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Trading Places

NZ Inc has mutated into NZ funds management: the modern way to run an economy.

The national accounts now perch upon a staggering $180 billion raft of derivatives. It is the new way we run the economy. But who can understand it?

Airbnb on a roll

Airbnb now has business travellers firmly in its sights.

OPINION: Regular tourist accommodation is becoming tight in peak season but Airbnb could help.

Invest for the Year of the Monkey

Sheldon Slabbert is a markets trader with CMC Markets, New Zealand.

Chinese New Year officially starts tomorrow, heralding the start of the Year of the Monkey.

Trade honesty pays

Rod Oram believes a lack of transparency over the TPPA could damage New Zealand's honest reputation.

TPPA will only deliver for us if we are honest about it. But our government and business leaders aren't.

The three pronged secret weapon

Business coach Zac de Silva believes measuring performance and being proactive can solve many corporate problems.

Think smart to plan to problems which threaten your business says Zac de Silva.

Plan and save for that dream trip

The Pacific Pearl prepares to berth in Wellington.

OPINION: Plan for your dream trip, or risk disappointment in retirement.

Route 'opens Wellington's front door'

Wide-bodied Boeing 777-200 Singapore Airlines jets are expected to begin landing in Wellington from August 2016. Singapore already offers services to Auckland and Christchurch.

Wellington's deputy mayor responds to criticism of financial support for new air service.

Yahoo, not much to shout about

Yahoo has fallen behind competitors like Google who have had a superior advertising revenue model.

OPINION: It was once the "go to" site on the internet. Now Yahoo is basically a laughing stock.

Cooking the books

Planning for a healthy financial future is the simplest of receipes.

Get a surplus, pay off debt, invest to a plan - simple advice but it can be hard to follow.

TPPA signing a protest lightning rod

A collection of visiting senior politicians, including US Trade Representative Mike Froman is a rare opportunity for those deeply outraged by the Trans Pacific Agreement to express themselves.

OPINION: The TPPA has become a totem for the growing tide of opponents of globalisation. It's the deal no one wants to love.

Beware private emails at work

Employers can access staff personal communications made using on work computers and technology.

OPINION: Private email sent on using a work email adress are fair game for your employer.

Kiwi brands boosted by national reputation

British luxury brand Burberry intends to increase its number of directly operated stores from the current 16 to between 30 and 55 over the next three years.

Enhancing brand value is a necessity for most New Zealand companies compete internationally.

'More than you expect'

Ashburton's "Whatever it takes" welcome sign begged the question, to do what?

OPINION: There is nothing like a regional welcome roadside sign for a laugh.

Feeling a bit loan-sharkish?

Would lending money at nearly 40 per cent for profit make you a loan shark?

OPINION: Money and morals do mix, and each one of us has to decide how we want to make our returns.

Business toolbox: The leadership secret

Core values need to be communicated to employees as part of building a healthy corporate culture.

Good leaders are the secret sauce of a successful company, says business coach, Zac de Silva.

Women can't be what they can't see

There is still a lot fo work to be done to make it easier for women to succeed in leadership roles.

New Zealand has a long history of blazing the trail for women's equality. We got the vote for women in 1893 and we currently have the lowest gender pay gap in the OECD.

Annual reviews for start-up CEOs

Chief executives of start-ups present an interesting challenge for directors or advisers.

OPINION: Good chief executive reviews encourage leaders to extend their strengths rather than just pick at their faults.

Adapt or die

Greater diversity must be a goal for Kiwi businesses, says Rod Oram.

New Zealand is about enterprise, innovation, vision, triumph-over-adversity and above all leadership.

Wide horizons ahead for new school leavers

Peter Dann from Palmerston North was the 2015 apprentice chef of the year.

OPINION: School leavers wanting to go to university could have taken some good advice from Chris Whelan recently.

Anti-corruption wake up call

Prime Minister John Key has admitted the Government routinely delays releasing Official Information Act releases as long as it can to suit it politically.

OPINION: New Zealand has long dined out on its reputation for transparency and lack of corruption, so Wednesday's further slip down the Transparency International rankings should act as a wake up call.

No China panic needed

Nuplex's Ruben Mannien says the reality of doing business in China is different from some commentator impressions.

OPINION: China's economy is on everyone's lips. But the reality of business there is different than what some say.

4tradeit fails to inspire

Trade Me won't be threatened by competition from one-man bands.

OPINION: Trade Me in no danger from head-on competition despite fee rise.

The big economic issues for 2016

A worker stuffs dolls at a Chinese toy factory. China's manufacturing sector is almost certainly in recession as talk of another global financial meltdown rises.

OPINION: Global markets have made a tumultuous start to 2016. Here are three big issues to worry about.

Workers pay up to employers

Penalties for workers who breach their employment contracts have hit record levels.

OPINION: Workers are facing record financial penalties for breaching their employment contracts.

Credit cards can ruin your life

Credit cards and beer: Both are to be approached with care and moderation.

OPINION: The 26 credit card balance transfers currently offered indicate how many people have let their card debt run up.

Back to the future

Martin Hawes says investors need to find a safe path between the "bulls" and the "bears".

A market is an organised argument. On the one side are the optimists who think the markets will rise while on the other side are the bears.

Walled gardens and crippled Volkswagens

Twitter came to the rescue when the family Kombi broke down leaving Mike O'Donnell and daughter Tallulah stranded on the roadside.

OPINION: Having shown it can deliver revenue, Twitter needs to pull finger and show user growth.

Trade deal's dark cloud

The TTPA will protect heavy users of agricultural subsidies, says Rod Oram.

The weaknesses and dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement are analysed in a set of newly available research papers.

Remember your 5 a day

Small steps every week can help build momentum.

Putin's self-destructing economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have completely shifted his interest from economic matters to the geopolitical sphere.

OPINION: If growth doesn't resume, it could mean the country has entered a time of economic self-destruction.

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