Teacher recruiter's lessons in success

Nadine Tyro

Former West Coaster Nadine Tyro is putting her extensive overseas teaching experience to good business use.

Perfect Strangers


A marriage made in app development heaven has led to a firm at the forefront of retail technology.

Kiwi tech firm mapping out strong future

Robert Coup_strap

Working with the New Zealand government’s open data policy has helped put software company Koordinates on the map.

Silence is golden for Kiwi firm


A Taranaki firm has a solution for brass instrument players driving their neighbours and loved ones mad.

Tech firm fast-tracks growth

John Daniel_thumbnail

Tech firm Mindscape used family and friends to fund the money it needs to ramp up sales.

The value of sharing


Bonds formed between early stage startups can last a lifetime

Family matters for Douglas


Megan Douglas finds success with some party tricks, and some advice from her dad, Roger.

Tech catches startup off guard


Serial entrepreneur Melissa Clark-Reynolds reveals the reason she shut down her startup MiniMonos

Kiwis still love indie bookstores


Online book retailers have not spelled the final chapter for New Zealand's independent ‘local’ bookstores.

Building a strong supply chain

Robert Auton

Having a sustainable supply chain is critical to maintaining a healthy business.

Hats off to brolly good deal

Mark Duffin

A golf partnership and a deal with Bloomingdales are part of Kiwi start-up MadeBlunt's US success story.

A guide to shared workspaces


Shared working spaces are proliferating across New Zealand cities, offering options to small businesses.

Retention key to success


OPINION: Too many startups focus on growth before they figure out customer retention.

Guru's kudos for Kiwi firm

Bill and Ryan Coppins

A Motueka sea anchor business is making a big splash with one of the world's most influential business leaders.

New startup for 'Glazier Mafia'


Legal agreements venture Doagree comes from a long line of Wellington tech initiatives.

Business model maestros

Dan Khan

OPINION: Nimble firms disrupt even their own successful formulas.

The mathematics of angels

Shaun Hendy

OPINION: Serious growth requires some serious multiples.

IT shortage woes

William Palmer

A shortage of IT professionals has caused headaches for growing companies and forced them to look overseas for skilled workers.

Chasing the burn

Clint Meyer

‘Chilli head’ Clint Meyer has turned a taste for super-hot chillies into a smoking startup business.

Good hunting

Hunter Safety Lab strap

A Wellington-based startup company is preparing to push into the market with their new hunting safety device.

Fishing IT startup hits a snag

Rimu Boddy

An IT startup aiming to streamline fisheries catch reporting has encountered difficulties with stringent government requirements.

How to handle the holidays

Kay Field

Avoiding arguments over Christmas leave is all about advance planning.

NZ app wins big abroad

Jennifer Clamp

A New Zealand gardening app has achieved success in an international startup competition.

Not following the crowd

Matt Thomas

Startups often run into the same problems and pitfalls, but there are ways to avoid them.

Keeping control of credit and debt

Credit control

How do some of New Zealand's SMEs avoid wasting time chasing payments?

Lessons from a liquidator

Chasing money

A mechanism for clawing back funds if a firm fails can spell bad news, but there are ways of dodging the demands.

Breaking into Asia

Rachel Lacy strap

Victory in a Hong Kong startup competition is set to boost Kiwi startup D'Arcy Polychrome's chances in Asia.

Kiwi firms wins global comp

Rachel Lacy strap

Auckland paint technology company D’Arcy Polychrome has won the 2013 Startmeup HK Venture Programme.

When a little does a lot

Steve and David Hillier strap

Startup Little Lot is helping people to rent out their digital screen space to advertisers, with proceeds going to charity.

Kiwi startup heads to HK

Rachel Lacy strap

Auckland paint technology D'Arcy Polychrome has been selected to compete in a Hong Kong startup competition.

Bootstrapping and proud

Abhinav Keswani strap

Many New Zealand firms in this years Deloitte Fast 50 are not worried about raising capital.

It's nothing personal

Money Trap strap

Matt Philp delves into the thorny issue of personal guarantees when raising capital.

Turning kids into stars

Liz Baldwin Featherstone strap

Liz Baldwin-Featherstone talks about the cut-throat world of turning talented tots into screen stars.

Funding boost for startup


Christchurch building products modelling firm BIMStop is expanding in the US thanks to an injection of new funding

Behaving Collectively

Shaun Hendry strap

OPINION: Why looking at elements in isolation will not yield an understanding of how the wider system works.

Going it alone

Corie Geerders

A surprising number of Kiwi startups still prefer to go it alone and exist outside the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Women more digital than men

Allison Fairkettle

Female business owners are happier using social media, cloud computing and online payments than their male counterparts.

Making the most of mentors

Dan Khan strap

OPINION: Advisors can unlock startup success, but you have to be coachable and know what you want.

Debt can trump equity

Neil Fletcher strap

There is no "one size fits all" model for cracking the debt/equity formula, and there is such a thing as good debt.

A Matter of Fact

Lillian Grace thumbnail

Lillian Grace’s startup Wiki New Zealand digs up everything Kiwis need to know about their country.

Seedling grows Aussie market

Seedling strap

OPINION: Kiwi craft business Seedling has got its positioning in the lucrative but crowded Australian toy sector spot-on.

How the CEO makes all the difference


OPINION: A great CEO can be the difference between a successful company and one that doesn't quite make it.

Journeying into the cloud


OPINION: Most Kiwi small and medium enterprises aren't using cloud services. MYOB's Scott Gardiner has some tips to get started on the journey.

Do you, take this new business...


Juliet Blair's wedding planning startup Dearly Beloved was born out of frustration with what was available - and a desire to do her own thing.

Getting the right team


OPINION: Why attitude and values can be the biggest consideration when hiring.

Crisis management not just for big business


OPINION: A saga like Fonterra's tainted milk products could easily hit a small business, too, so have a plan to restore customer trust.

Startup building blocks: Clients and charging

Money, cash, New Zealand dollar

OPINION: How to turn clients in paying customers and get out of the startup circus.

Turn offshore networks into cash


OPINION: Overseas investment is about more than capital and new markets - it's also about credibility.

Peer review startup gets $350,000 kickstart

Money, cash, New Zealand dollar

Lightning Lab accelerator graduate Publons is on the growth track with buy-in from Wellington and other investors.

How to perfect your pitch


Still waiting for your $1 billion Tumblr moment? Maybe it's time to hone your pitch instead.

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