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Garage 'sleepout' fire risk

Get the wiring in the garage checked, to reduce the chance of having to call one of these.

People sleeping in garages bring extra fire risks, AA Insurance says.

We're playing Monopoly wrong video

The origins of Monopoly come from economist Henry George's book Progress and Poverty.

It turns out tears, anger and frustration are intended consequences of the popular board game.

How to save power this winter

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwi households switch power company every year.

One of the quickest ways to cut your power bill can be switching providers. Does it work?

You can cut your power bill

An inexpensive shower flow restrictor can save you $80 dollars a year.

Careful with that hot water, and other ways to cut winter power bills.

Get US$25 instantly

Fees and exchange rates vary between providers when money is sent overseas.

Sending money overseas? Who you do it with alters how much you get.

Are you over-spending?

A smaller household with a higher income, like the Chin-Wilsons, doesn't necessarily save more than larger households ...

Do you ever wonder if your household budget is wildly out of step with everyone else? You're about to find out the truth.

Your $40k moving bill

Just moved? Don't plan to do that again for a while.

You thought you had a fat capital gain when you sold your house, but did you see the moving bill?

Which is the most expensive vice?

How much does your habit cost?

Could your drinking, caffeine or junk food habit be more expensive than smoking?

Got a side hustle? Better pay tax

People turning over more than $60,000 a year via Airbnb could be liable for GST.

Concerns sharing economy could be creating new wave of tax dodging.

Live like Enid and prosper

Enid Ratahi-Pryor is a credit for Enid's everywhere.

 Are you living up to your name? There's a curious link between our first names, and our credit worthiness.

Toughen up, Mum and Dad

Richard Meadows: The "Bank of Mum and Dad" is popular all across the land, because the staff are invariably a bunch of ...

Richard Meadows asks what sort of bank manager offers piping-hot scones along with a no-questions-asked interest-free loan?

Picking the right KiwiSaver fund

There are a hell of a lot of KiwiSaver funds. To choose the perfect one for you requires research.

The questions to ask to know if you have the best KiwiSaver fund for you.

Households miss chance to save

Turning things off, rather than leaving them on stand-by, should save you 10 per cent on your power bill.

Power bills could be smaller but some consumers not taking action.

Conned by a friend

Ian Ludwig, being sentenced at the Auckland District Court, had been motivated by greed for a better lifestyle, "nothing ...

Ian Ludwig convinced a Hamilton woman to hand over half a million dollars. Now she feels 'stupid' for being sucked in.

How to save 40pc on a new phone

The new generation of TVs has permanently cut the price of lower-spec models.

Simple trick will save you hundreds of dollars when you're buying new technology.

Don't hide cash from kids

Try to let your kids see physical money, even if you rely on credit cards most of the time, one financial educator says.

How can you help your kids be financially savvy?

Heat your home cheaply

If you own a woodburner, keep it burning cleanly and efficiently.

Here are 10 tips for making your house easier, and less expensive, to heat:

Cheap iPhones spark warning

If you're offered a price that seems too good to be true, it might be, says Retail NZ.

Don't be lured into spending your hard-earned cash by deals that look too good to be true.

Bitcoin's worrying link to crime video

Bitcoin represents a "big risk" standing in the way of efforts to fight money laundering, claims bank chief risk officer.

Ransomware attack underscores the need for lawmakers to look more closely at bitcoin's role in financial crime.

Telco spending rises

16082016 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Wellington Central Railway station generic
public on smartphones
regional ...

Kiwis are now spending more on their mobiles than on fixed-line phones and broadband.

New Zealand's largest trustee company sold

Andrew Barnes, managing director of the country's largest trustee company Perpetual Guardian.

Complectus, which owns Perpetual Guardian and Guardian Trust, has been cleared for sale by the Overseas Investment Office.

Start your side hustle now video

Just going out there and starting your own business without overthinking it is the best thing you can do, Susie Moore says.

How do you start your own business if you don't have an idea? It can be done.

Living a money life online

Zane Doran and his wife Kylie, at the beach, where they could open a bank account, switch KiwiSaver fund, set up a ...

Switching banks and buying insurance online is easy, but there are risks when you cut out the middleman.

14 signs you're underpaid

Is there talk of annual bonuses, or performance bonuses, among your colleagues - but you've never received one yourself? ...

Feel like you're not receiving fair pay in your job? Here's 14 signs to back up that gut feeling.

Grey, but not gone

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell wants retirees to spend more time talking to younger generations about financial ...

Retirement commissioner urges young people to listen to the wisdom of retirees.

Chow brothers' mystery project

John Chow, left, with Clint Webber, Roger Kerr and Michael Chow.

Financial risk adviser appointed ahead of "yet to be announced new project".

How to shrink your power bill

Insulation is an essential investment for any homeowner.

Here are nine top tips you should follow to save money this winter.

AMP's KiwiSaver market share slips

Craig Meller, chief executive of AMP, said AMP had seen a rise in investors taking their money to other fund managers.

Lagging performance hits AMP's KiwiSaver scheme, but its managing director says returns are improving.

Funding in-home care for aged parents

Young carer walking with the elderly woman in the park

New Zealand should follow Australia in letting old people pick the people who come ot their homes to help them with intimate activities.

Who insures a Picasso nude? You do

Rodin's The Kiss is among the most-celebrated of the world's sculptures,  and at three and a half tonnes, it takes a bit ...

Like members of the Royal Family, great paintings do not travel together, and the most valuable often travel with a security detail.

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