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Slow death by layby

Buying luxuries like stuffed moose heads is better done on layby than on credit.

OPINION: The funniest thing I ever saw bought on layby was a moose head.

Economic realities

Finance Minister Bill English has as lot of budgeting questions to answer, says Rod Oram.

The Key government prides itself on being careful with the books and good for business.

Capital idea for annuities

New annuities offer greater flexibility.

Old style annuities were something of a gamble between the investor and the company providing the annuity:

Why is tech so blokey?

With the exception of Sysdoc founder Katherine Corich who wast inducted into the Tait Communications HiTech Hall of ...

OPINION: The male dominated tech sector struggles to find staff, why are women not interested?

Reconnecting town and country

Anti-globalisation sentiment like the opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a risk to the farming ...

OPINION: Farming faces two challenges. Town and country are becoming disconnected; and risk of anti-globalisation.

Planning your estate

Tim Fairbrother outlines the options for managing your estate.

OPINION: Have you planned for what happens to your children or assets after you die?

A tale of two cities

Parts of the Christchurch Cathedral have come away during Sunday's earthquake.

OPINION: All cities have positives and negatives - strengths to be proud of and weaknesses to overcome.

The Budget and confidence

Following this year's Budget, it's likely that business will be feeling more rather than less confident, BusinessNZ ...

OPINION: One of the main tasks of the Budget is to give confidence.

When the kids just won't leave

Half of British kippers do no food shopping, half pay no rent and 84 per cent of parents are still doing their laundry.

OPINION: Visitors are like fish. They go off after three days. But what if they are your kids, your adult kids.

Never fret the Fed

Wall Street saw an upswing on Wednesday on speculation rates would rise in the US.

Something unusual and encouraging has happened overnight on Wall Street.

Japan exporters' forgotten land?

"Japanese consumers are sophisticated, well-travelled, well-educated and they know what they value and are prepared to ...

OPINION: Finding pockets of growth in Japan's high margin market might be harder, but also more rewarding for Kiwi exporters.

Don't let risk aversion derail TPP

Siah Hwee Ang is the BNZ Chair in Business in Asia at Victoria University of Wellington.

A significant factor in the success of the TPP will be how well it can promote the participation of businesses, in particular small and medium sized enterprises.

The next recession (starring Trump)

The possible election of "Demagogue Donald" dwarfs congressional dysfunction as a threat to American prosperity, Summers ...

OPINION: "Demagogue Donald" dwarfs congressional dysfunction as a threat to American prosperity.

Lippy and heels or out

PWC's London office requirement for female workers to wear high heels has been labelled discriminatory.

OPINION: Fired for refusing to wear high heels or make up in the office - this is not the 1950s.

CV of failures is a humble brag

To prove how easy it is to be blasé about failure when you've had some success, last week I cheerfully sat down to ...

OPINION: It's easy to be blasé about failure when you've had some success.

When 'no comment' means maybe video

Finance Minister Bill English - typically cryptic about Budget 2016.

Days before the Budget, we've learned Bill English is averse to answering questions about an extension to paid parental leave, writes Tracy Watkins.

Break the digital drought

The case for rural broadband is clear, ASB rural economist Nathan Penny says.

Farmers would prefer greater access to fast broadband than cash handouts in Thursday's Budget.

Is pay-per-view a dinosaur?

The Joseph Parker fight on Saturday highlighted the problem of charging big bucks for an easily accessible livestream.

OPINION: Don't hire lawyers to stop online piracy. Hire nerds.

Cream coals to Newcastle

How does Lewis Road Creamery sell its message when you can't make impure butter by law in New Zealand?

OPINION: How has Lewis Road Creamery recreated butter, milk and ice cream to sell for a premium?

Aussie fuel firm eyeing Z?

Caltex Australia has a large war chest and is being encouraged to spend it.

OPINION: Speculation that Z Energy may appeal to a cashed-up Caltex Australia.

The tyranny of birthdays

Birthdays and presents go together, but there is such a thing as too many presents.

The mutual assured expense of children's birthday gift-giving.

Sparking sustainable success

Parental leave creates employees who are loyal, engaged and more productive.

'Sustainable Business' got very little air time in NZ boardrooms 12 years ago.

A seller's market

The stock market is so interconnected, there is no place to hide during a crash says Martin Hawes.

This week I have been selling shares.

Charging is changing

Rod Oram says payment models for electricity transmission vary around the world.

Yet again, the government is favouring shareholders over consumers in the electricity sector.

Budgeting for growth

Finance Minister Bill English has long advocated a prudent fiscal position – spending no more than income and paying ...

OPINION: the Government's Budget remains extraordinarily important to our society and economy.

Played for a chump

Did I ask for gold plated fittings? The bill seemed to suggest so.

OPINION: Have I just been ripped off by a plumber or is this acceptable?

Protecting our cultural heritage

The Air Force Museum of New Zealand ranks amongst the top 10 attractions in Christchurch.

OPINION: The Air Force Museum of New Zealand has been a force in protecting Christchurch cultural collection post earthquakes.

Test before you invest

You wouldn't buy a dress without trying it on, so why make a big investment without a trial run?

OPINION: It's worth taking your new financial situation for a test drive before you commit.

Homeowners left vulnerable

It is a fine balance to get your sum insured right.

OPINION: It is hard to know how much house insurance will be needed if disaster strikes.

Apple loses iPhone case

Apple could not prove that iPhone was a well-known brand in China 2007.

OPINION: The loss of a four-year trademark case does not help Apple's cause.

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