Buyer of failed telco Intagr8 merges with NZ Technology Group

Intagr8 director Murray Taylor left the country days after the company collapsed.

Intagr8 director Murray Taylor left the country days after the company collapsed.

The new owner of Intagr8 is hoping to offer some relief to struggling customers after a merger with the NZ Technology Group.

Intagr8 sold bundled telecommunications deals to about 2500 businesses, which received call credits to offset the cost of phone equipment rented through finance companies.

Core parts of the failed telco were sold off the day after it entered liquidation, owing about $4 million.

The purchaser, RS Comms, is one of several players trying to win the business of former Intagr8 customers.

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It has now merged its operations with NZ Technology Group, an umbrella organisation of IT brands.

NZ Technology general manager regions, Wayne Baird, said the goal was to migrate former Intagr8 customers to a digital platform as soon as possible.

Switching to web-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems would save a lot of money for struggling customers, he said.

"It can decrease the ongoing costs by up to 50 per cent, so it's substantial for most of the people that were on those old Intagr8 contracts."

Many Intagr8 customers also remain locked into contracts with finance companies paying off expensive phone equipment.

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"There is nothing we can do, because those contracts are with those various finance companies," Baird said.

"The areas we can focus on are reducing costs from a telco perspective."

Baird said the number of customers that had come across was commercially sensitive, but the reaction to approaches had been good.

"It hasn't been a great situation for them, and we totally understand that. Once we get out and talk to them face to face ... we're getting some very positive responses."

Baird said some customers would be able to use existing phone systems to make the transition to digital, while others would need a new piece of hardware.

RS Comms was earlier threatened with legal action after mass-migrating customers' internet accounts across to 2degrees.

The transfer severed some internet connections, and in some cases was done without consent.

Baird said he understood the issues, which took place before Christmas last year, had been resolved.

"I think any customers that were moved over to 2degrees at the time have either stayed there and they're happy with it, or made arrangements to move on to another provider."

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