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So much for peak oil...

Pegasus Basin

OPINION: Why the sudden interest in the virtually unexplored Pegasus Basin, off the Wairarapa coast?

Rich listers in Luxe crew

A photo illustration shows a man silhouetted in front of an electronic board showing the FTSE MIB Index.

OPINION: What brings such far-flung Kiwi and European investment interests together? One word - tax.

Deficit a bitter pill for Government

NZ money, coins, cash

OPINION: The Government's flagship economic promise has been holed and is in danger of sinking.

Written questions avoid problems

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY: For employees, honesty is the best policy - being caught in a lie is likely to end badly, says Susan Hornsby-Geluk.

OPINION: What happens in an employment relationship when an employee has a deep, dark secret?

Turn tax pain into pleasure

Geordie Hooft

OPINION: "Tax simplification" is a phrase that's been around for years.

Gold adds lustre to oil's fall


OPINION: Some lucky Californians were paying US$2.55 a gallon for their petrol on Friday. That's around 80 cents a litre.

The kindness of strangers

Mike O'Donnell

A bit like jetboating an unfamiliar river, consuming the web can be a trip into the unknown.

Back up the bus on transport contracts

Auckland train

OPINION: Auckland is on the cusp of something extraordinary - a much better public transport system.

Auckland house prices booming

HINDSIGHT: A big part of the decline was people holding their breath before the election in September.

Just three or so months ago, the housing market looked like it had hit an inevitable decline.

Last chance for tarnished silver

Silver Fern Farms has yet to report its results for the year to September, but expects a pre-tax profit of between $5m-$7m.

OPINION: Silver Fern Farms' deal with Goldman Sachs is marred by its weak position, but the co-op has got to do something.

Comments return to haunt

Peter Cullen, Employment Matters columnist

OPINION: The continuing plight of Karen Hammond has received widespread publicity because of her less than savoury baking.

Don't get shortsighted about offshore competitors

Mike O'Donnell

At 10 per cent of the local price, buying specs online was a no brainer.

Wellingtonians...your city needs you

Steve Sands is the Secretary of the Wellington
Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation.

OPINION: Wellington airport desperately needs a longer runway despite what some will tell you.

Wgtn needs more runway? Huh?

Wellington Airport - a computer generated image of a longer runway.

OPINION: There are no reasons to warrant spending $300 million on extending Wellington Airport's runway.

Hanover leaves out condo

Eric Watson

OPINION: Hanover Finance failed to disclose related-party lending it was involved in.

Spark's threat rings hollow

Spark (formerly Telecom)

OPINION: Can we take Spark's warning about price rises at face value?

Risks in docking pay

Susan Hornsby-Geluk

OPINION: It seems that the practice of docking employees' wages is more widespread than thought.

Send us more people – quick!

DOING BATTLE: Netflix will compete with a growing number of video on demand providers in New Zealand.

Netflix will do battle with a growing number of video on demand providers when it enters NZ in March.

Robertson hunts for finance gospel

Labour MP Grant Robertson.

OPINION: As he hits the books in coming weeks, Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson will be building on thinking that's been percolating for months.

Redundancy under the spotlight

Court generic NZ

Employers using redundancy as a quick fix for workplace problems risk costly lawsuits from former employees.

Chinese sites open the throttle

Mike O'Donnell

OPINION: With the Chinese consumer and online marketplaces hitting our shores, one thing's for sure: it's going to be an exciting ride.

Ecommerce hits the Chinese power band

Mike O'Donnell

Globalisation is the key focus now for Alibaba.

Is it time to review visa-free travel?

NZ Passport

OPINION: One of the abiding delights of a NZ passport is that this country has visa-free access to so many countries.

Redundancy under the spotlight

Job interview

Employers using redundancy risk costly lawsuits unless they can provide a commercial rationale for their decisions.

Tech company leftovers lose share appeal


OPINION: Beware dated technology served up in 'novel' devices, writes Chalkie.

How do I tax thee?

Geordie Hooft

OPINION: After an election or a cabinet reshuffle, government departments prepare a "Briefing for the Incoming Minister".

The sun can save us, though we have to wait

Columnist Pattrick Smellie

OPINION: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. In a former life, I worked as spin doctor for Contact Energy.

Red ink and corporate welfare

New Zealand money

OPINION: Some greedy companies are holding out their hands for grants while paying no tax in this country.

MP slams unreliable ferry service

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith believes the Interislander is '"in danger of being swamped by the competition" if problems with the service aren't rectified.

Interislander is '"in danger of being swamped by the competition", says Kaikoura MP.

Smiles and static at Apec

President Barack Obama in a 'silly shirt' at the Beijing Apec summit.

There have been some odd Apec meetings over the years, and not just because of the "silly shirts", but the current one probably takes the cookie.

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