Fastway Couriers app tracks drivers in real time

Aramex chief executive Hussein Hachem says the only thing that will change at Fastway Couriers is the introduction of ...

Aramex chief executive Hussein Hachem says the only thing that will change at Fastway Couriers is the introduction of new technology.

Fastway Couriers is preparing to release a mobile app that will allow customers to track and rate courier drivers delivering their packages.

The app s being developed by global logistics and transport services firm Aramex, which bought the Hawke's Bay courier franchise in January for $125 million.

Fastway has a global network of 63 regional depots and 1500 courier franchisees across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

It has turnover of $500m a year, including franchise operations.

Aramex is listed on the Dubai Financial Market and in January 1997 became the first company from the Arab world to list on NASDAQ stock exchange.

On Friday Aramex chief executive Hussein Hachem visited Fastway's depot in Penrose, Auckland and unveiled the app which he said would help grow the company.

The app connects courier drivers with customers and will be introduced to Fastway within a few months, Hachem said.

It could track couriers in New Zealand and overseas in real time, allowing customers to see how far away a deliver was and rate the service and experience of the delivery.

"The courier and the consumer will meet through the app," Hachem said.

Aramex's key focus was e-commerce - an area of retail which would only increase, especially through smartphone use, Hachem said.

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The main concern of e-retailers was that customers were happy with both the product and their experience from the time of purchase to when they took delivery.

"We don't want to measure delivery performance - that is irrelevant, that is old school. We want to measure happiness."

Using the app customers could also decide where and when the delivery was made.

"This technology is designed in response to the frustration that online had with the distribution."

Fastway chief executive Scott Jenyns said the interaction at the final delivery point of a courier was "absolutely critical" to the customers experience.

"E-retailers are no longer the face of their own business - the courier is," Jenyns said.

The app would help small New Zealand retailers compete on a global stage, he said.

"This technology is going to open doors for them."

Hachem said Aramex would explore opportunities to expand Fastway into places like India and the Middle East.

The business would remain headquartered in Hawke's Bay and the only change would be the introduction of new technology, he said.

Fastway aims to increase its New Zealand courier driver franchisees from 280 to about 315 over the next year, Jenyns said.

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