Unlimited is going digital

03:48, Feb 07 2013

I distinctly remember the first time I came across Unlimited. I was starting out in business journalism and writing a story on a company that had also been covered by this magazine. It was classic Unlimited: the writing, seamless and beautiful; the photography and design, to my eyes, impossibly cool.

The company in question was also quintessential Unlimited fodder: the then-young, globally focused and fast-growing tech firm Prolifx. It opened my eyes to how exciting and engrossing good business journalism could be. I ached to be on the payroll.

Something else that intrigues me now about that first encounter was it occurred in the digital world. A search on the company spewed out some links, one of which sent me to the Unlimited website and it was there that I first fell in love with the magazine's content.

I hope you'll forgive the nostalgia, but that last point, in particular, resonates given Unlimited now stands on the cusp of a major change. From April, our magazine is going entirely digital. Instead of producing a printed magazine every two months, we'll be delivering digital editions of Unlimited every month.

What does this change mean?

We hope our digital editions, delivered to your inbox by email, will carry with them a sense of expectation when opened - an expectation of choice as you flick through the pages - and of allure with beautiful photography and design.


As a magazine that constantly espouses innovation, we're excited about the new possibilities digital editions can offer in terms of additional features, like video, photo galleries, and other enriched content.

Going digital also offers us the flexibility to publish our content more often, and for readers to be able to view a weightless magazine on a range of the devices that are now ubiquitous in our lives.

But, ultimately, what I feel is at the heart of what we try to produce will remain unchanged. It's what picked me up by the shirt collar and shook me when I read that first Unlimited piece: a great story, well told.

Day in, day out we have the privilege of talking with the most exciting and inspiring people in New Zealand business. They're the makers, the doers, the connectors who have the cojones to put their time, money and reputations on the line to build better businesses.

Their stories are important to tell because they give visibility to the efforts of such people and potentially inspire others to walk in their footsteps. I hope that, even in some small way, telling those stories might help collectively to contribute to a vision of a more positive economic future for our country.

So why the change?

We don't just write about business, we are one — and one that's undergoing massive changes in a digital world. People are increasingly reading more on screens — their computers, tablets, phones — and less on paper.

For a business that's largely based on selling paper magazines, that's an issue, and one we need to address to survive.

As well as our shift to digital editions, you may have noticed that unlimited.co.nz has been housed on the Business Day section of the Stuff news website from the end of last year. We hope that by exploring new digital publishing avenues like these we'll be able to better engage with readers and build a wider audience for our stories.

I'm excited, but, quite frankly, a little daunted to be standing on the edge of something new. While some may laud the leap, undoubtedly we'll also cop some flak for making such changes, but we want to see what we can find over a different horizon all the same. 

Join us on the journey. Hopefully what we'll find will make us fall in love in a new way all over again.  


For more on signing up for Unlimited's digital editions visit: unlimitedmagazine.co.nz