How to make 2013 a success

21:09, Feb 11 2013

No matter how your year went in 2012, this year can be better.

But how do you improve your business? Take time out often to think strategically and then give yourself time to implement your ideas.

1. Review your business

Analysing your business will take discipline and the honesty to face the reality of what you must address. I am a big believer in scheduling “10:30am, Tuesday”, for example, in your diary every week to have a half hour coffee  to critique what is really happening in your business, give yourself time to think about what you can do to fix it and to consider the opportunities you need to make the most of. Then, of course, you have to do something about them.

A simple way of analysing your business is to think about how you would like it to look in 12 months time and then to work backwards, identifying what you must do to get there.

2. Set goals


We all know inherently that if we formalise our goals, we will have a better chance of achieving it. And if we can break our business strategy down into steps to achieve these ultimate goals, they're not as daunting.

But if there are elephants in the room, we need to address them. Don't overlook things in your business that frustrate you. There are many questions you could ask to dive deep into your business and to identify what you should be focusing on and what needs to be changed.

3. Walk the talk

You need to walk the talk in your business because if you have staff, they will be watching you and taking their lead from you. 

Where can you personally improve? Are you setting a good example? It takes wide shoulders to be able to critique your own performance objectively and to be able to take constructive feedback from your team about where you can improve.

4. Get the team involved

Your team will have a lot of good ideas that could help make 2013 an even better year… Do you have an effective and open way of communicating ideas with your team and letting them give you feedback about the business when things are not humming and where the business is not able to run as effectively as it could be?

Zac de Silva is a coach, adviser, strategist and trainer at Business Changing. This article originally appeared in the Chamber of Commerce's Innovate Magazine.