Billion-dollar hope for 'Death Star' molecules


Molecules with an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star could hold the key to a billion-dollar business.

Sustainable 60 finalists announced


Construction company Mr Box and Eco timber company Adobo Wood and are among the finalists in this year’s Sustainable 60 Awards.

CEOs Uncovered: Victoria Crone

Victoria Crone_thumb2

Xero's multi-sport-loving managing director is ready to steer the company towards a US listing.

Peeking behind the scenes


A look at what goes on behind the scenes at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Wound repair firm scales up


Biomedicine firm Mesynthes is preparing to take on the world again with a new tissue and wound repair product.

Does NZ need a Tech Commissioner?


OPINION: The country doesn’t need another technocrat. But what about a Tech Commissioner?

'Experiential' marketing on rise


An Auckland agency is taking advantage of increasing global demand for ‘‘experiential marketing."

Scientific innovation and certainty


OPINION: The confidence of the scientific world stems from a long road of self doubt.

Mapping out the job market


REVIEW: A new book looks at why some regions offer career opportunities and become innovation hubs while others falter.

Yearning to be free

David Slack

OPINION: Have Auckland Transport stumbled upon a truth universally acknowledged?

Conquering the C word


Kiwi oncologist Murray Brennan realised he could really only do his work offshore.

Why your friends are more popular

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Analysing social interactions is now a science.

Exporting with cold pasteurisation


Hi-tech cold pasteurising is allowing food companies to deliver fresh products further afield. But it also requires capital, and a firm focus on premium markets.

Finding the right niche


Engineering firm Metalform is capitalising on niche export markets with everything from a world first fertiliser distribution system to a geese pooper scooper.

Big data is big business


Real-time “big data” analytics and machines that learn are poised to transform business. New Zealand companies are in on the action.

Pull your socks up, Auckland

Shaun Hendy_strap

OPINION: The regions are giving the City of Sails a run for its innovation money.

Mary Quin: The Innovator

Mary Quin

Callaghan Innovation boss Mary Quin talks about the agency’s first year of life.

Kiwi universities should target Australian students


OPINION: New Zealand universities should capitalise on research that shows it's cheaper for Australian students to study here.

Pay-as-you-go recruiment rises


Pay-as-you-go recruitment services for SMEs are a growing trend, as small firms look for ways to beat the big boys to the talent.

Advanced titanium project wins award


A New Zealand collaboration achieving world-firsts in titanium technology has won at the KiwiNet awards.

Making bovine gold


A Napier business is turning icky cow byproducts into high value medicinal collagen.

Sustainable success for banana business


Learn about one sustainable business and tell us who you think NZ's best is.

Leadership in a minute

Nick Sceats_thumbnail

OPINION: Time-poor managers can learn to integrate leadership messages into conversations.

Partnership success for HamiltonJet


Finding the right partners has been key to significant Asian success for the Hamilton jet.

The character of Kiwi innovation


Kiwi innovators have some specific traits but there's a question mark over whether these characteristics are enough to get us where they have in the past.

Trampoline firm gets jump on competition


An academic’s desire to make a safe trampoline for his children sparked a successful Kiwi enterprise.

Kiwis howling for healthier hotdogs


Giving the humble hotdog a makeover is opening doors nationwide for a Canterbury food business.

The dark art of science policy

Shaun Hendy strap

OPINION: There are less metaphysical ways to allocate innovation funding.

KiwiNet Award finalists announced


Springfree Trampolines is one of the finalists for the KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

Rating university 'spinouts'

 Anthony and Philip Butler

Kiwi universities are getting better at spinning commercial success out of their academic work. But there's a way to go.

The science of communication


OPINION: The country needs scientists to step up and communicate in a crisis.

Tackling a killer

Richard Forster Strap

Improving the detection of prostate cancer was scientist Richard Forster’s last quest. Caldera Health continues in his memory.

Indonesia Calling


The enormous Indonesian telecomms market abounds with opportunity for Kiwi firms.

Failing fast

Failing fast

Employers may be loving the 90-day rule, but it pays not to fire people too quickly.

Oysters put to the test

Nick King

A New Zealand research group is pitting 50,000 specially bred oysters against a virus that has devastated New Zealand's oyster farm industry.

The dark side of search

Dark side of search

Making Google work for you is a reality of modern business but few firms know their online presence can be abused.

True Grit

Alastair Knight

Ice and snow have proved to be good business for UK-based Kiwi entrepreneur Alastair Kight.

What's in a name?

Simon Moutter

Truly turning a business around requires more than a new name, logo and font.

Seeking IT talent in Texas

Candace Kinsey

A joint government and tech industry delegation is heading to Texas in search of IT talent.

Winning off the water

America's Cup

Does New Zealand need a Yachting Centre for Excellence to fully capitalise on its America’s Cup know-how?

Supermarket warfare

Woolworths strap

OPINION: New Zealand exporters are a casualty of an Australian retail war, with pressure from Coles and Woolworths being a massive concern.

Walking the talk

Wellington Zoo strap

Wellington Zoo has been recognized for practicing what it preaches on the environment, winning the Sustainable 60 Marketplace Award.

Debating the dollar


OPINION: When it comes to establishing a point of difference, companies should be wary of competing on price.

Backing the space you're in

New Zealand Post strap

New Zealand Post's support for communities and environmental projects has won it the Sustainable 60 Community Award.

Doco maker awarded

Simon Lamb

Documentary maker Simon Lamb has taken a top prize at the NZ Association of Scientists' 2013 awards.

An Australasian currency?


Kiwi SMEs would love to see a trans-Tasman currency, but they’re unlikely to get their wish anytime soon.

Sustainable at heart

Fred Soar and Jenny Carter strap

Soar Printing's focus on sustainability produced a resilient business and won them this year's Sustainable 60 supreme award.

Fashion's rocky road

Trelise Cooper

OPINION: Internet fashion retailers are putting pressure on more traditional designers, who may need to get back to their roots to survive.

Cleaning up NZ's act

Mike Hannah and Greg Yeoman

Stormwater360 has made a successful business from an environmental issue, winning the Sustainable 60 overall small business prize for 2013.

Getting off the grass

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Knowledge, not nature, should drive our economy, writes Shaun Hendy.

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