Canterbury shoppers boost coffers

00:52, Jun 25 2013

Strong spending growth in Christchurch's retail and hospitality sectors in the past year and lower national spending growth have pushed Christchurch ahead of national spending figures.

The latest Christchurch retail trade indicator by Statistics New Zealand shows that since the three months to June 2010, the last quarter before the earthquakes, total retail and hospitality sales have risen 13 per cent in Christchurch, compared with national growth of 11 per cent.

Hospitality sales have returned to pre-quake levels, and retail sales in Christchurch are now 15 per cent higher than before the quakes.

The recovery in hospitality sales is due to a strong recovery in spending on food and beverage services. Accommodation sales are still below pre-quake levels.

Total retail and hospitality sales increased 2.7 per cent in the March 2013 quarter compared with the December 2012 quarter. Nationally, total sales rose 0.9 per cent.

The Christchurch retail trade indicator is an experimental series by Statistics New Zealand to provide information on the state of the Christchurch retail trade industry after the Canterbury quakes began in September 2010.