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Greek dramas – lessons for New Zealand

A referendum campaign poster that reads 'Yes (Nai)' is seen on a bus stop with a graffiti that reads 'No (Oxi)' on it in Athens, Greece.

OPINION: Our markets are at the mercy of global sentiment.

Prioritise to push ahead

Zac de Silva says doing things the same way all the time can be bad for business.

One of my favourite funny pictures of all time is of three Lego characters.

Global Mode legal challenge bad business

Hurricanes fly-half Beauden Barrett says winning is about doing the simple things well and playing to the rules.

OPINION: Big broadcasters including TVNZ, Mediaworks, Sky and Spark saw their business model about to be savaged by internet innovation such as Global Mode.

Be prepared

As people continue to queue outside banks Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said that he will quit if voters don't back him up in Sunday's referendum.

How well-prepared is our economy if the escalating Greek crisis rattles world financial markets?

Tougher rules needed for builders

The licensing system for builders should be toughened up, according to one industry body.

OPINION: The Licensed Building Practitioner Scheme needs teeth to keep consumers safe.

Greece pays with pain

Greeks are being asked to cope with more austerity on top of huge cuts in public services.

The excessive hard line EU politicians are taking on Greece is guaranteed to drive the country to complete failure.

Saving businesses money

Darrin Grafton, head of Serko, sees the future in coupling corporate credit cards with automated expense management apps and tools.

Better management of corporate expenses can help companies save big, says Serko boss.

Counting the fashion fails

Bargains are only good value if they genuinely enhance your wardrobe.

There are a few sartorial errors which Jackie O'Fee sees again and again.

Pets mean vet bills

Get pet insurance, or start saving. Vet bills can be huge, and it's hard to resist a dog that looks like this.

OPINION: If faced with a large vet's bill, I'd prefer to ask the vet to put the animal down and stick the money in the kids' education account.

When embargoes go bad

It is a fair bet Synlait is rethinking its use of media embargoes.

OPINION: A couple of weeks back, we inadvertently gave a communications manager at an NZX-listed company a very bad day at the office.

Starting and selling a start-up in my teens

Careers New Zealand chief executive Keith Marshall (left) and Jake Millar, editor of Oompher shake on the sale of the motivational website.

OPINION: Teen entrepreneur Jake Millar shares his five top tips for success.

Weathering investment winds

British economist John Maynard Keynes was forgiving of investment failures.

The ecomomist John Maynard Keynes looked after his own personal portfolio and managed the investments of Kings College, Cambridge.

Paying people to dob in tax dodgers

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New Zealand High Resolution Tax Concept High Resolution Piggy Concept

3d; account; accountant; asia; asian country; background; bank; banner; business; concept; country; economy; emblem; ethnic; finance; financial; flag; government; graphic; icon; illustration; income; investment; legal; money; national; national flag; new; new zealand; new zealand flag; percent; pig; piggy; profit; render; return; saving; savings; symbol; tax; taxation; white; word; zealand

OPINION: Informants who dob in tax dodgers don't receive cash rewards in NZ, unlike in the UK and USA.

Tax fish hooks in 'donations' at charity auctions

Givers of a cash donation are entitled to claim a tax rebate but not necessarily on other types of gifts.

Cash donations are entitled to a tax rebate.

eBay's no teddy when talking tax

Believing this womanising bear, the star of the Ted series, is easier than swallowing eBay's claims.

The Australasian tale of global company eBay's tax affairs is worthy of Hollywood fantasy.

Belt-tightening will follow rates rises

It's rate rise season. Time to tighten the belt again.

OPINION: With average 9.9 per cent rates rises, it's time for Aucklanders to tighten those belts again.

Spending psychology

Daniel Kahneman was a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

An interesting development in investing has been the emergence of behavioural finance.

East and West is best

Markets in Asia are the new focus for many businesses.

Global businesses have moved their focus away from Australasia in the last ten years.

Twitter – we love you but please hurry up

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo was set free by the board after the social media company was too slow to turn a profit.

OPINION: As infectious as Twitter is, it has struggled to monetise its popularity.

Cracking the code

Massey University's Jeff Strangl  has been discussing the best ways to protect consumers from unethical behaviour.

Getting new legislation right could be the difference between investors protecting and growing their assets, or losing everything.

Agony Aunt: Investing $500,000 in KiwiSaver

The high fair-weather returns on investments in recent years are not the norm.

OPINION: I'm in my early 60s, own a house and have about $500,000 in term deposits, should I invest it in KiwiSaver?

A Broker’s View: Arvida

Arvida shareholder and All Black Dan Carter (right) and chairman Peter Wilson ring the bell to mark the company's listing on the NZX in December.

OPINION: The smallest retirement village owner listed on the NZX this week bought three Auckland villages for $62 million.

Inland Revenue wins against TrustPower

TrustPower has had a landmark court decision reversed in favour of Inland Revenue.

Persistence has paid off for Inland Revenue as the Court of Appeal reversed a landmark decision from 2013.

The Trans-Pacific Partnerships almost reality?

Trans-Pacific Partnership is still in a zombie state, but could soon be brought to full life.

OPINION: Just when you thought it was safe to declare victory over the forces of US corporatism and neo-liberal globalist power, back to life came the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Ditch hunches, guesses and feelings

Google Analytics can help you get the most out of your employees.

There are two ways you can make decisions when it comes to marketing your website online. The first involves hunches, the second involves facts.

Handy tips for buying travel insurance

The crystal clear, emerald blue water on the island of Koh Lipe, Thailand

Travel insurance worth its weight for Kiwi travellers heading overseas

Overcoming Dr No at your company

Dr No, actor Joseph Wiseman, from the 1962 James Bond film "Dr No".


Dogfight for domestic flights

A mock-up image of a 50-seat Bombardier Q300 turbo-prop aircraft in Jetstar livery.

OPINION: OPINION: Jetstar are taking on Air New Zealand in the regions. All power to them.

Ask the experts

If you are late in paying your tax or filing any returns, penalties may apply.

OPINION: This week's expert explains your tax bookkeeping obligations.

Hard lessons to be learnt

Mike Mitchell.

OPINION: What have we learnt from Pike River?

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