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Cheesy ad boosts tax refund payouts video

Inland Revenue has spent $41,000 on a series of tax refund videos based on 1980s aerobics.

A cheesy aerobics video ad campaign has led to Inland Revenue handing out an extra $50 million in tax refunds.

"Property mogul" caution urged

Auckland property market booming.

New scheme offering investors shares in residential property from as little as $1000.

Belt-tightening will follow rates rises

It's rate rise season. Time to tighten the belt again.

OPINION: With average 9.9 per cent rates rises, it's time for Aucklanders to tighten those belts again.

Mortgage war reignites

Your new house
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Lowest home loan rate in two years is likely to be followed by more deals to come.

A Broker’s View

Heartland has traditionally offered investors higher deposit rates than their banking peers.

OPINION: We look at Heartland New Zealand, who haven't put a foot wrong lately.

Grocery promiscuity

We're a mixed basket when it comes to grocery shopping, with few of us loyal to any one supermarket.

Grocery shoppers are a promiscuous bunch, but the big supermarket chains want to earn back their loyalty.

Charity made easy

A mini drives through Invercargill as part of the Pork Pie Charity Run on Wednesday.

Few would dispute that giving is good. It's not just the recipients of giving who benefit.

KiwiSaver Spotlight

Each week we dissect a different KiwiSaver fund.

Grosvenor SRI Growth KiwiSaver Fund - a growth fund with an ethical twist.

Word of the Week

Each week Your Money defines a money term or word.

Each week we profile a money word or phrase. This week: IMF.

Jewellery theft victims underpaid

A spat between valuers has exposed deep confusion about the way stolen jewellery is valued.

Warring valuers are at odds over how to value lost antique jewellery.

Pawning valuables? Know your rights

Pawnbrokers offering quick cash have to abide by a strict set of rules.

OPINION: Pawnbrokers have to stick by the rules. Here's what you need to know.

Auckland houses set new records

Many Aucklanders are going to have to get used to a future of renting, reckons Massey University senior property lecturer Susan Flint-Hartle.

Auckland houses are now 56 per cent less affordable than homes elsewhere in the country.

Saving cash with the misunderstood microwave

Microwave cooking doesn’t make you a lazy slob- tell your friends you’re an energy efficiency champion.

Sharpen your knives- it's time to butcher kitchen power costs.

More mortgage rate cuts?

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler is expected to cut rates to 2.5 per cent.

Floating mortgage rates are tipped to fall sharply this year, but depositors will feel more pain.

Pets mean vet bills

Get pet insurance, or start saving. Vet bills can be huge, and it's hard to resist a dog that looks like this.

OPINION: If faced with a large vet's bill, I'd prefer to ask the vet to put the animal down and stick the money in the kids' education account.

Postponing your council rates

Rates postponement schemes are offered by council, but few people are using them.

Almost nobody is using the rates postponement schemes councils around the country offer.

Highs and lows

Share markets can easily change, so diversitfication is key.

New Zealand's Ponzi scheme shame

David Ross is New Zealand's most notorious Ponzi schemer.

Between 1991 and 2012, New Zealand had undetected Ponzi schemes operating.

ACC to refund 9000 motorists

Around 9000 car owners have been overcharged for their regos.

ACC has admitted thousands of motorists have been overcharged for their car registrations.

Always look for good fruit

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OPINION: None of us are above taking advice and we should all seek wisdom from others to strengthen our financial position.

More homes in Tauranga

Tauranga will get as many as 210 new homes in Special Housing Areas.

Up to 210 new homes will be built after Cabinet approves Special Housing Areas in Papamoa and Ohauiti.

Where to turn for money advice

The best advisers will do what's right for you, not line their own pockets.

OPINION: It seems expensive to hire advisers, but going alone can be even costlier.

Staying warm this winter

There’s nothing like a roaring fire in winter, especially when it's not costing a cent.

Secrets to staying toasty this winter without racking up a huge power bill.

Rotorua's new $24-millionaire

Lotto's latest millionaire won $24.3m tonight.

The $24 million Lotto prize has gone to a "very well deserving family".

Old white men top pay grades

Please, sir, I want some more: Bosses have kept wages low to hold on to profitability levels that have recovered from the GFC.

How does your salary stack up compared to the opposite sex?

Long road for innocent investor

Palliser Rd area in Roseneath, where Wellington Lawyer Hamish McIntosh owns property.

Wellington lawyer must pay back $454,0000 in fictitious profits paid to him in a massive Ponzi scheme.

Dream job: toy testers

Abbey Scott (9) and Manaia McCaul (6) have won their dream job as Toy testers for The Warehouse.

They haven't even left primary school, but two lucky kids have already landed their dream job.

The upside to being sacked

US businessman Donald Trump wanted to own the phrase "you're fired", but plenty of companies still use it.

The negatives of being sacked may seem to outweigh the positives, but there could be unexpected gains.

Treasury to Reserve Bank: Back off

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler has imposed a range of restrictions on lending

Treasury warns that some of the Reserve Bank's rules on mortgage borrowing may be outside its mandate.

Voluntary annuities for KiwiSavers mooted

It's time to look at providing more options for KiwiSavers to turn their nest eggs into retirement income.

The Government may have to go into the business of turning people's KiwiSaver nest eggs into lifetime income

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