Data startup takes on giants of IT industry

Wellington-based data management startup Eight Wire - described by co-founder Jason Gleason as "three guys and three laptops" - have officially launched in the US where they will take on industry big boys such as Oracle.

Dallas-based HUGEData is a support partner which will see US-based data being stored on servers in the States and Kiwi data stored on servers in New Zealand.

Eight Wire is challenging the status quo which sees companies hire a team of developers to work with manual integration tools. Instead, Eight Wire technology provides automated, cost-effective and secure data migration no matter the size of the project or organisation.

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Eight Wire's first tool, Conductor, seamlessly migrates millions of rows of data to the cloud through a simple four-step process that does not require any coding knowledge.

Eight Wire director and co-founder Jason Gleason said Conductor automatically maps between disparate systems without requiring any manual intervention. When Conductor moves data between systems, it does a full rebuild of the table and fixes the common mistakes that will cause most data loads to fail.

"All over the world, admins and analysts are spending weeks building data feeds from scratch. This process is risky, time consuming and outdated.

"Conductor compares source and destination data, maps it together and automatically fixes errors as it goes. Development costs can be lowered by 80 per cent and support costs can be lowered by as much as 60 per cent using Conductor."

Eight Wire has had some impressive results in this country through its ability to quickly move data without requiring lengthy IT projects.

"A recent customer moved 650 tables and 1 million rows in 15 minutes. The estimate of the effort required to manually build the data migration and integration solution was eight weeks.

"When we started having these things happen we were like wow, we are really onto something here."

Eight Wire's US expansion will see them taking on "the monsters" of the industry such as Oracle and IBM.

"The potential market for it is enormous . . . Even if you just looked at us as a tool to moving to cloud technologies, that is estimated to be $250 billion by 2017.

Gleason founded Eight Wire with Nigel Thomas in 2013 to solve the frustrations of using traditional integration tools the two experienced over 35 years in business consulting.

Their plans start as low as $200 depending on the number of data rows being moved each month.

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