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Three stages of retirement

Retirement can last 30 years or more, and lots can change during that time.

OPINION: Do you know that there is really no one such thing as “retirement”?

Govt's hands tied after Korea "bungle"

Your new house
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Korean buyers may have open access to New Zealand's housing market assured under a new trade deal.

Research drive splits opinion

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OPINION: The budget's $25m allocation to support innovation will face challenges.

Big spender, savvy saver

It's vital to clear your credit card every month Mark Knoff-Thomas, Newmarket Business Association chief executive.

Retail shopping isn't bad for your financial health, says Mark Knoff-Thomas, unless you abuse your credit card to do it.

Snapper tags off retail market

Snapper boss Miki Szikszai sees the company's future in mobiles.

Snapper will put its focus on selling its mobile payment know-how to the world.

Debunking child poverty myths

Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington believes only war or a great depression will lead us to see poor children as "ours" and do something about their plight.

Experts believe poor families need their benefit quadrupled.

Faster payments carry risk

Banks aim to stay a step ahead as they move closer to making payments in 'real-time'.

Payments will be flushed through the banking system within the hour.

First home buyers club together

Own your own home? Then count yourself among the lucky ones.

Times have got so hard for first time homebuyers that over 1000 have joined the First Home Buyers' Club in the hopes of getting their toes on the first rung of the property ladder.

Appliance retailers slammed

Appliance retailers are a major source of consumer harm, the Commerce Commission says.

Commerce Commission report says appliance sellers misleading customers with "worthless add-ons" like extended warranties.

Banned from updating LinkedIn

Social media is a powerful networking tool, potentially allowing departing employees to reach out to a firm's clients.

Employers are banning departing employers from updating their LinkedIn profiles.

Borrowers urged to do their bit

Family Budgeting boss Raewyn Fox says borrowers have obligations too.

"Code of responsible borrowing" to be distributed as a companion to new rules for lenders.

Worthless warranties warning

It was modern then, and it may still be working. Stereos are built to last.


Declutter Your Finances

The change of season is a good time to tidy up your finances as well as your cupboards.

OPINION: In an age where we accumulate lots of 'stuff', cluttered lives are increasingly common in finances too, writes Liz Koh.

$25 more but less time with kids

Janis Franc with her daughters, from left: Millie, 5, Keira 3, Tylah, 11 and Savanah, 6 at their Christchurch home.

Budget means a $25 boost a week, but piles pressure back on with extra working hours rule, says single mum.

Govt accused of raiding KiwiSaver piggybank

As at 2pm on Thursday, the $1000 KiwiSaver kickstart is no more.

$1000 kick-start has been axed, and tax credits could be next on the block.

Live longer and more sickly?

Our lives are getting longer, meaning more sick years as well as more healthy years.

We're living longer, but our health is not keeping up. What does that mean for retirement savings?

Unpaid child support written off

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says the current child support penalties are "punitive" and need to be overhauled.

Up to $1.7b in child support debt is to be written off as IRD aims to increase payments.

KiwiSaver Spotlight: Aon ANZ Balanced Fund

Each week KiwiSaver Spotlight dissects a KiwiSaver fund.

This week KiwiSaver Spotlight looks at the Aon ANZ Balanced Fund.

Word of the Week

Each week we define a money word or phrase.

Our money word of the week.

A Broker's View: Infratil

Infratil did well from its partial sale of Z Energy.

OPINION: Broker Grant Davies takes a closer look at Infratil.

Sacked for stealing magazine

A New Plymouth woman was fired for taking a magazine 'worth nothing' from her place of work.

A New Plymouth woman has been awarded more than $9000 after being unjustifiably dismissed for allegedly stealing a magazine.

Are you a better budgeter than Bill?

Chances are you're better at budgeting than Finance Minister Bill English.

OPINION: You don't need a commerce degree to put together a decent household budget.

Investors lose $136m online

Wannabe traders get sucked in by the fantasy of high returns and fast results.

Ponzi schemes, theft, and contract loopholes have stripped investors bare.

Extreme frugality - it's a thing

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Sometimes being frugal leads people to do things that are just plain weird.

The Budget: What are we happy to pay for? video

Brian Izzard shares his views on the upcoming Budget.

With the Budget coming up on Thursday we ask people in the Waikato what they think of the way the government manages their money.

Why renting is the new owning

Generation rent

Ongoing house price increases are creating a generation of renters.

Your financial survival kit

Bear Grylls has the right kit to survive in the bush. What tools do you need to survive in the financial jungle?

When things in your financial life turn bearish, it's important to have all your survival gear ready and waiting.

Budget's modest housing moves video

Finance Minister Bill English said there had been a "series of announcements" about housing, and the Budget would spell out those costs.

Government is poised to free up more land to ease the pressure on Auckland housing.

Banks cut mortgage rates

Homeowners paying off the mortgage will welcome the even lower interest rates on the horizon.

With official interest rates poised to move lower, homeowners could soon be jumping for joy.

'Rock star' growing slower

Prime Minister John Key visits Juken Nissho Mill south of Masterton in April

NZ's economic growth is lower in the last two years than it averaged over the last 20.

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