$65.5 billion tobacco deal

British American Tobacco proposes to merge with rival cigarette company Reynolds.

British American Tobacco offer to buy rival Reynolds American in a gigantic cash-and-stock deal.

AA Smartfuel too smart for some video

When loyalties join: AA Smartfuel has merged with Countdown's Onecard.

AA's partnership with Countdown brings the card to new users, so how do you get the best benefits?

Wanted: Life partner for house buying

First comes love, then comes... a mortgage?

Single people are struggling to pull together the money to purchase a home of their own.

Whatever you're saving, it's not enough

Whatever you're saving for retirement, it's probably not enough.

You've signed up to KiwiSaver and 3% of your pay is whisked away every fortnight. Retirement savings sorted, right? Wrong.

Rent prices on hold

Requirements for things such as insulation in rental properties are adding cost for landlords - but rents are not rising ...

Warning: A rental crunch may be looming for tenants, while landlords will have to cover costs one way or another.

Gym members demand refunds

Configure Express in Papakura closed in August but members are still waiting on refunds.

Members of a women's gym in Auckland say they are still waiting for refunds, more than two months after it closed.

The psychology of pricing

Odd pricing is one of the most common ways retailers make consumers think they are paying less than they really are for ...

Those food prices are almost certainly playing mind tricks on you.

When price doesn't equal quality

Why do people pay more for products that perform just the same as their cheaper counterparts?

$13 or $520 - moisturiser does the same job. Here are some other pricey rorts to watch for

Land owners cash in

This parcel of land is for sale, zoned for up to 1500 houses.

One rural property sold last November - then again this May for almost $800,000 more.

International visitors: Can we cope?

Tekapo's star gazing attractions at Mt John are drawing increasing numbers of international visitors, but the small ...

OPINION: NZ and the South Island in particular is on the verge of an exponential increase in international visitors.

Pay off your loan? That'll be $10K

Choosing the right interest rate can feel a bit like a guessing game.

OPINION: How do bank break fees work? And could you be better off paying them?

Car dealer told to pay up

June is a bumper time for new car bargains with significant discounts

A Napier dealer sold a faulty car to a German tourist. It lasted just 20 days.

Don't call it a KiwiSaver 'holiday'

Save, save, save, and you may get closer to a beach on the islands than just looking at one on a postcard.

It makes it seem like a good thing, but stopping your KiwiSaver contributions might put an actual holiday at risk, an expert says.

When is a sale not a sale?

Retailers often use specials to entice shoppers, but how do you know you're getting a good price?

OPINION: It can be tough for shoppers to know if they are really getting a good deal.

You might never pay off your house

What you should know about a little-recognised phenomenon known as "mortgage tilt".

OPINION: What could possibly be worse than high inflation? The answer is "very low inflation".

Finance firms shake off stigma

Investors are being urged to check they understand the risks they are taking.

Finance companies offer better returns on your money than you would get in the bank - is it worth the risk?

Bank customers hit by break fees

Banking Ombudsman Nicola Sladden said she hoped her scheme, which deals with bank disputes, could play an educational ...

Low interest rates are driving people to try to break fixed-term mortgages – and being stung by break fees in the process.

Consultation on retail card payments begins

Minister for Commerce and Consumer Affairs Paul Goldsmith has released an issues paper on retail payment systems for ...

The Government is calling for public input into its investigation credit card charges.

Generation X loses again

Property prices are rising by $10,000 a month, figures from QV show.

OPINION:There's one group who have been forgotten in this boomer vs millennials debate: why is no one blaming Generation X?

How to run a Lotto syndicate


Lotto tickets being sold at the Hamilton Mill Street Pac n Save


You think you've won millions but then things turn nasty. Here's how to keep your friends and stay out of court.

Shared custody - shared insurance?

If your kids divide their time between two houses, you might need to talk about what you insure, where.

What do you need to do to cover your kids' stuff when a relationship breaks up?

How much would make you feel rich?

Gold bars

OPINION: Decide what being wealthy means to you, and strive for it - but be careful what you wish for.

The house with dead rats video

Wellington tenant Stuart MacIntosh says his unwanted rodent flatmates have died under the kitchen floorboards and in his ...

Stuart MacIntosh said rats were dying under his kitchen floorboards, and their smell made the house virtually uninhabitable.

The 12 tips of Christmas

Do all the thinking and planning now, and you'll be the picture of serenity in December.

There are 67 shopping days to Christmas, but that doesn't faze reformed shopaholic Jackie Gower.

Relief in sight for buyers?

Auckland has seen a particularly noticeable change of pace.

The relentless rise in property asking prices may be nearing an end, particularly in Auckland, data shows.

Petrol closing on $2 a litre

Lower petrol prices have boosted how much Kiwis are driving, but the price of filling up has jumped strongly in October.

The cost of filling up the car is nearing a psychological level as global oil prices rise.

Is inequality getting worse?

Income inequality is a feature of our society, but the New Zealand Initiative says it is not getting worse.

Income inequality is a feature of our society, and the New Zealand Initiative says it's not actually growing.

There's gold in them thar hills video

The Canvastown gold rush of 1864 sparked a rush of claims along the Wakamarina River, as the population swelled with ...

The prospect of a second gold rush could be a reality for a historic mining town.

Mitre 10's 'bye bye' to Fly Buys

Mitre 10 will withdraw from Fly Buys early next month in favour of an exclusive partnership with Air New Zealand Airpoints.

Mitre 10 joins retailers axing Fly Buys rewards in favour of Air New Zealand Airpoints.

Iconic $15m beach still unsold video

Elliot Bay Farm, featuring some renowned surf beaches of the far north, is on the open market for the first time in 85 years.

DOC can't afford it, but a foreign billionaire might. So will the public be shut off from Elliot Bay?

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