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Workforce ageism is thriving

It's time to lay bare that dirty, big and open secret that ageism doesn't just exist.

OPINION: At 62, it appears that I am on the workforce scrap heap.

Immigration suppressing pay rates

Telani Esene, left, Kristine Bartlett and Eneata Apineru celebrate their historic pay equity.

OPINION: New Zealand's immigration settings are keeping Kiwis out of jobs, suppressing pay rates and impacting house prices.

Buying into a memory

Sue Allen - nostalgia and premium prices seem to go together.

OPINION: What do Kate Moss, Nokia phones and LadyBird books have in common? Time and again, nostalgia sells.

Dairy farmers portrayed unfairly

11022017 Farming Photo: Sonita Chandar/FairfaxNZ: 
Phil Cantwell comes from a sheep and beef farming background but made ...

OPINION: I won't be the only one who has noticed the put downs, insults and the unjust tactics we witness on TV screens every day.

Viva la CBD

Justin Kean ..

City lover Justin Kean explains why city centres will always have their place.

Cash is king of the investment realm

Cash comes into its own when investment conditions deteriorate.

OPINION: in a market downturn, cash is king. But it's not so regal in good investment times,

Lessons in selling from the Amazon model

Amazon has proved to be a global success with its quick and convenient e-commerce model.

OPINION: What does Amazon's arrival in Australia mean for key bricks and mortar retail categories in NZ?

Inflation's threat to mortgages

Higher tax on cigarettes and alcohol have helped drive up the cost of living.

OPINION: The economy is moving back to some semblance of normality and so should interest rates.

Making a pact with nature

23012016 Summer pix -  Moonrise at Anaura Bay  Taken by Wade Walker-Berben

OPINION: Let's remake our relationship with nature.

Grabbing the reins of disruption

Beetles and Kombis were so successful, they were in production for decades, teaching us a thing or two about disruption.

OPINION: Kombi was a disruptor, and new currency system Blockchain could be the same.

To the workplace sleazes video

The US Fox News channel dropped its top anchor Bill O'Reilly following a review of sexual harassment claims against him.

OPINION: "Some people are leg men, some are breast men," said an old boss of mine. Then it got creepier.

Ticket resellers under spotlight

One fan was upset at being charged ten times the original price for Adele tickets.

OPINION: Consumer NZ is joining an international investigation into websites that cash in on fans' disappointment.

Separating? Don't do this

Liz Koh says it's inevitable that your lifestyle will have to change if you split from your partner.

OPINION: Splitting up is never easy, here's how you can avoid making it any harder.

The trouble with 'swimmable'

Beef cattle roam along a Bay of Plenty river bed.

OPINION: A new report rams home the complexity of cleaning up our dirty rivers, says Pattrick Smellie.

Getting more from tech

Kirk Hope is the chief executive of BusinessNZ.

Opinion: New Zealand's tech sector is diversifying, but we need to get more of it.

Time to throw Wicked on the barbie?

Some Wicked Campers vans sport drug messages but others are said to be indecent, sexist or degrading to women.

OPINION: Wicked Campers is making a mockery of attempts to curb the use of offensive slogans on its vans.

The minefield of microchipping

Fancy one of these in your hand, instead of a swipe card?

OPINION: A Swedish company has started implanting workers, but convenience also brings concerns.

One good step, hundreds to go

Lower Hutt aged care worker Kristine Bartlett was the face of a campaign for equal pay.

OPINION: Better pay for aged-care workers is a win but what about all the other female-dominated professions still paid a pittance?

Equal pay settlement could lead the way

John Ryall says the Government stepped up to the plate to negotiate a settlement with sector unions because it was the ...

OPINION: Perhaps it is time to look at a fairer way to set wages in New Zealand.

How marketers took Easter

Cas Carter hardly recognises modern Easter for anything other than a marketing paradise.

OPINION: Hardware stores and garden centres have become 'essential services' during the Easter break.

Active v passive investment

New Zealand Superannuation Fund. Super Fund chief investment officer Matt Whineray.

OPINION: One of the topics brought up in recent debates about the New Zealand Superannuation Fund is the difference between active and passive investment.

Robertson ponders Reserve Bank review

Damien Grant: Grant Robertson is unlikely to believe anything I have to say. I understand that. Not even my wife ...

OPINION: The Reserve Bank's credibility was expensive to obtain, but could be lost cheaply, writes Damien Grant.

Diving into energy transformation

The Energy Council says its work is a "deep dive" into the issues surrounding clean technology.

OPINION: We humans have to achieve the greatest shift in the energy sources we use in our history.

Shamubeel Eaqub: A brighter road ahead?

A book examining the problems of British cities has lessons for Auckland, says economist Shamubeel Eaqub.

OPINION: It is getting harder to live and move around in Auckland - would devolution help?

Staying on top of work and income trends

Learning the language of money management is an important part of growing up.

OPINION: Financial capability should be taught from an early age.

Europe at a crossroads

The French general election may be happening far away, but their fallout could affect your investments, says Sheldon ...

OPINION: Uncertainty stalks investors ahead of the French general election.

Are you learning the right things to be successful?

Business coach Zac de Silva, says life-long learning can freshen up business minds.

OPINION: What are you learning that will make you more successful?

Financial help - Is it a gift or is it a loan?

Jeremy Sutton is an Auckland-based family lawyer and barrister.

OPINION: Getting some financial help to buy a house? Make sure you know if its a gift or a loan.

Breaking into the tight five

Mike O'Donnell is not convinced the likes of Trade Me, Orion Health, Chorus or Vistra will rise to become one of the top ...

OPINION: Apart from Xero, which NZ tech companies could join the "tight five"?

Auckland eyesore a symbol of failure

Number 33 Asquith Ave in Auckland's Mt Albert has been empty for four years.

OPINION: A lump of prime land 10 minutes from Queen St has become a symbol of Housing NZ’s leisurely response to Auckland’s housing crisis.

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