Homeowners caught short in disaster

Adrienne Jonas-Gooch

Underinsured properties nationwide could leave homeowners facing a hefty bill after disaster.

Dream for a builder now a nightmare

Barry and Shirley Tilling

Elderly couple living in a borrowed caravan and 80-year-old left without a roof after building firm goes under.

Help the parents, not just the kids

Open purse and money

OPINION: When my little monsters come along they won't be getting any pocket money from mum and dad.

Boozy truth about our spending

Wine glasses

New spending figures reveal hidden truths about how we spend our money.

Low deposit house hunters on the rise


Banks are still keeping well clear of RBNZ lending restrictions, but mortgages written on small deposits are up.

Terry Serepisos not bankrupt, will give evidence

Terry Serepisos

The former Wellington Phoenix football club owner Terry Serepisos has been discharged from bankruptcy.

Price of fuel drops; should go further, says AA

petrol pump

Fall in oil price leads to another cut in fuel cost, but AA says motorists still pay too much.

Home loan rate rises further off

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

In good news for borrowers, short-term interest rates are likely to say on hold for another year, with the inflation genie well corked for now.

Rates hike for some Aucklanders

auckland property, houses, mortgage

Auckland's 29 per cent increase in property values has cemented a rate hike for many homeowners.

Petrol, diesel prices fall again

Petrol, fuel, gas

A continued drop in barrel prices has led to another 2c cut in the cost of fuel at the pump.

Run with the herd at your peril


Following the crowd can hurt us when it comes to finances, so do what's right - not what's popular - and you'll come out ahead.

What Minecraft teaches kids about money


Turn a video game addiction into a life lesson about money.

How to survive student finances

cash in hand

Your student years are a flash in the pan, writes Frank Wielemaker, here's how to survive them.

Six tips for financially fabulous kids

Piggy banks

These six tips will help any kid use their pocket money to become financially fabulous, says Rosalie Grant.

Kiwis make no attempt to pay off mortgages

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

As many as one in four homeowners are simply treading water on their mortgage repayments.

Auckland property owners warned

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

Aucklanders feeling wealthier on the back of higher Council property valuations are being urged not to borrow more.

Saving money by thinking of books


I can't help but convert my mental money to its book equivalent, even though I don't end up buying the book.

Making ends meet on a pension

Lionel Hall

By the time Lionel Hall hit retirement he had little choice but to go on but the pension.

Auckland prices, rentals may increase


House buyers and renters may have to dig deeper in the wake of the city's property revaluations.

Judge me, budget me, take away my booze

Jamie Small

OPINION: Writing about Money Week gives me pangs of guilt, so I decided a visit a budgeting counsellor.

New service to help KiwiSavers choose

Generic money

Fund researcher Binu Paul plans to fill a gap in the KiwiSaver market with the launch yesterday of a service to help people find the right fund for them.

Interest rate rise, dollar fall predicted

Home vs investment

Interest rates will go up next year, but the New Zealand dollar is expected to fall further, AMP Capital says.

John Key reminds Aucklanders of property risks

John Key warns Aucklanders against ignoring the risks of property investment, tipping that supply will exceed demand.

NZ shares outperform: AMP


A positive September quarter may be followed by a more volatile time for shares, according to AMP Capital.

Banks launch PayTag for mobile payments


PayTag is a workaround for smartphone owners who can't yet make mobile payments using the phone itself.

Money's Worth: SCF a lesson for all

Open purse and money

South Canterbury Finance's trial was complicated, but the message it gives Kiwi investors is very simple.

Teach your kids to be money-smart

kids money piggy bank

A lot of parents wonder what the best way is to teach their children how to save, and how to understand money.

Spark's mobile price cut has a catch

Spark turns the screws in the mobile prepay calling market, but there's a catch.

How a university student saved $4000


I'm a university student who over two years has managed to save $4000. Here's how.

Retirement savings used for first home

Carole Payton

Newlywed Carole Payton chose to dip into her KiwiSaver fund to help buy her first home.

Low inflation set to hold cash rate


Low food prices over winter may see annual inflation down to almost 1 per cent in figures due out this week.

Kiwisaver whoopsie


A loophole allows KiwiSavers to buy their first home - in Australia.

Better insured than sorry


Most New Zealanders are not insured for the actual cost of replacing all their belongings.

Face Value: Al Brown on money matters

Al Brown

Celebrity chef Al Brown talks about being deported, taking financial risks and how he sleeps at night.

Money wars divide friends


They lent their neighbours thousands to buy a home, but then came a boat, caravan and near-new BMW.

Weighing cost of pet ownership

Billie the dog

Some dogs can chomp their way through $70 worth of special dog tucker a week.

Mobile charges fall to all-time low

Johnston family

Kiwis are finally paying less to use our cellphones - but we could still use cheaper data and calls.

Aucklanders flee soaring house values


House prices in our biggest city are rocketing, and it seems locals have had enough.

Call for hedge disclosure


Fund managers want KiwiSaver providers to be upfront about how they hedge currency exposures.

Online quiz aims to find children's saving ability

Iziya Kuiti

Is your child a money wizard or a savings superstar?

Wipe your student loan: go bankrupt

student loan

Increasing numbers of Kiwis are going bankrupt overseas, allowing them to avoid repaying their student loan.

Summer breaks are not cheap


The holiday season is nearly upon us.

Shedding wedding costs

Simone Gale of Christabelle's

Just mention the word "wedding" to a potential vendor and prices will rise, according to frustrated 21st-century brides.

NZ wealthy, but it's locked up in housing

Generic money

Analysts say New Zealand is a wealthy nation, but most of it is locked into our houses and our wealthier Australian cousins are similarly invested.

Money Week: Saving on a small scale

Piggy banks Saving Money

Ann Rangiuia is a teen with a mission.

Is $15 an hour a rock star economy?

Beer pouring

We're told we're living in a rock star economy with a dropping unemployment rate. Not in my world.

FMA boss warns over Kiwis over investment

Generic money

Financial Markets Authority boss warns Kiwis they can't rely on Govt to save them if investments go belly-up.

Money Week debate live stream

Piggy bank

Join us for #heavyweightdebate to see how good Kiwis are at understanding investment risk.

Scammers target Meridian customers

door knock generic

Elderly Christchurch residents have been told to hand over bank details or have their power cut off.

Ex-insurance firm boss Grant Herbert jailed

law, economy, fraud court

Grant Herbert has been jailed for four years and six months after his conviction last month on 24 fraud charges.
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