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Tax equity on the way

When it comes to tax payments, a lot can get lost in translation.

OPINION: It will be easier to sell consumers the idea of charging GST on overseas internet shopping once multinationals pay their share of tax.

A modest deal that comes with costs

Trade Minister Tim Groser at the Trans-Pacific Partnership press conference.

Forget the lofty talk about how much of the Earth’s landmass the TPP covers – for New Zealand, this looks like a slim achievement at best.

Yardley: Time to tax Google

New Zealand must pounce on multi-national tax dodgers like Google, Facebook and Apple, Mike Yardley says.

OPINION: New Zealand must pounce on multi-national tax dodgers like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Financial services in EU firing line

The European Union is considering a tax named after Robin Hood, who took from the rich to give to the poor.

OPINION: The European Union is considering the controversial "Robin Hood tax".

Don't set and forget home loan

The right home loan decision now will have a long-term impact.

OPINION: If you want to get ahead, you can't afford to leave your mortgage alone.

Looking down the barrel

VW's emission's debacle put reputations on the block.

OPINION: Making the best out of a bad situation can mean taking the rap and resigning.

Forget work friends on Facebook

Facebook: a no-go zone for anyone concerned about their career.

Why you should shun certain social media sites when it comes to your colleagues.

How to nurture a nest egg

In a financial climate shaped by quantitive easing, traditional investments lack the Midas touch.

OPINION: Passing retirement age may not mean investing safe for the short term.

Fossicking in Fonterra’s annual report

A worker prepares to milk cows on a farm managed by Fonterra  in Yutian County, Hebei Province around 150km southeast of Beijing. Fonterra's China farms are getting about $13 or a little more per kg milksolids. Yet they have still made a loss of $3.67 per kg milksolids, with interest still to be accounted for.  .

THE release of Fonterra's annual report on 24 September coincided for me with a long plane trip back from China. I used the time trying to work out what all the numbers really mean.  It was not an easy task.

Banking on change

Stuff columnist Mike "MOD" O'Donnell (left) and friend Rob Lee (right) with Lee's bike, which may hide the secret to the future of banking.

OPINION: Banking is one of the last industries to face digital disruption.

Pay freeze adds insult to injury

Theo Spierings' pay freeze may be cold comfort to farmers or Fonterra staff.

OPINION: Unlike all of the other problems, this time Fonterra should have stayed mum.

Banking fraud or online scam?

Scam artists target individuals an attempt to reveal credit card details and passwords.

OPINION: Any online scam is not necessarily the same as banking fraud.

The complex word of panda diplomacy

Is this John Key's 'David Attenborough 'moment?

OPINION: There could be hidden motives behind Prime Minister's John Key's environmental flourish.

The world cup of marketing

Richie McCaw of the All Blacks warms up during a training session in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

OPINION: The All Blacks score highly in the social media world. 

The things that can go wrong within business

Trust amongst work colleagues is vital.

OPINION: There has been a significant rise in the number and value of large scale employee theft claims during the past few months. 

Another tax bill for non-resident property investors

tax and figures

OPINION: GST may soon apply to services that relate to land.

Legacy in life lessons that last

28012015. 123rf.
man in suit showing where the testator must sign in a last will and testament document

last; will; testament; document; notary; lawyer; attorney; inheritance; intestacy; heredity; heritage; testamentary; dispositions; personal; property; real; state; codicil; legal; publication; death; beneficiary; holographic; notarial; reciprocal; mirror; mutual; inheritor; legacy; legatee; testate; intestate; devise; devisee; testator; trust; man; hand; pen; sign; signing; signature; signer; contract; agreement; person; office; concept; conceptual; horizontal

OPINION: The greatest legacy of all is the one that teaches us how to live well.

We’re going on a client hunt - part 2

Advertising done right creates so much FOMO that the person reading your message wants to drop everything right this very second and hire you on the spot.

As a small business owner with barely a year under my belt, I frequently get asked, "So, how do you even pay the bills?"

Work no place for wars

Folk differ in their ability to get along, but it can become an employment issue.

OPINION: Employers have right to resolve workplace disagreements but mustn't be arbitrary.

Lessons for all industries in VW cheating

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 22:  A Passat TDI Blue Motion car at Volkswagen cars at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show on September 21, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn apologized yesterday to consumers following allegations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the company had installed software into its diesel cars sold in the USA that manipulated emissions results. Volkswagen share prices plummeted by over 20% on the Frankfurt stock exchange and the company faces a recall of at least 470,000 cars and up to USD 18 billion in fines.  (Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images)

OPINION: The scandal roiling car maker Volkswagen is a humdinger.

Accentuate the positive

China's economic slowdown is bad news for natural resource providers like Australia and Canada.

This is a time when investors should “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative”.

Responding to the ad-blocking threat

Unlike Apple, most of the web giants like Facebook and Google rely on advertising sales for their revenue.

OPINION: Apple's new IOS 9 operating system comes with ad-blocking software, which could cost Facebook and Google.

Agony aunt: Sticking with KiwiSaver

Returns on KiwiSaver funds have been incredible in recent years.

OPINION: With the latest plunge in world stockmarkets, we have some concerns about our KiwiSaver accounts.

Value-add strategy pays off

Increased sales of products like infant formula Anmum have lifted Fonterra earnings.

OPINION: It has been a down and up week for Fonterra.

Challenges ahead for dairy

Fonterra has managed to grow its food service business in China despite slower growth generally in the country's dairy market.

Fonterra's yearly profits were better than analysts had expected; conditions are improving in its current year; and its efforts to shift more of its output from commodities to higher value are progressing well.

Takeaway cost survey shock

Takeaways and fast food comes in many varieties. Over indulgence isn’t particularly good for your health or your wallet.

OPINION: A survey by Menulog.co.nz showing many believe takeaways are cheaper than home cooking is hard to swallow.

Blurring the TPPA victory lines

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement critics will be delighted if New Zealand walks away from the agreement if it fails to secure a key dairy deal.

OPINION: Japan and Canada stand in the way of a TPPA dairy deal for New Zealand.

We're going on a client hunt

Networking doesn't have to be forced and dripping in ulterior motives.

OPINION: The most common question I get asked is, "How the heck do you find your clients?"

Changes to GST on the cards for capital raising

Businesses may soon be able to claim GST on the cost of raising capital.

OPINION: Businesses may soon be able to claim GST on the cost of raising capital.

Uncertainty unresolved

Following the US Fed's decision to keep interest rates unchanged there was short-lived relief across dealing rooms.

OPINION: It was billed as the most important interest rate decision from the Fed in over six years.

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