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Home ownership with a side of guilt

Political reporter Stacey Kirk has made it onto the property ladder - but it's not all smooth sailing.

OPINION: I recently bought a house, and it feels great. Kind of.

'Bye Hilary, says MediaWorks, and Bravo'

American TV stars have nothing on Hilary Barry.

OPINION: A channel full of Real Housewives and Top Chefs is no substitute for local talent.

Straw to break the camel's back? video

Hilary Barry has closed the door on TV3.

OPINION: First it was John Campbell, now Hilary Barry has closed the door on TV3. What's next?

Housing to-do list is upside down

We know how to fix the housing market, we just need leaders to do it, Shamubeel Eaqub says.

OPINION: The core of our housing nightmare rests on two big things.

Land of cows and tourists

Tourists enjoying the view from Mount John, Lake Tekapo.

OPINION: Are we sure we want herds of tourists trampling all over our clean, green attractions?

Get a better deal from your mortgage

Robert and Marilyn are mid-60s and have recently retired.  Robert was a lawyer in Auckland while Marilyn raised their ...

OPINION: The best way to structure your property lending will depend on your stage of life.

How hard have young buyers got it, really?

Don't just blame Sky - your coconut yoghurt habit is expensive, too.

OPINION: It's time for young buyers to take some responsibility - New Zealand househunters don't know how lucky they are.

Wealth from the world

Rod Oram believes many of the answers to a more efficient and sustainable economy are at our fingertips.

If you want to improve your business and your life there's plenty of excellent, practical advice around.

Christchurch is unique

Tom Hooper, CEO at Canterbury Development Corporation.

OPINION: One of Christchurch's big challenges in 2016 will be ensuring the rest of the world understands our economy is unique.

The power of team work

Peter Townsend of the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce: Christchurch is halfway.

OPINION: Canterbury has a golden opportunity; we need to make the most of it. It is up to all of us to be prepared.

Auckland housing affects us all

Auckland housing prices are bad for business, says Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope.

OPINION:Land scarcity is not just a problem for would-be house buyers - it matters to business too.

Pay and your partner's fidelity

Both men and women are more likely to cheat if they are economically dependent on their spouse.

Both men and women are more likely to cheat if their salary falls into one particular category.

Peace breaking out on rail future?

There's life in the old dog yet.

OPINION: For the first time in years, there is consensus emerging about the value of keeping a national rail network alive.

Broken leg a big lesson

A scene eerily like the one I witnessed when my sister broke her leg on a Wellington track during her holiday in this ...

OPINION: An accident in Wellington shows the value of travel insurance.

Let's not be drips about our water

"We'd be drips not to look to the future and to the precious value of our brand."

OPINION: In an progressively polluted, populated and plastic world; the New Zealand brand and story is an increasingly precious asset.

How not to run a business

Jade's top five tips for running a successful personal training business.

OPINION: I came across a classic example of how not to run a business the other day.

Billionaire may call Vodafone

David Teoh's TPG Telecom has a A$9.2 billion capitalisation.

OPINION: Aussie telco bosses seen in Auckland, so who's eyeing Vodafone's NZ business?

A corporate buzzword guide

"So as the expression goes: 'If you can't beat them, join them.' Or as they might say in the corporate world: 'If you ...

OPINION: The fact we need a buzzword dictionary to figure out what some in the working world are talking about is absurd.

Kneed in the wallet

Health insurers pay out over $1billion a year in health claims, but the actual cost of treatment is higher because ...

OPINION: Savings have to supplement health insurance to cope with bill shock.

Beating the rate of return

Fees on KiwiSaver are often lower than on comparable funds.

The savings rate nearly always beats the investment rate.

Counting the cost of Brexit

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is fronting the "Vote Leave" campaign.

When Britain leaves the European Union, voters will flourish in their newly won economic and political freedoms, Brexiteers promise.

Dick Smith a wasteland of defeat

And they mean everything – even if it is bolted down.

OPINION: Phone cases are the one thing they have in abundance. Phone cases, and ennui.

Evidence based public policy

Shamubeel Eaqub says "the paranoid selfish few hold the rest of the politically apathetic populous to ransom".

OPINION: Any mention of fluoride, like vaccines or dog control, brings out a vocal bunch of crazies.

From zero to hero in start-up mode

Former Xero Australia managing director Chris Ridd says making the most of local connections will help businesses ...

Former Xero Australia managing director Chris Ridd shares his seven tips for start-ups entering a new market.

Should kids get parents' cash?

Are you happy to spend every last cent, or do you want to leave an inheritance?

OPINION: You've saved hard for retirement. How much do you need to leave for your children?

Don't get caught buying a car

Make sure you have done all the right research before you purchase a car.

OPINION: Here's how to avoid getting ripped off when you buy a new vehicle.

Hotels in hot demand

Chris Parkin (right) sold his Museum Hotel in Wellington to Amalgamated Holdings Group headed by David Seargeant in ...

OPINION: Hotels are selling fast as tourism numbers soar, but this may not be the time to sell.

Family ties bind

Chris Smith is head of CMC Markets, New Zealand

Family Ties Bind

Newshub owes an explanation

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand reviews interest rates every six weeks. Having advance warning of any changes could be ...

OPINION: News organisation breaches trust, but effectively others are punished.

Parliamentary potential

Stephen Joyce has been in the US with some of New Zealand's top company executives.

Politicians get a bum rap in terms of reputation but they can help businesses.

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