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Want a cheap house? Go here

Struggling to buy a first home? There are parts of the country that are still very affordable.

A new study has revealed the parts of NZ where it's easiest to buy your first home.

Call to end commissions abuse

Partners Life managing director Naomi Ballantyne is urging Government action to force insurance advisers to justify ...

Government told to act to regulate insurance advisers to protect consumers.

Brexit has hit your savings

Britain's decision to quit the European Union took a lot of people - financial markets included - by surprise.

Britain's decision to quit the European Union has hit Kiwi savers - here's why.

Secret lives of insurance advisers

16052016 News Photo: Supplied/Reserve Bank of New Zealand. New 'bright' banknotes in circulation including the $5, $10, ...

One adviser earned 10 ten free trips from insurers in four years. He's about to be visited by the Financial Markets Authority.

Five pitfalls of switching insurer

A new insurer may not cover pre-existing conditions.

Moving from one life insurer to another brings five big risks, the Financial Markets Authority warns.

Online shopping hits $4.7b in NZ

Seven per cent of all shopping from New Zealand is done on UK websites.

 Online shopping takes another big leap, with UK websites commanding a growing audience.

12-yr-old petitions Countdown over eggs

Maja with one of her pet chickens.

Auckland youngster's online petition asking Countdown to stop selling caged eggs cracks 16K signatures.

Foreign-owned Kiwi wine company to list

Chinese-owned Marlborough Wine Estates Group, which owns O:Tu and Music Bay wine brands, will be the third Kiwi wine ...

Chinese-owned Marlborough Wine Estates Group will be the third Kiwi wine company to list on the stock exchange.

Brexit costs KiwiSaver members

Britain's decision to quit the European Union took financial markets by surprise, hurting KiwiSaver balances.

Hundreds of dollars have disappeared from KiwiSaver balances. What should you do about it?

Mortgage rules 'could cause meltdown'

Debt-to-income ratios could have unintended consequences on the housing market, it has been predicted.

If rules were introduced similar to Britain's, first-home buyers might only be allowed to borrow $250,000.

The benefit of Brexit

Taranaki could be totally out of pounds, with TSB Bank saying their next order was due to arrive on Friday.

Taranaki has sold out of its pounds as people in Taranaki rush to buy up the currency.

Credit cards cost us $2m a day

You don't have to cut them up – but make sure you pay off your credit card in full each month.

Too many Kiwis are needlessly racking up substantial credit card debt and paying off the bare minimum each month.

Scammer gets served video

Don't take these calls at face value.

A woman's reaction to a call claiming she owed IRD $4k had a scammer begging for mercy.

Brexit bargains for shoppers?

The improving exchange rate with Britain could make UK retailers like fashion brand ASOS even more popular with Kiwi ...

Kiwi shoppers could bag a bargain on UK websites in the coming weeks, thanks to Brexit.

How to be a millionaire by 30

They've either become millionaires or studied them, and now they're sharing their best advice.

They've either become millionaires or studied them, and now they're sharing their best advice.

Lending hits record highs

New figures from the Reserve Bank show a surge of lending on residential properties in May.

Mortgage lending keeps rising, with investors' share of the borrowing creeping up.

For the love of dog

Kiwis are willing to fork out a lot of money for their pets.

Kiwis are forking out for their pets to have chemotherapy and hip replacements, operations usually reserved for humans.

Look to Gold Coast, Auckland told

The skyscrapers along Surfers Paradise beach in the Gold Coast.

Lack of skyscrapers in wealthy Auckland waterfront suburbs is surprising, economist says.

Resist 'shopper's exhilaration' video

These people are exhibiting signs of marketing-induced shopper's hysteria.

OPINION: Buying great cushions with Mount Cook stitched on in mock-leather doesn't build your wealth.

'Nothing short of a political revolution'

Boris Johnson is a former colleague of New Zealand Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas..

Changes that have caused a "political revolution" throughout Britain could strengthen the ties between the two countries one Kiwi is torn between.

The Queen St shuffle

Auckland's rising population is sending demand - and rents - for downtown retail space to new heights.

Retail rents in Auckland CBD get too dear for the little guys.

'With risk comes opportunity' video

Warriors owner Eric Watson.

The uncertainty in the UK makes fertile ground for bold businesspeople, says Eric Watson.

Sterling dive gets Kiwis buying

The British Pound took a dive on the outcome of the Brexit vote - good news for Kiwis travelling to the UK.

Kiwi travellers have been keen buyers of sterling after the Brexit vote caused the pound to slump.

KiwiSaver Brexit reveal

Traders from BGC, a global brokerage company in London's Canary Wharf financial centre react as European stock markets ...

KiwiSavers have to wait to find out what damage the Brexit's done to their retirement savings.

Hordes of Kiwis pay no tax

Charley Monger says her Working for Families credits are a big help when it comes to providing for son Ezra.

New Zealand "never talks about" large numbers of people paying little or no tax.

Brexit could lift mortgage rates

Thanks a lot. Brexit may well result in Kiwis paying more for their mortgages.

The threat of higher mortgage rates follows Brexit vote.

Hip operations top health claims

Surgeries made up 73 per cent of total costs for Southern Cross.

Hip replacement costs health insurer Southern Cross more than any other surgical procedure.

RealMe puts on growth spurt

RealMe provides people with verified virtual identities, but only 170,000 have so far got one.

RealMe, the Government's digital identity proof service, is beginning to win over business.

Beware: IRD scam

Blenheim businesswoman Lorna Whitehead wants to warn people about a phone scam.

The caller claims to be from IRD and says the police are about to arrive.

Markets think no Brexit video

Voters outside a polling station, on the day of the EU referendum, in central London.

Financial markets' bets Britain won't leave the EU seem solid as Brexit campaign leader throws in towel.

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