Industrial park gains traction

01:19, May 15 2012

The Selwyn District is not only attracting residents seeking new and existing homes away from central Christchurch but also more industry.

The Izone industrial park, owned by the council, and located at Rolleston 20 kilometres south of Christchurch, is gaining traction following the earthquakes as damaged businesses look for large industrial sites for new facilities.

Manufacturer Moffat Group announced today it is replacing its quake-damaged plant in Phillipstown with a new 15,000 square metre plant at the industrial park at Rolleston.

Its new facility will be operational by the second half of next year and 175 staff will move there.

Moffat designs, develops and manufactures commercial food service and bakery equipment and products from dishwashers and glasswashers to refrigeration equipment.

The company managing the park at Rolleston for the district council, Hughes Development, says six Canterbury companies will be building new premises there this year.

Attractive land prices, lower rates and stable ground conditions were attracting companies quitting quake-damaged premises in Christchurch.

Hughes said the last nine months had been busy.

Christchurch people were coming to appreciate that Rolleston was only eight minutes from Hornby and their businesses could have new facilities at substantially cheaper prices than in Christchurch.

The council owns the park's land and lots may be purchased or the council also offers build and lease back options.

The council markets Izone as "the lowest priced industrial land in the Canterbury area combined with very low rates from a supportive council."

In stages three and four most sections have been sold, according to the Izone website.

Several sections are available in stage 5 and development of stage 6 begins this month.

Some 35 businesses and about 425 staff are located at Izone.

So far half the park's 180 hectares has been developed.