Nigel Latta: Spend to be happy video

Nigel Latta says getting more money doesn't really change your level of happiness. But how you spend it, and what you ...

Getting more money doesn't really change your level of happiness. But how you spend it, and what you spend it on, can make a difference.

Rise of the e-bike

Follow the bike path to big transport savings.

 Sales of e-bikes estimated to have passed 20,000 in 2016.

Buying new cars is for suckers

A new car is not a sign of success – the proud owner is usually driving around a rapidly-depreciating bank loan on wheels.

OPINION: As soon as you drive off the lot, the value plummets faster than a skydiving elephant.

Harmoney's $200million Australian launch

Brisbane is the first place where Harmoney will start lending in Australia.

Kiwi peer to peer lender starts making unsecured personal loans to Australians.

Who needs deodorant anyway?

Lucy AitkenRead says she has saved thousands of dollars.

New Zealand woman says she has saved thousands by giving up beauty products and toiletries.

Sporty cars boost retail sales video

Sales of SUVs are strong at Capital City Motors, a Wellington Ford and Mazda dealership.

SUVs are our vehicle of choice, car dealers say.

Kiwis won't pay for NZ-made

Augustine fashion designer Kelly Coe says many people are not prepared to pay for New Zealand-made.

That $2 t-shirt is probably too good to be true.

Free money when you shop

Aaron Senden has launched

Gavin Male estimates he used to get $1500 a year back on his shopping just from using British online cashback sites.

Debt to income ratios? Too late, banks say

If the Reserve Bank was granted its wish for debt-to-income rules, there could be unintended consequences, bank bosses said.

Reserve Bank has missed the boat if it wants to limit the size of mortgages, report says.

Ombudsman's underinsurance warning

Widespread damage to homes following the earthquakes centred on Kaikoura will trigger thousands of insurance claims. In ...

Treasury's home underinsurance warnings prove accurate after Kaikoura quakes.

$40 million fraud alleged

The SFO alleges that the defendants conspired to mislead ANZ, says SFO director Julie Read.

Four people have been accused by the SFO of misleading ANZ to get a loan facility.

Bad summers should cost less video

NZ's hydro storage is high for the start of the year.

The hydrolakes have more water than normal. But energy companies aren't in a rush to drop prices.

Get ready for rates to rise

ASB's chief executive says the bank has experienced market headwinds.

Borrowers can expect to pay more for their mortgages over the coming months, ASB warns.

Keeping mum about money

Mimes, and sometimes trustees, are both duty-bound to keep their mouths shut.

The days of tight secrecy around family trusts - including their existence in some cases - may be about to end.

Rents: What's the truth?

Rents are rising, but how quickly depends on which measure you look at.

Another day, another statistic. How much does it really cost to rent?

The four stages of love and money

Now is the time to be honest about your financial personality and whether it's compatible with your partner's.

They're awkward conversations to have with your Valentine, but now's the right time.

Boomers plan to splash cash

Claire Matthews says any money left for the kids is a bonus, not something to count on.

Don't bank on getting an inheritance, NZ kids are told.

Beware Valentine's Day rip-offs video

Florist Rita-Savannah Sakr at work in her garage after she had to close her shop when she wasn't paid by an online ...

Flowers arriving damaged, late, early or not at all are among potential Valentine's Day disappointments.

Kind acts, from the supermarket

Age Concern Rodney has recognised Countdown Orewa for "fantastic service" in assisting elderly.

Staff give disoriented elderly women hugs, tea, rides home and food parcels.

No 1 money lesson for kids

The best way to help kids develop the habit of waiting is to put away money for something they really want.

You can help your children find financial success with this habit.

Boomers vs Gen Y: Who's right?

Baby Boomers could do better to help their kids manage money, it has been claimed.

Older people spending up on travel do still have the kids' inheritance in mind, financial adviser says.

Cullen joins annuity company

Sir Michael Cullen, architect of KiwiSaver is to join the board of the country's first variable annuity provider.

KiwiSaver architect will help people turn nest eggs into retirement income, "completing the square".

Record $1.14b health claims paid

Knee syrgeries, such as knee replacements, are routinely paid for by health insurers.

Despite rising premiums, Kiwis are flocking to buy medical insurance.

Spending the kids' inheritance

Carolynne Wawrzyniak says she and her husband "worked huge hours" before retiring and their children would rather they ...

Many baby boomers are travelling the world on money meant for their children - and don't feel guilty about it.

Buying nothing for a year

Turn gym memberships into Neighbourly running clubs to help you 'buy nothing'.

It won't be easy, but here are some tips on how to shut your wallet and change your life.

Beware sexually-transmitted debt

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says people need to be brave and have conversations about money with their partners.

Otago woman Louise* broke up with her husband three times. Each time, he left her with more debt.

School of hard shocks

First school, and then the stars!

OPINION: Don't leave your child in any doubt about what school is for, and why it's important for them to succeed.

How to make housing affordable?

Government policies have failed to keep home-ownership within reach of many.

Restoring the ability of young Kiwis to buy a home will be a defining issue of the upcoming election.

Nigel Latta: Why our stone age brains struggle with money video

Nigel Latta hopes the penny will drop for viewers.

Nigel Latta reveals how he has developed his own strategies to become better with money.

Valentine's Day is a sick and twisted

Got your Hallmark card? Dozen red roses? Heart-shaped box full of over-priced choccies? Congratulations - you’re ...

Marketers have convinced us that spending money is the way to show someone you really love them.

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