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No more Cadbury for me video

Cadbury's chocolate bars and garish packaging are targeted at the homogenous tastes of millions of people globally.

OPINION: I will never buy Cadbury's chocolate again after it decided to close its Dunedin factory.

Experts are people too

Shamubeel Eaqub says experts should reconnect with a wider society in the way they communicate.

OPINION: Except for a handful, most academics are invisible in public life, sidelined and ridiculed.

Procrastination's naked truth

Procrastination prevents many people from achieving their goals.

OPINION: Victor Hugo wrote naked so he had a good way to avoid procrastination and get himself working.

Keeping it clean

Fast changing technology offers opportunity for economic gains.

It's still very early days for electric vehicles in New Zealand, but the trends are promising in both passenger and commercial sectors.

Retailers prepare for foreign invasion

Wellington Department store Kirkcaldie and Stains doorman Neville Wellbourn and another staff member shut the doors for ...

OPINION: Retailers are bracing for the arrival of more global brands which threaten to slash prices.

A financial gamble

Binary options are no more an investment than a bet at a casino, says Janine Starks.

OPINION: You wouldn't bet the house on a horse, so why take a punt on a dodgy investment?

Sort your home loan

Warren and Judith are looking to retire in the next five years. Warren works in the NZ Army and Christine is a part-time ...

OPINION: Do you have a solid financial plan in place to create, protect and grow your wealth?

Bang for Budget buck

Infrastructure and modernising tax are the two critical areas of spending of this year's Budget surplus, Kirk Hope says.

OPINION: Investing in infrastructure and modernised tax would give us good bang for the buck from the budget surplus.

Banks' balancing act

Debt stalks the banks.

Banks are going to be stalked by debt

Power faces 'internet moment'

Australia has a heavy dependence on coal-fired electricity generation.

OPINION: Declining demand is forcing NZ's biggest electricity companies to think hard about the future.

Drug tests can get it wrong

All Black Patrick Tuipulotu was cleared of using performance enhancing drugs after the results of his B-sample were negative.

OPINION: If mistakes can be made in drug tests for All Blacks, how can employers rely on their drug testing systems?

Know your metrics to grow business

Working out your sales metrics can make your business more successful.

OPINION: Which customers are giving you the most commercial scope?

How weather affects spending

A spell of wind and rain will have you ignoring convertibles and instead 'over valuing' 4-wheel drives and heated seats.

OPINION: Sunshine – or the lack of it – has an enormous effect on whether we open our wallets or not.

Good time to reform Reserve Bank

Finance Minister Steven Joyce has announced there will be a caretaker governor for the Reserve Bank, after Graeme ...

OPINION: Graeme Wheeler's departure offers an opportunity to make some overdue changes to an important institution.

A treadmill or a ladder?

Getting off the hedonistic "hamster wheel"  of consumerism can be difficult, says Martin Hawes.

Why are so many people earning over $100,000 a year finding it difficult to live on their income?

Searching for a new pioneer

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler is not seeking a second term in the role.

Finding the right replacement for Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler poses an extraordinary challenge.

No more witch hunts

"Having the world's most entrepreneur-friendly visas can only be good for the country's third largest export industry, ...

OPINION: The importance of attracting foreign entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams to create global impact from NZ.

Benefiting from immigration

Wellington Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Milford.

Initiatives show NZ prepared to continue to look outwards for gains from attracting talent.

Don't pay for your kids' uni

You will be more help to your children if you can pitch in for a house deposit, rather than their education.

OPINION: Here's why your money is better spent elsewhere.

NZ telcos called out by customers

Relatively low numbers of the big providers' customers are happy with the service they receive.

OPINION: If only telcos could put as much effort into customer service as they do into marketing.

Beware of EU trade deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English after a news conference at the chancellery ...

Opinion: The timing of the EU's interest in a trade deal with NZ and that organisation's history of agricultural protection should have our officials and politicians taking a cautious approach.

Trump scares US businesses video

Defended by dad: US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump who has a retail fashion line.

What happens when American retailers incur the wrath of America's Tweeter-in-Chief?

Wheeler had no big stick

After a career in the top echelons of the World Bank, returning to New Zealand's shallow pool must have felt to Reserve ...

OPINION: Outgoing Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler was frustrated by a monetary policy arsenal that amounted to little more than a big twig.

Refusing to follow orders

US President Donald Trump fired US acting attorney general Sally Yates for refusing to follow Trump's executive order ...

OPINION: Donald Trump fired his acting attorney general for refusing to comply with his instructions. How would a Kiwi public servant fare?

Building tall with timber

Jon Tanner, chief executive of the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association says a wooden building weighs less than ...

OPINION: Four reasons why timber commercial buildings are a better bet than concrete and steel in earthquake zones.

Think big on electric trains

KiwiRail is using short-term financial grounds to reject buying new electric locos, says Russell Tregonning.

Opinion: Our Government must lose its roading obsession, and choose electric rail over diesel locos and new roads.

Valentine's Day gift to avoid

Most spending still goes on cards, flowers, chocolates, jewellery, dinners out and gift cards.

With some people ready to end their relationship if they don't get something for Valentine's Day, the pressure's on to buy a good gift.

Time to step up

The Statue of Liberty has been a beacon of hope for migrants for 142 years.

Business must help shape the outcome of our general election this September in ways it never has before.

Creating customers for life

Businesses offering services must make sure they can deliver a high standard to win referrals, says Zac de Silva.

The most successful companies are those who have a great base of repeat customers and get referrals of new customers from existing ones.

It's not the economy, stupid!

Asked to summarise the election, Prime Minister Bill English said: "Growth."

OPINION: The real issues for voters are the growing divides between generations, between urban and rural, and in our case, the housing crisis.

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