Mr Whippy money lesson

Robbing a Mr Whippy is a poor risk/reward choice.

5:00 AM  Two teenagers robbed a Mr Whippy ice cream van owner at gunpoint in the shadow of the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial in Orakei, Auckland a few weeks back.

Mai Chen's sells Bucket List

Andrew Barnes, managing director of corporate trustee company Perpetual Guardian.

PerpetualĀ Guardian has snapped up high profile lawyer Mai Chen's online wills-making business.

Muslims, mortgages and banking

Sara Jawadi is turning her attention to private financial institutions and lenders in a hope to get Muslim-friendly mortgages

Sara Jawadi is lobbying banks saying Kiwi Muslims are having to choose between religion and financial stability.

Auckland's crippling mortgages

Existing home owners are struggling to upgrade to a better house in Auckland, while the typical first-home buying couple is being crippled with a mortgage repayment that adds up to half of their total income.

A typical first home buyer in Auckland is likely to be spending over half their income on mortgage repayments.

Petrol prices up again

Bowser prices would have been even lower had it not been for the slump of the Australian dollar, which  makes imported goods such as petrol more expensive.

Price of petrol rises 3c a litre, while diesel is up 2c.

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