Financial advisers to get ethics training

Money man, fraud

Institute of Financial Advisers takes a proactive stance on delivering business ethics training.

Economist: Raise retirement age soon

shamubeel eaqub

With Kiwis living longer, the Government needs to change its policies, economist tells Nelson conference.

Migration boom may stoke housing market

Wellington houses, generic, homes

Migration boom returns as Kiwis shun Australia and foreigners arrive, and risks reigniting the housing market.

Sole trader privacy concerns linger


ID numbers issued to cut red tape and promote e-commerce.

Govt digital services use surges


The Government has reported mixed results in its drive to make it easier for people to deal with the public service.

Sony exec joins Dotcom's music service

Former finance director of Sony Music Entertainment joins Kim Dotcom backed online music venture.

Accused fraudster on the run

Money man, fraud

Alleged fraudster wanted by Swiss police after taking millions from Kiwi investors.

KiwiSavers 'better off with capital guarantees'


Kiwisaver investors could be $200,000 better off using capital guarantees than being defaulted into conservative funds, new research suggests.

Rates tipped to pause after rise

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

The Reserve Bank will likely lift official interest rates on Thursday, but then put rates on hold, possibly until next year, economists say.

Budget buster: Food waste a disgrace


There is such a glut of cheap food available in New Zealand that we're cavalier about wasting it.

Budgeting needs to be sexier

coins money new zealand kiwi

We need to flip on its head the perception that people who are sensible with their money are boring.

How can I get a better grasp of KiwiSaver?

Not all of us are great extracting our information from printed material. Fortunately, there is another way.

Makeshift dwellings symptom of housing crisis


With Auckland's housing supply under pressure, people are taking drastic measures to find shelter.

Financial product: Gap insurance

Car Keys

Car insurance is essential. Gap insurance less so. Drive carefully, and get a steering lock.

Consumers complacent about insurance

house insurance

People aren't putting enough effort into their house, contents and car insurance, an industry insider says.

Property well over-valued, but no quick fix

NZ house, real estate, property

House prices are well out of kilter compared with incomes, rents and other countries, and at risk of a sharp fall, according to a report by NZIER.

Mortgage broker jailed for fraud

Kerry Buddle

Victims of Kapiti mortgage broker Kerry Buddle applauded the judge who jailed her for fraud.

Chorus gets $178m UFB loan offer

Govt offering Chorus bridging loan to help it complete construction of the ultrafast broadband network.

Live chat: Economist Shamubeel Eaqub

shamubeel eaqub

Dairy price drops. Inflation. Plunging NZ dollar. What does it all mean for you and your wallet? Ask our expert.

Cheaper milk still some way off

grated cheese

Shoppers are being warned not to expect immediate prices cuts for milk, butter and cheese.

Brakes on rate hikes after 'double-whammy'

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

Official interest rate increases could be put on hold by a ''double-whammy'' drop in dairy prices and softer than expected inflation figures.

Prices keeping inflation lower than expected

dollar coin

Rising power and building prices are costing more but overall annual inflation is lower than expected.

Five steps to slash credit card debt

Credit Card Strap

You've spent up a storm on the credit card and now that binge is racking up interest at a frightening rate. Don't panic.

Mortgage rate rises favour renting vs buying

generic home loan

As interest rates continue to rise, you could be better off renting rather than buying.

Late start to winter slows sales

Credit Card Strap

Kiwis spend on DIY and eating out, but a mild start to winter takes its toll on other habits.

Keeping the money mobile


Kiwis will be among first in the world to try out a new type of banking that needs little more than your mobile phone.

Are you better off renting?

rental housing

The dream of home-ownership could be flawed, according to research which seeks to answer the question: is it better to own or to rent?

Annual inflation tipped to nudge 2pc


Higher prices for power and food could see annual inflation heading close to 2 per cent.

Subdued market more than winter woe

Wellington houses

Fewer houses are being sold in Wellington as mortgage-lending restrictions have slowed buyers.

ASB adds diversity clause

Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe's tell-all interview has prompted ASB Bank into adding diversity clauses to all its sponsorship contracts.

House sales continue slide

NZ house, real estate, property

Mortgage restrictions and rising interest rates are being blamed for unusually weak winter house sales.

Movies popular but many saving on snacks

Child eating popcorn at movies

US movie box office takings may be plummeting but Kiwis are still flocking to the flicks.

Rental agents 'milking' tenants

Rent a room

Rental agents in Christchurch's tight housing market charging up to $1000 just to renew leases.

Foreigners banking on a KiwiSaver goldmine


Some market commentators are pointing the finger at overseas investors using KiwiSaver.

Stub out the smokes and blow away debt


Back in my high school days, the black market rate for a sneaky cigarette out on the rugby field was a standard $1.

Families feel bite of food cost


With food prices at their highest in three years, low-income families are feeling the pinch.

Self-discipline is key to manage money

Generic money

OPINION: Some subjects just aren't sexy, like anything with the words ‘financial literacy' in it.

Fewer homes on the market


The number of homes for sale has dipped, but average prices - especially in Auckland - are at a record high.

Kill your mortgage faster

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

Want to repay your mortgage faster? Of course, you do.

Food prices rise 1.4pc in June


The price of a salad shot up last month, but prices for some fruit like bananas fell.

Strong dollar drives sales

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

High NZ dollar is a boon for shoppers, who are taking advantage of lower prices to buy more gadgets.

Rising house prices blamed on lack of land - report

Wellington houses, generic, homes

Aussie finding that rising house prices are due to lack of land also applies in New Zealand, think tank says.

The story behind your coffee price

Flight Coffee

With debate raging about the price of coffee, Flight Coffee and Raglan Roast talk about what you get for your money.

Christchurch $3000 job incentive nets 50

Sam O'Carroll

Jobless in Wellington and with a $3000 carrot dangling, Sam O'Carroll couldn't turn down a move to Christchurch.

Beat the power bills with solar, say couple

Spy Valley

Couple fed up with huge winter power bills have built a solar-powered house.

Financial literacy depends on wealth: OECD report

Generic money

NZ students' understanding of finance is linked to whether they are rich or poor, an OCED report suggests.

Tech-savvy Kiwis devise banking innovations

Cellphone in a pocket

New Zealand developers are creating some of the most ground-breaking mobile banking innovations in the world.

First-home buyers use parents as guarantors

Wellington houses

More first-time buyers are using parents as guarantors, and most are dipping into KiwiSaver.

Seven frugal habits of the self-made rich

Mark Zuckerberg

Some millionaires don't flaunt their wealth with sports cars, giant mansions or designer fashions.

Peer-to-peer lending licence issued

The Dominion Post

Businesses can now sell shares to the public and borrow money from them with little red tape through licensed crowdfunding.
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