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Cats got your attention

Commuters take selfies beside billboards showing photographs of cats inside Clapham Common underground station in London.

OPINION: People can't resist them. And marketers know it - a cat in an ad is the purrrfect thing to catch the eye.

Nigel Latta: The NZ paradox

Nigel Latta tries his hand at milking on a dairy farm. But do we need to move our economy on from dairying?

OPINION: New Zealand has done everything right to grow our economy. So why are we poorer?

Healthcare kick-the-can

NZ spends about $16 billion on health, compared to total government spending of around $90b.

NZ spends a lot on our health system, so we need to take a good look at who pays for it and who gets what.

Leaving customers in the cold

A large crowd gathered to protest the closure of the Fairlie Westpac bank branch.

OPINION: The digital tide can't be held back forever, but consumers who prefer bricks and mortar need a reasonable transition.

Spark is walking the walk

Spark store on Lampton Quary. Generic

OPINION: Three points demonstrate how Spark has changed its stripes since ditching its Telecom name.

Chinese whispers

Fonterra is facing tough competition for its products in the lucrative Chinese market.

Fonterra is making good progress on its strategy, judging by its strong year-end results.

Is 'organic' a waste of money?

Organic products sound appealing - but do their claims stack up?

OPINION: Are 'green' claims just a good way for businesses to boost sales?

Maybe you can afford to quit

The wealthiest people are often not the flashiest.

OPINION: How much money do you need to never work again? The answer might surprise you.

Renminbi elevation bodes well for NZ

New Zealand has been an early adopter of currency integration with China, Bank of China NZ boss DAvid Lei Wang says.

OPINION: An important international milestone will be reached next month and NZ has first-mover advantage.

First time hiring jitters

The first step to getting job candidates to interview is to develop the right job description.

Recruiting that first staff member isn't hard, but needs to be done properly.

Butting heads over BEPS

Ireland and Apple join forces to fight against EU tax ruling.

OPINION: The European Commission and big American business are again butting heads over how nations should combat multinationals' tax-avoidance.

Samsung's painful lesson

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 new smartphone has had its fair share of issues.

OPINION: When the hype is high, the fall is even harder.

Get the savings groove

Martin Hawes says many young people will never get the chance to save for a house, but will still need to plan for their ...

Research shows 37 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds are not saving into a pension.

Chiefs' closed shop investigation

The generally held perception is that the NZRU closed ranks to protect its own.

OPINION: The NZ Rugby Union is perceived to have closed ranks over the team's stripper scandal to protect its own.

PMT, or 'post mortgage tension'

Making big decisions about money can be scary.

OPINION: Facing the fear of post-mortgage cash surpluses.

Protecting you from yourself

Parliament has passed a law making it illegal for tobacco companies to brand their cigarette packets.

OPINION: With tobacco companies soon unable to brand their cigarette packets, how far should we go in protecting consumers?

Why voting matters

"Being registered to vote and then actually voting for candidates who can represent you is critical," Shamubeel Eaqub says.

OPINION: Voting in the local body elections is important. Shamubeel Eaqub says why.

Apple’s last chance to take the mickey?

Last year Apple had $732 million in revenue in New Zealand and costs of $701m, so it paid only about $9m in tax. So ...

OPINION: Nice i-Phone, but shouldn't Apple pay tax in New Zealand?

Paying tax is about to get easier for small businesses

Xero's head of government relationships Grant Anderson.

No you can't avoid paying it, but it is about to take a lot less time.

The future is cramped video

Denser housing at the Northcote housing development, a five-year project being built by the Hobsonville Land Company.

Housing New Zealand's new Auckland housing project will pay its way.

Technology can reduce fatal crashes

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is a major shareholder in Tesla.

OPINION: Bus and rental car companies are looking into anti-crash technology that could reduce head-on collisions.

Chasing great business

Former All Black captain Richie McCaw made it to the top of his sport with a plan.

Richie McCaw's movie "Chasing Great" is a great reminder that a successful person - and business - is a constant work in progress.

Growing a small business

Most businesses start out because someone has a great idea, but what makes a great entrepreneur is not the same as a ...

OPINION: How do you growing a business in a small country far from major markets?

Lending to friends is risky

Make sure you get your agreements in writing.

OPINION: If you're helping out your nearest and dearest, you have a 50/50 chance of getting your money back.

Rising from the rubble

Cranes loom over central Christchurch from Hagley Park.

OPINION: Christchurch has one last chance to become a world-leading city.

Migration policies should target skills

Kirk Hope, chief executive of BusinessNZ.

OPINION: Migration is not causing unemployment, but policy settings may need tweaked.

Investments enjoy responsible change

According to a 2012 study by the US-based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, over 45,000 people in Bangladesh are employed ...

About twenty years ago I started to take an interest in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). For the first few years I kept thinking that this was an idea whose time was about to come – that it would soon get caught in a great public wave of enthusiasm.

How to manage your home loan

Tim Fairbrother

OPINION: The best solution for what may be your biggest debt will depend on your stage in life.

Keeping an eye on our neighbours

Siah Hwee Ang says New Zealand must carefully consider its portfolio of Asian trading partners.

OPINION: New Zealand must understand the impact trade agreements between our neighbours have on us.

Conservation law refresh needed?

Lou Sanson's appointment as head of the Department of Conservation in 2013, was described as "an incredible breath of ...

OPINION: It is Conservation Week, but DOC's decision to revoke special protection for a piece of Ruahine Forest Park is in the spotlight.

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