited numbers and comes with a price tag in the US of $14,999 (NZ$18,387).