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Travel insurance tales of caution

Overseas holidays without insurance can be an invitation for trouble

OPINION: An overseas holiday can be laced with risks, which is where your insurance comes in.

Beating the Christmas financial stress

If Christmas makes you feel stressed, it is time to reinvent the way you celebrate it.

OPINION: Christmas is great, except for the quarter of people suffer financial stress at Yuletide.

Clarifying the rules around tax assessment

Making a mistake on your tax assessment isn't the end of the world.

OPINION: Making mistakes in your tax assessment isn't the end of the world.

Resolving workplace bullying issues

The new WorkSafe Guidelines on bullying do not require an intention to bully.

OPINION: New guidelines have led to an increase in consciousness among employees of what bullying is and is not.

China opening up its market

Chinese consumers are making new demands of international food brands, posing challenges for Western firms already grappling with slower sales and intense competition in the world's most populous nation.

OPINION: China is liberalising its massive consumer market.

Don't be dinosaurs

A board of thirteen directors is "prehistoric" say critics.

The governance structure at Fonterra is under the spotlight after a shareholder protest vote.

KiwiSaver's advice gap

Martin Hawes says many investors will have gone into unsuitable funds because they haven't taken advice.

Out of every 1,000 KiwiSaver sales or transfers, it's estimated that only three have been sold with personalised advice.

iPredict no place to launder money

Prediction website iPredict, declared by Associate Justice Minister Simon Bridges as a money laundering risk, allows traders to bet on political and economic events.

If you wanted to launder money, iPredict would hardly be your best choice, economist claims

What happens when every day is Christmas?

Amazon's fulfillment centre prepares for Black Friday in England. Black Friday has overtaken Cyber Monday as Amazon.co.uk's busiest day with 5.5 million items sold on the day last year.

OPINION: Has Cyber Monday had its day as big retailers increasingly offer deep discounts year round.

Brokers view: Outlook lifts for Kathmandu

06072015 Photo:Ross Giblin/FairfaxNZ
Shoppers at Kathmandu store in Willis St, Wellington.

OPINION Kathmandu's chief executive will have to rebuild excitement in the company's sales.

Who to turn to for export help

Exporting doesn't have to be a nightmare thanks to a number of helpful organisations.

OPINION: The road to exporting can be hard but luckily, there are organisations out there that businesses can turn to for support.

Do good with your money

Can you use your investment returns to make the world a better place?

OPINION: Well-being not just about personal wealth but about the health of communities.

James Grigor: Trading on tourism

Air New Zealand faces rising competition from other airlines flying into the country.

It has been a strong year for the tourism industry as shown by Statistics New Zealand numbers released this week.

Grinding noises from broadband policy

People are no longer asking why, but when, they will get ultrafast broadband.

OPINION: Rural broadband shown up by success of UFB scheme.

Cashing in annual leave

Cashing up some of your annual leave may not relieve work stress, but it can ease financial stress.

OPINION: Many are boosting their incomes by cashing in some of their annual leave.

Internet users losing patience

We are not called the always-on generation for nothing.

OPINION: Internet providers still need to get better at notifying customers of outages.

Climate change talks: a brief guide

There will be global action on climate change, and the Paris summit is more likely than any global summit since the Copenhagen summit in 2009, to stitch together a deal.

OPINION: The global climate change summit talks kick off in Paris on Monday, we provide a guide to some of the key questions.

Don't let the office party get too taxing

Don't blow out the tax bill on that end of year work do.

OPINION: Inland Revenue keeps a close eye on office Christmas parties too.

HIV remains a workplace stigma

Sheen tells Today host Matt Lauer that he still had several opportunities, shows and films he could put "start dates on" after revealing that he is HIV positive.

OPINION: The stigma of HIV could be considered a workplace hazard that employers are obliged to manage.

NZ carbon policy lacking

Ice melts on a glacier in Argentina.

OPINION: New Zealand needs to stop coasting and start peddling, says climate change professor David Frame.

Why Kiwis need Thanksgiving

Pele Ineleo at today's Thanksgiving dinner, given by the US Embassy at Downtown Community Ministry.

OPINION: It's a good time of year to step back and be thankful for what we do have.

NZ second most business-friendly country

New Zealand second overall for ease of doing business acording to the World Bank, but trading across borders continues to rank low at 55.

OPINION: New Zealand is one of the easiest countries to do business according to the World Bank’s Doing Business Index.

Knights of business, I've met a few

Collecting business knights became an "accidental hobby", Terry Hall says.

OPINION: After more then four decades as a financial columnist for Fairfax NZ publications, Terry Hall signs off.

Boring but beautiful

Industrial premises can bring home solid returns for investors.

Industrial property is one of those boring investments that just keeps on giving.

Terrorism moves online

Terrorists depend on the open media processes of free countries to broadcast their actions, like the Paris attacks.

OPINION: Social media allows terrorists to communicate directly with 3 billion people.

British woman chief for Cognition Education

Tina Lucas is to be the new chief executive of international education provider, Cognition Education next year.

A global search has recruited a female chief executive for New Zealand based Cognition Education

Scratching Backs

If you're all alone on your own self-employed island, stop it.

OPINION: Despite many freelancers and one-man-banders working in various creative industries, being a loner kind of comes with the territory.

Taxman targets employee share schemes

The Commissioner for Inland Revenue has issued two revenue alerts on employee share schemes.

OPINION: Employee share schemes are about to come under the microscope of IRD auditors.

Shared living can mean shared problems

Apartments can be popular. The 67-unit Botanica apartment building in Auckland's Mt Eden sold in just six weeks

OPINION: Central city living is proving increasingly popular. You just need to be aware of the challenges.

More green tea for Australia

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government appears to be taking a lead from New Zealand and seems intent on a range of reforms to encourage long-term growth.

OPINION: Business and consumer confidence across the Tasman both point to economic expansion.

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