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Busting the tax mythbusting

Eric Crampton.

OPINION: It's no myth that at least 40 per cent of households pay no net taxes.

Finer points of going on strike

Demonstrators in Brazil chant during a protest against tightening pensions, as the country continues to suffer through a ...

OPINION: Aussie coal miner who led workers off the job in their underpants ended up getting sacked.

That dreaded savings trapdoor stuff nation

All it can take is one unexpected bill to throw people off course when they're trying to save.

How do you start saving when life keeps throwing unexpected bills at you?

When big business backs social enterprise

Founder and chief executive of Figure.NZ Lillian Grace.

OPINION: It feels like we're entering a new era - one in which a corporate entity can do good by backing a social enterprise to make a country even better.

China boosts Sydney house prices video

The top-tier cities in Australia are cheap compared to the top-tier equivalents in China.

OPINION: Young Chinese, shut out of their home market, snap up foreign real estate using apps.

Getting stalked by retailers

"If a company started getting into my texts me as well, I'd be half demented," Sue Ellen says.

OPINION: I signed up to companies' email offers. Oh lordy. Please, make it stop.

Critical thinking

Business coach Zac de Silva is holding business planning workshops in May.

OPINION: Get a business plan to do well.

NZ's grim house price reality

Saving a deposit is one of the largest barriers to home ownership, says Shamubeel Eaqub.

OPINION: If you start now, you can realistically save a deposit by 2040 and then pay the house off in 2056.

Despots and lolly scrambles, it's election year

Does Finance Minister Steven Joyce have a lucky budget day tie? We'll find out Thursday, along with how he (also as ...

OPINION: The treasure chest is about to open. What election year surprises await?

Liquidating your KiwiSaver funds

A 65th birthday can be a milestone for savings and investments planning.

OPINION; You do not have to leave KiwiSaver when you turn 65.

Ticking all the right boxes

Mike O'Donnell says: ''Staff are encouraged to tweet about their day.''

OPINION: Two young dudes can teach us a lot about the tech game, Mike O'Donnell writes.

Ditching weekend work is hard

Weekend emails

Like many small business owners, I spent years working weekends. But this year, I decided to stop.

Housing environment grave

Days after the Government announced its housing policy, Goldman Sachs claimed the New Zealand housing market was the ...

OPINION: There is increasing evidence that housing inflation is now the main reason for inequality.

A diagnosis for our hospitals

The idea that local communities are best served by locals might not be the case with district health boards.

OPINION: The question of why a country the size of NZ has 20 district health boards won't be answered any time soon.

Millennials need to start at the bottom

Instead of filling millennials' heads with stories of instant success, we need to be realistic about what it takes to do ...

OPINION: We have told millennials the sky is the limit. Now they want to start among the stars.

Dismissing sick workers

Peter Cullen says an employer is not required to keep a job open indefinitely.

OPINION: Some basic errors were made when a port worker with post-traumatic stress disorder was sacked.

Yo Nats, where's my money?

Rapper Eminem alleges the National Party has used one of his tracks in an advertisement without permission.

OPINION: National has endured a court room comedy after allegedly ripping off bad boy rapper Eminem sound track.

Tax those tourists

200114 NEWS. Robert Charles/Taranaki Daily News. Freedom campers. No Camping sign at the Lee Breakwater car park at Port ...

OPINION: A tourist levy is needed for our "teetering" hotspots. And a $20 departure tax would be a good start.

Is our future electric?

A team of Canterbury University students this electric eco-car for a world Eco-Marathon competition in Singapore in April.

OPINION: The myth is that a conspiracy hobbled electric cars. The truth is more about nerds and batteries.

The ties that bind

Siah Hwee Ang: ''Our value proposition needs to be crystal clear.''

OPINION: Asian economies are increasingly sophisticated and inter-connected, Siah Hwee Ang writes.

Cut out the smashed avos, MPs

Green Party co-leader James Shaw - one his $180,000+ salary, says he can't afford to buy a first home in Wellington, ...

OPINION: I struggle to find sympathy for MPs earning over $180K complaining they can't afford to buy a first home.

Shamubeel Eaqub: Banks, not RBNZ driving the economy

It may be banks, not the RBNZ that will be driving the economy and housing market over the next few years, says ...

OPINION: Banks not RBNZ driving the economy 

Be resilient by building a shelter for financial storms

Being prepared for inclement financial weather is a necessity, says Martin Hawes.

OPINION: The Government wants to prepare for a rainy day, and we should be doing that too.

Swimming with the big fish

Mike O'Donnell

OPINION: Getting a deal over the line is a skill all in itself.

Don't over-save for retirement

Theoretical strategies might be okay for games but are not so good when your lifestyle hangs in the balance.

OPINION: You only retire once. Don't leave 50 per cent of your life savings at the pearly gates.

Overcoming 'Bag Lady Syndrome'

Homelessness is a nightmare many people in the US fear is stalking them.

OPINION: Overcoming the fear of financial destitution.

Are you ready for retirement?

Renee is a 28-year-old single mum renting in Palmerston North with her two young children. She works 
full-time as a ...

OPINION: It's never too early to make sure you are on the right track.

Earthquake report 'sobering'

Mr Monopoly next the the Wellington Cable Car, during the announcement of the Wellington edition of the famous board game.

OPINION: Steps need to be taken to improve Wellington's earthquake resilience.

Migrants - threat or opportunity?

Pattrick Smellie says planning for a larger, wealthier population could be more compelling than throwing money at every ...

OPINION: A bigger NZ isn't necessarily a bad thing, Pattrick Smellie suggests.

Don't go nuclear, get mediation

Susan Hornsby-Geluk says in mediation, parties can make concessions without worrying that it will haunt them.

OPINION: Mediation is a time-honoured solution to even the worst of situations.

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