Rethinking Chinese tourism


New research is reshaping the tourism offered to Chinese travellers.

Technology catches startup off guard


Serial entrepreneur Melissa Clark-Reynolds reveals for the first time the reason she shut down her startup MiniMonos

Kiwis still love indie bookstores


Online book retailers have not spelled the final chapter for New Zealand's independent ‘local’ bookstores.

Kiwis still love indie bookstores

Auckland Women's Bookshop staff

Online book retailers have not spelled the final chapter for ‘local' bookstores.

Lorde of the jewels


An Auckland couple’s jewellery brand has caught Hollywood’s eye.

Building a strong supply chain

Robert Auton

Having a sustainable supply chain is critical to maintaining a healthy business.

The dark art of science policy

Shaun Hendy strap

OPINION: There are less metaphysical ways to allocate innovation funding.

Time for change at Pumpkin Patch

Di Humphries

OPINION: Pumpkin Patch's new CEO Di Humphries needs to take a closer look at the Australian market.

Hats off to brolly good deal

Mark Duffin

A golf partnership and a deal with Bloomingdales are part of Kiwi start-up MadeBlunt's US success story.

Women in IT: Beating 'imposter syndrome'


Two Kiwi women share what it's really like working in the tech sector.

KiwiNet Award finalists announced


Springfree Trampolines is one of the finalists for the KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

Attracting girls into IT


What’s being done to encourage more New Zealand girls into technology careers?

A guide to shared workspaces


Shared working spaces are proliferating across New Zealand cities, offering options to small businesses.

Retention key to success


OPINION: Too many startups focus on growth before they figure out customer retention.

Guru's kudos for Kiwi firm

Bill and Ryan Coppins

A Motueka sea anchor business is making a big splash with one of the world's most influential business leaders.

Rating university 'spinouts'

 Anthony and Philip Butler

Kiwi universities are getting better at spinning commercial success out of their academic work. But there's a way to go.

Rotaform Plastics moulds a deal


Licencing agreements can be a sensible way of expanding internationally.

The science of communication


OPINION: The country needs scientists to step up and communicate in a crisis.

A2 milk story wins greater market share


OPINION: Despite debate about the science behind A2 milk, A2 Corporation has found a niche in the Australian market.

Homestay business takes PM's advice


Entrepreneur Julia Charity is targeting adventurous baby boomers with her accommodation service Look After Me.

Pioneer Venture: Jenny Morel

Jenny Morel Strap

Jenny Morel helped forge the Kiwi venture capital sector and took the early knocks. She talks about her wins, losses and yet-to-achieves.

New startup for 'Glazier Mafia'


Legal agreements venture Doagree comes from a long line of Wellington tech initiatives.

Harnessing female enterprise


Women entrepreneurs do business differently from men, and need to know that their way of operating is 'normal'.

Demand for creative coach


Sally Arnold has mastered the art of self-reinvention and is now teaching others to do the same.

Fighting talk

David Slack_thumbnail

OPINION: Modern corporate culture would dismay wartime generations.

Tackling a killer

Richard Forster Strap

Improving the detection of prostate cancer was scientist Richard Forster’s last quest. Caldera Health continues in his memory.

Smart show

Marie-Claire Andrews

After a false start Wellington entrepreneur Marie-Claire Andrews is out to conquer the conference app market.

Business model maestros

Dan Khan

OPINION: Nimble firms disrupt even their own successful formulas.

Hybrid retail on the rise


OPINION: Last week, online retailer and manufacturer ClearlyContacts, was bought for $462 million by a French lens manufacturer.

Biogas firm gets capital injection


Kiwi alternative fuels equipment maker Greenlane Biogas has a new investor and an eye on global expansion.

Indonesia Calling


The enormous Indonesian telecomms market abounds with opportunity for Kiwi firms.

The mathematics of angels

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Serious growth requires some serious multiples.

Failing fast

Failing fast

Employers may be loving the 90-day rule, but it pays not to fire people too quickly.

Oysters put to the test

Nick King

A New Zealand research group is pitting 50,000 specially bred oysters against a virus that has devastated New Zealand's oyster farm industry.

The Right Stuff

David Slack

OPINION: Politics requires a very particular set of personal traits. How can we be sure our leaders have what it takes?

The dark side of search

Dark side of search

Making Google work for you is a reality of modern business but few firms know their online presence can be abused.

True Grit

Alastair Knight

Ice and snow have proved to be good business for UK-based Kiwi entrepreneur Alastair Kight.

IT shortage woes

William Palmer

A shortage of IT professionals has caused headaches for growing companies and forced them to look overseas for skilled workers.

What's in a name?

Simon Moutter

Truly turning a business around requires more than a new name, logo and font.

Hybrid Boss

Christina Domecq

Why on earth did Christina Domecq go from high-flying global entrepreneur to leading a Kiwi state-owned startup?

Learning business by doing

Nigel Bamford

The Youth Enterprise Scheme has started many entrepreneurs on their path and resulted in hundreds of new jobs, a new survey shows.

Business women called

Diane Foreman.

The Entrepreneurial Winning Women scheme is launching with the aim of boosting the number of global companies run by Kiwi women.

Seeking IT talent in Texas

Candace Kinsey

A joint government and tech industry delegation is heading to Texas in search of IT talent.

Winning off the water

America's Cup

Does New Zealand need a Yachting Centre for Excellence to fully capitalise on its America’s Cup know-how?

Chasing the burn

Clint Meyer

‘Chilli head’ Clint Meyer has turned a taste for super-hot chillies into a smoking startup business.

Supermarket warfare

Woolworths strap

OPINION: New Zealand exporters are a casualty of an Australian retail war, with pressure from Coles and Woolworths being a massive concern.

A job to do

Job to do

The challenge of rebuilding Canterbury is beginning to attract leading expat architects back home to make their mark.

Top scientist dies

Richard Forster

Molecular biologist Richard Forster has died, just as the company he launched trials a new test to detect the disease which killed him.

Walking the talk

Wellington Zoo strap

Wellington Zoo has been recognized for practicing what it preaches on the environment, winning the Sustainable 60 Marketplace Award.

Keeping well

Brett Hewlett

CEO of health and beauty products company Comvita Brett Hewlett shares his lifestyle tips for staying fighting fit.
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