Women in IT: Beating 'imposter syndrome'


Two Kiwi women share what it's really like working in the tech sector.

Attracting girls into IT


What’s being done to encourage more New Zealand girls into technology careers?

Fighting talk

David Slack_thumbnail

OPINION: Modern corporate culture would dismay wartime generations.

The Right Stuff

David Slack

OPINION: Politics requires a very particular set of personal traits. How can we be sure our leaders have what it takes?

China's matchmaker


Sam Pearson has learned to take a backhanded approach when promoting tennis in China.

Rethinking Chinese tourism


New research is reshaping the tourism offered to Chinese travellers.

Time for change at Pumpkin Patch

Di Humphries

OPINION: Pumpkin Patch's new CEO Di Humphries needs to take a closer look at the Australian market.

A job to do

Job to do

The challenge of rebuilding Canterbury is beginning to attract leading expat architects back home to make their mark.

Keeping well

Brett Hewlett

CEO of health and beauty products company Comvita Brett Hewlett shares his lifestyle tips for staying fighting fit.

Red shed's push into online

Mark Powell strap

There's a plan behind The Warehouse’s seemingly scattergun entry into e-commerce, the company says.

Relocation, relocation

Natasha Sanders strap

Globe-trotting Kiwi Natasha Sanders has found her calling helping others move around the world.

NZ story confusing

100% Pure strap

OPINION: Tourism New Zealand's latest campaign is sending mixed messages to our closest trading partner, Australia

Inside running

David Slack strap

OPINION: The journey is the point to the Labour leadership race, not which character gets the job.

There and back again

Geraldine McBride strap

After nearly two decades as an offshore executive for software giant SAP, Geraldine McBride comes home.

Forging ahead for Maori

Rachel Taulelei and Michelle Hippolite strap

Public sector boss Michelle Hippolite and SME owner Rachel Taulelei find common ground on Maori development.

The question of going public

Ian Clarke and Ahmad Jubbawey

Fronde CEO Ian Clarke discusses the attractions of listing with health IT startup founder Ahmad Jubbawey.

Kea seeks new head to boost income

Sue Watson strap

Expat network Kea says it will search its own database for a new chief executive with commercial experience to replace outgoing Sue Watson

Lessons large and small

CEOs Greg Davidson Scott Barrington strap

What can senior and junior bosses learn from each other? CEO of Datacom Greg Davidson with BIMStop founder Scott Barrington find out.

Aussie coffee market ripe for Kiwi company

OPINION: Caffeine-addicted Australians are drinking more hot beverages than ever, creating huge potential for New Zealand's Bell Tea and Coffee Company

Who you gonna call?

Peter Boyes and Angela Neighbours

You want to make the most of your potential - and that of your business. Do you need a mentor or a life coach?

Federal election gives reason for hope

Tony Abbott

OPINION: The Federal election raised the hopes of Australian business, and Kiwi SMEs have reason to be optimistic as well.

The business of science

Andy Shenk strap

New UniServices CEO Andy Shenk has big goals for the Auckland organisation charged with commercialising academic breakthroughs.

The 2013 Influencers: Dave Moskovitz


Startup guru Dave Moskovitz lends a hand to young companies when it really matters - at the earliest idea.

Business take note of Winston

Winston Peters strap

OPINION: The funny thing about MMP is that overnight your enemy can become your best friend.

The 2013 Influencers: Shona Grundy


DIY animation company CEO Shona Grundy wants to change the way we source entertainment.

Labour needs to remember SMEs

OPINION: It's a tough gig, campaigning for the Labour leadership.

The 2013 Influencers: Ian Foster


Expat Kiwi Ian Foster is a pioneer of grid computing, the forerunner to the cloud.

2013 Unlimited Influencers: Tim Bennett


NZX boss Tim Bennett is a big part of a renewed appetite for local market listings.

The 2013 Influencers: Rod Drury

Rod Drury thumbnail

They're thinkers, strategisers and networkers, but mostly the top five Unlimited influencers of 2013 are rolling up their sleeves and making it happen.

Job growth lies in mid-market

NZ money, cash

OPINION: Mid-sized firms are quietly getting on with business, and their confidence is flowing through to the employment market.

How to be more influential

Influence means success, so how do you get it?

The future's angry mob


OPINION: Why we need to fight for the fruits of automation.

Be the boss and keep well


Tracey King has a PhD in health psychology, is the co-founder of premium beverage company Ti Tonics and a mum of two.

Book reviews: the dark side of digital


OPINION: Our internet-connected future isn't all rosy, say Google's big guns.

Extract: Get off the Grass


Shaun Hendy and the late Sir Paul Callaghan's book Get off the Grass has a plan for closing the knowledge gap.

International Business Awards finalists chosen

Dr Doug Cleverly

First time wine company makes it to finals in four years, while rapidly-expanding takeaway chain BurgerFuel gains two placings.

Thinking outside the box


OPINION: Making progress isn't necessarily about staring at what's right in front of you.

Be the boss and stay well


Specsavers' Graeme Edmond has learned that keeping well is about finding what works for your lifestyle.

Korn to head Creative HQ


Entrepreneur and investor Stefan Korn will be CEO of the Wellington growth centre in early September.

The global transformation of Beca


Beca's radical restructure is designed to make it a truly global enterprise, rather than another Kiwi company reaching out to the world.

The perfect leader? Yeah, right


A panel of Kiwi CEOs says being authentic is more important than knowing it all.

Dear leader


OPINION: Out of a glorious shambolic mess comes the best form of government we have managed to devise.

Mick Brown awarded Blake Medal


Pioneering youth court judge given top leadership prize.

Pardon their French

beehive parliament

OPINION: A bit of colourful language among politicians is the price we pay for fully-fledged democracy.

Book reviews: Might and power


Nevil Gibson reviews China Goes Global and How Asia Works.

CRIs introduce new board members


AgResearch, Plant and Food and Scion are among the research institutes making new appointments.

Language, going forward


OPINION: Are company executives backing away from meaningful language, with their legs wrapped around their heads?

Be the boss and keep healthy


Peter Tynan, the chief executive of Southern Cross Health Society, has joined the 'long list of middle-aged men in lycra'.

Investment lessons: cashing in


US angel investor David Berkus tells Amanda Sachtleben why some startup CEOs succeed where others fail, and why there's no secret recipe for investing in winning companies.

Managing the Gen Y way

Forgetting, forgetful, thinking, things to do, businesswoman, multi-tasking, busy

Generation Y turns 33 this year. Catherine Murray looks at the impact Gen Y is having in business today.

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