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When banks behave badly

Should your bank ever behave unreasonably, keep calm, and don't be fobbed off with excuses.

Three Banking Ombudsman cases show how unreasonable, inconsistent and infuriating banks can be.

Confidence hits two-year high

Despite another substantial earthquake, business confidence rose at the end of 2016, including in Wellington and the ...

Despite earthquake, more Wellington businesses expect economy to grow than at any time since mid-2014.

The truth about inequality in NZ

Where NZ sits for income inequality.

Never mind the politics, what are the hard numbers on inequality in New Zealand?

Beloved yacht sells for $480,000

The 1944 Staysail Schooner has made several long-distance journeys, including successfully making it across the Tasman ...

A 1944 yacht listed for $1 has sold after a frantic two-week auction online.

ACC briber's 'dire' finances

Gregory Hutt, pictured, appeared for sentencing in the High Court in Wellington in 2012, after earlier pleading guilty ...

Second company linked to man tied up in ACC bribery scandal liquidated.

Your secret cash source

If you aren't too tired, you could try selling a week of annual leave back to your employer.

OPINION: There's an unrecognised cash resource many of us don't know we have - holidays.

Customers drive banking innovation

Karen Scott-Howman is the chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers' Association.

Where bankers may once have shunned technology, the opposite is true today.

How to nail your money goals

Write down your ambitions, not just once but every single day if possible.

Everyone manages the getting really drunk part at New Year, but not so much the self-improvement thing.

Surviving mid-life career crisis

If this is how your career makes you feel, perhaps you should consider a change.

These days few people make it through life with one career - but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Paying the vague tax

Don't despair if you're a little absentminded.

Over the years I've left wallets in cafes, I've let gift cards expire and paid fees on direct debits that bounced.

How would you spend $100,000?

Most of us would spend an extra $100,000 on a house.

An overseas trip or a new car? Nope. It seems most of us would spend it on a house.

Young, rich and frugal

Garrett Gee, wife Jessica, and children Dorothy and Manilla have been travelling the world.

He sold his company to Snapchat for US$54m and travels the world, but hasn't spent a cent of his fortune.

Email prize warning

banking, business, buy, card, commerce, computer, credit, credit card, data, ecommerce, electronic, electronic banking, ...

The emails claim people can win prizes from New Zealand businesses that aren't actually directly involved.

'That's just paid for our holiday'

Nelson homes with a view, like this from Tasman Heights, can command $400 a night as summer holiday rentals.

Homeowners in Nelson can earn $400 a night renting out their homes over the busy summer period.

Woman buys nothing, saves $39K video

Michelle McGagh celebrated the end of her no-spend year.

How much frugality could you stand? After a year's saving, one UK woman was in rags but thousands better off.

Demand for budgeting servies

If your Christmas expenses are out of whack, it would pay to get started early on your Christmas savings plan.

Budgeting services are expecting an influx of people as the Christmas financial hangover turns into a back-to-school nightmare.

New plaster houses shake off stigma

High-profile cases where leaky homes have been a write-off made some buyers wary of all plaster-clad properties.

In many parts of the country, plaster-clad houses are now selling for comparable prices to other homes.

Get that promotion in 2017

One way to get that promotion in 2017 is to continue to expand your experience to avoid 'typecasting'.

Here are 10 ways that will guarantee your rise on the corporate ladder this year.

Tobacco tax 'not working'

A pack of 20 cigarettes will cost $10 more in 2020.

"Punishing" taxes aimed at getting Kiwis to ditch the smokes may have the opposite effect.

Panicking after Christmas

New Plymouth Food Bank manager Mike Merrick, with some of the items donated for Christmas.

They couldn't afford it but they spent up at Christmas anyway. Now they're paying for it.

Good faith with insurers

Greg Young sued Tower Insurance, and won.

OPINION: It's time to make it easier for the little guy when dealing with powerful financial services companies.

Extra cheese please

Domino's Pizza.

New Zealand pizza lovers will not have to fork out extra dough for Domino's on Sundays.

Dodging the Government's tobacco cash grab

A person smoking a pack of cigarettes a day could save up to $10,000 a year growing their own tobacco.

 OPINION: Beat the tax hikes and you won't have to watch your money go up in smoke.

Holiday hotspot moneyspinners

Tauranga couple Kirsty Morrison and Aaron Davies, are making $4000 while on their summer holiday by letting out their home.

Holiday homes in desirable locations across New Zealand can rake in thousands of dollars a week.

Cost of New Years's resolutions

One of the surest ways for New Year's resolutions to fall by the wayside is to not have a good financial plan in place ...

As you read this you are probably getting into the groove of your resolve to get fit or take on a new hobby.

$1 reserve for six-figure yacht

The 1944 Staysail Schooner has made several long-distance journeys including successfully making it across the Tasman in ...

A divorced woman who wants to start 2017 with a clean slate is looking for someone who will give her 1944 yacht lots of TLC.

Mounting debt shut home

Britannia House in Petone has closed after several years of financial trouble.

Trustees are urging opponents of recent closure to consider the facts rather than emotion.

Laundry job a boredom saviour video

Tom Mortlock, who has an intellectual and learning disability, was unemployed for over two years before he landed a job ...

Tom Mortlock was unemployed for over a year, before a commercial laundry service gave him a chance.

NZ's solid Xmas spendup

Boxing Day at The Base, Hamilton.
Shoppers were noticeably more out in force in the regions this year.

Kiwis flashed the plastic while on holiday, with a jump in spending in the regions.

Ditch the 'spend less' resolution

Feature Photo  by Jessica Shaprio/Fairfax Photographic 
Credit card, generic visa mastercard bank baning buying plastic ...

If your New Year's resolution this year is "I am going to spend less", you're doomed to fail.

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