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The importance of traction

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: A private equity mate talks about the six "Ps" of pitching - prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.

Rethinking the numbers

Robin Clements

OPINION: Important economic indicators signal strong optimism in the South Island, economist Robin Clements reports.

Shock news: Greens favour privatisation

pattrick smellie

OPINION: OK, that's a provocative headline, but how else to interpret the Greens' social housing policy?

How much do you get paid?

Khyaati Acharya

OPINION: Knowing what our colleagues get paid can actually make us more productive.

Hutson in comeback mode


OPINION: An intriguing struggle is developing over listed dentistry company Abano Healthcare.

'We don't know how lucky we are'


OPINION: Discussion on tax rates is already making headlines, with John Key declaring there will be no lolly scramble.

Beware ageism at work

Peter Cullen

OPINION: Human rights legislation prohibits discrimination on the basis of age. However, that doesn't stop it.

Don't be a financial lemming


OPINION: Investor lemmings are those that follow the crowd into an investment without doing any research themselves.

Tower seems in good state


OPINION: A feeling came over me as I read my new house insurance documents; it was like being burgled.

Lessons from Localist

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: For old world industries like NZ Post, learning fast is imperative if they are to innovate themselves into the future.

Poor old Kazakhstan

Maria Slade

OPINION: It's the butt of far too many jokes, really. Borat has a lot to answer for.

Chorus is singing alone

pattrick smellie

OPINION: Chorus is in a waking nightmare, despite providing much of the country's telecommunications backbone.

Brazen bank bandits busted


OPINION: Forex scandal slowly unwinds on its way through investigations and on to lawsuits across the world.

Grow brains to grow business

Rose Patterson

OPINION: If we want to grow our businesses, then we need to invest in our people, first and foremost.

Don't throw out that trusty email list

Owen Scott

OPINION: Most noise in 'digital' marketing these days is about social media, but it seems email is still a good way to convince customers to look at your products online.

Employers can't ignore bullying

Susan Hornsby-Geluk

OPINION: Bullying is a significant and underestimated risk in modern workplaces. It is a hidden problem but not one that employers can afford to ignore.

Taking issue with Chorus analysis

Paul Brislen

OPINION: Telecommunications Users Association boss takes issue with a Broker's View on Chorus shares.

Genesis: the price is finally right

huntly power station

OPINION: The Government has been forced to price the Genesis IPO for investors.

Prevent trolling, not freedom of speech

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: We need a solution for online bullying and trolling that doesn't prevent freedom of speech.

Being a good corporate citizen may pay off

Maria Slade

OPINION: Coke has built its brand over 130 years, and is looking for a way to overcome social disapproval of its product.

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