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Dispute over $10 note design

The new $10 note features a pattern from Te Hau Ki Turanga whare at Te Papa.

Reserve Bank used meeting house design without permission, Iwi says.

Laundry ball claims 'don't wash'

Consumer NZ test hangs laundry balls out to dry.

Laundry balls are billed as the green way to wash your clothes, but a test shows they may be a waste of money.

BNZ salvo may soon be returned

Massey academic says rates below 4pc would be a sign of a struggling economy.

BNZ's new record low interest rate may be first in series of competitive cuts.

Wynyard wins Reserve Bank contract

Reserve Bank will use Wynyard's software to make sure it stays on top of threats to the financial system.

A crime-fighting software company has been signed up to provide risk management products to the Reserve Bank.

Second-home buyers priced out

19062015. 123RF.
Stock Photo - Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.

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House price boom has made it harder to move on from a first home.

Fees can make a difference

PAY ATTENTION: By learning how your Kiwisaver is performing you can take control of your savings.

Fees can make tens of thousands of dollars' difference over a KiwiSaver member's lifetime.

Petricevic parole challenged

Rod Petricevic was previously refused parole after failing to show enough remorse for his crimes.

Rod Petricevic walks free from prison next week, but the Sensible Sentencing Trust wants a judicial review.

Banks back struggling farmers

Only 6.6 per cent of dairy farmers say they have come under undue pressure from banks over their mortgage.

A new survey shows banks are supporting struggling dairy farmers. But it comes with a warning that it may not last.

Pressure on power prices


Vector says batteries it is bringing here later this year will help make solar power a more viable alternative for households.

Slash your kids' student debt

Play it safe with term deposits or invest in a managed fund? Savings for your child's education poses challenging questions for parents.

What is the best way to save for your children's university fees?

Spark's nice surprise

Deciding whether Spark can grow profits long term is a big call for investors.

Spark shares have climbed on the back of higher dividends.

KiwiSaver members 'not engaged'

There are many reasons to join KiwiSaver.

A retirement savings researcher says New Zealanders are at risk of running out of reasons to join.

Healthcare costs a 'chronic' problem

Chronic illnesses and medical advances are combining to create a financial emergency in heathcare.

OPINION: Individuals and society must gets to grips with the high cost of "end of life" care.

A life without credit cards

Reporter Rachel Thomas is averse to credit cards.

OPINION: To me, credit cards are tiny plastic reminders you've spent money you don't have.

Kids call for money lessons

Kids want to be good with money, but few schools are teaching them.

School children think they are pretty good at managing their money. Their teachers think they are not.

Petrol rises above $2 a litre

Petrol pump pain is in store for motorists who have got used to a long run of price cuts in recent months.

Z Energy and BP have both hiked prices by 4 cents a litre, the first increase in two months.

Hubbard fund 'worst case scenario'

211010 News: John Bisset/Timaru Herald, Presbyterian Support annual meeting pictured at the meeting is Allan Hubbard

The $16.6 million surplus pool given to Hubbard Management Funds statutory managers has dwindled to $0.5m.

Will you have enough to retire?

Comfort in retirement comes down to planning to save enough over over your working life.

Ill-prepared Kiwis are planning to rely on the pension, rental properties and KiwiSaver to get by, a survey shows.

Spending habits begin at home

Teaching children how to manage their money needs to begin in the home.

Creating healthy money habits needs to begin in the home.

Boosting investor knowledge

"We're living longer and it's really important that we all, collectively and individually, plan for that so our money lasts as long as we do," Commission group manager of investor education David Boyle says.

A fear of the unknown may be putting some Kiwis off investing in the sharemarket.

KiwiSavers told: Don’t bail out

David Boyle is worried some investors might get scared by sharemarket losses and bail out of their growth KiwiSaver funds into conservative options instead, costing them dearly in the process.

KiwiSaver members who are invested in growth funds are being advised to close their eyes and hold on tight through market turbulence.

Time for KiwiSaver check-up

It's time for your KiwiSaver health check.

Money Week is a good time to take your KiwiSaver pulse and check you have a healthy balance.

Credit card matching made easy

Credit cards can be a costly trap if not used correctly.

Finding the right credit card for you is only a matter of patience and a bit of research.

Divorce reaches Supreme Court

Melanie Clayton is seeking more than the family home in a divorce case.

A businessman's divorce that could be worth $29 million will go before the Supreme Court.

Cheaper flights taking off

Jetstar's expansion to some regions will also put a lid on Air New Zealand's fares to centres without direct competition.

ANALYSIS: While the $9 airfares are clearly unsustainable, lower prices may be here to stay.

Truck shop owner charged

Truck shop operator Vikram Mehta has been charged with obtaining money from customers by deception and accepting payment from customers without intending to supply the goods they contracted to purchase.

Charges have been laid against one of two truck shops under investigation by the Commerce Commission.

Partners in dark on finances

Setting time aside to discuss money can help avoid financial tensions in a relationship.

Many Kiwi couples are so hesitant to talk about money that some do not even know what each other earns.

Auckland effect spreading

House prices are moving fastest in northern parts of New Zealand.

Auckland's house prices are rising the fastest in over a decade, and are being felt across the upper North Island.

Clearer Sir Ed 'an improvement' video

New Zealand's new $5 note will be in circulation from October.

Sir Ed's daughter has a big thumbs up to the clearer picture of her father on the new $5 note.

No plans for KiwiSaver

Retirement is looming, but many have not build up enough savings to make it comfortable.

Many older Kiwis don't know what they'll do with their KiwiSaver nest eggs.

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