Flashy agents a turn-off

Ricky Cave's Aston Martin.

Many clients don't like showy real estate agents, despite one claiming he couldn't do without his Aston Martin.

Kiwi credit scores leap

Lenders, landlords and power companies all check people's credit scores when deciding whether to do business with them.

There's been some dramatic improvements, but it's not because we've suddenly got better with money.

E-bikes better, leaner, faster

The face says it all! I liked the e-bike Mercury lent me, but it was a bit on the yellow side for my taste.

OPINION: During my morning ride I see more and more folk breezing along on e-bikes.

Cullen: Time for KiwiSaver fee drop

Finance Minister Michael Cullen lauching KiwiSaver back in 2007.

KiwiSaver founder Sir Michael Cullen says it's time for fees to start coming down.

Eight tips for getting cheap rental cars

Renting a nice set of wheels doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, as long as you wise up to the tricks of the car ...

Navigating the tricky car rental industry can be enough to drive anyone around the bend.

Nigel Latta's guide to wealth video

"For spenders, it can be a good thing to stop, and engage that prefrontal cortex of their brain before they reach into ...

A few years ago the people who make Mars bars noticed a big spike in sales they couldn't explain.

'Social bonds' in your KiwiSaver

Beneficiaries with mental illness are the people investors in New Zealand's first "social bond" hope to make a profit ...

Social impact bonds will let investors profit from helping the needy.

No better work stories here

It's not too surprising law professionals are the most bored workers.

If you work in law and finance, don't be surprised if your eyes glaze over on a daily basis.

Never-ending insurance war

Brent and Karen Price have been in a prolonged battle with their insurer. After six years their Mt Pleasant house is ...

This is the story of how one unassuming insurance claim remains unsettled after six years.

Millions left to SPCA gallery

Margaret Doucas has left millions to the Wellington SPCA.

Animal-mad Wellington lawyer Margaret Doucas died suddenly last year. Her legacy though has helped save a struggling charity.

$12b loss for Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland has had another tumultuous year.

RBS reporting losses for ninth year running, as the bank deals with restructuring, job cuts and legal scandals.

Parking tickets 'poor form'

AA says motorists should be let off if they can prove they paid.

AA says parking companies should wipe penalties when motorists can prove they paid.

Paper millionaires retire poor

Your house might be worth lots of money, but you can't eat it.

Some Kiwis are living in million dollar houses but living on less than $25,000 a year.

Giving families $200 a week

Kristen Rupapera says a universal benefit would mean she could do more with her daughter Jaymie.

It's possible to find the $1.8b for a no-strings-attached benefit for children, but is NZ ready for it?

Savers in driver's seat

Banks may have to start fighting harder for deposits.

After a tough few years, things are looking up for people with money in the bank.

Demand more from your bank

It's common to struggle to manage money - banks could do more to help.

OPINION: The financial institution you deal with most often should offer more of a helping hand.

Fake name for fraudster

John Fagan, leaving the Palmerston North District Court in 2013 when he was charged with fraud.

Self confessed "armed maniac" used a false name to peddle Manawatu property deal.

Unprepared for a meeting?

Take responsibility straight away if you didn't do what you said you would.

You meant to put together a presentation last night but fell asleep on the couch. Don't panic.

Council staffer in SFO sights

Julie Read is the chief executive of the Serious Fraud Office, which is investigating an employee of the Westland ...

Serious Fraud Office investigates an employee of the Westland District Council.

Rise of tax refunds industry's Lester Binns said: "We're proud to deliver the lowest fees in New Zealand of the top three major tax ...

Every year 57 per cent of Kiwis apply for a tax refund.

Mortgage rationing bites

Rationing is a term synonymous with World War II, but brokers are now using the word about mortgages.

Looking for a house? It's getting tougher for home buyers to borrow as the big banks become more picky.

How to manage millennials

Businesses need to show young workers that there are opportunities for growth, Marsh suggests.

Lisa Martin has given up on hiring graduates because most of them leave to go overseas.

No resignation over pay boost

NZ Super Fund chief executive Adrian Orr was granted a 35.6 per cent salary increase last year over the objections of ...

Chairwoman who signed off NZ Super Fund boss's salary hike says she isn't going anywhere.

When credit card panic sets in

How do you feel about credit card debt?

For Australians, the tipping point is A$4113 but it depends how old you are and where you live.

Being single helps success

In the age of growing connectedness, being single offers a clear advantage: more restorative solitude.

Single life is portrayed in a negative light it can actually be good for your career, if you're a woman.

Biggest cyber risk? Your staff

Emails falling into the wrong hands can be a significant cyber threat.

It can be as simple as an employee losing confidential information or sending it to the wrong person.

'Ditch minimum wage'

Some families have to choose between paying rent or the food bill because they cannot do both, one budget adviser says.

Leading budget adviser says scrap minimum wage as it encourages employers to pay staff less than they are worth.

WWII vet didn't want Bitcoins

Ray Toler, who is accused of obtaining by deception $22,000 from a 95-year-old war veteran.

Lancaster bomber veteran thought he was getting war pension transferred, not invested in Bitcoins.

Bank: Customers signed away right to privacy

Nicky Hager, author of Dirty Politics, had his home raided by police.

Bank argued customers agreed to data being given to police, by signing terms and conditions.

Borrowers shift to fix

ANZ is one bank that has noticed more borrowers want fixed-term rates.

When first-home buyer Pippa Jefferies took out a mortgage recently, she decided to fix the bulk of it.

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