A daughter's legacy


Anti-domestic violence campaigner Lesley Elliott wins top prize at 2014 Women of Influence awards.

Girls standing up

LEARNING: Maddison Hennrie, 12, and Maddie Chystal, 12, practise anti-strangle techniques.

Empowering young women to stick up for themselves and their friends is at the heart of defence sessions.

Navy women rise in the ranks


Women now hold a commanding presence in the navy.

A mind-cleansing journey


No answers but former mayor is finding peace on 800km walk in thinking about son's accidental death.

Stories to tell young women


New book and website exposes challenges for women working in all-male environments

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Meet the judges

These awards would not be possible without the knowledge and generosity of our judges. Read more about them.

2013 winners

What drives Mai Chen?


Top lawyer Mai Chen reveals the childhood force that has driven her to succeed.

Woinz Emerging Leader Mahsa Mohaghegh

Mahsa Mohaghegh is driven by a desire to share her passion for technology with other young women.


Cricket boss a big winner

Boss of NZ 2015 Cricket World Cup campaign is supreme winner of Women of Influence awards.

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