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Bubble winners and losers

Biggest losers in a housing crash

Who stands to lose the most if there's a housing crash? And who - if anyone - stands to gain?

Kiwi personal debt 'mind-blowing'

Happy debt free Christmas: Now that is a welcome wish.

Personal debt spikes to $3500 for each man, woman and child in NZ, and that's before Christmas.

The jigsaw bubble video

Housing bubble puzzle piece

If we are in a housing bubble, how long have we got until it all falls down?

House prices will stop climbing video

Cameron Bagrie says the fact that house prices are high does not necessarily mean they will dramatically fall.

But will it be a soft landing, a hard landing or a crash landing?

Living on wartime rations

Piccadilly Circus on VE Day. There's not an obese person in sight.

OPINION: We've been living on wartime rations for the last two weeks. It's been an instructive experiment.

House prices only go up, right? video

People who bought just before the last market peak were particularly affected by the 2008 downturn.

Wrong. Have we forgotten the pain of 2008 already?

Hold my beer while I fix the crisis

There are now nearly 100 million dollar suburbs in Auckland.

OPINION: If only the government could help those home buyers forced to become million-dollar men.

Public as banking watchdog

The public acting as watchdog is one of the "Three Pillars" keeping banks stable.

The public must be taught to watch the banks better, Reserve Bank believes.

Investments register cops criticism

Tablets and mobile phones are the tools people use to compare financial products these days.

Experts are unimpressed with public investment register.

Give cold, hard cash for Christmas

No-one has ever opened a Christmas present and been devastated to discover a large wad of cash.

OPINION: A padded envelope seems like a cop-out, but it might actually bring the most festive joy.

Where the bubble is biggest

You can't talk about New Zealand's property boom without first looking at what has happened in Auckland.

We've broken the country into 751 suburbs - how big is the house price bubble where you live?

After the boom, an opening video

3102016 Photo: ROSS GIBLIN\Fairfax
Generic. Wellington city living building Mt Victoria houses villa homes.

Wellington's property market was once in the stratosphere, but is it still in orbit?

Bidding in NZ's hottest housing market video

The median sale price in October 2016 was $923,750 compared with $624,500 in October 2015.

A typical Queenstown house now sells for over $1m, so what's it like in an auction room there?

Cashed-up buyers still out in force video

Potential Auckland house buyers eye up properties at the Barfoot and Thompson auction.

If a bubble is bursting in Auckland's housing market, there's not much evidence of it in this city auction room.

Lawyer wins disciplinary appeal

A couple's fight with a finance company ended up in a fight with their lawyer as well.

Papali'i Lagolago did her best with a very difficult client, High Court judge says.

BNZ closes Newtown branch

Newtown shopkeeper Nelish Vallabh is planning on changing banks following the closure.

The closure of BNZ's Newtown branch is causing a stir in the suburb with residents irked at the lack of information they received from the bank.

Victims angry and betrayed

Economic crime is estimated to cost New Zealand billions of dollars each year.

Think you're too smart to be a victim of fraud? Think again.

Worker unpaid for 10 weeks

Madmacman was ordered to pay $6072 in wages and $72 in court costs.

An employee unpaid for 10 weeks had his claim of a grievance thrown out by the Employment Court.

Retirement commissioner's satirical video video

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell is known for her frank style, and her willingness to crack a joke.

Diane Maxwell uses mockumentary trailer to remind New Zealanders of NZ Super sustainability.

Cost of The Block houses now

The house at 26a Newell Rd, Point Chevalier, was done up on the third season of The Block in 2014 and then sold again in ...

Savvy investors who bagged The Block houses have seen values soar in Auckland's rampaging property market.

That time house prices fell 75%

Ireland house prices nose-dived

The housing market killed the Celtic Tiger, stuffed it, and mounted it. Could the same thing happen here?

Oh Christmas stress

Father Christmas isn't planning on being quite so generous to parents and in-laws this year, Mastercard research ...

With Kiwis feeling cash-strapped this Christmas, parents and in-laws should get ready for gifts of socks and chocolates.

My housing bubble burst

Houses in the central Belfast street where reporter John Edens bought during the boom.

I got a 100 per cent mortgage, my home doubled in value - then I nearly lost it all.

Android Pay today - for some

NZ's the sixth country to receive Android Pay, which first launched in the US last year.

Google's Android Pay service has arrived in New Zealand, but only for BNZ customers.

The truth about KiwiSaver fees

When choosing your KiwiSaver provider, you shouldn't base the decision on fees - they are only one factor in your ...

OPINION: Don’t be fooled into believing low fees equals the best KiwiSaver fund.

The animal fat in our wallets

New Zealand's banknotes are made with the same polymer as the English five pound note, which has been revealed to ...

New Zealand's banknotes - like the new five pound note in England - are confirmed to contain animal fat.

Christmas injuries cost $10m

It's not a merry Christmas for those who end up injured during the festivities.

Christmas dangers are at every turn, leaving 12,000 New Zealanders injured last year.

Do consumer boycotts work? video

Ivanka Trump has been targeted by the #grabyourwallet campaign after her father's election.

Shopping season has begun, and so have the boycotts. Does being political when you spend have an impact?

The madness of bottled water

Sales of bottled water in NZ grew 25 per cent last year, and 25 per cent the year before.

On the surface of it, paying 5300 times over the odds for water is ridiculous. But we still do it.

Key to Marilyn Monroe's room video

Workers prepare for the auction display of Marilyn Monroe's personal belongings in Beijing???s World Financial Centre, ...

The key to a hotel room where Marilyn Monroe stayed in 1956 has sold at auction.

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