Panama papers

John Key keeps lid on hidden billions video

John Key has described criticism of New Zealand's foreign trust laws as a media beat-up.

Foreign trusts lobbyists seem to have watered down a NZ bill on better disclosure of the origins of secret cash.

Govt accepts foreign trusts plan video

Tax expert John Shewan has called for a shake up of New Zealand's laws around foreign trusts.

John Key accepts foreign trust rules need a radical overhaul following warnings not enough's being done to counter money laundering.

Judgment day for trusts video

The foreign trust inquiry by John Shewan has helped the Government save face.

NZ's foreign trust regime is a good little earner for some, but time may be running out.

Mossack Fonseca staffer held

Geneva prosecutors led a police raid of Mossack Fonseca's local office in which computer equipment was seized.

Computer specialist at the Panama law firm is taken into custody over huge leak.

Pedro Almodovar's Julieta video

Director Pedro Almodovar leaves the Juliet' premier.

"If the Panama Papers were a film," the acclaimed Spanish director said, "we wouldn't even be credited as extras."


Home flattened, by mistake

A demolition company accidentally knocked down a property owned by Steve Ballas, instead of a neighbouring home.

When Steve Ballas got a call saying his house was being demolished, he thought it was a joke. But no.

Trump hires WWE tycoon

After two unsuccessful attempts, Linda McMahon has made it into government.

US businesses get ready to rumble as President-elect takes on one of the founders of WWE.

SpaceX eyes 2017 launch

CEO Elon Musk and SpaceX have had a difficult year, but are already formulating plans to blast off in 2017.

American space exploration and cargo delivery company will return to orbit early in 2017.

Most surprising popular gift?

What do you get for that hard-to-buy person on your list? Socks, apparently.

The dowdy necessity long regarded as one of the most boring Christmas gifts ever is suddenly cool.

Robo-retail a prescient sign video

Jobs in high-skilled labour will increase while more menial jobs will become scarcer.

Like your job? Enjoy it and upskill before the robots take it away.

Paddle Pop pulls ad

A still image from the video that displayed the message: "True heroes balance energy intake and activity enjoy Paddle ...

Paddle Pop has pulled a 15-second kids' advertisement after a complaint about it was upheld.

Geese die in acidic mine water

Witnesses said the pit looked like "700 acres of white birds".

Thousands of migrating geese killed in US when taking refuge from snowstorm in an open air mine.

Socks: 2016's hottest gift

Workers are increasingly turning to socks to make a statement as office-wear becomes more casual.

The most boring Christmas gifts ever are suddenly cool. Socks are back.

You think your debt's high?

Billionaire Gina Rinehart, pictured with Hancock executive director Tad Watroba at the Rio Olympics.

Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart's company pays more than $2 million in interest every working day.

Mums want to be CEOs too

There are increasing examples of women who have managed to balance work/caring responsibilities.

OPINION: There can never be parity because women leave to raise children? Give me a break.

Big changes for Lego video

Lego has found success in tying up with global movie franchises like Star Wars.

Outgoing boss, who spends 2 hours a week playing with the blocks, makes way for its first foreign CEO.

How to make $21m from YouTube

PewDiePie is the highest paid You Tube star of 2016, pocketing a whopping US$15 million this year alone.

Sweden's PewDiePie is the world's highest paid YouTube star and he does it by making videos of himself playing games.

A no-checkout supermarket video

The grab-and-go experience would take some getting used to, with some people feeling like they stole an item.

Just walk out without paying at Amazon's first sensor-filled supermarket in the US.

Viagra prices triple in US

Soaring prices for impotency drugs have put them out of reach.

Sex becoming a financial decision for deflated Americans as cost of impotency drugs rise and rise.

No money? Here's a BMW video

BMW will write off A$50m in loans that it should never have made.

Australians with no disposable income were misled into thinking they could afford a luxury car.

Trump's threat to US companies video

Donald Trump's comments follow his direct intervention in an Indiana factory where production was scheduled to shift to ...

Donald Trump fires tax warning at US companies considering moving their operations overseas.

eBay to stop 'hate' products

An Australian Jewish group is calling for all online retailers to take a stand against goods sold on their websites that ...

Online stores, including eBay, will take a stand against goods sold on their websites that promote hatred.

Domino's cans reindeer delivery video

It's not the real deal, but it's still festive and cute.

Poor Rudolph, his pizza-guy career never stood a chance.

Ivanka's clothing a problem for Trump

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president-elect, has already had her brand targeted by a boycott.

Is Ivanka Trump's made-in-China fashion range undermining her father's political credibility?

The Age editor-in-chief stood down

Mark Forbes.

Mark Forbes, editor-in-chief of The Age, has been stood down pending the outcome of an investigation.

Starbucks' CEO stepping down

Howard Schultz is credited with turning around Starbucks' fortunes since returning as its CEO in 2008.

Shares slide as the man who helped transform brand announces he will focus on innovation.

Nestle to cut sugar in chocolate


Maker of Aero bars finds the holy grail - it says it can slash the sugar in its bars and people will barely notice.

That time house prices fell 75%

Ireland house prices nose-dived

The housing market killed the Celtic Tiger, stuffed it, and mounted it. Could the same thing happen here?

Farewell, 13-year-old Nokia

Oly Gordon's thirteen year-old Nokia.

Despite countless drops and knocks, an Australian man was granted the chance to switch off Telstra's 2G mobile network.

Chicken McNuggets secret revealed video

The four different shapes of McDonald's chicken nuggets.

Did you know why the McDonald's dinner-time favourite come in a variety of shapes?

A Bunnings shoplifting romance

Tim Alexander Copeman might've been fined for shoplifting but he managed to persuade the Bunnings check-out girl to go ...

He was so nervous at asking out the Bunnings check-out chick he forgot to pay for a $3 battery.

Scammers target Sphynx cats video

Regular kittens are being passed off as hairless Sphynx cats, worth hundreds of dollars each.

Several women in Canada spent hundreds on what they thought were the hairless breed, but were regular kittens that grew fur.

Big Mac inventor dies

At first McDonald's couldn't see the appeal of the Big Mac, saying it had enough items on its menu already.

At first McDonald's couldn't see the appeal of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions in a sesame seed bun.

NZ air sold cheap in China video

BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 08:  A Chinese woman wears a mask to protect against pollution as they wait to cross the ...

Fresh New Zealand air is selling for $44 a bottle in smog-hit China - a bargain compared to its normal price.

Dolly mag to stop printing

Print editions of Dolly magazine will stop in December.

More than 45 years after first hitting the shelves, Dolly magazine moves to a digital-only format.

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