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Welcome the era of populism

Nobody knows yet what effects Donald Trump's presidency will have on the world economy.

OPINION: 2017 is the beginning of the new order of populism, but we have little idea how it will unfold.

Five friendly focus points

Getting on top of stress is key to improving performance at work and in business.

Five things to focus on for a successful 2017.

January, the motivating month

Martin Hawes says motivation and new habits can be formed in weeks.

You should not underestimate the power of setting goals, says Martin Hawes.

Citizens can be changemakers

New Zealand needs its citizens to clamour for change so that inequality in the country can be addressed, says Rod Oram.

New Zealand can help all nations respond well to the intense political, economic, social, technological and environmental disruptions roiling the world.

Trump's NZ man is a mystery

Kiwi businessman Chris Liddell remains an enigma.

OPINION: Chris Liddell could be Mother Theresa or Mussolini. NZ never actually asked him his values.

IPhones to iPolitics

As a trading nation, what other countries do matters to New Zealand, whether it's the US, Russia, Australia, China or ...

Opinion: Donald Trump is suggesting significantly higher tariffs to protect American jobs. We have to be careful how we respond to such a move.

A stronger New Zealand

Rather than dwelling on statistics pointing out the current misrepresentation of boards, perhaps we would do well to ...

Opinion: Under-representation of women on boards not only raises concerns about equal rights and opportunities for women, but also undermines business success.

Customers drive banking innovation

Karen Scott-Howman is the chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers' Association.

Where bankers may once have shunned technology, the opposite is true today.

Heading for a global market meltdown?

Bank of America calls it the Icarus Trade: Global stock markets will surge another 10 per cent in a parabolic "melt-up" ...

OPINION: Beware the Icarus Trade, a market "melt-up" followed by a mirror "melt down".

The business of human rights

Rebecca McAllum is a human rights consultant and lawyer.

Why New Zealand’s business community needs to become human rights savvy.

'Cake culture' warning leaves sour taste

The technical name for this lurking office health threat is "cake", although it also travels under the names "slice", ...

OPINION: As doctors warn office 'cake culture' is now the biggest risk to health, the proper response should be, "Oh, puh-leeze".

How Israel could wage 'war' on NZ

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says there will be "consequences" for the Israel-New Zealand relationship.

OPINION: The prospect of an invasion is laughable, but it could do damage in other ways if it chose to.

Ignore the Tweeter-in-Chief

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks briefly to reporters between meetings at the Mar-a-lago Club in Palm Beach, ...

OPINION: Trump has no understanding of the modern auto industry, but isn't afraid to show off his ignorance.

Adapting to climate change

Tim Grafton, chief executive of Insurance Council of New Zealand.

Insurers are society's risk manager. Climate change puts this role under threat.

Five unlikely, but possible, events

US president-elect Donald Trump is a sure thing to surprise the world this year.

There are some givens for 2017, but what are the genuine black swans which could disrupt the financial markets?

Visitors should pay their way

A tourist levy would help fund popular spots that otherwise have low rating bases, such as Tekapo, argues Mike Yardley.

OPINION: We need to fix our groaning tourist infrastructure, but why should Kiwis be nailed by tourist taxes in their own country?

Trump says his business is 'simple'

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks briefly to reporters between meetings at the Mar-a-lago Club in Palm Beach, ...

OPINION: Donald Trump insists his business arrangements aren't complex, which doesn't explain why it's taking so long to sort them.

The year of becoming resilient

A freight train trapped by landslides north of Kaikoura.

OPINION: The Kaikoura quake should be the last wake-up call we need, says Peter Silcock.

What does one generation owe the next?

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell.

Today NZ Super costs $30 million a day. In 20 years, it will rise to $98m a day.

NZ's trade win overlooked

Nasi lemak with beef rendang at Malaysian Chapter.

OPINION: Barely noticed in the run-up to Christmas, NZ had a good old-fashioned victory after losing about $1b in exports to Indonesia.

How to find more time for fun

What's the point of working so hard? How can I find a better balance between work and play?

OPINION: Time is one of the most valuable commodities we possess but, like money, we can all spend it more wisely.

Knowledge, not resources, drive growth

Economists have been saying for years that growth is becoming 'weightless'.

OPINION: Of peak oil and the paperless office. It's knowledge, not resources, that drives economic growth.

Work and dignity

man; poor; unemployed; problem; junkie; beard; thinking; sadness; loneliness; depressed; sitting; sofa; depression; sad; ...

OPINION: If the market won't pay you to do a job then it's not worth doing, some people say. That kind of thinking is very wrong.

Email too short – here's why

Mike O'Donnell will be turning his phone off this summer.

OPINION: Ever feel it takes you longer to reply to an email than to actually do what it may be requesting?

Sharing a sex shop's name

Anne Summers realises her name is a joke in Britain, but it's wearing a bit thin.

I get at least one email a week from a dissatisfied customer of the Ann Summers chain.

Nine steps to a retirement plan

Tim Fairbrother

OPINION: Here are a few tips on how to secure your financial future.

Let business help make things better

Business New Zealand chief executive Kirk Hope.

Many in business would like to see continued improvement in financial and overall wellbeing and less hardship and inequality in New Zealand.

Is Auckland's rapid economic growth a hazard?

ATEED's Patrick McVeigh.

OPINION: As New Zealand heads into election year it's timely to reflect on how we are positioned for growth and what this means for Auckland.

Pike River re-entry huge risk

Pike River families' road block on a privately owned section of Logburn Rd.

OPINION: Solid Energy risks million of dollars in fines under health and safety laws if it re-enters the Pike Rive mine.

Be Uber, not taxis, businesses told

A photo illustration shows the Uber app logo displayed on a mobile telephone, as it is held up for a posed photograph in ...

Warning that tech giants will make whole sectors obsolete next year, and some are more at risk than others.

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