New ways councils may tax you

Nobody knows exactly what cities of the future will look like, but the Productivity Commission thinks it knows what ...

As cities get bigger, councils will look for new ways to tax residents - here are some of them.

Making money made her sick

Siobhan Komander changed her life after she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Running her $20m-per-year business made Siobhan Komander ill. So she changed everything.

Mexico's $24b thanks to Trump

Mexican pesos and US dollar banknotes. Donald Trump triggered a plunge in the peso last year, boosting foreign currency ...

Mexico got a $24 billion windfall after Donald Trump triggered a plunge in the peso.

From spare change to millions

Sabatier learned a few lessons from his saving experience - and he's shared them.

Grant Sabatier was in his 20s when his bank balance was less than $3. By 30 he was a millionaire.

Lotto scam warning

A website is trying to get Lotto players to hand over their details.

MyLotto customers may be conned into using scam website.

Anger at KiwiSaver $100 'transfer' fees

Sam Arora does not believe the $100 exit fee charged by Superlife is fair.

Saver Sam Arora doesn't feel it's fair for his KiwiSaver provider to charge him $100 to leave.

Insurance-holders set to pay more

Insurers say it's not fair that those with insurance pick up the bill for the Fire Service.

A 40 per cent increase in Fire Service levies is set to hit your insurance policies.

Fairfax shares sold to TPG

TPG Capital is believed to have quietly amassed almost 5 per cent of shares in Fairfax Media.

Private equity giant TPG buys Fairfax shares, weighs full bid Exclusive

Solar 'bad news' for poor Kiwis

Solar panels on your house may mean bigger bills for your neighbours.

Solar panels on your house may mean bigger bills for your neighbours.

Banks offer better rates to some

The Co-operative Bank has laid out a list of the credit ratings required to access different interest rates.

Co-Operative Bank gives discount interest rates to more creditworthy customers, something many lenders already do.

How much do you need to retire?

This is what retirement should look like.

If you don't know what it takes to live well in retirement, you're not alone, but help is at hand.

Make your will known

If you think you don't need a will until you buy a house, you are probably mistaken.

Kiwisaver balances are growing and kiwis need to write their wills - half of those over 18 haven't.

Give everyone a benefit

Researcher Jess Berentson-Shaw has argued for a universal payment to parents.

Researcher says universal basic income is worth trying.

Advisers cluster around the rich

Many people, mincluding KiwiSaver investors, are getting no advice at all.

Good luck finding a financial adviser if you live in Northland or on the West Coast.

I'm not saving for a stranger

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I don't relate to future me at all.

OPINION: Your brain doesn't recognise the "future you", so it's no wonder you can't be bothered to save for retirement.

Praise for NZ economy

Although the country's outlook is stable, New Zealand banks are vulnerable to high household debt, Moody's says.

International ratings agency says NZ well positioned to handle any shocks.

Stop moaning about your student loan

Over a lifetime, someone with a degree earns about $1.6 million more than a fellow worker with no qualifications beyond ...

Uni graduates, check your privilege - you earn more and have better job prospects than the taxpayers who supported you.

Tax is changing

If you're a contractor, the way you pay tax is about to change.

If you're a contractor in IT, design, or professional services, the way you pay tax is about to change.

Can you 'speak' money?

The biggest part of being fluent in "money" is learning the vocabulary.

Money's not an easy language to learn, and it allows people to intimidate others with jargon.

Avoid reno budget blowouts

Often renovations are motivated by trying to house a growing family.

Having just spent $250K doing up his house, Campbell Hastie has some tips on keeping things under control.

New checklist for retirement villages

There is a lot to take in when you consider moving to a retirement village, the Retirement Villages Association says.

Association issues template to help people compare what's on offer.

Million-dollar prices spread

A million-dollar property on the market in Rotorua.

Seven-figure properties are no longer just found in Auckland.

Where's our coffee table?

The table Marjan Bassam tried to collect.

Marjan Bassam went to pick up her $400 table, but the shop said it had already been collected.

Bank boss honoured

Ross McEwan, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has been awarded a Massey University alumni award.

Massey University has given a prestigious award to the head of a British bank.

Have children and save money

Claire Laverty, says accepting hand-me-downs saved her a lot of money with daughter Evelyn.

$250,000 to raise kids? Nonsense, say these parents.

Parties not covered by insurance

Thefts at an open home may also not be covered.

If you're leaving your teenagers in charge this weekend ... watch out.

Kick your credit card habit

Are your credit card purchases simply adding to Visa's bottom line?

OPINION: Is the plastic in your wallet enabling an expensive addiction?

Painter's fake $5.1 trillion deal

"I always wanted to be wealthy, so I could have more free time with my family," says artist Antonio Lee.

An obscure Chicago artist became the world's richest man, and no-one thought to question it.

Are you backing tobacco?

While governments and health officials work against tobacco, some financial institutions undo that work with financial ...

Idea that KiwiSaver would invest in an industry creating a lethal product is 'incomprehensible', campaigner says.

RBNZ's new house warning video

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler is expected to leave the OCR unchanged this year.

Governor leaves OCR on hold, but hints house prices could start climbing again.

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