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Status quo for employment law

Peter Cullen

OPINION: The general election is almost here yet the main parties are for the most part staying with the status quo in industrial relations.

Stick or twist this election


OPINION: This election is a choice between rhetoric and reality, complacency and ambition, the past and the future.

Will ye go, lads and lassies, or will ye no?

OPINION: Will England, Wales and Northern Ireland become RUP - Rump UK - if the Scots vote to divorce themselves from the UK?

Little things that count in life?

New World's Little Shop

OPINION: Last week Denise Irvine discovered she may be a bad nana, but she's not going to shut up shop.

Walking the talk of rebranding

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: Two very different companies have scored score own goals as they sought to rebrand.

Desperately seeking sustainable rail

pattrick smellie

OPINION: At roughly the halfway mark in its 10-year turnaround plan, state-owned rail company, KiwiRail, still looks a difficult commercial proposition.

Emotional debt is damaging

Open purse and money

OPINION: People who plan ahead are prepared financially, but buying on emotion gets you into financial trouble.

CGT would be boon to advisers

Geordie Hooft

OPINION: As a tax adviser, I can tell you that Capital Gains Tax tends to be complex, but one thing is for sure - it will be a boon for some.

Honesty always the best policy

Susan Hornsby-Geluk

OPINION: Not only is honesty the best policy, but fessing up early and taking the hit of a warning may save you from the axe.

Time to have fun with wine

Wine glasses

OPINION: We don't want to lose sight of what we're good at, but a new player on the block is showing us we can try new things.

Alibaba IPO may make hunters prey

OPINION: A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend hunting pheasant at Te Para, near Taihape.

Too much froth in property market

housing bubble

OPINION: Markets seldom crash unless they are grossly over-valued - is that the case for property in New Zealand?

Crowd-funding: For chumps?

pattrick smellie

OPINION: Crowd-funding is an interesting and low-cost way to try to raise money, but there's a big risk for investors.

Fonterra's big leap of faith


OPINION: The $700m investment in China's Beingmate relies on some heroic assumptions, writes Chalkie.

Why did Rogernomics work in Poland?

Brian Easton

OPINION: I was given many explanations while in Poland as a guest of the Polish embassy in Wellington.

Capital Gains Tax: Be prepared


OPINION: To wrap up the series, here's what you should do now to be ready for any future capital gains tax.

Doing what the boss says

Peter Cullen

OPINION: Branding in banks, food chains and the like means staff conformity is likely to be required.

Forex dealing remains 'dark art' in NZ


OPINION: Wellington was party town in the heyday of Rogernomics in the mid to late 1980s.

Distractions from NZ Inc's real digital meat

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: One of the joys of being unemployed at the moment is being able to spend time on things I normally miss.

Parties poles apart on economy


OPINION: For the first time in decades voters face a stark choice about the economic direction the next government takes.

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