Marmite gifted as shortage ends

YUM: Buck brings back Marmite to Jesse, 13, Hannah, 11, Imani, 9 and Kathy Landreth.
YUM: Buck brings back Marmite to Jesse, 13, Hannah, 11, Imani, 9 and Kathy Landreth.

A few lucky Christchurch families have tasted Marmite two weeks before the rest of the nation.

Marmite will be back on supermarket shelves on March 20, but some people had jars of the scarce condiment delivered to their doorstep today by Sanitarium general manager Pierre van Heerden and former All Blacks captain Wayne ''Buck'' Shelford.

Kathy Landreth and her three children Jesse, 13, Hannah, 11, and Imani, 9, ran out of Marmite in September last year.

''I didn't have any,'' said Landreth.

''I decided to leave it for [the children] because that's what mums do.''

All three of her children loved Marmite, especially Imani.

Getting the Marmite delivered was ''quite exciting'' for the family of four, whose Parklands house was demolished after the February 2011 quake, she said.

The Marmite is the second piece of good news for them as the construction of their new home begins next week.

''We're going to have Marmite for dinner,'' said Landreth.

''I don't think we can wait until tomorrow morning.''

Andrea Cummings and her children Nathan and Emma ran out of Marmite almost as soon as the shortage was announced.

''We only had a small jar and I decided we wouldn't go for the stockpiling thing and leave it for other people who needed it more,'' said Cummings, who later regretted her decision.

She was looking forward to meatloaf with Marmite sauce.

The Cummings lost their lawn mower business in New Brighton after the September 2010 quake, just six weeks after they bought it.

After the February 2011 quake, Cummings began running a welfare centre in the parking lot of her destroyed shop.

The Rebuild Christchurch Foundation selected the families who received the Marmite, and more Marmite will be handed out to other families over the week.

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