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Appy days for work health

The Pike River tragedy was a turning point in New Zealand's health and safety history.

A health and safety culture allows even small companies to improve their workplaces.

Banish the black wardrobe

If your wardrobe is full of black, it might be time for a freshen-up.

It’s the go-to shade for most working women. But is it holding you back?

How to grow a super-city

The public needs to know what might happen when Auckland population hits 2 million in 2031, says John Daley.

The economy will be hurt if a super-city grows badly, says an Australian expert.

FTA with EU on the table?

A potential new free trade agreement between New Zealand and the EU would offer significant opportunities for us, writes Stephen Jacobi.

OPINION: OPINION: Stephen Jacobi believes a potential new FTA between NZ the EU could be good for business.

Why the planet needs business titans

Malcolm Rands, CEO and founder of ecostore.

OPINION: OPINION: Ecostore CEO Malcolm Rand extolls the importance of sustainability within businesses.

Think carefully about bonds

Markets push bond rates up and down.

Every investment can lose money, and that includes safe-sounding bonds.

Harnessing people power

Business coach, Zac de Silva.

Founder and managing director of HR Shop, Samantha Gadd is one of the speakers at our Nurture Change Fiji Business retreat, which is only two and a half months away.

The curse of the regulator

Electricity Authority has long been trying to introduce a fairer way of paying for the national grid, which currently makes up about 7.5 per cent of the average household power bill.

How much will households power bills rise by to pay for the national grid?

Insuring irrigation equipment

Over 800 irrigators blew over in the September 2013 storm including this one belonging to Andrew Brooker near Kirwee.

Insurance check of irrigation equipment advised

Treat your website like a team of employees

A website should be regarded as another employee or even team of employees, says IT marketing specialist Owen Scott

Websites do the work of employees

Mileage rate change may increase tax obligations

The new mileage rate could see you pay more tax.

OPINION: Inland Revenue's new mileage rate may see you pay more tax.

New Zealand must seize opportunities offered by TPPA

Those protesting against the TPPA do not appreciate the benefits it can bring, argue supporters.

OPINION: The TPPA is about providing good jobs for the coming generations.

Earnings spark, not much fire

Spark Chief Executive Simon Moutter

OPINION: Against a background of equity volatility, over 25 NZ companies have reported earnings in recent weeks.

Agony aunt: Family mortgage

There is no downside to lending money to your children to buy a house - for them.

OPINION: Do we, or don’t we, loan money to one of our children for a house?

A broker’s view: Metlifecare

Metlifecare completed 'The Poynton' retirement village in Takapuna,  Auckland this month.

OPINION: Metlifecare has been the benefactor of an aging population, and the house price appreciation in Auckland.

Courage under pressure

Playing it safe can lead to a reduced retirement pot.

Buy in gloom, sell in boom – that is the investment mantra that I live by.

Sharemarket turmoil unscrambled

An investor checks stock information after Chinese shares slumped more than 7 percent on Tuesday after panic selling.

What does the volatility on world share markets this week mean for New Zealand investors? Grant Davies casts an eye over the indices.

China's wave of change

China needs patience and uunderstanding as it learns new ways, says Rod Oram.

The global economy has been sailing for a long time in uncharted waters. But the weather is getting worse and the seamanship more challenging.

Avoid market fallout

Confused? The sharemarket volatility shows that you are not alone.

Confused about what's happening on the markets? You're not alone.

Gift card spend up

Gift cards are the gift of spending power, but many get wasted.

OPINION: Retailers call unspent gift card money "spillage" indicated how easy it is to slip up and waste money.

The Kiwi airline that can

17072015 Supplements Photo:John Nicholson//Fairfax NZ An Air New Zealand plane takes off from Wellington Airport.

OPINION: It's been described as a feisty little airline, punching above its weight. But can Air NZ repeat its record profit?

KiwiSaver accounts take a hit

KiwiSavers need to understand whether they're high- or low-risk investors and make the appropriate choice on their accounts.

The stockmarket plunge has cost me. It may have cost you, too.

Will China crisis lead to another GFC?

Chinese shares have been in Freefall, but the shares are not widely held by Chinese citizens and just 2 per cent of are held by foreigners.

OPINION: Is it complacent to note how much global financial market commentary has been quick to claim that the gyrations emanating from China this week are not the start of a new global financial crisis?

GST on overseas services

calculate . 010119 AFR pic by Tanya Lake
generic calculator spelling the words tax. PAYE BAS business activity statement numbers money sums add subtract multiply divide equals percent percentage GST taxation accountant accounts payable ATO fraud junior secretary receptionist

OPINION: The Government is looking to introduce GST payments on all overseas service providers.

Black Monday - time to panic?

John Key and Bill English - riding another wave of global uncertainty

OPINION: John Key and Bill English have ridden out a financial crisis before. Is this the next one?

Big tobacco should be excluded from the TPPA

The TPPA may stop New Zealand become smokefree on schedule.

OPINION: Tobacco needs to be excluded from the TPPA for New Zealand to have a chance of meeting its deadline to be smokefree.

Predicting the unpredictable

Franceska Banga, chief executive of the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund.

The China syndrome

Chinese consumers are demanding a wider range of quality products.

After two decades of tremendous growth in China, the world's second biggest economy has dipped.

New property sales tax outlined

The proposed property sales tax law is designed to provide a register of foreign buyers in New Zealand

The main homes is exempted from the proposed new property sales tax

Should the market fear a US Fed tightening?

US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's tricky task: how to raise rates without too much chaos.

OPINION: Markets may be becoming less reliant on policy stimulus, and more focused on economic fundamentals and company earnings.

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