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Capital Gains Tax: Relief for SMEs


OPINION: The fourth of our series questions the wisdom of allowing businesses a 'get out of jail free' card from capital gains tax.

Does NZ need a Tech Commissioner?


OPINION: The country doesn’t need another technocrat. But what about a Tech Commissioner?

Capital gains tax: Exempting the family home

LVR, interest rate, mortgage, money

OPINION: In the third of a series, David Snell says exempting the family home from capital gains tax is easier said than done.

Property market will hit zenith


OPINION: If investing were a recipe, property would be lasagne. It's the dish everyone thinks they know how to make.

All Blacks winning brand war

DanCarter_strap (1)JPG

OPINION: The All Blacks' track record in building brand value is as much a success story as their performance on the field.

Capital Gains Tax: Show us the money


OPINION: In the second of our series, the EY executive director says a capital gains tax is not the revenue bonanza portrayed.

Why we hate provisional tax

OPINION: Our provisional tax system means there's often too much uncertainty about how much to pay and when to pay it.

Care needed with trial periods

Susan Hornsby-Geluk

OPINION: Trial periods have become highly political - and for good reason.

A capital gains tax for NZ?


OPINION: Labour and the Greens support a capital gains tax, but National says no. In the first of a series, EY's David Snell looks at the pros and cons.

Investor limbo as election looms

Stock market NZX

OPINION: Friends in the investment world say most of their clients expect the Government to be re-elected.

Giving the carrot some stick


Would a fund manager really work harder if they got a cherry on top of their management fee?

Director rotation is an art

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: Examples like Xero might make other companies reflect on the talent at their top table.

Lesson No 4: Don't hug a corpse

pattrick smellie

OPINION: Communications advisers watching the fallout from Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics will be trying to decide what to learn from it.

We need to talk about that red carpet


OPINION: The real appeal of investing in New Zealand is how easily foreign companies manage to avoid paying tax.

Economy on steady track

Vernon Small

OPINION: Nothing is significantly less affordable or riskier today than it was yesterday, based on the numbers in the pre-election economic and fiscal update.

Export markets need warming up

office workers

OPINION: The prize for loneliest jobs could go to the average sales person for a Kiwi exporter, especially in sectors like hi-tech.

Who's the real boss?

Peter Cullen

OPINION: A lesson for workers is that sometimes the employer may not be who it appears to be.

Are we seeing the end of net neutrality?

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: It's funny the things you come across clearing out desks.

Kiwi support questionable

Nz dollars

OPINION: One of life's abiding mysteries is the ongoing strength of the New Zealand dollar.

Is net neutrality about to end?

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: I'm cleaning out my desk at Trade Me, both figuratively and literally.

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