Councils trial rubbish bins with smart technology

Clean Cube Bins have a GPS built in so they can be easily found when they need emptying.

Clean Cube Bins have a GPS built in so they can be easily found when they need emptying.

First there were smart phones, then smart watches, now smart rubbish bins have arrived in New Zealand.

Clean Cube Bins are solar powered, use cloud based technology, GPS and are able to hold eight times the amount of rubbish as a conventional rubbish bin its size.

Panuku Development Auckland, the city's development agency responsible for Wynyard Quarter, is currently trialling one of these smart bins on its new Westhaven Marina promenade.

The bins have solar panels built in.

The bins have solar panels built in.

Urban Effect is the New Zealand distributor of the Clean Cube.

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Cameron Hunt, who works in sales for Urban Effect, said the bins helped councils in smart waste management.

"The bins have a compression system, when they detect they are full a driver pushes the rubbish down.

"Once it is full with compressed rubbish it then sends an alert to the council telling them it needs to be emptied," Hunt said.

The alert system means the bins are emptied only once they are completely full.

"At the moment there is a huge amount of contractors throughout councils that empty bins whether they or not they are full or empty. These bins would stop that," Hunt said.

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Hunt said the Clean Cubes work in conjunction with another device, called a Clean Cap.

"A clean cup is something just bigger than a coffee cup, it can be attached to any bin and also alerts its owner once the bin is full and needs emptying," Hunt said.

As well as being solar powered, Clean Cube Bins also have a GPS tracker built in, meaning a contractor can easily locate them when they need emptying.

Panuku Development Auckland general manager of marinas Tom Warren said the promenade had become a popular place since it was completed in early 2015.

"Visitor numbers to the marina have increased significantly with more than 2000 Aucklanders making use of the shared walkway and cycleway on peak days," Warren said.

"So new ideas to manage waste and rubbish as effectively as possible are always welcomed," he said.

Hunt said Urban Effect had been leasing and selling the bins for nearly a year.

"Councils throughout New Zealand are now trialling or leasing them as well as the Clean Caps," Hunt said.

Warren said Panuku would wait until the end of the trial before deciding if the smart bins could be a long-term solution for handling waste in Westhaven.

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