Firm 'negligent' in botched sale

The 29 Muritai Road mansion (left) was marketed and sold for $6 million, but received a price of just $4.4m after the original sale fell through.

High Court orders an Auckland Bayleys franchise to pay its former client more than $2.2m.

Ask and you shall receive

In a highly competitive market, your bank needs you just as much as you need it.

In NZ, driving a hard bargain still faintly feels like it violates some social code but the bold are often rewarded.

Say ‘Argh!’ to dental bills

Prepare for a cash extraction!

Salt away two bucks a day for the dentist. Keeping your chompers in good nick doesn't come cheap.

Foreign invasion 'debunked'

**** Sold sign on a for sale house sign in Auckland. House for sale. Property sale. Real estate.
Picture By Brendon O'Hagan 17/08/2006 66819 Photographers Auckland  This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

Data from real estate website shows only five per cent of visitors are Asian.

The 'risk aversion' gene

Greg Peacock, the chief executive of New Zealand Asset Management, was brought up to see being good with money as an essential life skill.

Absolute returns investor Greg Peacock learnt a lot from his first investment as a student in 1987.

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