Death of cash prediction premature

Cash use continues to grow faster than the economy does.

OPINION: Half of New Zealanders expect we won't be using cash in ten years' time. They're wrong.

KiwiSaver balance going backwards?

Interest rates are so small, it feels like you need a magnifying glass to even see them.

Wondering why your hard-earned savings are going backwards? Don’t panic.

Old-fashioned Valentines Day

She gives him a card. He gives her balloons. Men outspend women on Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day is a throwback to a more traditional time, figures suggest.

The perils of false optimism

Andrew Barnes, managing director of the country's largest trustee company Perpetual Guardian.

Andrew Barnes has an unconventional approach when it comes to assessing risk.

Financial nightmare of wrongful accusations

A wrongful criminal charge or being dragged into a lawsuit ca quickly become a financial disaster.

Being wrongly accused of a crime is a financial, as well as an emotional, nightmare.

CAFCA questions Campbell sale

Campaign group CAFCA has questioned the sale of Campbell Park Estate in the Waitaki Valley.

A group opposed to "foreign control" of New Zealand's economy has questioned the sale of Campbell Park Estate.

'Buy this beach' explained video

Organisers of a Givealittle campaign are hoping to raise enough money to buy this beach.

Where to now in bid to crowdfund beach purchase?

The price of cage-free eggs video

Animal rights campaign group SAFE wants to end the housing of layer eggs in cages.

Banning eggs laid by hens in cages would hit the poor hard.

Food gets more expensive

Fruit and veges are still cheaper than they were a year ago, while junk food is getting pricier.

Fruit and veg prices jumped in January, but they're still cheaper than a year ago.

Waitangi weekend spend-up

The sun and a public holiday weekend set cash registers ringing over Waitangi weekend.

Kiwis spent Waitangi weekend at the shops according to BNZ figures.

Fraud accused 'hard worker'

View of Mighty River Power's Ohakuri Hydro Power Station showing connection to the grid.

Mighty River Power worker accused of $2.3m fraud was simply naive about company rules, his lawyer says.

New investors dabble in funds

NZX head of funds management Aaron Jenkins says he has been pleased by the New Zealand reaction to Smartshares ETFs.

New Zealanders are switching on to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as a simple, cost-effective way to start investing in shares.

Volatility the price for returns

Hold on tight through market jitters and you will be rewarded

OPINION: Long-term investors know a few ups and downs are just part of market cycles.

Relationship success second time around

Di Crawford-Errington says it is important to communicate well when trying to blend family finances.

Managing money in your relationship can be trickier the second time around.

Lawyer appeals negligence finding

A lawyer is alleged to have been negligent when a couple wanted to challenge a debt to a finance company.

She was found negligent over advice she gave to couple involved in fight with finance company.

Retailers ditching cash?

Cash will remain in circulation well beyond 10 years, experts say.

Retail experts doubt cash will disappear in 10 years, but expect some shops to stop accepting it.

Sellers want $100k more

Auckland house prices have had an almost unbroken run of rises over the past 18 months, Trade Me says.

People selling Auckland houses now want far more than they did last year.

Get set for cheaper shopping

Don't pin your hopes on dirt-cheap fuel, despite cheap oil.

Everything from airfares to plastic is set to get cheaper for New Zealand consumers as oil prices keep falling.

Chinese firm buys Waitaki 'castle'

A Chinese company has bought Campbell Park Estate in the Waitaki Valley.

An affiliate company of NZHouseChina has purchased Campbell Park Estate, located in the Waitaki Valley near Oamaru.

FMA defends deregistration of Vivier

Vivier chief executive Luigi Wewege (left) with Bevan Chuang and John Palino.

The Financial Markets Authority has challenged a High Court ruling that it breached a company's right to natural justice.

'Gutted' to sell $1.6m house

The house is one of a number of former RNZAF homes being done up and put on the market.

Life drags Lorde and Katy Perry's music video producer away from his record-priced Auckland bungalow.

NZX follows Wall St down

241109 PHOTO JOHN SELKIRK/AUCKLAND BUREAU. Shares. share. NZX, shareboard.

Renewed market turmoil has hit New Zealand, with the NZX down 1.3 per cent.

What happens to your money if your bank fails?

Frustrated Greek bank customers wait to get into a branch after a three-week account freeze. The OBR is designed to avoid such lengthy freezes for Kiwis should a bank collapse here.

There are no easy solutions and when a bank goes under, somebody is going to lose money.

Flunked NCEA? No problem

Making big career decisions can be daunting for school-leavers.

All's not lost if your teen's NCEA results aren't what they hoped for - they may still have a dream career.

iPhone 'error 53' class action

Many customers use unofficial channels to fix their phones but that can result in devices being permanently disabled.

Lawyers believe Apple is forcing users to use their repair services or face "error 53".

Two arrested in connection with scam

An elderly victim of a scam reads through the list of withdrawals against her card.

Police have arrested two people who allegedly scammed elderly people in Christchurch.

Is this huge car price a record? video

The 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti was raced to victory by legendary British driver Stirling Moss at the Cuba Grand Prix in 1958.

Exchange rates and auction locations mean the title of the most expensive car ever sold at auction is up for debate.

How much do you earn? video

He earns HOW MUCH? Keeping salaries secret won't help close the gender pay gap.

Some people are perfectly happy to tell a stranger about the size of their pay packet.

Rise of beauty entrepreneurs

Kiwi vlogger Shannon Harris, otherwise known as Shaaanxo, is ranked fourth in the world for beauty channels on YouTube and is New Zealand's most subscribed channel.

Beauty is a billion dollar business in New Zealand, and it's bred a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Lessons from the law

Laetitia Peterson is a financial advisor at The Private Rooms on Princes St, Auckland.

Laetitia Peterson has dissected the money lives of lawyers, and it

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