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Use crowd power for better deal

Tim Rudkin said the Big Winter Switch campaign was the first of its type in New Zealand.

Kiwi households are being given the chance to band together to negotiate a better deal on their electricity bills.

Eat cheap, lose weight

Registered nutritionist and author Claire Turnbull said people did not need an expensive plan to eat better.

Healthy eating doesn't have to mean forking out hundreds of dollars weekly for pre-prepared food plans.

Mistakes of amateur landlords

Kathryn Seque is the Property Investors' Federation Landlord of the Year for 2016.

Owners of NZ's rentals are often part-timers with no experience, and it can backfire spectacularly on them.

We love Kiwi-owned banks

TSB Bank stands head and shoulders above foreign-owned rivals for customer satisfaction.

Kiwi-owned banks are tops with customers, but generate more complaints to the Banking Ombudsman.

How to make the most of a windfall

It can be tempting to use a windfall to renovate the bathroom or to go on an overseas trip, but you can also use it to ...

Receiving a financial windfall, while great news, can leave most of us in a pickle on what to do with the money. 

Do you want to know where your food comes from?

Consumers do not get enough information when they are doing their grocery shopping, Green MP Steffan Browning says.

Green MP says his country-of-origin labelling bill may not go far enough.

Life insurers' tips for long life

Cigna Life staff set out on their Round the Bays run in Wellington.

The life insurance industry used to be one of the unhealthiest industries to work in.

Millennial's money tech desires

Millennials want their payments to feel a little more James Bond-ish.

Millennials want to pay using finger print scanners.

Claim your free Government cash

Richard Meadows: If you're struggling to keep up with day-to-day bills, saving for your distant retirement probably ...

This is not a joke - there’s more than $500 on the line, and the clock is ticking, writes Richard Meadows.

Blockchain could cut real estate costs

Blockchain would provide a complete, indelible record of everyone who had ever bought or sold a particular property.

New technology could streamline process of buying and selling houses.

ANZ cards 'swallowed'

ANZ customers who tried to withdraw cash had their credit cards 'retained'.

ANZ says technical error led to credit cards being 'retained' by ATMs.

Banks to cut sales targets

The Financial Advisers Act review has already made clear that banks must not incentivise staff in a way that does not ...

Move to reduce amount of pay tied to selling product are likely to have an influence on New Zealand.

How a $30 fine became a threat of jail stuff nation

I find the police to be illogical, unfair and unreasonable throughout December and January.

I have managed to hide from the police for nearly 18 months, but it seems they have finally tracked me down.

Petition to fight 'sneaky fees'

Hidden fees are becoming more common as online shopping becomes more popular, Consumer NZ says.

Consumer NZ launches next step in campaign against drip pricing, calling for law change.

Ticket resellers under spotlight

One fan was upset at being charged ten times the original price for Adele tickets.

OPINION: Consumer NZ is joining an international investigation into websites that cash in on fans' disappointment.

Sale sabotage 'arguable'

Terry Serepisos outside the Wellington District Court in 2014.

Finance company and beauty queen turned estate agent accused of sabotaging sale of Terry Serepisos' mum's apartment.

What can you get from a wardrobe cleanout?

Brooke Gibson says it's hard work getting decent money for secondhand high street labels.

Don't expect to earn more than $5 a pop selling secondhand chain store brands, stylist says.

Separating? Don't do this

Liz Koh says it's inevitable that your lifestyle will have to change if you split from your partner.

OPINION: Splitting up is never easy, here's how you can avoid making it any harder.

Is it time to grab low rates?

Sometimes choosing the right interest rate can require some crystal ball gazing.

Interest rates are starting to climb after several years of record lows. Should you break and refix for longer before it's too late?

Energy Star retires

The Energy Star accreditation will not be available in New Zealand after this year.

Shoppers looking for appliances will no longer be able to look for an Energy Star sticker to indicate superior efficiency.

'PR gets a bad rap' stuff nation

Kendall Jenner, a United passenger, Sean Spicer: How much control did PR people have over these disasters?

Public relations people give advice we know is right, but sometimes it's not palatable to those whom we're advising.

Inflation hits five-year high

Petrol prices have climbed sharply since the start of the year, pushing inflation to the highest level since 2011.

The cost of living is rising at the fastest level since 2011 as food and fuel prices climb.

Lesson's from a lifetime of investing

BNZ Chief Financial Officer Adrienne Duarte .

BNZ's chief financial officer offers up some advice.

Cyclone Cook claims low

Waves crash on Cobham Drive after ex-Cyclone Cook passed through Wellington without causing any damage.

Cyclone Cook has resulted in 390 insurance claims worth just over $800,000 - fewer than expected.

Money nags freak Kiwis out video

If your money life feels like this, it is time to make some changes.

We're living precarious financial lives. There's eight things we can do and, yes, buying a house is one.

Cigna survey reveals money concerns

Sick wallets: Many New Zealanders are concerned about their financial situation.

New Zealanders placed seventh of 13 countries in a survey of their own perceptions of their financial wellbeing.

The date you missed Auckland

House prices have shot out of reach for many buyers.

If you are a house hunter wondering when you missed your shot to get into the Auckland property market,TradeMe has the answer.

The precarious financial lives of Kiwis

Money, health and family: the three things that keep Kiwis awake at night.

Many New Zealanders' are living precarious financial existences, a survey by insurer Cigna shows.

Cover up on holiday

A drama could become a financial crisis if you're hospitalised overseas, and find your credit card travel insurance ...

Judging travel insurance on price alone is risky, but comparing policies can be hard.

Fancy a world with no interest payments?

Sonny Bill Williams has dramatically raised awareness of Islamic beliefs, by covering up the BNZ logo on his jersey.

It exists - and it's growing. But unfortunately, it's not all good news.

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