Kiwis howling for healthier hotdogs


Giving the humble hotdog a makeover is opening doors nationwide for a Canterbury food business.

The dark art of science policy

Shaun Hendy strap

OPINION: There are less metaphysical ways to allocate innovation funding.

KiwiNet Award finalists announced


Springfree Trampolines is one of the finalists for the KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

Rating university 'spinouts'

 Anthony and Philip Butler

Kiwi universities are getting better at spinning commercial success out of their academic work. But there's a way to go.

The science of communication


OPINION: The country needs scientists to step up and communicate in a crisis.

Tackling a killer

Richard Forster Strap

Improving the detection of prostate cancer was scientist Richard Forster’s last quest. Caldera Health continues in his memory.

Indonesia Calling


The enormous Indonesian telecomms market abounds with opportunity for Kiwi firms.

Failing fast

Failing fast

Employers may be loving the 90-day rule, but it pays not to fire people too quickly.

Oysters put to the test

Nick King

A New Zealand research group is pitting 50,000 specially bred oysters against a virus that has devastated New Zealand's oyster farm industry.

The dark side of search

Dark side of search

Making Google work for you is a reality of modern business but few firms know their online presence can be abused.

True Grit

Alastair Knight

Ice and snow have proved to be good business for UK-based Kiwi entrepreneur Alastair Kight.

What's in a name?

Simon Moutter

Truly turning a business around requires more than a new name, logo and font.

Seeking IT talent in Texas

Candace Kinsey

A joint government and tech industry delegation is heading to Texas in search of IT talent.

Winning off the water

America's Cup

Does New Zealand need a Yachting Centre for Excellence to fully capitalise on its America’s Cup know-how?

Supermarket warfare

Woolworths strap

OPINION: New Zealand exporters are a casualty of an Australian retail war, with pressure from Coles and Woolworths being a massive concern.

Walking the talk

Wellington Zoo strap

Wellington Zoo has been recognized for practicing what it preaches on the environment, winning the Sustainable 60 Marketplace Award.

Debating the dollar


OPINION: When it comes to establishing a point of difference, companies should be wary of competing on price.

Backing the space you're in

New Zealand Post strap

New Zealand Post's support for communities and environmental projects has won it the Sustainable 60 Community Award.

Doco maker awarded

Simon Lamb

Documentary maker Simon Lamb has taken a top prize at the NZ Association of Scientists' 2013 awards.

An Australasian currency?


Kiwi SMEs would love to see a trans-Tasman currency, but they’re unlikely to get their wish anytime soon.

Sustainable at heart

Fred Soar and Jenny Carter strap

Soar Printing's focus on sustainability produced a resilient business and won them this year's Sustainable 60 supreme award.

Fashion's rocky road

Trelise Cooper

OPINION: Internet fashion retailers are putting pressure on more traditional designers, who may need to get back to their roots to survive.

Cleaning up NZ's act

Mike Hannah and Greg Yeoman

Stormwater360 has made a successful business from an environmental issue, winning the Sustainable 60 overall small business prize for 2013.

Getting off the grass

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Knowledge, not nature, should drive our economy, writes Shaun Hendy.

Sleeping beautifully

Subbarao Potharaju

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has become a world leader in the steadily expanding market for sleep apnea treatments.

My Little Town

David Slack

OPINION: Could digital natives turned provincial inhabitants revitalise the hinterland?

Bringing the world closer

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Under-connectedness is a cause of Kiwi economic pallor, not business conditions.

Warney deal smart for Moa

Shane Warne Geoff Ross strap

OPINION: Moa beer's signing of Shane Warne as a celebrity partner is a smart way to enter the Aussie market.

Getting customers invested

Quebee strap

A new tech collaboration is turning to crowd funding to get their latest camera creation into production.

A dollop of goodness

Julia Crownshaw and Christie McCarthy

A small pudding maker shows how NZ SMEs are leading the way developing high end value-add food products.

The benefits of teleworking

Scott Gardiner Strap

OPINION: Teleworking can provide significant benefits yet New Zealand companies have been slow to adopt the technique.

Skilled workers scarce

Owen Ellis strap

IT firms are developing creative solutions to the frustrating problem of finding enough skilled staff.

Kiwis lead world in titanium

Titanium strap

New titanium materials which can mimic human bones have been developed by the Callaghan Innovation.

Bright sparks win big

Taze Technology strap

The first-place getters of the 10th annual Spark entrepreneur competition have won $25,000 in seed capital.

Happy as a clam

Mixed clams

An alliance between academia and a Marlborough farmer is harnessing New Zealand’s last untapped fishery.

How to switch off

How to switch off

Mobile devices can be convenient but for some people they have broken down the divide between work and home life.

One number to rule them all

Rod Drury Strap

The government rollout of the new single business number system is well underway, with companies set to get their unique identifier.

Kiwi firm trailblazes route to China

Willoughby strap

A small Christchurch audio firm paves the way for more exports of New Zealand manufactured goods to China.

Resilient urban futures

Howden-Chapman thumbnail

Research into how New Zealand's urban environments will look in years to come has to be highly collaborative, because cities are systems, the experts say.

Plastic fantastic branding


OPINION: Kiwi company Sistema has grown its food storage containers into an international brand by always designing based on solid market strategy.

Printing firm supreme winner

Soar Print strap

Family-owned Soar Printing has taken the Supreme title in this year's Sustainable 60 Awards, as well as winning the environment and strategy and governance categories.

Joining forces over heart disease

Peter Hunter thumbnail

Auckland University's expertise in computer modelling the human body marries with US and European researchers to combat a common heart problem.

Sum of smart parts

Richard McColl strap

In a rare show of collaboration, the meat industry has joined forces to develop production line robotics

Keeping track


Canterbury scientists have created a smart new conservation weapon.

The numbers game


OPINION: Why maths and data could be the source of our next big export success.

Extract: Get off the Grass


Shaun Hendy and the late Sir Paul Callaghan's book Get off the Grass has a plan for closing the knowledge gap.

New book says trim grass, grow niches


Science communicator Shaun Hendy and the late Sir Paul Callaghan's book Get off the Grass argues for a broader export focus than just the primary sector.

Expat Kiwi a US healthcare leader

catherine mohr

Catherine Mohr has a top post at a huge US healthcare firm, but she still calls New Zealand home.

Callaghan bridges science, business gap


Government innovation body signs partnerships with KiwiNet, Lincoln Agritech, Scion and Uniservices.

Unlimited Realities taps new app market

Google Nexus

Kiwi IT company targets agencies with new version of design platform Umajin.

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