Kate caters for satisfaction

GOOD TASTE: Kate Lester says her $40,000 investment in a purpose-built kitchen  has ‘‘made an incredible difference’’.

As a tot, Kate Lester would clamber to stand on a chair to watch and help her mum cook.

Inventor embraces digital tools

Daniel Thomson invented a new type of resistance band.

There are some brilliant ideas swirling through the heads of Kiwis. In the past they would die with their creators.

Tourism firm to raise funds

SOUNDS GOOD: Tourism Radio supplies commentaries on 2200 places of interest in New Zealand, like Mount Cook.

Tourism Radio NZ is seeking to raise up to $350,000 through a new crowdfunding platform.

Account burden relieved 

FAST FIGURES: GoFi8ure executive director Lisa Martin says everyone who is in business and wants to be serious about it should have a bookkeeper looking after it.

A desire to take back control of her mortgage saw Lisa Martin become a business "personal trainer".

Sex shop divides businesses video

A new sex shop in New Regent St has divided shopkeepers.

The opening of a sex shop in a Christchurch heritage street has caused friction among local shopkeepers.

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