Ten reasons why cash isn't dying

Prime Minister John Key casts his eye over the new $5 notes, launched on Monday. If the latest NBR Rich List is correct, if Key converted all his wealth into $5 notes, he'd have 1.1million of them.

New Zealand's has invested in "bright" new banknotes because we're still in love with cash.

Beware who you insure

When teenagers throw away the L-plates, insurance premiums for their first car are high.

Some parents risk having their insurance policies cancelled because of how they insure their kids' cars.

The KiwiSaver top 10 gallery video

Netherwood Dancing Toys.

David Boyle uses Kiwi music to teach key lessons about KiwiSaver.

Working for financial freedom

Asteron Life's chief executive Nadine Tereora.

Raised in a household with a single hairdresser's salary meant Asteron Life's Nadine Tereora learnt the value of money early on.

What does money do to kids?

Money boosted two traits in the children of low income parents that can mean a happier life, researchers found.

It turns out money can buy happiness for the children of low income parents.

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