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Contemplating the Grexit abyss

A man makes his way past a graffiti artwork titled "Death of euros" in Athens. The Greek government faces a debt deadline on June 5, when it must make a €1.5 billion repayment on IMF loans.

OPINION: Imagine if New Zealand were Greece facing financial ruin - the world would barely notice.

'Restrict foreign house buyers'

Broadcaster, radio host and columnist Mike Yardley.

OPINION: Restrictions are needed stop Canterbury homes becoming "playdough for foreign speculators".

Dealing with financial roadblocks

A stop sign is seen beneath two office towers in North Sydney's central business district May 7, 2010. Australian shares swooned 2.2 
percent on Friday to touch an eight-month low, amid a global 
flight from risky assets as investors panicked about a spread of 
Greece's sovereign debt woes to other euro zone nations. 
Reuters/Tim Wimborne    (AUSTRALIA - Tags: BUSINESS)

What do you do when the bump in the road is too big to navigate and is more like a financial roadblock?

IRD targets tax dodgers

Concept of nerd with financial businessman with calculator
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Enjoying the tax-free benefits of a "cashy"? Inland Revenue may already be on your case.

Drug testing for meetings?

Mary-Jane Thomas.

OPINION: Why would someone who is going to a meeting, need to agree to be drug tested?

Online data wake-up call

A near crash in last week's Targa Rally served as a wakeup call for Mike O'Donnell to moderate his behaviour. The money online giants make from the sale of personal data should serve as a similar warning to consumers.

OPINION: Each time you use "free" online platforms like Gmail somebody's laughing all the way to the bank through the sale of your data.

Small business budget benefits

Xero managing director Victoria Crone says overall it's a reasonable budget, one that provides stability for businesses to have confidence to invest.

OPINION: As expected in Thursday's Budget, the Government's support for small business continues through the Business Growth Agenda initiatives.

Aussie takes on multinationals

Google may be one of the companies impacted by proposed tax legislation in Australia.

OPINION: Australian government hits back at 30 companies it says may avoid paying their share of tax.

Development doesn't have to be ugly

Building in harmony with the landscape: Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como in Italy attracts scores of visitors.

Most tourists visit New Zealand to admire the landscape, not its architecture.

Will smart technology get you?

The advent of fitness trackers and smart watches has played havoc with diet plan companies like Weight Watchers.

OPINION: Smartphones and smart watches play havoc with the fortunes of big brands like Weight Watchers.

Ignore message, face consequences

Mary-Jane Thomas.


The Government vs Auckland

The car is expected to remain the preferred, fastest and most convenient transport option for Aucklanders.

OPINION: It's tempting to dismiss the current bout of arm-wrestling between central government and the Auckland Council over transport funding as a purely political phenomenon.

To tax or not to tax? The marijuana problem

Marijuana plants are seen growing at the MedMar Healing Center in San Jose, California.

OPINION: Some say tax it, others say don't. Who will win

Choose to live like no-one else

Saving now means you can enjoy the future.

Financial teacher Dave Ramsey is well known for his saying; “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

After the property party comes the hangover

Brothers Troy and Ryan Larsen queued up for 18 hours in their utes to be first in line to buy $480,000 sections in the new Ti Toki Lanes subdivision in Beachlanes, south-east Auckland.

Generation faces the lifelong hangover that will be the legacy of NZ's property bubble.

EQC deadline contradicts assurances

EQC's mobile unit.

OPINION: EQC needs to be transparent about whether it intends to continue to repair homes.

Human trafficking may doom TPP

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez.

OPINION: A bill to advance the Pacific trade agreement in the US Senate is hung up over Malaysia' dismal record on human trafficking.

Trick is not to fight or take flight

Reg Garters.

OPINION: Quote from Nelson Mandela inspires.

Gov't targets property investors

A soaring Auckland housing market has prompted the government to look at how it can get a cut.

OPINION: The IRD may get increased funding to go after property speculators who should be paying taxes.

Confidentiality is at risk

Employers can't assume employees understand confidentiality rules.

OPINION: Are you sure your employees know where confidentiality rules apply?

Mr Whippy lesson

Robbing a Mr Whippy is a poor risk/reward choice.

Two armed teenagers who robbed an ice cream van showed a bad grasp of risk and reward.

Google revalues mobile searches

Vietnam's garment and textile industry is growing rapidly.

OPINION: Organisation must smell the mobile coffee if they want to be found online. It makes sense.

Working better together

"We need to take some risks to do some really great things," says Lillian Grace, head of Wiki New Zealand.

OPINION: Instead of arguing over whether NZ is performing well or poorly as a nation, we could ask 'could we be even better?'

Bribery and corruption report should be 'wake-up call'

A recent Deloitte survey on bribery and corruption risks should be a wake-up call to Kiwi businesses.

OPINION: An eight-step plan for protecting your business from bribery and corruption risks.

A social policy conundrum at the heart of the Budget

Prime Minister John Key said shortly after re-election last year that child poverty would be a major focus in this term.

Finance Minister Bill English says his seventh Budget, due May 21, is the "toughest that we've dealt with".

Tax compliance costs fall for SMEs

The government says SMEs are paying less tax now.

OPINION: Tax compliance costs continue to fall for small to medium sized enterprises according to a government report.

Training the midas touch

Is it possible to train the midas touch?

OPINION: Have you got what it takes to succeed?

War reaches into working women's lives

New Zealand saw the return of conscription in July 1940 during World War 2. The conscripted men and volunteers of working age had a significant impact on the economy. Women filled the gap.

OPINION: ANZAC day remembrance services have happened throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The Mondayisation of Anzac Day

Anzac Day day in lieu and extra pay rules are confusing if you usually work on a Saturday or a Monday.

OPINION: There has been some confusion as to what people do about the new phenomenon of the Mondayisation.

Getting SaaSy with your churn

If you are buying into a SaaS business two key figures to look at are monthly churn and new users per month.

OPINION: Check out the churn before sinking your money into a Saas business.

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