Network Box Australasia opens new Christchurch office

Cyber security firm Network Box has come to Christchurch, headed up by general manager Howard Nicholls
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Cyber security firm Network Box has come to Christchurch, headed up by general manager Howard Nicholls

Tech security firm Network Box is expanding its global presence by opening a new branch in Christchurch.

General manager Howard Nicholls said the company was "taking advantage of Christchurch becoming an innovation and technology hub in New Zealand", and had chosen the city to support Network Box's New Zealand and Australian  markets.

The firm specialises in assisting companies with their cyber security and threat management - and said many New Zealand companies were chronically under-prepared to cope with the growing threat of cyber crime.

"Cyber security is something New Zealand businesses need to take seriously. It isn't just an overseas problem. The reality is everybody's a target and it's very easy to get infected. It's something that needs to be taken seriously at a board level downwards."

He said some Kiwi businesses were not fully aware of the damage that could be done by cyber attacks. "As well as the immediate costs of having your business or service down, and the actual dollar cost of that, there's also the reputational damage you can suffer, which could take weeks or months to recover from."

"While there is an increasing awareness, the perception of risk from companies is not nearly as high as it needs to be," he said.

Network Box has been operating since the early 2000's, and now has 16 centres around the world, which employ around 150 staff. The Christchurch office, based on Hazeldean Road, will employ 7 staff, but Nicholls said the company hoped to be adding more staff to its ranks soon.

"We're in expansion mode for sure. The thing about cyber security is it's an area becoming more and more important for businesses. This is something that is not going to go away, any time soon, it's becoming an increasing problem for businesses so we're in the ramping up stage."

To protect companies from cyber threats, the firm monitors risks both internally and externally - outsiders trying to hack into the internal system, as well as internal systems and staff who may deliberately or accidentally leak information or data to the outside. 

"We look at how people are protecting themselves at the boundary between the internet and your internal systems," Nicholls said.

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Nicholls said the firm was particularly interested in collaborating with other tech security specialists in New Zealand, but would not name which firms they were collaborating with or hoping to build relationships with. 

"It's really exciting times, an exciting time to be into this."

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