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Disrupt the disrupters

Video Ezy is a victim of changing customer behaviour.

Retirement myths debunked

Often assumption about retirement are well off the mark. Are you prepared?

OPINION: Retirement is like another world with a completely different set of issues, opportunities and constraints.

Anti-property investor sentiment is misplaced

Andrew King says the proportion of mortgages to investors is right where it should be.

OPINION: Property speculators are running a different business to landlords, says Andrew King

Performance reviews have a place

No one likes annual performance reviews, but they can be the best option sometimes.

No one likes annual performance reviews, but they can be the best option sometimes.

Political sales patter

Migrant applicants will get 30 bonus points if they commit to live for at least a year outside Auckland.

On health, immigration, trade, foreign investment and the economy, John Key has done only two things: take minor action, and talk big says Rod Oram.

H&S reform: it ain’t over till it’s over

Hairdressing appears to be a harmless industry, but workers are at risk from toxic chemicals to nasty cuts with sharp instruments and posture problems.

OPINION: The Government is promising to "crowd source" advice on regulation in future.

Monopoly's lessons for life

Martin Hawes says the ability to defer gratification can predict adult savings habits.

The science of choice

Finding out how customers make their choices can give you a competitive advantage.

Is the Government obsessed with degrees?

There are other ways to train skilled workers than getting them to do degrees.

OPINION: If delivering skills for industry is the aim the Government needs a much broader focus than degree courses.

Big OE money planning

Just make sure that backpack has a travel insurance policy inside it.

OPINION: Before heading off on your big trip, it pays to have your finances sorted.

GST import threshold could drop

Market-watchers now see the Australian dollar slipping below US76¢ in coming days or weeks, and then towards US75¢ as divergent monetary policies and growth patterns between the US and Australia drive investor capital away from the Aussie towards the greenback.

Could New Zealand's GST import rules be up for change if our Australian counterparts change their rules?

Stamp duty will 'stop the rot'

New Zealand's Government needs to look at introducing a stamp duty, Mike Yardley says.

OPINION: John Key should introduce a punitive stamp duty to stop offshore buyers gaming the country's housing market, Mike Yardley says.

Provisional tax regime overdue for improvement

The provisional tax regime is deeply disliked by businesses.

Government should engage with business over provisional tax says tax expert

A touchy workplace subject

The handshake may not be a problem, but is more touching in the workplace a good or a bad thing?

Is touching ever OK at work given we live in a world of extreme political correctness?

Pay down to break free

A look at mortgage interest rate tables always shows a wide range of rates.

With a windfall it is easy to go soft on the mortgage.

Planning your moves

A game plan is just as important as hard work.

You can work as hard as you like, with so much passion and energy, but still feel like you're getting nowhere.

Falling dairy prices: winners & losers

The market for dairy powders is unusually weak at the moment.

OPINION: The recent fall in dairy prices has been a key driver for the Reserve Bank cutting interest rates in June and again last week.

Ad-blockers – blessing or curse?

Ad-blocking software threaten online revenue streams from display advertising.

OPINION: Ad-blockers are a threat to the online advertising and free content publishing industry.

A broker’s view: Steel & Tube

Steel & Tube chief executive Dave Taylor has captured Fortress Fasteners.

pic: CEO of Steel and Tube Dave Taylor in the distribution warehouse in the Petone complex.

OPINION: Steel & Tube Holdings share price has been reinforced over the last week after their capture of Fortress Fasteners.

Will Ireland ever beat the All Blacks in test match?

Ireland may have its best opportunity to beat the All Blacks for the first time at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

OPINION: In 110 years Ireland has never beaten the All Blacks. Can we predict if they ever will?

The great rates debate

Selling the port to meet Auckland's strategic objectives is a derisory idea says Rod Oram.

People around the country have every right to feel they are paying too much in rates.

Mick Fanning's sponsors fail

Australia's Mick Fanning

Is Mick Fanning worth every cent of the A$2.7m he earns a year? No doubt about it all.

Workplace mental health transparency

"They can't fire you for mental health problems but they'll [find] another reason." - Ruby Wax.

OPINION: Corporate high flyer Nick Baber bravely told his employer of his mental health issues.

Implications of a slower growing China

A woman rides past the headquarters of the People's Bank of China which has tried pulling monetary levers to stimulate growth, but has to little show for it.

OPINION: If there's one thing most economy-watchers agree about, it's that China's economic growth statistics are not credible.

Tax win for affordable housing

Toy house and calculator on table close-up
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Toy house and calculator on table close-up
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A pragmatic decision by Government has resulted in a win for the community housing sector.

New health and safety laws a hurdle for farming and forestry

A 33 year-old Blenheim man being airlifted by the Nelson Marlborough Rescue helicopter last year after a forestry accident on a steep slope.

Little seeks to please everyone

On Friday Labour Little Andrew Little said businesses would face no "onerous" changes to 90-day work trials under Labour.

OPINION: Labour is trying to find a way to keep both the unions and employers happy.

Do you need an ad agency?

The purpose of advertising is to sell more products and services.

It's the glamorous side of marketing, often with big buildings, big budgets and even bigger egos.

Does your money disappear?

Ignorance is not an acceptable position to adopt when it comes to managing your money.

OPINION: One of the most common mistakes people make with their finances is not keeping track of money in and money out.

How to manage selfish people

How do you handle people who only care about themselves?

Why some people put themselves first and what to do to fight back.

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