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Adventures in personal data

Business columnist Mike O'Donnell.

OPINION: You can go nuts Googling job applicants, just apply a healthy dose of skepticism to what you might find.

It's our water

"I don't want to skite, but I doubt I even used 20 litres during the near-crisis," says Michele A'Court.

OPINION: I live in a place where we run out of water when it rains a lot. Try explaining that to your kids.

Sky appeal would be mistake

11112016 SUPPLIED. Vodafone Sky TV

OPINION: Sky Television will need to draw a line under its failed merger soon and win back consumers' hearts.

Tell us where our food's from

Gold3, the new gold kiwifruit setting export records is more tolerant to Psa, has more complex flavours, is bigger and ...

OPINION: Kiwifruit "fresh from Opotiki". At least, that's what the sign in the supermarket said.

Kick your credit card habit

Are your credit card purchases simply adding to Visa's bottom line?

OPINION: Is the plastic in your wallet enabling an expensive addiction?

Battle for Wellington Central

Wellington Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Milford.

OPINION: Wellingtonians need to start thinking now about the issues that matter to them and the city.

A future with fewer cows

The Vivid report is more subtle than simply recommending a cow cull.

OPINION: Remember, change can come quickly - it happened to sheep farmers.

All firms vulnerable to IT theft

Employment lawyer Peter Cullen.

OPINION: The stakes are huge when a departing employee takes confidential information.

College has work to do

A protest by students in response to the events at Wellington College and St Patrick's Silverstream.

OPINION: Every business has a brand that must be managed - a school is no exception.

Industrial land could house 60,000 homes

Justin Kean says Auckland's older industrial areas could house 60,000 houses.

OPINION: Should older industrial areas be turned at least partially into housing?

Why we need to learn more about Asia

Executive director of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Simon Draper talks about why we need to experience Asia.

Two-thirds of New Zealanders say they know little or nothing about Asia.

Questions in economic entrails

Shamubeel Eaqub says New Zealand is still trying to cope with major issues.

OPINION: Economic data is good at a superficial level, but the details are more modest.

Buffett bets against the hedge funds

Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has a bet that a share index will outperform hedge funds.

OPINION: Will Warren Buffett's bet on a share index beat hedge fund returns?

Let's feed the hunger for hope

A man walks on a bridge in the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai, China March 9, 2017. REUTERS/Aly Song

OPINION; What message do we have as New Zealanders?

Don't be too hasty on social media

26012015 News Photo: Kevin Stent/Fairfax NZ.  G2G Knowhow chief, Mike O?Donnell. G2G Knowhow is established as a joint ...

Businesses need to be careful about where and how they use social media.

Turned down for a job?

In the end, winners are just people who keep trying. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again: You ...

It's what you do when you face adversity that defines you. You are now one rejection closer to success

Citizenship mess deepens

Internal Affairs says fewer than half of 'exceptional' citizenship grants have been for humanitarian reasons.

Internal Affairs: Fewer than half of 'exceptional' citizenship grants have been for humanitarian reasons.

Corporatese must die

Corporatese and its neutering of the language is no longer restricted to the office.

You've spent far too much time trapped in meetings, your brain melted by gobbledegook.

Time to sort your will

Darryl and Christine are in their mid 40s with two dependent children. They own a busy restaurant in Taupo where Darryl ...

OPINION: Don't rely on chance - make sure your estate planning is in order.

Don't worry about the pension age

Young people have more control over their retirement than they might think.

OPINION: Here's how you can retire at 65, even if you won't get NZ Super until you're 67.

Trading water rights

More than 15,000 people signed a petition calling for a ban on exports of bottled water.

OPINION: Like electricity and fisheries, trading rights might prevent water being undervalued.

Get ready for when it pours video

These falls south of Auckland in the Hunua Ranges were a raging torrent.

OPINION: The cost of upgrading NZ's water infrastructure will be in the billions, and it won't happen soon.

No time for a breather

Callaghan Innovations chief executive, Victoria Crone.

OPINION: The pace of change has never been faster, but there’s no point trying to catch a breather, Victoria Crone says. In partnership with Callaghan Innovation.

False claims can backfire

Employers must treat employee allegations seriously but with care.

What happens when one employee makes a false allegation about another?

What's TPP plan B?

Despite the opinion of some members of the public, New Zealand stood to benefit from the TPPA, which now looks unlikely ...

OPINION: Free-trade deals are even more vital in a quickly changing world.

We all have ad blindness

One particular advert appealed to Cas Carter's parental guilt.

OPINION: Why did one particular advert jump out at me? Because it got me right between the guilty parent eyes.

Twitter's Trump card

Even the Twitter account of Rogue NASA was seen replying to a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Why President Trump could be the best thing to ever happen to Twitter

Let me mansplain to you ...

Actress Emma Watson hit back at criticism for baring her breasts in a Vanity Fair photo shoot. "Feminism is not a stick ...

OPINION: There's a reason men thrive in the workplace, and it's not sexism. It's because successful men get the girls.

How our tech is spying on us

Driving in peak hour traffic this week I noticed a young woman in a zippy silver coupe, driving a little erratically. ...

OPINION: I'd never been a popular child, says Alison Mau, but for 72 golden hours the latest Betamax video recorder made me cool. So what happened?

Keeping an eye on investments

Commentators predicting lower returns should be studying whether future retirees can save more, as well as likely future ...

OPINION: The saving rate usually beats the investment rate

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