Money News

Mr Rental franchise in doghouse


Rental store gets dressing-down for letting two beneficiaries sink almost $40,000 into house items.

A complete turkey for $30

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: Is it really all smiles?

This Christmas, give the gift of uselessness. And where better to find it than at a mall.

Term deposits not easy pickings

TIGHTER RULES: Breaking a term deposit is no longer just a matter of paying the penalty.

Waiting periods for people wanting to break a term deposit is the latest fallout from the global financial crisis.

Pump prices drop again

AT THE PUMP: Drive-offs were considered "significant" for many firms.

Petrol and diesel prices have fallen again, dropping another 2 cents a litre today.

Akld rate hike approved

COSTLY: Some Auckland homeowners will see steep rises in rates, while others enjoy a decrease.

Some householders in for a shock after cap which protected them from up to 40 per cent rate rises is voted down.

KiwiSaver spotlight: ANZ

KiwiSaver, savings, money, investment

Under the spotlight: AMP KiwiSaver ANZ Balanced Plus Fund.

Broker's view: Vital Healthcare

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Vital Healthcare's Hurstville Private Hospital in Sydney.

Quality of the property trust's assets goes some way to justifying the current premium being paid in the market.

Housing costs leap ahead


Despite rising housing costs outstripping a rise in income, most Kiwis are happy with life.

The path to a comfortable life

A COMFORTABLE LIFE: It has less to do with how much wealth you have stored up, and more to do with your state of mind.

There are some milestones you need to keep an eye out for if you want to stay free of money worries.

Sleepless over swindle

Dunedin lawyer John David Milne heading to Christchurch District Court for sentencing on fraud charges.

Pensioner who lost $1m in life savings and wife's funeral fund to lawyer's scam says he is financially crippled.

Auckland housing target beaten

Over 11,000 new land and building consents have been granted in the first year of the Auckland housing accord.

Mortgages still prove elusive


Low-equity bank loans hit year-high, but first-home buyers aren't finding it easier to secure a loan.

Shock in store for savers

Every cent counts: The Australian government is moving its websites to the cloud to save costs.

Banks are tightening up on letting people withdraw savings from term deposits early.

Jailed for $2m fraud

Court generic NZ

"Consummate liar" lawyer fleeced investors of millions in his 21-year "predatory" Ponzi scheme.

Men feeling pinch go without power

Salvation Army Logo

Salvation Army says more single men are going without power and hot water to make ends meet.

Ditch tradition - enjoy Christmas

KEEP IT SIMPLE: You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good Christmas. Look back on your own memories.

January is a bad month for social services charity Barnardos.

Should you buy or rent?

'DEAD MONEY': Daine Thompson and Anneliese Willis, pictured with son Caleb outside their West Auckland home, say renting just pays someone else’s mortgage.

There are endless arguments about which makes most money sense and no easy answer.

Prepare for death of spouse

SAD DAY: Widows often wish they had talked to their partner about what would happen if one of the couple passed, a financial expert says.

Women can be hard financially hit when their husband dies, especially if they haven't managed the family finances before.

Another Gull station docks pay

Gull logo

Another petrol station admits docking workers' wages to pay for drive-off petrol thieves.

Price claims fool shoppers

Kiwi retailers investigated for misleading sale pricing as Australian authorities launch crackdown on practice.

Retailers jump on Click Monday

CLICKING ON: Trade Aid is among online retailers taking part in Click Monday for the first time this year.

NZ 24-hour sale is designed to emulate the United States' Cyber Monday online sales day.

Pause on low deposit lending

House costs, building, mortgage, saving, investment

Kiwibank temporarily closes the door on mortgage borrowers with small deposits.

Control your spendy habits

A fool and his money are soon parted - an old proverb but never been more true.

What will Santa bring? gallery

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Sophia Longstaff, left, Ingrid Longstaff, and Renzo Cawley open up Christmas gifts.

Santa's sleigh is going to be bulging with board games, action figures and life-like robot animals.

Make jewellery insurance pay

A platinum Art Deco diamond ring from the Rutherford of Melbourne collection.

Insurers have a whole arsenal of arguments to avoid paying jewellery claims. Here's what you can do to beat them.

Christmas - good for finances?

TIME FOR CHANGE: The holiday season could just provide the perfect opportunity for a little financial planning.

Bah! Humbug! Plenty of people have Ebenezer Scrooge's reaction to Christmas but it's not necessary.

Life lessons from a super guy

SORTED: Binu Paul says being asset rich and cash poor doesn’t end well.

After a life spent analysing funds, there can be few with more investment savvy in the country than Binu Paul.

Debt snowball can bury bills

COOL: Rolling through your debts from smallest to largest can have a great snowball effect.

Paying off consumer debt can be difficult and debt consolidation is not always the answer.

Small change for Kiwi banknotes

SMALL CHANGE: The new $20 banknote.

Safety features on the new notes are more sophisticated, even if the colours aren't.

Have a stress-free Christmas

CUT THE STRESS: You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good Christmas.

Resist the pressure to provide a picture-perfect occasion on December 25.