Finance by degrees

STUDENT BRIBES GONE: Banks are more interested in attracting good, long-term customers.

In the battle for student banking business, gone are the days of cash giveaways and princely competitions.

Making sure your will works

Only about half of all adult New Zealanders have a will, and that is high by world standards.

Only half of all adults have a will, and those that do often fail to do a good job of it.

What are KiwiSavers saving?

Kiwi dollar on a high.

Most KiwiSavers are stuck on the lowest contribution rate possible.

Caravan and trailer cover

CARAVAN COVER: If you love it, and can't afford to repair or replace it, insure it.

Caravan insurance feels like a bit of a mix of contents and vehicle insurance.

People power for fairer tax

Our tax system is ridiculously complex, with 10 (out of 124) taxes generating 90 per cent of the revenue.

OPINION: Crusading journalists prove that even the mighty can be forced to pay their share.

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