Buyer nets $110k overnight

This two bedroom home on Auckland's Te Atatu Peninsulawas bought for $390,000 in July and sold one day later for $500,000.

Auckland house bought for $390,000 and sold the next day for $500,000. Welcome to the art of property flipping.

The rich prefer property

John, left, and Michael Chow are believed to have doubled their personal wealth in just a year.

Property plays a big part in many wealthy Kiwis' portfolios.

All that glitters is not gold

Gold isn’t the most useful metal, but humans have developed a primal attraction to it over thousands of years.

I should have seen this coming. Last week's column, which discussed the possibility of a bank failure, brought the gold bugs crawling out of the woodwork.

Is inflation dead?

28012016 News Photo: Maarten Holl.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand & Museum. 
2 The Terrace, Wellington. Generic.

Is Inflation really dead?

Banks easing snail mail

BNZ is switching all retail and small business customers to electronic bank statements.

Banks are changing the way customers receive financial statements as customers favour digital over snail mail.

Givealittle fee 'pressure'

Saoirse Gaffney's family started a Givealittle page  earlier this year.

Young cancer sufferer's dad says 5% fee may add to stress of some campaigners.

Auckland prices soar above CV

The latest report QV showed all suburbs in Auckland had risen in value by between 20 and 50 per cent since April 2014.

When prices are up to 59% over CV, official valuations are all but irrelevant.

What next for jilted brides?

Thousands of dollars paid in deposits on wedding dresses may not be returned.

Shoppers who have paid thousands in deposits for wedding dresses may be left out of pocket.

Consultant ripped off workers

Craig Lawerence Dunn, 40, has admitted 20 charges of obtaining money by deception and dishonestly using documents. He ...

Recruitment consultant admits defrauding mostly foreign workers and gambling away the money.

What's your most boring job?

Bored of your job? Probably not as bored as the person who had to manually delete unsubscribers.

How about making artificial sweat or manually deleting subscribers from a list?

Does uni pay off?

Graduates should earn more and find it easier to get jobs over their working lives.

Students told to do the sums on what they will get in return for their tertiary fees.

Got money? Spend it

Spend your money on things that give you real pleasure.

OPINION: What use is having lots of money if you don't get any enjoyment out of it?

Low-cost funds do best

Fees can take a big bite out of KiwiSaver returns.

We're paying too much for KiwiSaver, but a low-cost alternative is about to arrive.

Life story - Colourful economist in grey profession

Rufus Dawe, economist and author.

Rufus Dawe was a colourful economist in a grey profession.

Who are NZ's rich? video

Sir Peter Jackson is  15th on the list.

This is what it takes to make NZ's rich list. And it could be harder than you think.

Rich, but not rich enough


Lorde, Taika Waititi, Sam Neill, Steven Adams. They've done alright. But how well?

Beer, bacon and rollercoasters

Phil Veal, engineer turned fund manager, and chairman of Tuatara Brewing.

Face Value: Rangatira Investment's Phil Veal says he invests in "beer, bacon and rollercoasters".

Kiwi Wealth underperforms rivals

It's a big world out there for investors, but KiwiSaver funds invest much of their money in little, old New Zealand.

Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver bosses insist global investing is best, despite a slump in returns.

Is it time to wait?

If New Zealand is in a housing bubble - could it soon burst?

There is increasing muttering about a looming house price correction. What happens if prices fall once you've bought a house?

FMA asks: Are you behaving?

Financial services providers such as fund managers are being asked to question how well they judge and communicate ...

Financial markets regulator issues guide for banks, insurers and other financial services providers who now have to meet conduct requirements.

'We are now in ponzi territory'

If Auckland house prices correct, there will be no soft landing, says Shamubeel Eaqub.

Any fall in property prices could become very steep because of huge debt, economist Shamubeel Eaqub predicts.

Stop wasting money

Keep your cash in your wallet by shopping around for the best deal on your power bill.

OPINION: Most households can save significant amounts just by switching power company.

Electricity changes 'regional tax by stealth'

Some areas might have to pay more for the power they consume.

Price rises for Auckland, Northland and West Coast criticised by submitters.

Recap: David Jones store opening

Wellington's new David Jones store is set to please.

Wednesday was the star-studded glitzy unveiling of the chain's first NZ outlet.

Rorting the school system

Labour's education spokesman Chris Hipkins says the Government needs to clamp down on parents rorting the school system.

Parents of some private school kids are writing off fees as donations for tax rebates.

Lawyer fights to keep RAM profits

Hamish McIntosh says that despite the profit being fictitious, his initial investment with RAM would still be worth more now.

Hamish McIntosh appeals decision ordering him to hand back $450,000 he withdrew from massive ponzi scheme.

Ethical shopping grows video

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 23:  Lauren Dircks poses for a photo with her partner Andrew Casey and their three kids ...

More people want to make a difference when they open their wallets.

'Rent men' are paid just to listen video

Takanobu Nishimoto and his employees work as a hired ear, paid just to listen.

Anyone in need of company can sign up to his Japanese online service to rent a man for $13.60 an hour.

A real blast from the past

Craig Kenton with the biggest boombox ever made, the JC-2000.

A Dunedin man's collection of more than 400 working boomboxes is up for auction.

Shock: credit card debt declines

Credit card debt results in annualised interest of $740 million being paid to banks and other card issuers.

Credit card debts at the end of June were lower than in June last year, and growing financial literacy may help explain it.

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