Take advice on KiwiSaver

kiwisaver for kids

Despite the advertising, choosing your KiwiSaver provider is not the key decision to make.

Don't let too much stuff tie you down

Stuff possessions

Confession time: I own too much stuff. I bet you do, too.

Bank eyes new tool on mortgages

house for sale

The Reserve Bank is pushing a new way of restricting mortgage lending.

Bank coaches families out of debt

An Otahuhu pilot project that helps get people off high-interest loans is being extended.

Face Value: Mayor on the money

Celia Wade-Brown

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown enjoys the simple things in life.

Retirement need not be a full-stop

Sophie Stammers, Renee Paterson and Emma Pilcher

OPINION: It seems that nearly everywhere I go now, I am served by people in their 60s or even 70s.

How to speak money

John Lanchester

For author John Lanchester, understanding the language of money was liberating.

Beating the holiday budget blues


How to hold onto the purse strings when the kids are on vacation.

Consumer confidence rises in September


The economic party might be winding down but shoppers aren't ready to leave the dance floor.

Housing WOF supporters frustrated

rental housing

A rental housing warrant of fitness won't get introduced without government leadership, a health advocate says.

Young Kiwis overlooked in election promises

youth vote, Kathlene Cook

Lower rent, cheaper food and less tax are top of young people's financial wishlist before tomorrow's election.

Hungry days are ahead

Pamela Day

Anti-poverty campaign Live Below the Line challenges people to feed themselves for just $2.25 a day.

The haves and have nots - a tale of two streets

	 Guy Smith

There's close to a million dollars difference in property values between two Hamilton streets.

Blog: How to make a million-dollar property plan


Property expert Mal James provides advice on a three-point-plan that will help you find the perfect new home.

NZ homes among least affordable: BIS

Auckland house for sale

A survey from the world's most senior bank confirms NZ houses are close to being the globe's most unaffordable.

Scottish 'Yes' for Kiwi shoppers

Yes Scottish independence

Kiwi online shoppers and holidaymakers will be the likely winners if Scotland votes for independence.

Agent says advice ignored in $6m sale fail

house for sale

Vendors didn't follow advice over the sale of an Auckland mansion which fell through two years later, real estate agent says.

You don't have to live like a student to save

Chicken and egg

Growing veges, having your own chooks and selling unwanted stuff online are great starters for savings.

AA calls for diesel price cut


AA says fuel companies should drop diesel prices by 2 cents, but petrol prices are about right.

Steel and Tube warns of potential low-ball offer

steel and tube

Construction materials supplier Steel & Tube warns shareholders about a potential below-market offer.

KiwiSavers missing $400m


KiwiSaver members missed out on about $400 million in tax credits last year, according to ANZ.

Get the skills to pay the bills

financial literacy, piggy bank

Our financial literacy isn't too shabby but we need to get advice from more than just banks and family.

Little things add up to big savings

piggy bank no money

The cost of living may be high, but there are always little things you can do that add up in savings.

Charities enter dragons' den for funding

Frederick Mulder

Non-profits harnessing the pulling power of reality TV to get you to open your wallets.

Game on for banking disruptors

Generic money

Banks will surrender parts of their businesses to a new breed of competitors that match borrowers and lenders online.

Bothered by direct salespeople?

11 DIY Home Fixes

It's not uncommon to see high-pressure sales techniques when people come door to door.

No excuse not to cook cheap healthy eats

Cooking at home

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but there sure is a cheap and nutritious one.

Paying for pain at the dentist


Dentists are turning to finance companies in a bid to fill their clinics.

Face Value: DJ Manchoo

Mike Andzue

DJ Manchoo tells Rob Stock the poor and middle class are under growing pressure.

So you want to build a house?


Watching Grand Designs can lead to dangerous things, as Jon Bridges found out.

Click Monday wants to get shoppers clicking

Online shopping

Over 100 retailers are expected to take part in this year's Click Monday online shopping promotion, organisers say.

Median house price inches up 1pc: REINZ

Scott Mirfin

Median house prices edged up 1 per cent last month but sales nosedived, REINZ says.

Raising minimum wage isn't the answer

dollar coin

Jacob Smith tries to shed some light on the economic impacts of increasing the minimum wage.

NZ firm named in huge European scam


NZ shell companies may have played a part in the biggest money-laundering operation in Eastern Europe.

Insurance broker guilty after SFO probe

law, economy, fraud court

Insurance broking firm owner found guilty of not passing on about $2.5m in premiums from clients to insurers.

'Opposing forces' at work on fixed rates

interest rates

Latest Reserve Bank move may keep a lid on fixed home loan rates, but there are other forces at play.

Surefire ways to help you save money

Open purse and money

Our approach to saving is more practical than financial genius, but I never want to worry about money.

Latest iPhone has payment service

Apple has finally thrown its weight behind mobile payments, in what has been described as a "huge step" towards a truly walletless society.

Emotional debt is a form of self-harm

Open purse and money

OPINION: People who plan ahead are prepared financially, but buying on emotion gets you into financial trouble.

How do you manage savings?

Piggy bank, money

How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them here.

Clean up the rentals: Maori party

cold flat

All rental properties would be required to have a WOF under the Maori Party's housing policy.

Labour defends capital gains tax

NZ house, real estate, property

Labour rejects NZIER report that calls capital gains tax flawed.

KiwiSaver fees on the rise


Improved disclosure requirements for KiwiSaver have not translated to lower fees, according to a new survey.

Budgeting not pie in the sky

good food, vegetables

Healthy eating might seem prohibitively expensive - but it is possible to do it on a shoestring budget.

EQC staffer misused work cars, phone

EQC cars

Woman admits using EQC cars, fuel cards, and a cellphone for her own purposes while on staff.

Labour relaunches loan-shark policy

consolidate debt

Labour promises to cap interest rates to crack down on predatory lenders.

High house prices 'a choice', English


Land supply restrictions and costly planning rules are behind overpriced housing market, Bill English says.

Changing world of internet trading

Georgie Limmer

Charities turning to online listings to sell donated items and raise much-needed cash.

Face Value: Mad Butcher no money man

Sir Peter Leitch

Sir Peter Leitch, the Mad Butcher himself, loves telling the story of how an "idiot" got ahead.

Premium credit cards are for suckers

Credit Card Strap

If you're an average Joe don't pretend to be a big-shot with a platinum or gold credit card.
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