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Start saving for pay equity

Kristine Bartlett, a caregiver to the elderly in a rest home, fronted a pay equity test case.

OPINION: NZ employers may hear a knock at their office door in the not too distant future, followed by a pay equity claim.

Lyttelton Port supports construction of cruise ship terminal

Back in the boom times: The Seabourn Sojourn at Lyttelton in 2011.

OPINION: Lyttelton Port of Christchurch chief executive Peter Davie responds to speculation about the return of cruise ships to the port.

Let's cut Santa loose

Let's ditch the fake snow, Santa sweating in his red suit, reindeers and tinsel and focus on what Christmas really means ...

OPINION: Time to ditch the fake snow and Santa sweating in his red suit, and focus on what Christmas really means for Kiwis.

'Tis the time to be jolly for Labour? video

Prime Minister John Key leaves a hole, undoubtedly. But how will Labour and the Greens capitalise?

OPINION: Labour and the Greens have played it graciously, but they must be a little pleased.

Beware DIY wills

DIY wills can lead to legal and financial complications for you loved ones.

OPINION: What are the dangers of completing a DIY will?

Housing bubble 'undeniable' video

Over the course of seven days, we'll explore the question of a housing bubble in New Zealand.

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub joined us to talk about housing bubbles. Here's what he said.

We're working harder. But smarter?

Productivity Commission chairman Murray Sherwin.

On January 20, the US will get a head of government who believes he can talk his way out of anything.

Taking the high road

Rhod Pickavance is chief executive of Christchurch transport software company, Connexionz

Christchurch can be a "smart" city as well as the Garden City by investing more in public transport technology.

Expecting the unexpected

Martin Hawes says fear trumps rational thought when it comes to the effects on market movements.

Recently, I happened across a small book that stands out with some key understandings on what works for investors.

Back to the future

Directors must field questions from informed shareholders who demand an increasiong amount of detail about businesses.

Boards are demanding more diversity and a wide range of skills to navigate the future, says Malcolm Phillipps, managing director at Phillipps Consulting

A property tipping point stuff nation video

Are we at a turning point in the residential property market? Probably not, reckons CoreLogic analyst Nick Goodall.

OPINION: Has New Zealand's housing market already passed the point of no return? How would we even be able to tell?

Move your server into the cloud

Technology managed to hold up well in the recent earthquake in stark contrast to the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 ...

OPINION: Moving IT into the cloud appears to have helped organisations keep their networks online after last month's 7.8 quake.

Harvey Norman misses mark

051113 Features Photo: JOSEPH JOHNSON Fairfax Media
PBI Electrical.
Harvey Norman, Hornby exterior, PBI Electrical did ...

OPINION: Harvey Norman is a loud and popular retailer, but rates poorly for customer satisfaction.

Minimise your mortgage pain

Stock Photo - Growing home sale in abstract background house prices housing finance generic buying off the ...

OPINION: Mortgage interest rates are rising, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Stop talking about sport at work so much

Even the Royal Family is in on the sports thing.

When I moved from Sydney to London in my 20s I didn't expect much of a cultural clash. After all, I spoke English and had grown up with BBC imports on TV.

Debate about media ownership

The Commerce Commission appearst to be on weak ground refusing a merger between Fairfax Media and NZME based on the ...

OPINION: The proposed merger between Fairfax Media and NZME triggers a rare debate about media ownership in NZ.

Quit wailing over 'housing bubble' video

A house for sale in Auckland. Is there really a housing bubble in the city, or the rest of NZ?

OPINION: All desirable cities have high houses prices - we just have to live with it.

Bosses need to catch up

True flexibility gives people autonomy over their lives, while still making sure they stay accountable for the work they do.

OPINION: It's time to retire the traditional nine-to-five work day.

Lifting the corporate veil

There may be little Pumpkin Patch head office workers can do to recover redundancy compensation owed given the company ...

OPINION: Pumpkin Patch head office staff will probably struggle to lift the corporate veil and recover what they are owed by the failed retailer.

NZ's post-quake message

16112016 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Cordon continues on Hawkestone street
Earthquake: Damage to quake-hit ...

They say it takes years to build a reputation, and one bad headline to destroy it.

Cashflow key to success

Without cashflow your business cannot function.

OPINION: It doesn't matter how cashed up you think you are, there are always more bills to pay.

Giving them what they want

Customers are happy when they can find what they need and also things which they didn't think they needed but now desire.

Take customers beyond 'what they know they want' to 'what they don't know they want'.

Financial confidence boost

New Zealand is far ahead other developed nations in financial literacy.

It is simply incorrect that Kiwis do not have financial knowledge and we should give ourselves a lot more credit than we do.

Treasury review 'dense waffle'

Treasury needs to work on its communication skills and putting the public back into public policy, says Shamubeel Eaqub.

Despite sound analysis and a welcome regional focus, poor communication will limits its impact.

Private public partnerships in tourism

Sierra and tallulah O'Donnell with their llamas Champenoise Flora and Farrah.

OPINION: Tourism is our biggest export earner, but a better way to fund infrastructure is needed to maximise the benefits.

You narrowly missed a big bill

Much of the damage as a result of the Kaikoura quake was to infrastructure and roads.

OPINION: Much of NZ has dodged a major insurance bullet. Time to reassess if you're prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Lessons from the TPPA

Marchers protest against the TPPA, which was signed by the New Zealand Government but rejected by the US ...

Opinion: Trade agreements have too often become deals at any cost.

Politics of trade have changed

Donald Trump says he will get rid of the TPP pact on "day one" of his presidency.

OPINION: Trump's victory is not just about the end of one pact, but a political consensus that held for decades.

Treasury: speak more plainly

"Throwing more people at jobs is good for high employment, but doesn't raise total national prosperity unless the jobs ...

OPINION: Pattrick Smellie deciphers the Treasury's four-yearly look at public finances.

Are you protected?

Tim Fairbrother

OPINION: Make sure you have the right insurances in place to support your family.

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